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Increase your call center’s overall efficiency and growth with the integration of Close CRM and KrispCall. Foster trust and strengthen customer relationships with uninterrupted, professional-sounding interaction with this powerful duo.

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The Close CRM and KrispCall integration have eliminated the hassle of manual dialing. You can now easily initiate KrispCall conversations directly from within Close CRM contact records without app-switching or searching phone numbers. Simply click the contact’s phone number and connect with the customer instantly. This allows sales reps to save valuable time, enabling them to focus on building rapport and closing deals.


Automatic call logging

By integrating your Close account with KrispCall, every KrispCall interaction logs within your Close CRM after the call ends. The logged information includes call duration, call type, and caller information. It also ensures a complete conversation history for each client. These detailed and centralized records streamline your workflows and allow you to analyze call trends and identify areas for improvement. It helps you to gain valuable insights into client interactions.

KPI-based report dashboard

Integrating Close and KrispCall allows you to move beyond basic call logs and gain deeper insights into your communication performance. This integration offers you a dedicated report dashboard within Close CRM that displays key performance indicators (KPIs) based on your KrispCall data. This data-driven approach allows you to make informed decisions, which helps you boost sales success or enhance customer support effectiveness.

Centralized Customer-Data-and-Interactions

Centralized Customer Data and Interactions

The Close and KrispCall integration centralizes customer data such as call data, contact information, and interaction history within Close CRM. It gives your team a holistic view of each client relationship. This fosters a unified direction that ensures everyone on your team delivers consistent and personalized service regardless of who interacts with the client. Moreover, the unified data simplifies reporting and analysis and allows you to leverage communication insights for data-driven decision-making across your business.


Benefits of Integrating KrispCall with Close CRM

KrispCall and Close CRM integration offer several benefits to your business. Here are the five significant benefits of this integration.

  1. Enhance customer experience: It allows agents to have real-time access to a complete view of customer information. Agents can access personal/business information as well as past interactions and other relevant information during calls, to provide personalized interaction which ultimately enhances customer experience.
  2. No app switching: The integration allows sales reps to click on the customer profile and directly initiate a call through the Close CRM interface without any hassle. This allows agents to save their valuable time of manually dialing and increases their workflow efficiency.
  3. Automate repetitive tasks: There are several time-consuming and repetitive tasks that sales reps have to do on a daily basis. But now, with this integration, you can automate tasks such as log call data and lead creation. This significantly reduces the workload for agents, allowing them to focus on building close relationships with customers.
  4. Enhanced data visibility: Integrating Close CRM with KrispCall offers enhanced data visibility that enables you to gain insights into your business operations and make informed decisions. You can track the progress of a project in Close CRM and view it in real time in KrispCall.
  5. Improved communication and collaboration: The integration of Close CRM with KrispCall offers a centralized platform to communicate between team members and departments within your organization. This allows team members to flow the information seamlessly, which eventually improves team collaboration.