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Integrating KrispCall and TeamLeader helps boost collaboration and increase team performance. Leverage these powerful cloud telephony and CRM software integration features to maximize your call center’s efficiency.

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Agents no longer have to manually dial the contact to connect with customers. Integrating your KrispCall call center with TeamLeader CRM allows agents to initiate a call with a single click on the TeamLeader dashboard. This eliminates the switching between two platforms and saves agents valuable time.

The integration of KrispCall and TeamLeader gives agents the power to connect with thousands of customers with ease. In addition, sales reps can use different call management features to build a harmonious relationship with prospects.

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Two-Way Contact Syncing

Updating the same data on two separate platforms is no longer an issue, thanks to the two-way contact syncing feature provided by the seamless integration of TeamLeader CRM and KrispCall. Any contact information added or updated in one platform (KrispCall or TeamLeader) will automatically reflect in another platform.

This eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces errors, and keeps your CRM data consistent and up-to-date. It ensures that agents have the latest customer data at their fingertips, eliminating the risk of outdated information.

Automatic Call Logging

You don’t need manual call logging by integrating your KrispCall call center with TeamLeader. Every interaction made through KrispCall will be automatically logged within the corresponding contact record in the TeamLeader interface.

These details include call duration, direction (Inbound and Outbound), date, and time. This improves data accuracy, provides valuable insights into call history and communication trends, and identifies areas for improvement.

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Customer management

This integration brings together the strengths of both platforms, creating a centralized hub for all customer information. It provides a comprehensive view of each customer’s profile that includes call history, contact details, interactions with other agents, and any relevant notes.

Ultimately, this helps agents to manage the customer information effortlessly and efficiently. Plus, it helps them to personalize conversations, address needs effectively, and avoid repetitive questions.

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Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with TeamLeader CRM

By integrating your KrispCall call center and TeamLeader, you can unlock a treasure trove of benefits in your communication landscape. Here are the five major benefits:

  1. Eliminate time-consuming manual dialing: This integration eliminates time-consuming manual dialing. Agents can make calls directly from the TeamLeader interface, facilitating workflows and maximizing call volume.
  2. Manage contacts in a single platform: You can now easily manage all your contacts, internal and external, within a unified platform. By integrating KrispCall and TeamLeader, you can add new contacts, access call history, and update information from a single interface, which will then be automatically updated on another platform.
  3. Improve team collaboration: The KrispCall and TeamLeader integration helps to foster a more collaborative and productive call center environment. Agents can work together seamlessly with real-time visibility and enhanced communication.
  4. Provide easy access to information: All customer information, including call history, notes, and other relevant information, is stored in a centralized platform. This allows all agents to access the information easily without any issues.
  5. Enhanced call control and recording: Agents can now take control of every call and leverage valuable recording. It allows you to manage call flow efficiently (hold and transfer), while call recording allows for training purposes, quality assurance, and dispute resolution.