Cloud Phone

The one-stop solution for your business communications

KrispCall helps you quickly connect with customers with its state of art VOIP service. Gain high mobility for business communications with our fully integrated communications system.

Cloud phone features

Our exclusive business features increase your accessibility to clients, automate communications to support multitasking, and allow you complete control of operations with options for customization.

Unified Callbox

A dedicated all-in-one dashboard for calls, SMS, voicemails, and multiple other options to instantly connect with your team and customers without switching apps.

Shared Number

Our number-sharing option allows you to receive calls across multiple devices. Improve your customer response by eliminating missed calls.

Phone Trees (IVR)

Efficiently handle high volumes of inbound calls with a virtual receptionist. Decrease handling times and wait times using IVR. Automatically route callers to the concerned personnel.

Simultaneous Calls
(Group Ringing)

Want the customer calls to reach multiple agents? Use KrispCall’s group ringing feature to ring multiple agents at once, so there are fewer chances of a missed call.

Sequential Calls

Never miss a call even when the agents are busy. Use our sequential calling feature for routing the calls to immediately available agents whenever your clients need them.

Developer API

Be available to your clients with the click of a button. Our developer API helps you embed widgets on your websites so potential clients can contact you via the website.

Call features

Access advanced call management, call routing, and analytics solutions with our top-end features.

Intelligent call routing

Automate tedious call handling processes with KrispCall's intelligent call routing features. Save employee and customers' time for happier teams and clients.

SMS Features

Get in touch with your customers through texts and messaging. Carry out mass-advertising campaigns with KrispCall’s hassle-free texting solutions and improve your brand awareness.

Admin Features

KrispCall’s admin features allow the admins to manage and customize their workspace with different options for adding team members, forming groups, importing contacts, and viewing team activity.