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Best VirtualPBX Alternatives and Competitors



Best Virtual PBX Alternatives and Competitors

Are you looking for a superior VoIP phone system to replace VirtualPBX?🤔

Although VirtualPBX offers good small business phone, texting, and call center software solutions, it might only cover some of your business needs. This might be due to its limited capabilities, price issues, lack of adaptability, or something else.

In this blog, we have listed the best VirtualPBX alternatives, so you can find the right one for your needs.💡

Whether you run a business, freelance, or just need clear calls and smooth connectivity, these alternatives are here to help.

🔑 Key Highlights

  • We compared the overall features, reviewed customer feedback, and put together a list of the top competitors to VirtualPBX.
  • KrispCall is one of the best alternatives for VirtualPBX, with more excellent features offered at a budget-friendly price. 
  • GoToConnect provides over 100 features making it one of the top replacements for VirtualPBX in terms of features. 
  • Grasshopper VoIP is a good choice for VirtualPBX for solo business owners and small companies.

So let’s look into better alternatives! 👊

What is VirtualPBX?

VirtualPBX is a company that provides a Virtual PBX System for small businesses and call centers that allows you to work remotely and provide support for business communication needs. 


Virtual PBX has been known for providing good customer service with 24/7 support and stable telecommunication solutions for over a decade. It provides international phone numbers from seven countries and offers quality call centers.

Why are people looking for a VirtualPBX replacement?🤔

VirtualPBX is a common choice for small business phone systems, but users now want to switch because it only meets some of their needs and lacks many features available on other alternatives.

Limitations and Drawbacks of VirtualPBX that made people switch to other alternatives:

  • Expensive Pricing Plans: While VirtualPBX offers different plans, some customers find them more expensive than competitors, especially for smaller businesses.  
  • Complex User Interface: Some users find the setup and user interface of VirtualPBX challenging. It is especially for those who are not very used to electronic devices.
  • Call Quality: Many customers are complaining about the quality of the call.
  • Integration Issues: It struggles to work well with some other software tools.

11 Best VirtualPBX Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

There are numerous alternatives and competitors of VirtualPBX. It is important to note that not all of these are suitable for users seeking a better option. 

So, we have listed our top VirtualPBX alternatives 🤗 based on the following criteria: 

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Call Quality
  • Global reach
  • Advanced Features
  • Customer Support
  • Business Oriented Solutions

Best VirtualPBX Alternatives Comparison Overview:

ProvidersBest forFeaturesPricing
KrispCallSuitable for all types of businessUnified Callbox, Call Analytics, Shared Number, Call Forwarding, Smart IVR, Call Routing, VoiceMail Transcription, Call TransferStarts at $12/user/year(if paid annually)
Google VoiceSmall to large-sized businesses looking for excellent calling and text messagingMobile app, SMS/MMS support, Conference Calling, Custom voice greetings, Caller ID and Spam blocking, VoicemailStarts at $10/month
Small to large-sized businesses looking for a Versatile Business Communication SystemSupport Ticketing System, Automatic Call Distribution, Voicemail Transcription, Call ForwardingStarts at $15/user/yearly
3CXSmall to large-sized businesses searching for the best collaboration toolsThird-party integrations, Queue Management, Unified Communications, VOIP ConnectionContact sales
Small-sized businesses searching for excellent virtual phone systems
Wifi Calling, Extension, Business Texting, Simultaneous Call HandlingStarts at $14/user/yearly
VonageReliable Partner for Small and Medium Business CommunicationBusiness SMS, Voicemail, Admin Portal, Auto Attendant, Busy Lamp Field, Paperless Fax, Shared Line, Caller IDStarts at $13.99/month
GoTo ConnectStartups & small-sized businesses looking for video conferencingCRM Integration, Answering Business Texts (SMS), Auto Callback, Real-time Analytics and monitoring)Starts at $27 per user per month 
CloudTalk Small to large-sized businesses looking for CRM integrationSpeech To Text, Unlimited Calling, Custom Greetings, Call Analysis, Caller IDStarts at $25/user/month

