Terms and Conditions

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Last updated on May 16, 2024


These Terms of Use agreements legally bind you to the KrispCall website (all of its services, products, and content available through the krispcall.com website), the KrispCall software application. The term ”KrispCall” or “our” or “us” or “we” as used in this Agreement refers to KrispCall (the owners of krispcall.com, the operators of the KrispCall website and software). The terms “you”, “user,” or “customer” refer to the person viewing the krispcall.com website using the KrispCall software. The services are provided “as is” and “as available” by KrispCall.

By clicking the Sign Up button while subscribing to KrispCall, acknowledge that you have read, agreed, and would comply with our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, End User License Agreement, Disclosure, and other legal information.


Regarding factors such as updating, modifying, or altering this Agreement, KrispCall reserves the right to do so without any prior notice. Your use of KrispCall service, or product after the amendment or update, modification, or alteration of this Agreement shows your acknowledgment and acceptance of the new Agreement. Any amendment becomes effective immediately as we post it on this page.


  • “T&Cs” or “Terms and Conditions” refers to the agreement statements between KrispCall and User before signing up to KrispCall.
  • “Account” refers to the service that you receive after signing up to KrispCall and creating your identity within the platform.
  • “Workspace” refers to the space/environment you receive after subscribing to KrispCall.
  • “Owner” refers to the customer who has initially created the Workspace.
  • “Agent” refers to the secondary user purchased by a customer.
  • “Member” refers to the secondary user purchased by a customer.
  • “Dashboard” refers to the online portal through which customers can access accounts and their settings, access numbers and number settings, make purchases including credit, phone numbers, adding members, plan upgradation, plan renewal; set up integrations, add contacts, and monitor usage.
  • “Credit” refers to the top-up balance in a workspace used to send and receive calls/SMS/MMS.
  • “Porting” refers to the attachment of a number from one carrier provider to another as per the user’s request.
  • “KrispCall Number” refers to the numbers that the customer purchased during the term.
  • “Billing Period” or “Billing Cycle” refers to the timeframe for which you can use KrispCall services or numbers covered by your subscription. This period is recurring based on the plan chosen during the purchase.
  • “Renew” refers to the automatic/manual update to the billing cycle after the completion of the old cycle.
  • “Integration” refers to the fusion of third-party apps and services with KrispCall offered to aid you with accessibility and ease.
  • “Ability” or “Capability” or “Feature” refers to the compatibility of virtual numbers to perform functions either calls or SMS or both.
  • “Purchase” refers to the successful completion of a payment and receiving whole or partial service afterward.


  1. Purchasing KrispCall Services: When you want to start using KrispCall, you can pick from three subscription plans: Essential, Standard, and Enterprise. You have a choice to pay for these plans on a monthly or yearly basis. If you need more, you can add extra users, workspaces, phone numbers, or credit right from your workspace.
  2. Plan Upgrade or Downgrade: Having a particular subscription plan also has the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade it as required. Each plan offers different features. To upgrade the plan, customers only need to pay additional upgrade fees, not the total fees for the new plan. To downgrade the plan, customers need to submit a request within 14 days from the account registration date. This can be done by contacting the customer support team via live chat or via email. In case users are eligible and require a refund, they shall proceed with a valid refund request.
  3. Use of services: Customers can use and access the KrispCall services using the internet. Customers can access KrispCall from a browser or from an app on compatible devices. Customer’s use of the KrispCall Solution and Services is governed by the PUP (Platform Usage Policy) and is subject to acceptance of the EULA, and Customer agrees that without consent to this EULA, KrispCall will not provide the Services.
  4. Phone Number Purchase: If you selected a number but are unable to submit all the required documents on time for verification, but another buyer verified their documents before you, then the number will be sold to the other buyer. In such a case, KrispCall will provide you with another number with the same features and abilities.KrispCall provides customers with access to use phone numbers for making and receiving calls through the KrispCall Service. Customers may not transfer, assign, sell, lease, sublicense, or otherwise make available any KrispCall Number to third parties. KrispCall reserves the right to change, cancel, or move any KrispCall Number when reasonably required for business or technical reasons.
    1. Portability:
      Krispcall provides number porting as per the applicable law, geographical eligibility conditions, and services available upon customer request. Customers must acknowledge the requirements in order to process the number porting and provide all the information requested by KrispCall, which must be correct and complete.
      KrispCall Number may be ported out from Customer’s Account due to the acts or omissions of Customer, and/or third parties outside of KrispCall’s reasonable control.
    2. Number Usage:
      Customers must provide KrispCall with accurate and complete registration information for any KrispCall Numbers used with the Service. KrispCall reserves the right to suspend or terminate any KrispCall Numbers where registration information provided by the Customer is false, inaccurate, or outdated.If KrispCall determines or suspects that any KrispCall Numbers are being used in a way that violates applicable laws or these Terms and Conditions, KrispCall reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate Customer’s access to those numbers with/without penalty or liability.Customers remain responsible for all usage charges regardless of any suspension or termination. There will be no refunds in such cases.
  5. KrispCall Telephony services: KrispCall offers a cloud-based phone system with advanced calling, call recording, transcription, and messaging capabilities. Details of the KrispCall calling and messaging services are available on the KrispCall website. Customers can make and receive calls, record calls, send and receive text messages and voicemails depending upon the Customer’s service plan. Customers may optionally deactivate the call recording features if desired. The customer is responsible for complying with all applicable laws regarding consent and disclosure when recording calls.

