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Design, build, and automate everyday tasks with KrispCall & integration. Transform your project management and communication processes by exchanging and synchronizing data seamlessly between the two.

Design, build, and automate everyday tasks with KrispCall & integration. More>>

One-click phone calls from

By integrating with KrispCall, you'll be able to text and make calls directly from your phone. This feature eliminates the need to switch between applications, enabling you to initiate calls and send texts to your contacts seamlessly without leaving In this way, it streamlines communication operations, making it more efficient and improving response times, ultimately enhancing customer service for both customers and prospects.

Text and Call icons in
Two-way Data Synchronization

Two-way Data Synchronization

KrispCall’s integration with CRM ensures two-way data synchronization, enabling you to keep your contact information up-to-date in both directions. Any changes, updates, or additions made in’s product database are automatically synchronized with KrispCall and vice versa. This ensures that you always have access to the latest customer data, promoting accurate and informed access to all your conversations on both platforms. This feature ensures data consistency and reduces the risk of outdated information.

Prebuilt Recipes for Workflows

With prebuilt recipes for workflows that come along with this integration, you can streamline your processes and create customized workflows on as well as on KrispCall. These recipes are designed to be relevant to your unique use cases, allowing you to sync and search contacts, as well as log calls and texts directly on both platforms. Additionally, this feature simplifies the automation of repetitive tasks and ensures that your CRM data is kept up to date, enhancing productivity and data accuracy.

Prebuilt Recipes for Workflows
Smart Call Logging

Smart Call Logging

The integration includes Smart Call Logging, which automates the logging of all communication details within CRM. With it, all the call recordings, duration, activity notes, and outcomes are automatically recorded, minimizing the risk of missing critical information and eliminating manual data entry. As this information can be easily accessed on any platform, aiding in compliance, reporting, and future reference, your team can focus on more critical tasks and improve data accuracy.

Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with CRM

Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with CRM

Elevate the functionality of your business operations, streamline your call management, and boost productivity with this seamless integration. See how KrispCall’s integration with can benefit your business:

1. Automates Data Entry: By integrating KrispCall with CRM, you can automate routine, time-consuming tasks like data entry, freeing your team and enabling them to focus on more critical, customer-centric activities.

2. Provides Easy Access to Information: The seamless synergy between KrispCall and CRM provides you with flexibility and ease of access to customer data, so you can access all their details in one click.

3. Strengthens Sales and Marketing Strategies: This integration offers you real-time analytics that empowers refined sales and marketing processes, resulting in more effective campaigns, improved conversion rates, and increased revenue.

4. Streamlined Workflow Management: Simplify and streamline your workflow management by centralizing operations within CRM, fostering better coordination, reducing confusion, and improving overall efficiency in your call center.

5. Improves Team Collaboration: Simplify and streamline your workflow management by centralizing operations within CRM, fostering better coordination, reducing confusion, and improving overall efficiency in your call center. Sales Team

Sales Team

Integrating KrispCall with allows for easier lead oversights, enhances call tracking, and provides real-time access to crucial data, resulting in a substantial boost in sales performance. Having automated call logging in between KrispCall and Monday allows your sales team to focus on their core responsibilities – selling – instead of manually logging calls.

Moreover, the integration offers personalized insights on either of the platforms. This means they no longer need to switch between the two, thus helping sales representatives enhance customer interactions and close deals more effectively.

Marketing Team

With this integration, the marketing team can gain access to invaluable data-driven insights for campaign optimization and benefits from lead scoring and personalization opportunities based on call activity with this integration. It empowers them to harness data-driven insights to fine-tune their campaigns and make informed decisions for better results.

Furthermore, it makes it easy for marketing teams to coordinate with sales teams, as they can set up automatic notifications and triggers noted on based on call outcomes, such as successful sales calls or follow-up required. Marketing Team Remote Team

Remote Team

KrispCall + integration allows remote teams to manage tasks, projects, and calls in one place. This reduces the need to juggle multiple tools and applications, making it easier for remote workers to stay organized and efficient.

In addition to that, it allows all team members to stay connected and updated on call-related activities without the need for constant back-and-forth communication. They can access call data, logs, and history on, ensuring they can work at their own pace and stay informed regardless of the time and location.

How to integrate with KrispCall?

  1. You can get started by logging into KrispCall.
  2. Connect your KrispCall account to your account.
  3. Next, press the connect button.
  4. Activate by clicking the switch.
  5. Discover general settings, workflow settings, connected numbers, and advanced settings for CRM integration.
  6. Once you have finished using it, disconnect it.