EngageBay Integration


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EngageBay Integration creates a powerful duo for sales and call center success. Convert more qualified leads, boost sales, and elevate customer experience with improved call center efficiency and personalized interactions.

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Initiate Calls With a Single Click

Integrating the KrispCall call center with EngageBay allows you to use a click-to-call function. It lets you start conversations with customers instantly from the EngageBay interface with just a single click. This completely eliminates the effort of manual dialing of sales representatives, allowing them to connect with more leads.

Ultimately, faster call initiation leads to shorter wait times for customers, fostering a more positive customer experience from the very beginning of the interaction. This feature also offers instant assistance and greater efficiency for your customer support teams.

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Monitor all your call interactions

Monitor All Your Call Interactions

The EngageBay integration allows you to monitor all your call activities in the EngagaeBay interface. Every action, including notes, messages, and phone logs, is automatically recorded and tracked in the activity section of that specific contact in EngageBay. These logs capture information like call date, time, duration, direction (inbound/outbound), and agent involved.

This valuable data enables you to pinpoint the areas of weakness and helps to enhance call flow for increased effectiveness. Moreover, you can analyze call logs to identify trends, track agent performance, and ensure quality customer service.

Access Call Recordings and Voicemails

The integration of KrispCall and EngageBay allows you to record conversations between sales reps and customers. You can listen to these recorded calls in the future to analyze your sales reps’ productivity and performance and train new members.

Also, you can find out whether agents follow best practices, adhere to call scripts, and effectively handle customer inquiries. Besides that, you can analyze the recorded calls to find out what areas can be improved to increase the quality of your business calls.

Access call recordings and voicemails
Two way data synchronization

Two-way Data Synchronization

With the integration of KrispCall and EngageBay, you don’t have to worry about updating or adding any contact information on both platforms. This integration comes with two-way data synchronization features that allow you to add/update on either platform, which will automatically reflect on the other platform in real time.

In addition to that, all call details from KrispCall, such as call recordings, notes, and call summaries, are automatically synced with the corresponding contact record in EngageBay. This ensures that agents will always have the most accurate and updated customer information during calls.

Engagebay Benefits

Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with EngageBay CRM

The combination of KrispCall and EngageBay CRM provides you with an easier way to connect with customers and keep your team on the same page. Here are the five major benefits of this integration:

  1. Make a call in a single click: You no longer have to juggle between platforms to make calls. This integration allows you to initiate a call through the EngageBay interface in just a single click using the click-to-call functionality.
  2. Enhance customer experience: Agents can view all the details regarding customers’ past purchases, complaints, and interactions in real-time. This helps them to tailor conversations accordingly and resolve customer queries faster, ultimately enhancing customer experience.
  3. No need to switch platforms for adding/updating data: The two-way data sync feature allows agents to add/update data on either platform (KrispCall or EngageBay), which will be automatically reflected in another platform.
  4. Enhanced call reporting and analytics: This potent duo offers insightful call analytics features to give you enhanced call reporting and analytics. It focuses on observing several parts, including the length of calls, call volume, missed calls, and inbound and outbound calls.
  5. Data-driven decisions: This integration helps you turn calls into valuable insights. You can use EngageBay reporting tools to analyze metrics (duration, peak times, agent performance). This data allows you to optimize call routing, boost agent productivity, and make strategic decisions based on real-world data.