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Top Gong Alternatives For Your Sales Teams In 2024



Top Gong alternatives

There is a common saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it”.But, in sales, the saying is, “If you can see the data, you can improve it.”😉

With this in mind, Amit Bendov started in 2015. However, despite its popularity over the years and exclusive features, it is one of the most expensive solutions in the market. 

So, what can you do if Gong is too expensive for your business needs? – The simple answer is to look for a better, cheaper alternative.

This article will give you insights into the top 10 Gong alternatives, detailing each feature, pricing, and pros and cons. Let’s get into it. 


  • Salesloft, Outreach, HubSpot Sales Hub, Avoma, Fireflies, Jiminny, Salesken,, Wingman, and Aviso are identified as the top 10 Gong alternatives.
  • Gong is considered the top option in conversational intelligence software but is one of the most expensive solutions.
  • Most alternatives provide CRM integration, call/email tracking, automation capabilities, contact management, and analytics dashboards at lower prices than Gong.
  • Evaluate the cost-effective Gong alternatives based on business needs and integrate them with other tools like KrispCall for more efficient sales operations.

What is Gong? is a tool that helps sales teams boost their sales results. It is considered the top option in the conversational intelligence software industry. It analyzes customer interactions through phone calls, web meetings, and emails.

Gong can uncover insights to improve sales team performance that would otherwise not be possible with a manual review. It basically works by listening to salespeople’s calls and other interactions with customers and providing actionable advice on where and how they can make immediate improvements. 

A system like Gong can inform users if they speak too much during a conversation, whether they failed to ask the customer sufficient questions or remind them about the required actions. Gong provides feedback to improve sales skills and ensure important follow-up tasks are not overlooked to move deals forward.

Top Gong Features

  • Gathering Insight: Gong gathers insights through its patented AI-powered call analytics technology. Gong records phone and video calls between reps and prospects with customer permission. Its AI engine then analyzes the audio to understand what was discussed on the call, detect sentiment, recognize stakeholders, and identify topics in real-time.
  • Deal Board: The Gong dealboard provides complete visibility into the sales pipeline. It keeps information on all deals and their current status up to date. Revenue teams can collaborate in real-time from the dealboard to track progress, identify risks, and ensure coordinated execution towards closing more deals.

Gong Pricing

  • The base price for 49 or fewer users is $5,000 plus $1,600 per user annually.
  • For 50-99 users, the base is $5,000 plus $1,520 per user annually.
  • For 100-249 users, the base is $5,000 plus $1,440 per user annually.
  • For 250+ users, the base is $5,000 plus $1,360 per user annually.
  • Additional costs include $7,500 per year for customer support and training.

Gong typically requires companies to pay for 3 years of service upfront. This long-term payment requirement may not be ideal for all businesses that prefer more flexible terms like semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly payments.

Why might you consider an alternative to Gong?

Even though many features come with Gong, there are a few reasons you may want to look at different programs instead:

  • You want to know exactly how much it costs: With Gong, you only find out the price after giving them your contact info. Some other programs show the prices right on their website.
  • You need help with talking to customers in different ways: Gong only records and analyzes calls if you add it to whatever video or phone system you already pay for. Other options have the sales tools built right into one program, so you can do calls, videos, texts, team messages, and coaching all in one place.
  • You want help right away, not after calls: Gong is good for looking at calls later, but some programs let managers see calls live and help reps as they happen.
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Top 10 Gong alternatives for your sales teams 

There are lots of other programs similar to Gong to choose from. But not all of them would be better to use instead.

That’s why we made a list of the 10 best alternatives to Gong for 2024. This comparison gives you a quick look at what options are best to replace Gong.

ProviderPriceKey FeaturesBest For
SalesloftContact Sales TeamCustomizable email campaigns, contact/account management, pipeline monitoring, CRM integrationMedium-Large B2B/Enterprise
OutreachContact Sales TeamEmail sequences, CRM sync, deal stage tracking, analyticsMedium-Large B2B/Enterprise
HubSpot Sales HubStarts at $20/user/moEmail tracking, calendars, contacts, CRM sync, basic analyticsSmall-Medium B2B/SaaS
AvomaStarts at $19/user/moContact importing, conversation tracking, CRM integrationSmall-Medium B2B sales
FirefliesStarts at $10/user/moEmail campaigns, templates, contact management, calendar bookingSmall B2B/SMB
JiminnyContact Sales TeamEmail open/click tracking, reminders, CRM connectorSmall B2B/SMB
SaleskenContact Sales TeamLead routing, deal tracking, email/call tracking, reportingSmall B2B/SMB
People.aiContact Sales TeamAutomated call/meeting tracking, customer profiles, CRM sync, AI insightsMedium-Large B2B/Enterprise
WingmanStarts at $60/user/moAI-powered real-time coaching, CRM integrationSmall B2B/SMB
AvisoContact Sales TeamCoordinated meeting management, third-party integrations, pattern learningMedium B2B/SMB

