Latest KrispCall vs CallHippo

KrispCall Vs CallHippo: Which Is The Best Virtual Phone System?

With advantaged telephony features, wide global coverage, a fast and reliable support system, and affordable pricing options, KrispCall outshines CallHippo. Take your business telephony to a new height and improve the efficiency of call centers effortlessly with KrispCall.

Why Is KrispCall The Best CallHippo Alternative?

KrispCall offers a comprehensive VoIP solution that CallHippo lacks. Its expansive global presence, advanced features like Unified Callbox, DND modes, and SMS filter, user-friendly interface, and budget-friendly pricing make KrispCall the top-notch VoIP solution for businesses and enterprises.

Discover the benefits of choosing KrispCall over CallHippo:

About CallHippo

CallHippo is a cloud-based virtual phone system that provides local and toll-free phone numbers in more than 50 countries to businesses and corporations. Its features include virtual phone numbers, private branch exchange (PBX) systems, and VoIP offerings such as business phone systems, speech AI, call tracking, and broadcasting. All kinds of businesses, even startups, can benefit from CallHippo’s services.

With KrispCall, you can get a more premium VoIP experience at a more affordable price than CallHippo. Install KrispCall today to get better value for your investment.

KrispCall Vs CallHippo

KrispCall: A Reliable Business Telephony & Call Center Solution!

With KrispCall, you can unlock the full potential of your phone experience beyond what CallHippo can offer. Krispcall offers you a comprehensive gateway to a cloud telephony system for businesses and call centers that is loaded with advanced features like a unified callbox, shared number, IVR, DND mode for agents, CRM integrations, and the ability to get toll-free, local, mobile, and national phone numbers in over 100 countries.

Set up Krispcall today to gain access to the latest VoIP features for your business and call center at a lower price than CallHippo.

KrispCall Prices & Plans

You can achieve more with fewer resources thanks to KrispCall’s unique features. Take advantage of multiple state-of-the-art features and advantages at only half of CallHippo’s price. Get benefits from its advanced features, crystal call quality, 24/7 customer support, and easy integration to save costs and save resources.

$ 15

Per user per month

Calling & SMS charges applicable

Recommended for Small Businesses, Startups & Freelancers

$ 40

Per user per month

Calling & SMS charges applicable

Recommended for Mid-size Businesses & Call Centers



Calling SMS charges applicable

Custom solution for teams with varying needs. Upgrading to Enterprise plan