Partners Terms

Partner Program Terms

This is a legal agreement between you (Partners) and KrispCall, located in Singapore. Please read the entire Agreement carefully before registering and promoting KrispCall as an Affiliate or Solution partner.

Last updated on May 21, 2024

Partner Program Agreement

This Partner Program Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into by and between KrispCall Pte. Ltd. (“KrispCall”) and you, the business entering into this Agreement (“Partner”).

This Agreement governs the terms of KrispCall’s Partner Program (the “Partner Program”). By applying to the Partner Program, the Partner agrees to be bound by this Agreement as well as KrispCall’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

This Agreement applies to your participation in our Partner Program as an Affiliate Partner or Solution Partner. Please note that you can participate in our Partner Program either as an Affiliate Partner or as a Solution Partner, but not both at the same time.

As a partner of KrispCall, you agree to abide by these terms when promoting or directing traffic to the KrispCall website. Violations of these terms may result in the termination of your partner account and forfeiture of outstanding partner commissions owed.

Please review the terms carefully and contact us with any questions before joining our partner program. We look forward to working with you!

Partner Program Overview

KrispCall offers a partner program designed to reward individuals and businesses (“Partners”) for referring customers to our cloud telephony services.

Partners will receive a commission payment of 30% for a lifetime on each new customer referred through their unique referral link. Additionally, they can earn extra earnings for every additional member within the same workspace. This commission is earned when the referred customer signs up for our services. The tracking cookie’s duration is set to 90 days.

No additional commission will be earned in the case of:

  • The customer signs up through the partner’s referral link for an initial subscription plan and then upgrades to a higher-tier subscription plan later.

The commission percentage will solely be calculated based on the initial subscription plan the referred customer signed up for, regardless of any future upgrades. Be assured that we stand firm on this policy, and will not make any exceptions.

Partner Eligibility

KrispCall’s Partner Program is designed to create mutually beneficial partnerships with individuals and entities that share our values and are committed to responsibly promoting our products and services.

To be eligible to participate in the solution partner program, partners must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a legally registered and operational business entity.
  2. Preference for partners with specialized knowledge in cloud telephony solutions or related fields.
  3. Must have a strong industry reputation supported by testimonials, case studies, or industry awards.
  4. Demonstrate an established customer base within the target markets and regions specified in the Partner Agreement.
  5. Maintain a qualified sales and technical team dedicated to promoting and supporting KrispCall’s products and services.
  6. Adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical business practices in the regions where KrispCall’s products and services are promoted and sold.
  7. Commit to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, avoiding conflicts of interest, and adhering to KrispCall’s policies and guidelines.
  8. A proven risk management strategy to mitigate potential risks associated with the partnership.

Affiliate Eligibility criteria

  • Operate a website, app, or other platforms (Social Media, YouTube Channel) capable of promoting KrispCall services.
  • Demonstrate a consistent and engaged audience within the target markets for KrispCall’s products and services.
  • Draw traffic and visitors relevant to KrispCall’s offerings.
  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Not be an existing KrispCall customer.
  • Not engaged in activities that could negatively impact KrispCall’s brand reputation, such as promoting hate speech, discrimination, or illegal material.
  • Not involved in deceptive or unethical marketing practices, such as false claims or misleading advertisements.
  • Not involved in the use of spam or engaging in unsolicited email marketing to promote KrispCall services.
  • Agree to KrispCall’s terms of service, disclaimer, and privacy policy.
  • Provide valid contact information and payment account details.

KrispCall reserves the right to impose additional eligibility criteria or requirements as deemed necessary to ensure the Partner Program’s success and protect KrispCall’s interests.

Partner Commissions and payments

The commission is 30% Lifetime based on a Workspace subscription through the unique partner referral link.

Some criteria in commission include:

  • Refund Policy: Refunded accounts will not be eligible for partner commissions.
  • Commissions will be paid for each new referral subscription through our partner program management platform, Partnerstack with payments facilitated via a secure payments platform such as Stripe, Bank, or Paypal.
  • Payments are verified and paid out the month after your commission is earned. For example, any commissions earned in February will be available on March 13th.
  • To receive payments, Partners must keep all account information updated and complete in our partner program Partnerstack account to properly receive payments.
  • Partners must maintain the payment account information associated with their partner account to receive commission payouts. KrispCall is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete payment information that results in non-delivery of payments.
  • The Payment Platform will reflect the payment history to the Partner.
    The parties agree that:

    1. (a) The data shown in the Payment Platform will govern payments to be made, subject to KrispCall’s right to correct errors based on its records;and
    2. (b) Records and payments will be deemed complete, and incontestable.
  • To ensure efficient payment processing, partners should be aware that the minimum payout threshold is $5. Commission earnings will accumulate in the partner’s account until this threshold is reached. Once the threshold is met, the partner will receive their commission payment on the 13th of every month.
  • Partner’s account remains inactive for a continuous period of 6 months and the account balance is less than $5 during this inactive period. In that case, KrispCall has the right to deactivate the partner’s account from the system. In such cases, any commissions accrued in the account that fall below the minimum payout threshold of $5 will be lost and not eligible for payment.
  • KrispCall reserves the right to adjust the commission rate, payout threshold, or program terms at any time with/without prior notice to partners.
  • KrispCall reserves the right to withhold commission payments if it determines violations of this Agreement have occurred.
  • Partners are responsible for reporting and paying any taxes or fees associated with their commission earnings following their local tax laws and regulations.
  • A referral made to an already existing Qualified Referral referred by a third party will be considered a “Current Customer Referral”. Partners will not receive a Referral Fee or any other compensation for a Current Customer Referral.

Partner Responsibilities

  • Actively promote, market, and sell KrispCall’s products and services to potential customers within the authorized territories as a solution partner.
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information about KrispCall’s products and services to customers, ensuring transparent and ethical representation.
  • Partners are responsible for ensuring that their promotional activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to privacy, spam, scam, and consumer protection laws.
  • Partners may not engage in any form of false or misleading advertising, including misrepresenting KrispCall’s products or services.
  • Affiliates must disclose their affiliation to KrispCall when promoting our products and services to maintain customer trust.
  • Partners are responsible for keeping their contact and payment information up to date within their partner accounts.
  • Partners are strictly prohibited from utilizing cookie stuffing techniques, which involve the placement of tracking cookies without the genuine engagement of potential customers clicking on the Partner’s dedicated Partner Link.