1. Salesloft

Salesloft is an all-in-one sales program that helps reps in multiple ways. It gives them tools to connect with potential customers, monitor their performance, and find important information to help them make more sales, improve coaching, and automate repetitive tasks. 


The CRM integration allows reps to track interactions and opportunities directly in Salesloft for a streamlined workflow. Sales teams can also use Salesloft for predictive analytics to identify qualifying leads and opportunities for outreach. 

Why consider Salesloft as a Gong alternative? 

Salesloft has a strong advantage of specializing in sales engagement. It provides useful tools like prospecting, deal analysis, call monitoring, and coaching. In addition, its conversation intelligence functionality examines customer interactions, giving sales teams valuable insights.


  • Customizable email campaigns and outreach sequences.
  • Contact and account management.
  • Sales pipeline monitoring and forecasting.
  • Call and email tracking with CRM integration.

Pros and Cons 

Salesloft has pros and cons. Its pro is that it combines everything for the whole sales process into one program, links with significant CRMs easily, and can do more than just call insights. But it has too many features, so it can be harder to use than simpler, cheaper options, which is its cons.


Salesloft does not publicly disclose its pricing on the website. If you want to learn about the costs, you will need to schedule a product demonstration with one of their representatives. Salesloft does offer customers a choice between three different subscription plans – Essential, Advanced, and Premier.

2. Outreach is a sales tool that makes teams faster at getting business. It combines smart technology like artificial intelligence with automatic features and data analysis to help users better follow, watch, and talk to potential customers. 

outreach as gong alternatives

Outreach provides customizable permissions and reporting dashboards so managers can monitor progress, find areas for improvement, and ensure best practices are followed across the team. Its analytics and predictive insights identify the most qualified leads likely to turn into new customers. 

Why consider Outreach as a Gong alternative?

You should consider Outreach as it allows sales teams to automatically connect with potential customers in different languages and places, making sure they don’t lose any chances to make a sale. It has smart calendars that can schedule meetings and follow-ups on their own. So reps don’t have to spend time trying to contact people – the software will do it for them in whatever language the customer speaks.


  • Send emails and meeting requests to contacts, 
  • Sync easily with CRMs and track where deals are at different stages. 
  • Make sequences to follow up with people. 
  • Outreach gives analytics on your sales process.

Pros and Cons 

While it has good features such as deal insights, sales pipeline management, sales outreach conversation intelligence, etc, Outreach may be too complex for very small businesses. But bigger companies like how it manages the full sales process in one place and connects easily to other programs they use.


Outreach does not publicly post any pricing details on its website. 

3. HubSpot Sales Hub 

HubSpot is a platform that connects all the tools, connections between apps, and resources needed to link marketing, sales, website content management, and customer service. 

hubspot sales hub as gong alternatives

HubSpot provides insights on what content and messaging is resonating with the audience from social and website analytics. Its workflow automation tools help route leads between teams and streamline processes for better handoffs. 

Why consider HubSpot Sales Hub as a Gong alternative? 

For sales teams that rely heavily on multiple HubSpot products, it is logical to maintain all those solutions within the HubSpot ecosystem by implementing HubSpot Sales Hub. HubSpot Sales Hub additionally supplies some functionality that Gong lacks, such as tracking emails, scheduling meetings, and sharing documents internally.


  • Track emails sent to contacts, 
  • View calendar availability, import and organize contacts.
  • Sync integrations with HubSpot’s CRM and marketing platforms.
  • Track opportunities in the sales process.

Pros and Cons 

Sales Hub provides analytics on what’s working well and not so well. While suited for smaller businesses, it may not have as many high-level features as options like Salesloft or Outreach for very large enterprises.


HubSpot Sales Hub has a free version with basic CRM tools. There are also three paid options – Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The Starter begins at $20 per month. The Professional level starts at $50 each month, and Enterprise is listed at $150.

