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Take complete control of your business calls. Sync, organize, control, and bring together contact information across multiple Google accounts in one place with Google Contacts Integration with KrispCall.

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Google Contacts Auto-Sync

With the integration of Google Contact with KrispCall, you can keep your contact information synchronized across all devices and access them from anywhere. This real-time synchronization ensures that any change made to contact details in Google Contacts is immediately reflected in KrispCall.

Additionally, this two-way auto contact syncing eliminates the need for manual data entry and updates, reducing the risk of outdated information. Additionally, contact-syncing helps you as an entrepreneur to keep up-to-date contact information, which is crucial for maintaining good customer relationships.

Google Contacts Auto-Sync
Instant Caller Identification

Instant Caller Identification

KrispCall and Google Contacts integration allows you to display the caller’s name and their profile photos in the preview or phone window. KrispCall will automatically display the identity of the caller when a match is found in Google Contacts.

Additionally, with the help of caller identification, employees can quickly access historical interactions, notes, and preferences associated with the caller. This enables you to provide more personalized assistance and more prominent query resolution.

Multi-account Contact Import

Google Contact Integration with KrispCall facilitates its users to import contacts from multiple Google Accounts. This helps users tangled up with multiple Google accounts with several contacts, to directly import all contacts from all accounts into one single dashboard.

Businesses often have multiple accounts or directories containing contact information, such as sales leads, customer databases, or departmental contacts. KrispCall + Google Contacts allows users to import contacts from multiple accounts into Google Contacts, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accessibility.

Multi-account Contact Import
Call Logging & History

Call Logging & History

KrispCall + Google Contacts integration provides log call activities and stores them within the user’s contact history. This provides users with a record of past calls, including timestamps and durations, for reference and follow-up.

Moreover, KrispCall users can typically access call logs and history directly from the Google Contacts interface or through the integrated KrispCall’s Unified Callbox dashboard. This provides a smooth experience for reviewing past calls and maintaining telephony records.

Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with Google Contacts CRM

Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with Google Contacts CRM

Get the following benefits by integrating KrispCall with Google Contacts CRM.

1. Centralized Contact Management: Google Contacts CRM allows businesses to store, organize, and manage customer contact information in one centralized location. With KrispCall + Google Contacts CRM, employees can access contact details directly from the CRM interface.

2. Improved Customer Relationship: KrispCall with Google Contacts gives personalized communication with customers by providing access to detailed contact information and call history, leading to higher levels of customer engagement and satisfaction.

3. No App Switching: Through the integration of KrispCall and Google Contacts, agents can work from a single environment without switching between different apps. Eliminate toggling between tabs, and smoothen your workflow.

4. Improved Productivity: KrispCall integration with Google Contacts CRM can significantly improve productivity by automating call logging and note-taking processes. This integration automatically logs all communication activities within CRM without user input, increasing productivity.

5. Scalability and Flexibility: KrispCall + Google Contacts integration offers scalability and flexibility, allowing businesses to adapt and expand their communication infrastructure as needed. Whether adding new users, integrating additional features, or supporting remote work environments, businesses can easily scale their systems to meet evolving requirements.

Sales Team Google Contacts

Sales Team

KrispCall integrated with Google Contacts allows the sales team to access client details effortlessly. With all the required contact information readily available, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, and even contextual notes, sales professionals can engage with clients more effectively, developing stronger relationships and improving customer service.

Additionally, the integration between KrispCall and Google Contacts makes it easy for the sales team to reach customers with a large volume of calls, maximizing sales opportunities and driving business growth.

Marketing Team

Integrating Google Contacts with KrispCall benefits marketing teams by centralizing contact information and targeted campaigns. Marketers can tailor their communication strategies and personalize interactions based on previous engagements by accessing customer contact information directly from Google Contacts.

Moreover, marketing teams can also track campaign performance by logging call data and analyzing key metrics, enabling them to refine their strategies and maximize ROI. With the ability to segment customers, conduct surveys, and manage event RSVPs, marketing teams can engage with their audience more effectively and drive meaningful results.

Marketing Team Google Contacts