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Best Avoxi Alternatives and Competitors



Best Avoxi Alternatives and Competitors

Are you currently using Avoxi and searching🔍 for a better alternative? Or maybe you are just exploring various cloud phone systems. 

Either way, you have landed in the right place. 

Avoxi is indeed a reliable cloud phone system, but it might not have everything your business needs. This might be due to its lack of adaptability, limited features, price issues, or something else.

In this blog, we have listed some excellent Avoxi alternatives, so you can find the perfect one for your business needs.💡

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • We compared features, pricing structure, and top customer reviews, and put together a list of the top 10 alternatives to Avoxi.
  • KrispCall is one of the best alternatives in terms of features, call quality, affordability, and 24/7 human support, and provides local, toll-free, vanity, and international numbers.
  • Grasshopper is a top choice for Avoxi for solo business owners and small businesses.
  • Vonage is feature-rich, has a user-friendly UI, and offers better customer service.
  • Before selecting the best replacement for Avoxi, it’s essential to book free demos, review pricing, and assess customer feedback.

So let’s look into better alternatives! 🌟

What is Avoxi? 🤔

Avoxi is a cloud-based telephony service provider that offers reliable cloud-based communications for global businesses. It provides different communication features and offers a better cloud phone system and customer service.

What is Avoxi

Avoxi integrates seamlessly with your current contact center and communication applications. The key features of Avoxi are Call Recording, IVR Phone Tree, Shared Phone Number, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Call Analytics, and Voice Mail.

Why are people looking for an Avoxi Replacement?

Although Avoxi is well-known as a virtual cloud phone system, people are looking for its variants because of a few restrictions and issues. 

Here are some of the limitations of Avoxi due to which people are looking for its replacements.

  • Lacks Comprehensive Features: Avoxi offers fewer comprehensive features compared to its competitors. It lacks key features like a Unified Callbox and extensive call-handling capabilities.
  • Confusing Pricing Plans: AVOXI advertises its basic Launch plan as free for each user, but this only includes the user license. You still need to subscribe to the platform separately. Also, users need to buy a phone number and a package of call minutes, which might be expensive and confusing because of different factors such as area code, location, call forwarding location, and TrueLocal. 
  • Limited Conversation Storage: AVOXI doesn’t keep past conversations easily accessible. On their basic plan, call recordings are stored for only 30 days. Even if you upgrade, you only get 60 days of storage. It might not be sufficient for all your conversations with customers.
  • Challenges in Mobile Usage: AVOXI can be used on phones and tablets, but it’s not easy to use on mobile devices. The company suggests not using it on mobile devices. It could be a problem for business owners who need to work while away from their computers.
  • Hidden Fees: The hidden fees of Avoxi like the $4.99 admin charge and $6.99 for call recording, can disrupt a buyer’s budget. These unexpected costs might encourage people to explore alternative options.
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10 Best Avoxi Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

There are various competitors of Avoxi. But, only some meet the needs of most company owners.

So, we have listed our top Avoxi alternates 🤗 based on the following criteria: 

  • Global Coverage
  • Customer Service
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Advanced Features
  • User Testimonials
  • Third-party integrations
  • Business-Oriented Solutions

Best Avoxi Alternatives Comparison Overview:

ProvidersBest forFeaturesPricing
1. KrispCall24/7 customer support and Advanced Telephony FeaturesCall Analytics, VoiceMail Transcription, Call Forwarding, Unified Callbox, Shared Number, Call Transfer, Smart IVR, Call RoutingStarts at $12/user/year(if paid annually)
2. AirCallModern VoIP for Teams
Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Routing, Voice Mail, SMS Business Text Messaging, Virtual Call Center, and Call Conference Solution
Starts at $30 per month
3. 3CX
Versatile Business Communication System
Video Conferencing, Call Recording, CRM Integration, Call Transfer, Call Logging, Hot Desking, Live Chat
Starts at $0 per month per 10 users
4. Openphone Modern business phone for startups and small businesses
Call Recording, Call Conferencing, Unified Communication, Call Routing, and Automated Attendant
Starts at $15 per month
5. GrasshopperFlexible Virtual Phone SystemBusiness Texting, Call Forwarding, Business Phone Number, Voicemail Transcription, Custom Greetings, Ruby ReceptionistStarts at $17 per month
6. CallHippoFlexible Virtual Phone SystemPower Dialer, Smart Switch, Global Connect, Call Analytics, Call Monitoring, IVRStarts at $0 per month per 10 users
7. RingCentralUnified communication platform
Visual Voicemail, Hot Desking, Live Call Monitoring, Unified Callbox, Call Analytics, Call Recording
Starts at $20 per month
8. CloudTalkCall center software
IVR system, Call Filters, Number Porting, Call Notes, and Real-Time Dashboard
Starts at $25 per month
9. 8*8Cloud Communications and Contact Center
Auto-attendant, Meeting transcription, Audio and video conferencing, Call barging and whispering, Call activity data
Starts at $15 per month
10. Nextiva