Small to large-sized businesses searching for the best Unified CommunicationCaller ID, HD Voice, Click To Call, Do Not DisturbStarts at $12 per month
AirCall  Medium-sized businesses looking for IVR and video conferencingIVR, Business Hours, Call Recording, Call ConferencingStarts at $30 per month
RingCentral RingEX™Small to large-sized businesses searching for the best Unified CommunicationAutomatic Call Recording, Meeting Insights, Team Messaging, Ring OutStarts at $30 per user per month

1. KrispCall : 24/7 Human Support + Advanced Cloud Phone Features 

KrispCall is the number one choice who are looking for VirtualPBX alternatives, and there is a very good reason for it. 

KrispCall is a cloud-based telephony system that provides top-notch and robust features for modern businesses at budget-friendly pricing. It has gained the trust of many international businesses and offers coverage in many countries.

KrispCall is well known for excellent 24/7 customer support, live call monitoring, and 99.99% uptime reliability. It excels in areas where VirtualPBX falls short such as it provides various in-demand features like that VirtualPBX is not providing.

KrispCall Best VirtualPBX Alternatives

KrispCall provides an IVR phone tree to raise engagement, streamline caller interactions, and accelerate interaction efficiency. It helps to maximize quick response and also make sure that callers are directed to the right person or department based on their needs.

KrispCall has linked with popular business technologies like Zapier, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Zendesk, Zoho, Slack, and Salesforce to boost customer experience, interaction, and better account management.

So, if you’re looking for a perfect VirtualPBX alternative that truly revolutionizes your business communication with advanced call management features without wasting too much time going through a lengthy learning curve, KrispCall is the perfect choice.

Why Is KrispCall The Best VirtualPBX Substitute?

KrispCall is an excellent substitute for VirtualPBX as you can easily streamline your telephone conversation through high-end communication features like DND Modes, advanced call filters, and Unified Callbox. 

VirtualPBX is unable to provide these cutting-edge communication features. But with the feature-rich advanced system of KrispCall, you can have the desired scalability and flexibility for your business, increase accessibility, and improve efficiency at a higher rate.

You get a lot more than just calling and messaging with KrispCall’s call center software and business phone system. KrispCall has customizable pricing that allows businesses to add and remove features according to their needs. You can pay as per your need.

Also, KrispCall provides virtual phone numbers (local, toll-free, mobile, and vanity numbers) from many countries. 

Furthermore, You can boost employee productivity and make effective employee communication with an exceptional customer experience. 

These overall factors make KrispCall the best VirtualPBX alternative for a cloud PBX telephony system.

KrispCall Vs VirtualPBX
Comparison BasisKrispCallVirtualPBX
PricingSimple and Transparent:$15/user/month (all features)$12/user/year(if paid annually)The initial cost is more but it comes with more features.Affordable Entry with Limited Features: The initial cost is lower, but it comes with fewer features.
Ease of UseUser-friendly: Simple interface, easy to learn & navigate.Challenging: Complex interface, technical knowledge might be needed.
Transparency & Support24/7 support: Dedicated customer support is readily available.Support Issues: Long wait times and inconsistent support quality were reported.
FeaturesUnavailability of top needed features: Unified Callbox, SMS and Call Filters, Call Notes, and Bulk Contact Import are not available.Unavailability of top needed features: Unified Callbox, SMS and Call Filters, Call Notes, Bulk Contact Import are not available.
Call Quality & PerformanceExcellent: Consistent & reliable call qualityPoor: Reports of call drops, lag, and jitters
Scalability & GrowthHigh Flexibility: Handles large teams seamlesslyLow Flexibility: Performance issues with scaling, not ideal for bigger teams

🌟KrispCall Key Features

Key Features of KrispCall
1. Global Calling: Extend your customer reach Worldwide

You can extend your customer reach worldwide with Krispcall’s digital phone system, featuring advanced global calling tools. You can do that by trying our live demo, and see how easily you can connect with people across the world. 