Access, Quality & Maintenance of KrispCall Services

  1. Requirements: Customer acknowledges and agrees to the following regarding the use of the KrispCall Service:
    1. To install and access KrispCall services, customers need either a mobile device or a computer with a good internet connection.
    2. Several external factors beyond KrispCall’s control can affect call quality and service access, including the Customer’s local network, bandwidth availability, public internet infrastructure, telephone networks, Customer’s internet service provider, and local network devices.
    3. KrispCall reserves the right to refuse Service to any customer at its sole discretion.
    4. Some jurisdictions have laws regarding consent requirements for recording phone calls. KrispCall takes no responsibility for obtaining legal consent for call recording or providing related notices. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to recording calls and voicemails.
  2. Accessibility: KrispCall services and customer support are at your disposal 24/7. If you encounter any issues, our customer support team is available through both live chat and email to assist you promptly.
    The KrispCall Service requires each User to log in with a unique username and password (“Credentials”). The customer is responsible for keeping Credentials confidential and not sharing them with any third party. Any use of the Credentials will be attributed to the Customer.

    KrispCall is not liable for any unauthorized access to the Customer’s account resulting from compromised Credentials.

    If Credentials are lost, stolen, or improperly accessed, the Customer must immediately notify KrispCall so remedial actions can be taken. The customer remains responsible for all service usage and charges by authorized or unauthorized users of Credentials.
  3. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is performed on all our systems without impacting the quality of service. Please note that there may be no advance notice for routine maintenance. However, maintenance is carried out as needed based on the severity of the issues. In the event of emergency maintenance, all services are seamlessly shifted to healthy servers to ensure uninterrupted service and a smooth user experience. During this process, there may be a brief period of downtime.
  4. Software Updates: KrispCall may periodically push out software updates. The customer agrees to promptly install all such updates to ensure the continued proper functioning of the Service. KrispCall is not responsible for any issues caused by Customers failing to install updates in a timely manner. This includes any loss of functionality or inoperability.