Comprehensive business communicationUnlimited voice and video calling, Voicemail, Toll-free numbers, Video Conferencing, Auto-attendantStarts at $18.95 per month

1. KrispCall: 24/7 customer support and Advanced Telephony Features

KrispCall is one of the best choices for those who are looking for Avoxi alternatives, and there is a very good reason for it. 

KrispCall is a cloud-based telephony system that provides robust and advanced features for modern businesses at budget-friendly pricing. It excels in areas where Avoxi falls short by offering various in-demand features that Avoxi does not provide.

KrispCall Best Avoxi Alternatives

KrispCall is well known for excellent live call monitoring, 24/7 customer support,  and 99.99% uptime reliability. It has gained the trust of many international businesses and offers coverage in many countries. Additionally, it also provides virtual phone numbers for toll-free, local, vanity, mobile, and international.

KrispCall has linked with popular business technologies like Zoho, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zapier, Zendesk, Slack, and Salesforce to boost customer interaction, experience,  and better account management.

If you are looking for a flawless alternative to Avoxi that streamlines your business communication with advanced call management features without requiring extensive learning, KrispCall is the perfect solution.

KrispCall vs Avoxi

Comparison BasisKrispCallAvoxi
Ease of UseSimple interface, easy to learn & navigate.Complex interface, technical knowledge might be needed.
Transparency & Support24/7 support: Dedicated customer support is readily available.Long wait times and inconsistent support quality were reported.
FeaturesAvailability of advanced features: Unified Callbox, SMS and Call Filters, Call Notes, Bulk Contact Import are all available.Lack of advanced features like: Unified Callbox, SMS Filters, DND, Customer Caller ID, and many more.
Call Quality & PerformanceConsistent & reliable call qualityReports of call drops, lag, and jitters
Scalability & GrowthHandles large teams seamlesslyPerformance issues with scaling, not ideal for bigger teams
PricingThe pricing starts from $15 per month.  The price range of Avoxi is $0-$39.99.
IntegrationIntegrated with popular CRM tools like Hubspot, Zapier, Zoho, Pipedrive, and many more.Limited integration with Avoxi.

🌟 KrispCall Features

Key Features of KrispCall
1. Unified Callbox: Never Miss a Conversation

You can stay in touch with your team and clients and experience seamless communication with Unified Callbox features. This all-in-one dashboard allows you to seamlessly manage and send texts, make calls, leave voicemails, and access various other features without having to switch between multiple apps.

2. Global Calling: Extend your customer reach Worldwide

You can expand your customer base globally with KrispCall’s digital phone system, offering advanced tools for global calling. You can try our live demo and discover how effortlessly you can connect with people around the world.

3. Call Forwarding: Never Miss a Call

You can guarantee that you won’t miss essential customer calls even when you’re away from the office by using call forwarding features.

4. In-app Call Analytics: Measure Business Call Center Performance

With KrispCall’s In-app Call Analytics feature, you gain a comprehensive view of real-time call data and call control. This includes insights into overall call volume, call duration, and incoming and outgoing calls. You can assess customer engagement levels, identify call center operational patterns, and monitor agent performance.

5. IVR Phone Tree: Call Menu For Your Business Phone

By implementing an automated IVR phone tree from KrispCall, your company can optimize call routing and offer swift access to the right department or information. It improves communication, ensures 24/7 availability, and saves time. 

💰 KrispCall Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)Pricing (yearly/user)
Standard $40$32
EnterpriseContact Sales Team

🗨️ What our Customers are Saying?

