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Top 12 Grasshopper Phone System Alternatives & Competitors to consider in 2024



Grasshopper Alternatives & Competitors

If you’re looking for a new cloud phone system, you have a variety of possibilities.

Businesses are no longer restricted to a single location, and this growth has improved the available communication options. VoIP enables company owners to stay connected at all times and from any location.

However, not all technologies can meet your specific requirements, so consider various aspects when selecting a VoIP platform.

Grasshopper, maybe on your list. It is a virtual phone system that assists small business owners in appearing and sounding professional.

Despite utilizing the same phone for both, you’ll be able to keep your business and personal lives distinct.

In this blog, we have selected the top 12 Grasshopper phone system alternatives and competitors based on the following criteria which helps you to quickly recap and decide the best alternatives to the Grasshopper phone system.

Ease of use: Because time is a precious resource for small companies, we looked at user feedback on each product’s ease of use and customer support.

Service quality: Before selecting a telephone system, we considered the service quality. How does the firm give its service?

Accessibility: When running a business, every dollar matters. How much of an impact will this service have on your bottom line?

Here is our final list for the best Grasshopper alternatives and why they’re best for based on these criteria:

  1. Krispcall: Easy to use and advanced call features
  2. RingCentral: Best overall quality and features
  3. Nextiva: Unified communication
  4. GoogleVoice: Best for flexible international calling choices.
  5. eVoice: More professional
  6. Freedom Voice: Best for easy to manage business calls
  7. Easier for entrepreneurs and small enterprises
  8. 8×8: Unlimited International calling for up to 47 countries.
  9. Mitel: Best for both small and large organizations
  10. Aircall: Center-specific VoIP platform
  11. DialPad: An easy-to-use option
  12. OnSIP: Ease to use

Before we get into the grasshopper alternative, let’s take a look at what grasshopper is, what it offers, and how much it costs.

What is Grasshopper & Why are People Talking About Grasshopper?

Grasshopper is a commercial VoIP system that gives businesses a virtual phone number, a unique greeting, and call answering rules that allow them to easily route calls to other devices. Since Grasshopper hosts all of the data and infrastructure, small businesses can stay competitive without investing in a costly business phone system or hardware.

grasshopper virtual business phone system

Furthermore, Grasshopper’s virtual phone system is simple to install, so it will only take a few minutes to set up on a desktop computer or mobile device. Grasshopper was created more than 15 years ago and has since become one of the market’s most well-known names.

It’s aimed at “solopreneurs” and small firms, and it has reasonable costs and a slew of valuable features. You may use Grasshopper to conduct business calls and send business texts from your number to clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Grasshopper has numerous possibilities in terms of cost:

  • The Solo plan is $29 per month.
  • The Partner plan costs $49 per month.
  • The Small Business plan costs $89 per month.

However, keep in mind that the Solo plan only provides you with one number, so choose one of the other two if you want additional options.

Get Virtual Phone Numbers From The Best Grasshopper Alternative

Get reliable phone numbers with feature-rich services for personal and business use in over 100+ countries from the best Grasshopper alternative.

Select numbers :

Reasons to Look for Grasshopper Alternatives & Competitors

Here are some reasons why people are looking for grasshopper alternatives.

  • Inadequate standard features
  • Call recording is not accessible.
  • Inconsistent voicemail and missed call notifications.
  • Greetings from the auto-attendant There is a $75 charge.
  • The activation price is $25.

Although everything has advantages and disadvantages, you may turn to another option to overcome Grasshopper’s disadvantages and limitations. so, let’s see the table below for the top grasshopper alternatives in the market.

Top Grasshopper Phone System Alternatives & Competitors 2024

We have investigated and attempted the finest grasshopper alternatives. Before moving further, let’s look at a comparison of all sites.


International numbers 


Call recording




US and Canada

Unlimited No No Solo plan: $29/month Partner plan : $49/month  Business plan: $89/month
Krispcall Yes Unlimited Yes Yes Essential: $15 per month per user Premium: $40 per month per user  Customized solution
RingCentral Yes Unlimited Yes Yes $29.99 per month per user
Nextiva No Unlimited In some plans No Starting Price:  $19.95 per month
GoogleVoice Yes, but limited Unlimited Yes No $20 per user each month and  $30 per user per month for a premium plan
eVoice Additional features Unlimited Additional features Yes €7.5/month €14.95/month €19.95/month €29.95/month
Freedom Voice No Unlimited Additional features No $9.95/month $19.95/month 29.95/month Yes Unlimited Yes No Basic plan: $12.99 per month per user Premium plan:  $19.99 Unlimited extension: $29.99 
8×8 Yes Unlimited Yes Yes $12 per user. $24 per user  $44 per user
Mitel Yes Unlimited Yes Yes $20.99per month per user $26.59per month per user $38.49 per user, per month
Aircall Yes Unlimited Yes Yes $30 per user, per month $50 per user, per month
DialPad Yes Unlimited Yes Yes $15 per user, per month $25 per user, per month
OnSip Yes Unlimited Yes Yes $49.95 per user, each month $18.95 per user, each month $94.75 per user, each month