2. Unified Callbox: Never Miss a Conversation

With Unified Callbox features, you can stay in touch with your team and clients and experience seamless communication. This single dashboard lets you manage and send texts, calls, voicemails, and other various options without the need to switch apps.

Unified Callbox
3. IVR Phone Tree: Call Menu For Your Business Phone

With an automated IVR phone tree from KrispCall, your company can maximize call routing and provide quick access to the appropriate department or information. It enhances communication, ensures 24/7 availability, and saves time which contributes to uplifting customer satisfaction for your business.

IVR Phone Tree
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4. In-app Call Analytics: Measure Business Call Center Performance

With KrispCall’s In-app Call Analytics feature, you can get a 360-degree view of real-time call data, and call control, covering overall call volume, duration of call, incoming calls, and outgoing calls. You can understand your customer engagement level, acknowledge call center operations patterns, and also monitor the performance of agents.

In-app Call Analytics
5. Call Forwarding: Never Miss a Call

You can quickly forward business calls to your landline or smartphone. You can make sure that even when you are not in the office, you never miss crucial customer calls with call forwarding features.

Call Forwarding

💰Pricing of KrispCall

PlanPricing (month/user)Pricing (yearly/user)
Standard $40$32
EnterpriseContact Sales Team

KrispCall’s Limitations

  • Incompatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
  • Bulk Messages and Call Barging features are coming soon

What our customers are saying?

As a professional in the media and entertainment industry, KrispCall has revolutionized my international communication. The ability to instantly purchase phone numbers allowed me to effortlessly connect with global clients and collaborators. Its clear, reliable connection and user-friendly interface saved me valuable time, enhancing my efficiency. I highly recommend KrispCall for anyone looking to elevate their communication in the global marketplace.Paul Murphy, Media Specialist,

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2. Google Voice: Excellent Calling and Text Messaging

Google Voice bags the next spot in the list of VirtualPBX replacements because of its brand trust and reliability and provides excellent cloud-based phone system. With its global reach, Google Voice can support individuals and businesses in several countries.

Google Voice Best VirtualPBX Alternatives

Google Voice is the preferred choice over VirtualPBX because of its cost-efficiency that easily appeals to small businesses and individual users. It also offers seamless integration with Google Workspace which helps to increase productivity and collaboration.

🌟Google Voice Features

💰 Google Voice Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
Starter$10 (up to 10 users)
Standard$20 (Unlimited users)
Premier$30 (Unlimited users)

❌ Google Voice Limitations

  • Lacks Virtual Phone system features.
  • Lacks Collaboration Tools & Integrations with other CRM tools.
  • Limitation of Number Porting feature.

3. FreshDesk: Customer Support and Ticketing System

FreshDesk is another strong substitute for VirtualPBX because it offers an outstanding cloud PBX telephony system for businesses who are searching for more comprehensive customer engagement and support solutions.

FreshDesk Best VirtualPBX Alternatives

One of the standout characteristics of FreshDesk is its multichannel support (email, chat, social media, phone) which makes it a versatile and efficient platform for handling customer queries and support requests.

🌟FreshDesk Features

💰 FreshDesk Pricing

PlanPricing (monthly/user)Pricing (yearly/user)
Free$ 0 (up to 10 agents)$ 0 (up to 10 agents)

❌ FreshDesk Limitations

  • Lacks Virtual Phone system features.
  • Lacks Collaboration Tools & Integrations with other CRM tools.
  • Limitation of Number Porting feature.

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4. 3CX: Versatile Business Communication System

3CX is a popular competitor of VirtualPBX. It is a software-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution that uses SIP calling and provides a complete unified communications solution with high-tech features like messaging, calls, CRM management, video conferencing, and more.

3CX Best VirtualPBX Alternatives

Another plus point of 3CX is it is available for Web Client, Windows, Android, and iOS. It is great for businesses that have in-office and remote employees.

