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Best NICE inContact Alternatives and Competitors



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Are you on the hunt for something better than NICE inContact in 2024? 🤔

NICE inContact is good, but its limited features, lack of support on all devices, potential customer support issues, or any other dissatisfaction might lead you to consider alternatives.

Whatever your motive is – you’re in the right place! ✔️ We’ve got a list of the 10 best NICE inContact alternatives for you. 

These alternatives are here to make things better, whether it’s enhancing customer experience, making operations smoother, or offering advanced functionalities. 


  • We tested the demo, compared features, considered top customer reviews, and compiled a list of the top 10 NICE inContact alternatives.
  • KrispCall is one of the best alternatives in terms of price, features, quality, and support.
  • Genesys offers personalized customer interactions using voice and chatbots to enhance customer experience making it one of the NICE inContact competitors.
  • Five9 excels in AI and automation to enhance agents and customer experiences. 

So, get ready to explore beyond NICE inContact. 👊

What is the NICE inContact?

NICE inContact is a part of NICE Ltd that offers cloud-based solutions for contact centers. It simplifies communication for businesses by combining various channels into one application. Its key features like call routing, self-service options, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) aim to elevate customer experiences.

Nice inContact

With CXone integration, NICE inContact manages customer interactions across various channels like phone, chat, email, and social media. It is coupled with AI automation and include robust features that allow businesses to handle both inbound and outbound calls effectively.

Why are people looking for NICE inContact alternatives?

While NICE inContact is recognized as a good solution, it still has its limitations and drawbacks leading people to look for its alternatives. 

Some of its limitations and reasons people are looking for a NICE inContact alternative are:

  • Limited insights: NICE inContact provides a limited range of reports, customer surveys, and contact center analytics, which may hinder users’ ability to get full insights and make informed decisions.
  • Outdated quality management interface:  NICE inContact’s quality management interface is outdated, and lacks modern design and functionality. Due to this users might encounter challenges in navigation and affect user experience.
  • Lacks support on common devices: NICE inContact is not supported on some common devices like Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  • High pricing: NICE inContact is quite expensive with a starting price of $71 even for its basic plan. You can go for NICE inContact alternatives at a lower price without compromising on features.
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10 Best NICE inContact Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

There are many alternatives and competitors of NICE inContact. However, not all are appropriate for users looking for a better option. 

So, we have listed out 10 NICE inContact alternatives and competitors in 2024 based on the following criteria: 

  • Extensive features
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Testimonials
  • Business-oriented Solutions
  • Call Quality

Here is what we found the top NICE inContact Alternatives comparison overview.

ProvidersPricingFeatures Best for
KrispCallStarts at $15/monthUnified Callbox,
Shared Number,
VoIP/WiFi calling,
In-app Call analytics
Small to large-sized businesses
RingCentralStarts at $30/monthCall park,
Multi-way conference call,
Visual Voicemail,
Call delegation
Small to large-sized businesses
VonageContact sales teamBusiness Inbox,
Call Queue,
Call Flip,
Conference Bridge
Small to large-sized businesses
DialPadStarts at $15/user/monthArtificial Intelligence,
Interactive Voice Response,
Contact Center Analytics,
Virtual Receptionist
Small to large-sized businesses
3CXStarts at $14.58 per/monthUnified Communications,
VOIP Connection,
Queue Management,
Real-Time Monitoring
Small to large-sized businesses
8×8Contact sales teamAdvanced reports and analytics,
Omnichannel Routing,
Intelligent IVR,
Virtual Agent
Small to large-sized businesses
  GenesysStarts at $75/monthAI and automation,
Knowledge Management Tools,
Customer journey management,
Digital customer engagement
Small to large-sized businesses
Five9Starts at $149/monthWorkflow Automation,
Digital Engagement,
Interaction Analytics,
Supervisor Desktop
Small to large-sized businesses
AirCallStarts at $30/monthCall Queuing,
Time-Based Routing,
Call Transcription,
Call Whispering
Small to large-sized businesses
AvayaStarts at $11.85/monthAI Digital Automation,
Voice and Facial Biometrics,
Call Monitoring,
Omnichannel Support
Small to large-sized businesses

1. KrispCall: Advanced Call Center Features + 24/7 Human Support

KrispCall is a top NICE inContact alternative serving over 100 countries and earning the trust of 4500+ companies globally. It’s affordable and packed extensive features making it suitable for all business solutions that aim to manage their business and handle both inbound and outbound calls.

krispcall -top NICE inContact alternatives

A unified call box, KrispCall’s unique feature combines all communications in one place and allows users to efficiently handle personal, business, and corporate telephony needs from a single user-friendly dashboard. 

