Salesloft Integration


Salesloft CRM Integration Coming Soon

With the powerful combination of KrispCall + Salesloft CRM, you can enhance flexibility and efficiency with data-driven insights for marketing campaigns and sales teams.

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Click-to-Call Your Customers and Contacts

KrispCall’s integration with Salesloft CRM allows you to call your customers and contacts with just a click. You no longer need to manually dial their numbers without even having to switch the applications.

You can click to call a contact within the KrispCall platform, which automatically syncs the calling activity within the Salesloft CRM. The powerful duo of KrispCall and Salesloft CRM increases efficiency, guaranteeing the smooth tracking of communication interactions with your customers and contacts.

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Automatic Call Logs

With the integration of KrispCall and Salesloft CRM, you can automatically log call information, including the call duration, activity & notes, timestamps, and destination, directly into the Salesloft CRM. This integration lets sales teams get real-time tracking within the Salesloft CRM system.

Moreover, The integration gives valuable insights into agents’ interaction or communication with customers, which can help make reports on agents’ performance, future reference, and analysis.

Client History Access

Integrating KrispCall with Salesloft CRM provides access to the Client’s history. The sales team can get informed conversations with prospects by looking at the caller’s details, such as name and profile information, at a glance. Additionally, they can get a complete view of every customer’s interaction history within the Salesloft CRM system.

This view encompasses call logs, emails, past purchases and call notes, and meeting details. Sales reps can look at those details anytime, including when they are on a call with customers. This approach helps sales reps maintain personalized interactions with customers.

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Contact Synchronization

The integration of KrispCall with Salesloft CRM allows contact synchronization. Every new contact in KrispCall automatically syncs within the Salesloft CRM system, helping sales reps achieve a centralized picture of customer interactions and activities.

It simplifies workflow, as sales reps can easily access customer data, chats, voicemails, call logs, and other relevant activities within the Salesloft CRM platform. Hence, this integration helps sales teams stay productive and manage their time more efficiently, reducing the time spent switching applications and allowing them to focus more on closing deals.


Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with Salesloft CRM

Many benefits come with the integration of KrispCall with Salesloft CRM. Some of the stand-out benefits are as follows:

  1. Enhanced Sales Productivity: KrispCall’s integration with Salesloft CRM helps manage leads, enhances the call-tracking system, and offers access to critical information in real time. Thus, it significantly boosts sales productivity by letting businesses handle more leads with customer data.
  2. Automation of Repetitive Tasks: The integration of KrispCall + Salesloft CRM simplifies repetitive tasks by automating call logging, lead tracking, and data entry. It minimizes errors, saves time, and frees employees to focus more on strategic activities.
  3. Advanced Calling Features: KrispCall’s advanced features, like sales call recording, live call monitoring, IVR, and call routing, simplify your calling process, which you can easily access within the Salesloft platform.
  4. Data-driven Insights for Marketing Campaign: The combination of KrispCall and Salesloft CRM offers data-driven insights for marketing campaign optimization. The insights into customer engagement and preferences help marketers improve lead scoring, conversion rates, and campaign performance.
  5. Improved Sales and Marketing Processes: KrispCall and Salesloft CRM integrate to offer an entire solution for sales and marketing as it allows businesses to handle leads, track sales performance, and analyze marketing campaigns in one place.