🌟3CX Features

  • Video Conferencing 
  • Live Chat
  • Call Recording
  • CRM integration
  • Hot Desking
  • Call Transfer

💰 3CX Pricing

PlanPricing (yearly/system)
3CX Free$0 forever up to 10 users
Small Business$175

Note: The price is billed annually per system NOT per user!

❌ 3CX Limitations

  • Lacks Reporting Features
  • Limited Integrations with other popular tools
  • Requires Technical Expert to Install and Configure

5. Grasshopper: Virtual Phone System

Grasshopper is another best option for VirtualPBX. It is a well-known VoIP service provider that provides advanced top-notch features like call routing, text messaging, voicemail greetings, incoming call extensions, call transfers, voice mail transcription software, and many more.

Grasshopper Best VirtualPBX Alternatives

While VirtualPBX offers the basics, Grasshopper provides advanced services and supports customized business telephone solutions.

🌟Grasshopper Features

💰 Grasshopper Pricing

PlanPricing (monthly/user)Pricing (yearly/user)
True Solo$17$14
Solo Plus$34$28
Small Business$79$80

❌ Grasshopper Limitations

  • Limited Auto reply options.
  • Lacks features like video conferencing and call recording.
  • Low automation performance.
  • Only available in the USA and Canada.

6. Vonage: App Usability

Vonage is another top replacement for VirtualPBX. It is a well-known VoIP service provider founded in 2001 that provides a variety of telecommunication features like messaging, call forwarding, video conferencing, unified communication, mobile apps, and VoIP phone services.

Vonage Best VirtualPBX Alternatives

Also, it provides excellent services to many companies worldwide and provides good customer support with 99.99% uptime reliability. It also gives you all the benefits of standard virtual PBX services with a valuable variety of advanced features.

🌟 Vonage Features

  • Unified Communication
  • Business SMS and MMS
  • Auto Attendant
  • Business Phone App
  • Call Forwarding Services

💰 Vonage Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
Basic (Mobile)$13.99 

❌ Vonage Limitations

  • Limited assistance and customer service 
  • Restricted extension for Vonage Business Communication
  • Porting Numbers can sometimes take a lengthy process.

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7. GoTo Connect: Flexible Business Phone System 

The other best substitute for VirtualPBX is GoTo Connect. It is a unified business phone system that offers a variety of excellent features to streamline its business operations. You can configure all your settings in one place with the help of the unified admin portal feature of GoTo Connect.

GoTo Connect Best VirtualPBX Alternatives

It provides many features and with its latest customer engagement and contact center solution, it helps to grow your small business. It has the latest channels like outbound campaigns, SMS, and surveys, and for every conversation, there is one team inbox.

🌟GoTo Connect Features

  • HD Video Conferencing
  • DialPlan Editor
  • Number Porting
  • Custom Message & Greetings

💰 GoTo Connect Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
CustomContact Sales Team

❌ GoTo Connect Limitations

  • Integration Complexity.
  • A limited number of participants in Video Conferencing.
  • Customer Support is poor.

8. CloudTalk: Best for CRM integration

CloudTalk is another excellent VirtualPBX alternatives. It is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) business calling system and cloud-based calling solution that improves business communication and is used by the customer service and sales team.

CloudTalk Best VirtualPBX Alternatives

It is one of the top replacements for VirtualPBX as it provides top-notch features and provides real-time dashboard features.

It offers many advanced features and a wide range of integration with CRM systems and helpdesk tools that allow you to modify or customize your CX to the accurate specifications of your business.

🌟 CloudTalk Features

  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • IVR system
  • Number Porting
  • Call Filters
  • Call Notes

💰 CloudTalk Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
CustomContact Sales Team

❌ CloudTalk Limitations

  • Unavailable Mobile Application
  • Lack of Unified Callbox feature
  • High Starting Pricing Package
  • Limited Scalability for small business

9. Flexible Contact Center Solution is one of the top competitors of VirtualPBX. It is a cloud-based business solution that provides cloud-based PBX business phone solutions for start-ups and small organizations. Best VirtualPBX Alternatives

The company has provided solutions to many customers related to business sectors like education, business services, finance, and others.