KrispCall easily integrates with tools like CRM, Help Desk, and E-commerce, making communication better and improving customer service. KrispCall’s affordability, unique features, user-friendly dashboard, clear call quality, and in-app call analytics make it the best NICE inContact competitors.

  KrispCall’s Features

  • Unified Callbox
  • Shared Number
  • VoIP/WiFi calling
  • In-app Call analytics
  • Smart IVR
  • DNS mode for Agents
  • Call Forwarding

💰 KrispCall’s Pricing

Enterprise  Custom

   ❌ KrispCall’s Limitations

  • Features, like Call Barging and Bulk Messages, are still coming soon.
  • Incompatible with Windows and Linux system.

What our Customers are Saying

“KrispCall has been a great tool for my business. It’s become easy for our team to talk with each other and share contacts. We integrated our Slack account with KrispCall, so calling our clients has been easier.” Robert Smith, Business Development/ Tech and E-commerce

“Was a bit skeptical about upgrading to VoIP but the team at KrispCall was great. We got the Enterprise Plan and they got us all features we needed to shift our PSTN contacts to KrispCall. Pricing was reasonable, and faced very few problems that the team resolved quite fast.” – Faizi Rahardian, Chief Operations Officer

👀 Have a look at KrispCall’s customer reviews

2. RingCentral

With unlimited calls, business SMS, coverage in over 100 countries, and used by 400,000 businesses across the world, RingCentral is a top-notch communication solution. It holds the position of a recognized leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS worldwide. 


RingCentral offers exceptional video conferencing functionalities, real-time metrics to monitor service quality, and visual voicemail that allows voicemails to preview through text when you are unable to listen to it. Users can eliminate unwanted background noise from calls with its background noise reduction features. 

RingCentral’s Features

  • Call Routing & Queueing
  • Call park
  • RingOut
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Call delegation

💰 RingCentral’s Pricing


   ❌ RingCentral’s Limitations

  • Longer implementation time
  • Video message is not available on a basic plan

3. Vonage

With 99.999% uptime reliability and 50+ unified communication features, Vonage has been the choice of more than 100000 businesses worldwide. It is easy to use and its features like call queue, conference bridge, business call recording service, call flip, and call forwarding service make it an ideal call center solution. 


Vonage enhances agent performance, controls costs, boosts team satisfaction, ensures first-call resolutions, and integrates with the latest technology. Its conversational AI allows users to interact with it more naturally and conversationally, leading to an improved overall customer experience.

Vonage’s Features

  • Business Inbox
  • Call Queue
  • Call Flip
  • Conference Bridge

💰 Vonage’s Pricing

  • Contact sales team

 ❌Vonage’s Limitations

  • Little expensive and comprises many hidden charges
  • Limited video conferencing options 
  • Small meeting capacity available
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4. Dialpad

Dialpad is a reliable AI-driven phone system offering an automated and personalized experience. It is affordable with high call quality and features like IVR, call routing, call analytics, and reporting. It seamlessly integrates with popular tools like HubSpot, Zendesk, Salesforce, and others, automatically logging customer data.


Dialpad Ai has Real-time Assist (RTA) cards that pop up during calls when specific keywords are spoken, helping agents with on-the-spot coaching. It improves the agent experience by addressing topics like names of competitors, pricing inquiries, and refund requests.

Dialpad’s Features

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Contact Center Analytics
  • Power Dialer
  • Virtual Receptionist

💰 Dialpad’s Pricing

  • Standard: $15 monthly per user
  • Pro: $25 monthly per user
  • Enterprise: Contact the sales team
EnterpriseContact the sales team

 ❌ Dialpad’s Limitations

  • Unable to send SMS outside of Canada and the US.
  • Power dialer of Dialpad only works in Salesforce.

5. 3CX

3CX is a basic business phone system and call center software with on-premises or hosted options. It stands out for its reasonable pricing and the ability to handle multichannel communication, like audio, video, and WhatsApp calls. 


3CX video conferencing is user-friendly and efficient, where guests can easily join through the browser without logins. Hosting on your 3CX system ensures data privacy. It allows you to bring people globally in a virtual meeting room directly from your dashboard without any extra cost.

3CX’s Features

  • Unified Communications
  • VOIP Connection
  • Queue Management
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Real-Time Monitoring

💰3CX Pricing

Startup Pro$14.58/month
Dedicated Pro$24.58/month
Dedicated Enterprise$27.5/month

❌ 3CX’s Limitations

  • Unable to integrate with popular business software, Pipedrive and Zapier.
  • Limited reporting features.
  • Restricted customization options.