Switching to KrispCall was a smooth experience. The guys at KrispCall were very helpful. They migrated our VoIP system quickly and also ported our numbers. I was afraid number porting would be a hassle but they resolved it quickly by giving temporary numbers that matched our old numbers until official porting was completed.Ella Anderson, Chief Operations Officer 

👀 Have a look at other Customer Reviews of KrispCall

✅ KrispCall Pros

  • Flexible & Scalable Business Phone System
  • Advanced Features & Customized Pricing
  • 24/7 Dedicated Human Support
  • Integration With Popular Business Apps
  • Smart Reporting and Analytics

 ❌ KrispCall’s Limitations

  • Incompatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
  • Bulk Messages and Call Barging features are coming soon
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2. AirCall: Modern VoIP for Sales and Support Teams

AirCall is one of the top alternatives to Avoxi. It is a well-known business phone system designed for support teams and contact centers. It provides local numbers, toll-free numbers, and international numbers worldwide.

AirCall Modern VoIP for Sales and Support Teams

It is a fully cloud-based voice solution, dependable, user-friendly, and seamlessly integrates with all major CRMs and essential business and communication tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Gong, Zapier, Surfe, and many more.

Aircall assists small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in boosting productivity and improving customer and employee satisfaction. 

🌟 Features

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call Routing
  • Voice Mail
  • SMS Business Text Messaging
  • Virtual Call Center
  • Call Conference Solution

💰 Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
CustomContact Sales Team

❌ Limitations

  • Lacks built-in video conferencing capabilities.
  • SMS is limited to numbers in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and  France.

3. 3CX:  Versatile Business Communication System

3CX is another excellent replacement for Avoxi. It is a business communication software solution that offers simple, cost-effective, and flexible solutions to live chat, call, and video. Businesses can boost productivity, improve customer experiences, and significantly reduce cost and management challenges with 3CX.

3CX Versatile Business Communication System

Another advantage of 3CX is its availability across Web Client, Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. It is highly beneficial for businesses that employ both in-office and remote workers.



PlanPricing (yearly/system)
3CX Free$0 forever up to 10 users
Small Business$175

Note: The price is billed annually per system NOT per user!

❌ Limitations

  • Configuring on-premise hardware is time-consuming and confusing.
  • Scalability Challenges.
  • SMS and MMS aren’t available unless you upgrade to Pro.

4. OpenPhone: Modern business phone for startups and small businesses

OpenPhone is the leading choice over Avoxi. It is a VoIP service provider that helps small businesses easily create strong customer relationships. 

OpenPhone Modern business phone for startups and small businesses

You can easily access OpenPhone on your laptop, tablet, iPhone, and Android devices. It integrates seamlessly with tools like Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Contacts, and more.

 🌟 Features

💰 Pricing

PlanPricing (monthly/user)
EnterpriseContact Sales

❌ Limitations

  • Inconsistent customer service.
  • Limited Integrations.

5. Grasshopper: Flexible Virtual Phone System

Grasshopper is a popular replacement for Avoxi. It is a widely used and affordable virtual phone system offering a second phone number to separate personal and business calls.

Grasshopper Flexible Virtual Phone System

Across all its plans, Grasshopper provides excellent 24/7 customer support accessibility through emails, phone calls, live chat, social media channels, and other means. It, allows you to contact the team whenever necessary.

Grasshopper offers toll-free, local, and vanity phone numbers, with the option to port your existing phone number. It is available on iOS, Desktop, and Android platforms.

🌟 Features

  • Business Texting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Business Phone Number
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Custom Greetings
  • Ruby Receptionist

💰 Pricing

PlanPricing (monthly/user)Pricing (yearly/user)
True Solo$17$14
Solo Plus$34$28
Small Business$79$80

❌ Limitations

  • No advanced features to streamline outbound calls.
  • Lacks video conferencing features.
  • Only accessible in the USA and Canada.
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6. CallHippo: Flexible Virtual Phone System

CallHippo is one of the best choices for people looking for Avoxi alternatives. It is a well-known virtual phone system for all sizes of businesses and offers toll-free and local phone numbers. It offers flawless audio quality and dependable connections for your internal call.