4. Avoma

Avoma is a complete program that helps throughout the whole process of preparing for and following up after meetings. It supports activities you do before meetings, like scheduling and creating agendas. It also supports things you do after meetings, like taking notes and sending follow-up emails. 


Managers can use Avoma’s reporting to track key metrics like follow-up rates and agenda adherence. Its AI capabilities suggest relevant contacts, upcoming tasks, and follow-up templates to save time. With Avoma, teams gain visibility and accountability across the entire meeting workflow. 

Why consider Avoma as a Gong alternative?

Avoma is a lot less expensive than Gong. Avoma is also pretty easy for a company to start using. Unless your sales team really likes Gong a lot, Avoma will do the job well for a much better price. Avoma gives you most of what Gong does at a lower cost.


  • Automated dialing of lists.
  • Automated tools for sending email campaigns.
  • Import contacts from various sources. 
  • Track conversations and notes on deals.

Pros and Cons 

Avoma integrates with Microsoft Outlook and popular CRMs, so information is centralized. Reps can access contact data and histories from their mobile devices. While more full-featured than basic tools, Avoma may not have all the complex analytics of very high-end platforms.


There is a basic free version which is free. The starter plan starts affordably at $19 per user per month. Plus, plan is available for $49, the business plan is $79, and the enterprise plan costs $129 per month.

5. Fireflies

Fireflies acts as a smart meeting helper powered by artificial intelligence. It automatically does different boring and time-consuming work for sales teams. The software provides ways to understand what people talked about in meetings and tools to get more done. 


Fireflies learn from past conversations to customize the next steps for each customer. It also finds patterns in what clients discuss. It helps optimize how businesses work by streamlining meetings and follow-ups. This saves teams hours each week to focus on activities that make more money. 

Why consider Fireflies as a Gong alternative? is better than Gong because it has a transcription accuracy of over 90%, provides in-depth AI summaries of meetings, and has an AI assistant named AskFred who can help with tasks after meetings. It also offers transparent pricing models, allows usage in many different languages, and has integrations with various apps. 


  • Email campaign creation with tracking. 
  • Contact list building and segmentation.
  • Calendar booking for meetings and calls. 
  • Synchronization with CRMs like Salesforce.

Pros and Cons 

Fireflies provides streamlined contact management and communication tools that are well-suited for SMB sales operations. The cost is lower than complex platforms, so it works for startups and small teams. A downside is that it may not provide as robust features as other enterprise tools.


Fireflies has a free plan that you can use without paying anything. This one lets you use the basic features. They also have two paid plans – Pro and Business. The Pro plan costs $10 each month for each employee who uses it. The Business plan is $19 per month per employee.

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6. Jiminny

Jiminny is a sales tool that helps businesses make more money by understanding what is said by customers. It can record phone calls, write down what was talked about, and examine conversations. This gives reps useful information about customers and a close look at how the sales team is doing.


Jiminny integrates with CRM systems to provide context about accounts and track the performance of different sales reps. Managers can use the tool to assign coaching based on the strengths and weaknesses observed. 

Why consider Jiminny as a Gong alternative?

You should consider Jiminny because it has a very easy onboarding process and helpful support, making it a good option for medium-sized businesses. While it provides comparable capabilities to Gong, Jiminny has a gentler learning curve and is simpler to get started with. The user-friendly setup and assistance would appeal to mid-market companies in a more approachable package.


  • See when emails are opened and clicked on.
  • Set up automatic reminder messages to follow up.
  • Connect with CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce and customize email templates yourself.
  • Sync calendars and contacts so everything is together.

Pros and Cons 

Some good things about Jiminny are its affordable price and ease of use since it’s made for small companies. A downside is that it may not give as detailed stats as very expensive programs. It only links to major CRMs, not others.


Not available on their website. You have to contact their sales team for pricing details. 

7. Salesken

Salesken is a software that uses conversation data to help sales teams improve how they work and lower costs. The platform allows managers and salespeople to closely watch each customer call. 


Salesken provides detailed analysis of calls, including feelings, concerns brought up, and goals. The tool also gives salespeople helpful tips during calls to assist them in communicating better with clients. 

Why consider Salesken as a Gong alternative?

Salesken is a highly capable platform created by sales professionals to assist sales teams worldwide. It leverages advanced data science to streamline the sales process, benefiting both sales representatives and managers. Unlike Gong, whose core product focuses on revenue intelligence mainly for management, Salesken provides additional features beyond intelligence that support both reps and leaders.