It is the best alternative to VirtualPBX for those companies who are seeking for flexible and comprehensive contact center solution.

🌟 Features

  • IVR System
  • Call Queuing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Omnichannel Routing
  • Real-time Reporting

💰 Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)

❌ Limitation

  • Lack of Flexibility and Scalability
  • May Include Hidden Charges
  • Trial Account Limitation

10. AirCall: Best for Video Conferencing

Aircall is one of the best VirtualPBX options as it is a trustworthy and well-established virtual phone system that provides solutions for sales, contact centers, phone systems, non-profits, and e-commerce. It has affordable pricing plans, easy to use, and provides quality calls that are needed for businesses to make their customer satisfied. 

AirCall Best VirtualPBX Alternatives

 It has provided services to many countries globally and can be an excellent substitute as a VirtualPBX. 

It has integrated with various important business tools like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zapier, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Zendesk, and many more. 

🌟 Aircall Features

  • Call Filters
  • Bulk Contact Import
  • IVR Menus
  • International + Toll-free Numbers
  • Recording Playback Fast Forward

💰 Aircall Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
CustomContact Sales Team

❌ Aircall Limitations

  • No Customer support for Macs or Chromebooks
  • AirCall lacks extensive global coverage
  • Video Conferencing features are unavailable
  • Lack of Unified Callbox feature

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11. RingCentral RingEX™: Best for Unified Communication

RingCentral RingEX™ is another choice for VirtualPBX. It is the giant in the field of cloud-based communication phone systems. It eliminates the use of traditional phone systems. 

It also offers advanced features like unified communication, call management, IVR phone tree, automatic call distribution, instant messages, voicemail custom greetings, and many more.

RingCentral MVP Best VirtualPBX Alternatives

Ring Central is seen as the main rival of VirtualPBX as it offers its services to different countries and also being trusted by many businesses. 

It integrates with many business relationships tools like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamic 365, Salesforce, and many more.

🌟 RingCentral RingEX™ Features

  • Business SMS & MMS
  • Call Notification
  • Advanced Call Analytics
  • Team Collaboration
  • Call Log History

💰RingCentral RingEX™ pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)Pricing (yearly/user)
Advance $35$25

❌  RingCentral MVP limitation

  • Issues occur during Integration with CRM tools
  • Improvement required for Video Conferencing
  • Lack of better service delivery

Final Thoughts: And the best VirtualPBX alternative is…

While VirtualPBX is certainly a good choice for your business, there are even better replacements available in the market. You should think about various factors like pricing, key features, affordability, and customer support while making a choice.

If you want a reliable and trustworthy business cloud phone system with top-notch features, 24/7 customer support, and an affordable pricing plan, try using KrispCall

It is the best VirtualPBX alternative that you can find in the market, providing quality and awesome service across many International countries. You can try the Schedule Free KrispCall demo now, free of cost.


Why is KrispCall the best VirtualPBX alternative for small businesses?

KrispCall shines as the best VirtualPBX alternative. The reason for that is mainly due to its advanced and top-notch features like a unified callbox, global calling, IVR phone tree, user-friendly UI, and flexible pricing designed for all types of enterprises.

How can I switch to KrispCall from VirtualPBX? 

You can easily switch from VirtualPBX to KrispCall. You just need to submit your Letter of Authorization and include your SID with carrier information. After that, your phone will be switched to KrispCall immediately by our support team.

Do any VirtualPBX alternatives offer free demos?

Yes, One of the best VirtualPBX alternatives, KrispCall offers free demos. You can also schedule a virtual meeting with the product specialist of KrispCall to learn the telephony features and discover the ways it helps to grow your business and improve telecommunication.

What factors should I consider when choosing a VirtualPBX alternative?

The factors you should consider when choosing a VirtualPBX alternative are: 

  • Call Quality
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Global reach
  • Customer Support
  • Advanced Features
  • Business Oriented Solutions
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