Now, let’s take a good look at the grasshopper alternative in brief:

1. Krispcall: Best Grasshopper Alternative For Unlimited International Calls

KrispCall is a cloud-based communication tool that allows users to communicate electronically over an internet protocol. The service isn’t simply for VoIP calls, SMS, MMS, and voicemails may all be sent and received via a mobile and desktop app.

krispcall cloud telephony system

You can use a mobile and desktop app to make calls over the internet using KrispCall’s cloud phone. KrispCall provides a unified callbox, shared number, phone trees (IVR), Group Ringing, Sequential calls, call Features such as Global calling, calls on hold, call transfer, call history, call filters, call recording, call monitoring, and many other advanced call management techniques, call routing and analytics solutions, SMS features, and admin features and many more.

KrispCall Pricing

Essential: With a monthly charge of $ 15 per user and a limit of 5 users, this plan is recommended for Small Businesses, Startups, and Freelancers.

Standard: This plan is recommended for Mid-size Businesses Popular, with a monthly payment of $ 40 per user and an unlimited number of users.

Enterprise: This plan is recommended for Large Enterprises with Customized Solutions and an unlimited number of users

KrispCall Vs. Grasshopper

Krispcall is less expensive than Grasshopper, i.e., The starting price for Krispcall is $15, whereas the starting price for Grasshopper is $29. Krispcall has the feature of international numbers, whereas Grasshopper does not. Call recording and click-to-call are very useful features that Krispcall offers, but Grasshopper does not.

  Krispcall Grasshopper
Pricing $15 per user per month $26 per user per month
Call recording Available Not Available
International number Available Not Available
Call monitoring Available Not Available
Ease-of-use Very easy Easy

Features of KrispCall

KrispCall’s major goal is to constantly invent and keep up with new technology so that everyone may find us up and running.

It tries to keep strict standards with no space for a compromise to constantly provide the highest quality of services.

Maintain relevance regardless of the firm’s nature, size, or location, along with flexibility by keeping large rooms for easy upscaling and downscaling.

Other features of KrispCall include are :

  • Sales Dialer
  • Sales Automation
  • CRM Phone System
  • Capture Leads on Website
  • Sales Call from Website

Krispcall is best for

Krispcall provides a bunch of amazing services with no hidden fees. If you want to utilize a business phone system that contains features such as calls on hold, call transfer, call history, call filters, call recording, and call monitoring, Krispcall is the perfect solution for you!

Also, Krispcall is a product that both organizations can use whether it is small or large, it is suitable for both organizations with tons of features. Try Schedule Free KrispCall demo now, to know how it is the best alternative to the Grasshopper phone system.

2. RingCentral: Best Grasshopper Alternative In Terms of VoIP Call Quality

RingCentral is a cloud-based audio communication tool that may use to organize corporate conferences and online meetings, among other things.

As a result, it removes numerous requirements for setting up a standard PBX system. Furthermore, RingCentral lets you handle your calls even while you’re not at your desk.


You can take the platform with you wherever you go, as long as you have an online connection, thanks to its applications for Android and iOS.

RingCentral also interacts nicely with other programs, like Zendesk, Okta, Salesforce, Box, and Outlook, to allow you to enhance its functionality.

Pricing starts at $29.99 per month per user; a free trial option is available to test out all of its features.

RingCentral works flawlessly with key business applications like Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Box, Desk, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

Ringcentral Vs Grasshopper

  Ringcentral  Grasshopper
Reliability Unlimited Up to five numbers Plus an infinite amount of extensions
Best For  Businesses that require a comprehensive solution to integrate communication. Companies searching for a basic platform that can be cost-effectively scaled up
Customer Support Live Chat + Phone Knowledge base +  Phone

RingCentral is best for

RingCentral has a lot of fantastic features at a low price. Suppose you want to use a business phone system that includes voice, fax, text, conferencing, and web meetings. RingCentral could be the best option for you!

3. Nextiva: Best Grasshopper Alternative For Unified Communication

Nextiva is one of the top Grasshopper alternatives since it offers unlimited calls and faxes. There are many features included in this cloud-based unified communications system, including grasshoppers auto attendants, instant messaging, call queueing, and number portability among other capabilities.