6. 8×8

8×8 is one of the best NICE inContact alternatives offering reliable and secure contact center services with more than 30 features. It handles both incoming and outgoing customer interactions easily and efficiently, effortlessly interacts with the customer through their preferred channel, and greets users with smart solution-enhancing interactions.  


8×8 thoroughly integrates with software like Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and many more to enhance customer experience.

8×8’s Features

  • Inbound/Outbound call management
  • Advanced reports and analytics
  • Omnichannel Routing
  • Intelligent IVR
  • Virtual Agent
  • Smart Dialer

💰 8×8’s Pricing

  • Contact sales team

❌ 8×8’s Limitations

  • SMS features are only available within the US
  • Some major features like call masking and call tagging are missing.

7. Genesys

Genesys is a leading call center solution popular among all business sizes. It offers an omnichannel platform to run a call center operation seamlessly. It delivers personalized customer interactions using voice and chatbots making agents work easier, increasing revenue, and enhancing customer experience.


Genesys’s knowledge management tools use AI to automatically share the right information across channels by aligning with customer intent, not only keywords. It provides additional features like predictive routing, virtual assistants, customer journey analytics, employee performance management, and speech and text analytics.

Genesys’s Features

  • Artificial intelligence and automation
  • Knowledge Management Tools
  • Customer journey management
  • Digital customer engagement
  • Integrations

💰 Genesys’s Pricing

Genesys Cloud 1$75/user/month
Genesys Cloud 2$95-$115/user/month
Genesys Cloud 3$135-$155/user/month

❌ Genesys’s Limitation

  • Quite expensive than other solutions
  • Poor after-sales service
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8. Five9

With more than 20 years of history in the industry and serving over 2500 customers in 104 countries across businesses of all sizes, Five9 stands out as a top-notch cloud contact center provider. It is perfect for businesses looking to easily manage inbound and outbound communication from a single platform. 


Five9 uses AI and automation to enhance agents and customer experiences, lower costs, and increase opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. It allows businesses to communicate with clients via different channels like phone, SMS, chat, email, and social media platforms. 

Five9’s Features

  • Workflow Automation
  • CRM Integrations
  • Digital Engagement
  • Interaction Analytics
  • Supervisor Desktop

💰 Five9’s Pricing


❌ Five 9’s Limitations

  • Limited Reporting options
  • Caller ID is not supported by the App.
  • High Pricing Plans

9. Aircall

Aircall is a cloud-based call center software trusted by more than 9000 customers in over 100 countries. It is a unified communication platform tailored to meet the specific requirements of both sales and support teams.


Aircall’s conversational AI minimizes phone-related tasks, leading to half of the time savings for the team. Its AI features also provide additional insights to identify the areas of improvement for boosting agents’ productivity and ultimately driving business revenue. 

Aircall’s Features

  • Virtual Call Center
  • Call Queuing
  • Time-Based Routing
  • Call Transcription
  • Call Whispering

💰 Aircall’s Pricing

Professional $50/user/month
CustomContact sales team

❌ Aircall’s Limitations

  • Complicated call forwarding 
  • Limited customization options

10. Avaya

Avaya Call Center offers a complete solution for managing both inbound and outbound contacts, supported by real-time insights that elevate both customer and employee experiences. It enables customers to connect through various digital channels such as email, chat, messaging, and social media.


Avaya AI improves call quality by blocking background noise and offering clear recordings. Automatic call recordings, video conferencing, speech-to-text functionality, etc are among a few features of Avaya that help in a seamless workflow. 

Avaya’s Features

  • AI Digital Automation
  • Voice and Facial Biometrics
  • Call Monitoring
  • Omnichannel Support

💰Avaya’s Pricing

Ultimate$24.79 /user/month
Premium$36.64 /user/month

❌ Avaya’s Limitations

  • Lack smart dialers
  • Complicated and old-fashioned UI
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Final Thoughts: And the best NICE inContact Alternative Is..

Undoubtedly, NICE inContact is good but there are even better alternatives available on the market. You can choose the best option based on its affordability, features, demos, and trials. 

We recommend you to go for KrispCall as it is one of the best call center software with enterprise-level features, affordable pricing plans, high call quality, positive customer feedback, and most importantly 24/7 human support.

No matter the size of your business, whether it’s a small venture with a limited budget or a large enterprise seeking advanced features, KrispCall caters to all your needs.

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