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Set Up your call center business from anywhere with fewer agents.

Manage your entire call center from one dashboard with advanced call center features including cloud based calling, report and analytics, international numbers, smart dialer, call routing, CRM Integration, IVR, call scripting.


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What is VoIP Call Center Software?

VoIP call center software is a hub for making conversation with customers exclusively through the one-and-only phone channel. From inbound phone calls to outbound phone calls, KrispCall’s new generation call center software is an affordable solution for telemarketing, technical support, and sales.

It connects call center agents and customers using a menu-based IVR feature which distributes the phone calls to the right agent at the right time. On top of that, it is equally effective for automating call processes and providing an excellent voice calling experience.

How Does KrispCall’s VoIP Call Center Software Work?

KrispCall’s VoIP call center software uses only one communication channel i.e. Phone channel. It connects agents and customers through a voice call for meeting customer expectations in the best possible way. Our call center solution enables you to access a wide range of features that manage, monitor, automate and support all call processes.

Call menu (IVR): Building a call menu by adding multiple options for providing information and routing callers to the right agent.
Call Distribution: Distributing inbound calls automatically to the right agent based on the caller’s choice on the call menu.
Workflow Automation: Automating outbound phone calls, call routing process, and voicemails to enhance productivity.

Benefits of KrispCall’s VoIP Call Center Software

KrispCall call center software helps you better navigate communications with your team and clients. Intuitive features and options for automation allow your business to improve response times, eliminate handling costs, and elevate the customer experience.

Cost-effective: Using our call center solution, you can eliminate hardware costs and significantly lower operational costs with our advanced call management and automation features.
Highly scalable: Keep up with ever-changing communication strategies by scaling up or down your call center system with KrispCall. Expand your offerings by adding features in real-time and CRM integration.
Enhanced Security: Our security features include internal data security, data backup, and restore features, helping you secure valuable data and prevent losses from data mishandling.
Intelligent calling features: Automate your call management processes with our intelligent features for call flow, call routing, redirection, interactive voice response, etc., speeding up your response time.

The Features that Will Make You and Your Business Successful

Access advanced call management, call routing, & analytics solutions with our top-end features.

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Cloud Telephony

Move your phone system to the cloud with KrispCall’s cloud telephony. Set up a unified communication system with top-line business features using KrispCall.

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Contact Center Software

Set up a virtual contact center and elevate your customer service with KrispCall. Simplify multi-channel communication with customers using our solution.

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Sales Dialer

Speed up sales calls with KrispCall’s sales dialer tool. Automate and manage call dialing processes to connect with leads and raise your team productivity.

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Sales Automation

Enhance your sales metrics and sales team efficiency using KrispCall’s sales automation. Automate call routing and sales processes for higher lead conversions.

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CRM Phone System

Integrate your existing CRM systems with KrispCall to keep track of your team and customer satisfication with our advacned call analytics.

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Capture Leads on Website

Convert website visitors to potential clients using KrispCall’s click-to-call widget. Drive lead conversion process with one-click calling and 30 seconds callback features.

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Sales Calls from Website

Receive sales calls from your website with our click-to-call widget. Seamlessly connects potential clients to your sales team with a personalized KrispCall widget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Figure out your call center type and the number of call center agents then purchase VoIP call center software from the VoIP phone service provider of your choice. Install the software on the devices of each user. Determine the KPIs and add personalized greetings for the IVR menu. Add virtual phone number(s) for making and receiving phone calls.

KrispCall is one the best VoIP call center software for small businesses because of its advanced features, excellent VoIP call quality, and affordable pricing plans. It has an all-in-one dashboard with an intuitive UI to enhance your interaction with the call center software.

You can find many SaaS-based platforms on the internet offering cheap VoIP call center solutions. If you are looking for the cheapest call center software then KrispCall offers you a cheap pricing plan that you can’t ignore. The pricing plans start at USD 15.

VoIP enables you to run multiple phone lines using an internet connection. This means you don’t need to add separate physical lines on each phone. VoIP phone systems provide a separate line for each other by only connecting the VoIP phone to the internet.

VoIP Phone service works on internet-based technology to run call centers. It provides for advanced features and services than an on-premise call center can. On top of its affordable cost, VoIP phone service improves the flexibility and scalability of the system. VoIP phones have better calling quality than traditional phones. It introduces workflow automation to handle call processes, automatic dialing, and voicemails.

There are many VoIP phone systems providing VoIP software for an international call center. Among them, KrispCall is one of the best calling software with VoIP call center solutions. It provides international phone numbers for more than 100+ countries.

KrispCall has a web app, which lets you operate your VoIP call center software via your desktop computer. You can also download VoIP call center software for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS PCs from our downloads page (currently in the works, will be available soon).