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Ensure positive customer interactions, enhance your business telephony, and optimize your sales & support processes with KrispCall and Insightly integration.

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With this integration, agents can initiate calls directly from Insightly CRM with just a few clicks. They can simply find a contact listing and click the phone number to initiate the call. There is no need to manually dial numbers, saving time and reducing errors. Moreover, with it, they can also provide more personalized & tailored customer service as they can access relevant contact information while placing the call.

To enable click-to-call functionality on your browser, please install KrispCall Dialer. Here is a link that will help you find and install the extension.

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Automated Call Activity Logging

With KrispCall + Insightly integration, every detail about all your inbound and outbound calls is automatically logged in on Insightly. This includes call date, time, duration, and direction (inbound or outbound).

Automated call activity logging eliminates the need to scramble for call details and the need for manual data entry. With this feature, businesses can analyze call data and gain valuable insights into each customer interaction directly from Insightly without switching between apps and tabs.

Real-Time Contact Sync

With the integration of KrispCall and Insightly, all your contact details between Insightly and KrispCall are synchronized in real time. Whether you’re adding a new contact, updating existing information, or deleting outdated records, the changes are instantly synchronized between Insightly and KrispCall.

This automatic change eliminates duplicates and keeps your information accurate and up-to-date across both platforms. As a result, agents will always have access to the latest contact information.

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View Voicemails & Call Recording

With this integration, you can also view voicemails and listen to call recordings directly from Insightly’s interface. Using this feature, agents can gain convenient access to important interaction information that they can use to review and analyze to understand customer needs and improve future interactions.

Similarly, it also enables supervisors to monitor call quality and ensure that agents are providing high-quality service and compliance with company policies.

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Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with Insightly CRM

KrispCall’s integration with Insightly enables you to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Personalize Customer Integration: With KrispCall + Integration, agents can see complete customer details regarding their preferences before initiating a call that they can use for personalized greetings and faster issue resolution.
  2. Enhanced Team Collaboration: With all call logs, contact details, and recordings automatically displayed within Insightly, each member of the sales team has access to a complete picture of each customer relationship, which means better collaboration.
  3. Improved Lead Management: Through this integration, all call activity is automatically logged in on Insightly, with which agents can gain valuable insights into lead behavior. This allows for targeted follow-ups and improved lead nurturing.
  4. Better Client Retention: Agents have access to call metrics, such as duration, recordings, and voicemails, from the Insightly interface. By analyzing this data, they can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and build strategies for better client retention.
  5. Increased Productivity and Collaboration: With this integration, agents can comprehensively view customer histories and interactions. With that, they can increase productivity and better coordinate operations by having a customer-centric approach.