  • Send new leads to the right people to contact.
  • Set up contact and account profiles. 
  • Track deals through different stages and track emails and calls in one place.
  • Customizable reports to see how things are going.

Pros and Cons 

Some good things about Salesken are the step-by-step workflows that can work for teams growing bigger. A downside maybe you can’t change it too much for advanced users. 


Salesken hasn’t listed their pricing on their website. 

8. is a program that uses smart artificial intelligence to look at how teams have done things in the past and uses math to predict how to improve for the future. This gives teams useful details about what they’re doing well and what needs improvement so they can make smarter choices about selling and finishing deals quicker.

The AI engine identifies patterns and opportunities teams may otherwise miss to coach sellers and drive optimal workflows. detailed analytics and customizable dashboards in allow managers to benchmark performance, align goals, and prioritize where to focus efforts. 

Why consider as a Gong alternative? is considered remarkable because it helps with activity and effort oversight so you can focus on achieving results. The app enables salespeople to view trends for various activities and track daily tasks properly. It allows setting and monitoring multiple checkpoints for timely intervention when needed. The app has an excellent user interface, requiring no team training. 


  • Track all customer meetings and calls automatically, 
  • Set up customer profiles and deal stages, 
  • See how well salespeople are doing with different accounts, 
  • Connect with programs like Salesforce.

Pros and Cons 

Some good things about are it links all customer info together so reps have the full story. It helps figure out what customer reps should focus on next to get more deals. A downside is that it needs your data to learn which could be risky.


Not available on their website. You will need to contact their sales team for pricing details.

9. Clari

Clari (previously Wingman) is a sales program that uses artificial intelligence to help reps talk to customers better. It gives advice to sales teams to interact with people and close deals.


The AI engine helps schedule the optimal touchpoints and craft personalized messages tailored to each buyer’s interests and pain points. Reps gain insight into what information and approaches resonate most with customers. Wingman’s coaching helps align conversations to maximize deal momentum. 

Why consider Wingman as a Gong alternative?

Wingman performs very well at offering in-depth analysis of conversations, with capabilities like call recording, transcription, coaching feedback, and sales pipeline predictions. Its main strength is the seamless integration with many different platforms through a user-friendly interface and flexible connections to other systems. 


  • Automated live feedback. 
  • Remind reps of customer info.
  • CRM integration.
  • Predictive sales guidance.

Pros and Cons 

Wingman comes in handy in helping reps say the right things to customers in real time. A downside may be that it needs access to private calls to work, which some companies don’t like.


Wingman has 3 pricing editions: Growth available for $60 per month, Accelerator for $90 per month, and Enterprise for $110 per month. 

10. Aviso

Aviso is an AI-powered solution that provides a complete view of how an organization works. It helps people understand the strong and weak parts of their business that can be changed or fixed. After looking at everything, users can focus resources on the most important areas that affect how much the company grows. 


Aviso integrates data from across systems, including CRM, marketing automation, email, and financial records. Its algorithms identify patterns and connections invisible to the human eye. Personalized insights guide strategic decisions to optimize operations and exceed revenue goals.

Why consider Aviso as a Gong alternative?

Even though Gong is popular now, Aviso AI has made some improvements with better features and a fair price. It can predict stuff like how much money you will make selling different items, how quickly products will be used, and how well things will sell in each part of the company.


  • Coordinated Sales Meeting Management
  • Third-party integration.
  • Pattern learning.
  • Enterprise reporting and dashboards

Pros and Cons 

Aviso keeps all customer visit information in one place, so nothing gets missed. A con may be that the basic version only supports calendars and notes. More features may cost extra.


Pricing is not listed on their website. You need to contact their sales team to obtain pricing.


Gong is definitely a good option, but it can be extremely costly for some small-sized businesses. If Gong is out of your budget, you can check out its alternatives, such as Salesloft, HubSpot, Aviso, etc. These alternatives are cost-effective and also provide great features that can suit your business needs. 

Furthermore, to improve sales, you will also need a top cloud telephony system, such as KrispCall. KrispCall even has integration with some of Gong’s alternatives including HubSpot and Outreach, making your work more efficient and productive. Integrating KrispCall with Gong alternatives offers additional features that help improve sales efforts.

So, give KrispCall a try today by booking a demo with KrispCall and fulfilling your business communication needs.

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