Salesmate Integration


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Bring better efficiency in your marketing campaigns, support processes, and outreach efforts to focus more on leads & customers with KrispCall + Salesmate integration.

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Make & Receive Calls from Salesmate

The integration of KrispCall with Salesmate enables users to make and receive calls seamlessly from Salesmate’s interface. This feature eliminates the need to switch between the two applications, streamlining telephony processes. And by eliminating the need to switch between applications, agents can enhance their efficiency and productivity in handling client interactions, ultimately improving customer relationship management. Whether initiating a lead or responding to inquiries, representatives can stay focused within Salesmate.


Send & Get Texts in Salesmate

With KrispCall + Salesmate integration, you can send and receive text messages directly from Salesmate. Using this feature you can engage in text conversations with your clients and prospects without leaving Salesmate. This feature enhances conversation capabilities, as with it agents can carry out quick and convenient interactions via SMS. By using this you can efficiently manage and track all of your text interactions, maintaining a cohesive and organized approach.

Automatic Call & Contact Logging

The integration of KrispCall with Salesmate simplifies the process of logging calls and contacts. With the integration in place, all of your conversational activity is automatically logged with relevant contacts or leads. This feature eliminates manual data entry, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. With this, you can maintain accurate records of interactions, track customer profiles, and analyze activity history to improve customer relationship management.


Access Call Recording & Voicemails

With this integration, you can access call recordings and voicemails from all your logged conversations directly within Salesmate. Whether retrieving important details from past calls or capturing key insights from voicemails, having access to these within Salesmate enhances visibility and facilitates informed decision-making. With this feature, agents can efficiently access, manage, and leverage the information they want to drive business success.


Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with
Salesmate CRM

With KrispCall’s integration with Salesmate, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Improved Customer Service: With this integration, agents can have instant access to all conversation histories during calls. With that, representatives can quickly address concerns, provide relevant solutions, and build stronger relationships with their customers.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: With this integration, all call recordings and voicemails can be easily accessed in Salesmate, making it simple for team members to stay on the same page about customer interactions.
  3. Visibility into Sales Activity: Through KrispCall + Salesmate integration, sales managers can gain valuable insights into sales activity by monitoring call logs and activity. This allows for data-driven coaching and improved sales performance.
  4. Reduced Errors: KrispCall and Salesmate integration eliminates this risk by automatically syncing call & contact data with Salesmate. This ensures all customer information is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible.
  5. Increased Agent Productivity: This integration comes along with features like automatic call & contact logging. These eliminate the need for manual logging, and save your reps valuable time, allowing them to focus on making more calls and closing more deals.