Ownership and Usage Terms

  1. Restrictions: In the absence of express provisions thereof, Customer may not (and shall not permit any third party to), directly or indirectly:
    1. The reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, or otherwise uncovering of the source code, object code, algorithm, idea, or underlying structure of the Service is expressly prohibited (except where applicable laws specifically prohibit this restriction);
    2. Modify, copy, or create derivatives of the Service;
    3. The service may not be copied, rented, leased, distributed, pledged, assigned, or otherwise transferred or encumbered;
    4. To benefit a third party by using the Service;
    5. Alter the Service or any portionthereof by removing or otherwise altering any proprietary notices or labels;
    6. Using the Service to build an application or product that can compete effectively with any service or product from KrispCall;
    7. Engage in any act that interferes with the proper working of the Service, or any activity conducted through the Service;
    8. Override any access or security restrictions KrispCall may apply to the Service (or other accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to the Service);
    9. The crawling, scraping, or spidering of any page, data, or portion of the Service (or any information, data, or content made available through the Service) that is manual or automated;
    10. Inappropriately use or abuse the Service in any way that is dangerous, harmful, fraudulent, deceptive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, offensive, or otherwise unacceptable;
    11. Permitting someone else to register as your KrispCall account, or risking the security of any Customer KrispCall account;
    12. In any way, attempt to get access to another user’s account, password, or other security information;
    13. A computer network or security encryption code is violated, passwords are cracked; or
    14. Run Maillists, Listservs, autoresponders, or “spam” on the Services, or anything else that interferes with the proper functioning of the Services (including overloading the Services’ infrastructure).
    15. Use the service to run activities related to crypto, drugs, and other banned businesses.

    In addition to uploading Customer Data into the Service, the Customer is responsible for all of the Customer’s activities connected to the Service. Customer (a) During the use of the Service, must comply with all applicable local, state, national, and foreign laws, treaties, and regulations (including those related to the transmission of technical or personal data, international communications, export laws, and privacy laws), (b) Must not violate other third-party intellectual property, contractual, or proprietary rights while using the Service, and (c) As part of this Agreement, all users of KrispCall’s Service are required to adhere to the Fair Use Policy.

  2. Customer Data: The customer grants KrispCall permission to use, copy, transmit, distribute, and store customer data to the extent necessary for KrispCall to provide services, enhance those services, comply with relevant laws, and fulfill KrispCall’s legitimate business interests. In cases where customer data contains personal information, KrispCall is authorized to use such data to serve its legitimate interests as outlined in the Data Processing Agreement and as specified in the KrispCall Privacy Policy, all in accordance with applicable regulations. Customers hereby grant KrispCall the right to use their name. Trademarks or logos to identify them as a KrispCall customer.
  3. Feedback: We highly value your input and welcome your suggestions regarding our services. Users can easily submit their feedback via our website or by getting in touch with our dedicated customer support team.
  4. Third-Party Products and Services: KrispCall has forged partnerships with various third-party products and platforms to facilitate the smooth operation of our services. These affiliated products are all listed on our Third-Party Services page. It’s important to note that all customers are subject to the terms and conditions established by these third-party tools and integrations that they utilize.
  5. Integrations: Integrations are not KrispCall products, and their use is solely between KrispCall and the third-party provider. KrispCall cannot guarantee ongoing access to Integrations and may stop providing access without refund, credit or any compensation. If an Integration is enabled, KrispCall advises caution regarding sharing customer data with the third-party provider. KrispCall does not endorse or take responsibility for Integrations, including how they handle customer data. Use of such Integrations is governed solely by those third-party providers. By enabling an Integration, KrispCall may share customer data with the third-party provider as needed. KrispCall is not liable for any issues arising from Integrations, and customers waive any claims against KrispCall regarding them.
  6. Phone Number Deletion: KrispCall provides phone numbers on a prorated billing basis. However, each phone number must complete a full 30-day billing cycle before it can be deleted. If a customer opts to delete a phone number before completing the 30-day billing cycle, they must settle the due amount (which is the difference between the actual price of the phone number and the prorated amount paid).
    Confirming the deletion of a phone number before the 30-day billing cycle is complete will result in an immediate deduction of the remaining amount from the customer’s associated payment method.
    This policy does not apply in the following cases:

    • If the phone number was purchased on the same day the associated workspace was created.
    • If the phone number has completed the 30-day billing cycle.
    • If the remaining amount due for the phone number is less than $0.50.
    • If the phone number is automatically deleted due to the expiration or cancellation of the associated workspace.

Pricing and Invoicing

  • Currency and Fees: The customer is expected to select a KrispCall service plan. This plan can be on a monthly or annual basis. It’s important to note that in addition to the subscription fees, there may be extra charges for number purchases and calls/SMS charges. Detailed costs for numbers can be found in the number purchase section. The fees associated with KrispCall services are quoted in USD. Payments from cards and