CallHippo Flexible Virtual Phone System

Your business can improve operational effectiveness and efficiency with features like Call Transcription Services and WhatsApp for Business and expand global reach and accessibility from its virtual phone numbers. 

It integrates with popular tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, Slack,  Zendesk, and many more. 


  • Power Dialer
  • Smart Switch
  • Global Connect
  • Call Analytics
  • Call Monitoring
  • IVR


PlanPricing (monthly/user)

❌ Limitations

  • Limited Features
  • Access Issues and Account Management

7. RingCentral: Unified communication platform

RingCentral can be a great choice among people looking to upgrade from Avoxi. It is a cloud-based collaboration and communication solution that offers unified communication and delivers robust messaging, voice, and video conferencing features.

 RingCentral Unified communication platform

RingCentral provides a flexible, user-friendly system with 99.999% uptime reliability. It includes unlimited calls within the US and Canada. You can access real-time insights, make data-driven decisions, and optimize return on investment (ROI) from RingCentral analytics.

🌟 Features

  • Visual Voicemail
  • Hot Desking
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Unified Callbox
  • Call Analytics
  • Call Recording

💰 Pricing

PlanPricing (monthly/user)
Ultra Plan$35

❌ Limitations

  • Features such as internet faxing require an upgrade to access.
  • Some users experienced a decline in customer service and issue resolution after completing the sales and implementation process.
  • Some users noticed that call quality gradually declined over time with the system. 

 8. Cloud Talk: Call Center Software

CloudTalk is a versatile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) cloud-based calling solution and business calling system that helps to improve your business communication. It is used by the customer service and sales team.

It is one of the top substitutes for Avoxi as it provides real-time dashboard features and offers advanced features.

It offers excellent advanced features and a wide range of integration with CRM systems and helpdesk tools. This allows you to modify your CX to the accurate specifications of your business.

🌟 Features

  • IVR system
  • Call Filters
  • Number Porting
  • Call Notes
  • Real-Time Dashboard

💰 Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
CustomContact Sales Team

❌ Limitations

  • Lack of Unified Callbox feature.
  • Unavailable Mobile Application.
  • Limited Scalability for small business.

 9. 8*8: Cloud Communications and Contact Center

8*8 is another perfect replacement for Avoxi. It is a leading VoIP service provider that provides extensive texting, voice, and video calling features across a range of basic to advanced plans. This platform is easy to use and set up.

8*8 Cloud Communications and Contact Center

8*8  provides unified telecommunication solutions to boost productivity and improve customer service. It is accessible on iOS, Android, and Desktop platforms.



PlanPricing (month/user)

❌ Limitations

  • Expensive compared to other providers.
  • Media from meetings and call recordings are retained for one month only.

10. Nextiva: Comprehensive business communication

Nextiva is another excellent substitute for Avoxi. It is an AI-powered conversational platform that integrates all conversational channels and provides a wide range of VoIP solutions for businesses.

You can easily handle SMS, emails, phone calls, and video meetings from a single platform improving productivity.

Nextiva Comprehensive business communication

It has an easy user-friendly interface and is suitable for all sizes of businesses. If you’re searching for a solution to streamline your business communications and improve customer interactions, Nextiva is the ideal choice.

🌟 Features

  • Unlimited voice and video calling
  • Voicemail
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Video Conferencing
  • Auto-attendant

💰 Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)

❌ Limitations

  • When you receive an incoming phone call, the entire Nextiva window pops up. It disrupts ongoing tasks and causes work interruptions.
  • The iPhone app suffers from multiple drawbacks, such as difficulties with texting, frequent log-in requirements, and frequent call drops.

Final Thoughts: And the best Avoxi alternative is…

Avoxi is good, but there are even better choices out there. We want to pick the ones with the best features, fair prices, great service, good reviews from customers, helpful demos, and excellent support.

We highly recommend KrispCall among the list because it offers worldwide coverage and business phone numbers, including local, toll-free, mobile, and international phone numbers all at an affordable price.

KrispCall offers 24/7 human support, advanced features, positive customer reviews,  excellent call quality, and budget-friendly pricing plans starting at only $15 per user per month.

Don’t miss out—try KrispCall now and uplift your business telecommunication. 🚀

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