Pipeline CRM Integration


Pipeline CRM Integration Coming Soon

Elevate your sales and close deals faster with effortless communication, integrating KrispCall with Pipeline CRM. Enhance sales and marketing strategies with every call logged, every interaction recorded, and every detail synced across platforms.

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Click-to-call Functionality

Integrating KrispCall with Pipeline CRM allows users to make and receive calls directly from the Pipeline interface. With click-to-call functionality, sales reps can quickly dial numbers without switching between multiple applications or manually dialing them. This feature effectively facilitates the calling process, saving time and effort and increasing agent productivity.

Moreover, click-to-call functionality reduces the risk of human error when dialing numbers, as sales reps can quickly access the correct information. Furthermore, it helps to improve customer service, as reps can respond promptly to customer inquiries.


Real-time Call Analytics

Integrating KrispCall with Pipeline CRM provides real-time call analytics and reporting capabilities. Agents can directly access detailed insights into call metrics such as call volume, duration, wait times, and call outcomes within the Pipeline CRM dashboard.

With this data, sales managers can track team performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize sales processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Automatic Call Logging

With KrispCall + Pipeline CRM integration, all incoming and outgoing calls are automatically logged with an automatic call logging feature. This feature allows sales teams to maintain up-to-date records of interactions with customers, including details like missed calls, received calls, call duration, follow-ups, and essential notes.

With that in hand, you can gain valuable insights into call performance and agent productivity. You can use this data to find areas for improvement and optimize your sales and support processes.


Real-time contact syncing

With seamless contact syncing between KrispCall and Pipeline CRM, the risk of duplicate contacts and manual errors is eliminated. Whenever a new contact is added or updated in either platform (KrispCall or Pipeline), changes are automatically reflected in the other platform (KrispCall or Pipeline).

Moreover, the two-way contact syncing ensures data consistency and enables the sales team to access the most accurate contact information regardless of whether they use KrispCall or Pipeline.


Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with Pipeline CRM

  1. Improved Lead qualification: KrispCall’s features, like contact tagging and call recording, can be integrated into Pipeline. This allows sales reps to analyze call data and gain valuable insights into lead quality, allowing them to identify potential leads quickly.
  2. Real-time Insights: By syncing contact information and communication data in real-time, sales managers can gain valuable insights into sales activities and performance insights. This enables them to identify trends, improve sales strategies, and make more accurate forecasts.
  3. Effortless Call Management: With KrispCall + Pipeline integration, you can instantly initiate calls from the Pipeline interface. This eliminates the hassle of switching between multiple applications, saving time and effort.
  4. Improved Sales Forecasting: By integrating KrispCall with Pipeline CRM, you can analyze sales trends and forecast future revenue by capturing all data and lead interactions within Pipeline CRM.
  5. Better Customer Experience: The KrispCall + Pipeline integration logs all customer interactions, giving your team a complete view of the customer’s journey. This leads to more personalized interactions and contributes to a positive customer experience.