All of these assist users in reducing management problems and focusing on increasing customer experience. It, like other top hosted-VoIP products, outsourced administration to a reputable organization.

Moreover, the user interface is simple to use and has a sleek appearance. It may also readily scale to meet your company’s demands. It also works nicely with CRM systems and even Outlook. Finally, the price begins at $18.95 per month.

Nextiva VS Grasshopper

  Nextiva Grasshopper
User limit 2-1000+ users 1-50 users
Training Videos Documentation
Price starting from $18.95/Per-Month $26/Per-Month

Nextiva is best for

Nextiva has even more advanced features but at a greater cost. However, if you have a team, especially one that interacts remotely, these features might be really valuable.

So, if you have a larger staff and are willing to pay extra for a premium service, Nextiva is unquestionably a better option.

4. Google Voice: Best Grasshopper Alternative In Terms of Flexibility

Google Voice has an advantage in the sheer amount of connectors it provides – you can link anything to your Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, and a variety of other G Suite applications.

May also use Google Hangouts to receive phone calls and messages.

google voice for business

Google Voice provides unlimited domestic SMS, which is a significant benefit. However, you will also receive a list of overseas places from which you can make calls.

Google Voice has three levels, with the Standard plan billed as the “best value.”

For $20 per user each month, you receive unlimited users and unlimited domestic locations. The only disadvantage is that you cannot answer calls from overseas locations unless you upgrade to the premium plan, which costs $30 per user each month.

GoogleVoice VS Grasshopper

  GoogleVoice Grasshopper
Pricing starting from $10 per month $26 per month
Free Trial Not available Available
Free Version Available Not available

GoogleVoice is best for

The service allows you to make and receive phone calls as well as send text messages. You may also use it to redirect calls from one number to another, allowing you to manage all of your phone interactions.

It is also more appealing for internet companies since it has more numbers and flexible international calling choices. It is, nevertheless, a little more expensive if you choose the fascinating features.

5. eVoice: Best Grasshopper Alternative For Customer Care Services

eVoice is a corporate phone system that offers plenty of call minutes in its low-cost entry-level package. Call forwarding, voicemail, personalized greetings, call screening, and sophisticated call routing are standard features; it is ideal for individuals who want to pay for what they use, and it enables you to design a personalized plan and add the premium services you require.


In terms of cost, eVoice offers four alternatives, the first of which is a “pay as you go” plan with no free minutes, and they instead charge you six cents every minute.

However, no plans provide limitless minutes or texts, which might be a disadvantage if those capabilities are required.

eVoice VS Grasshopper

  eVoice  Grasshopper
Starting price $14.00 per month per user  $ 26 per month per user 
Desktop app Not Available Available
Mobile app  Available Available

eVoice Summary 

With recorded messages and a free voicemail-to-text tool, eVoice takes customer service a step further and makes everything feel more professional.

Furthermore, with enhanced conference call capabilities and more extensions, eVoice is better suited to small teams.

6. Freedom Voice: Best Grasshopper Alternative In terms of Ease for Managing Business Calls

Freedom Voice was founded in 1996 and has provided small businesses with a simple yet efficient solution for their business phone requirements ever since.

GoDaddy bought the service in 2016 to consolidate its position as the go-to small business assistance.

FreedomVoice now provides the CloudNumber and CloudPhone services. The latter offers physical phones for small workplaces (fewer than four employees); thus, we’ll concentrate on CloudNumber as a cloud-based VoIP solution.

The ability to customize features is a significant benefit for FreedomVoice. Any plan you pick contains a collection of features that, depending on the plan, might be more or less advanced.

Freedom Voice VS Grasshopper 

  Freedom Voice Grasshopper
Pricing starts from $9.95 per user per month $26.00 per user 
Free Trial Available Available
Multiple extension Unlimited  3-Unlimited

Freedom Voice Summary 

If you have a small group and want a profitable business phone system with complex features, FreedomVoice may be the correct alternative!

7. Best Grasshopper Alternative For Entrepreneurs & Small Enterprises is a provider of business phone systems. They were formed ten years ago to make it easier for entrepreneurs and small enterprises to handle their communication.

When it comes to safety, provides secure VoIP on every call by default, which implies that SRTP and TLS encryption are common, and no one can listen in on your business calls. They even provide customer service 24 hours a day, by live chat, phone, or email. voip business phone service provides three pricing levels based on the size of your team, the services you want, and whether you will pay monthly or annually:

The first plan starts at $12.99 per month per user, which entitles you to 300 monthly minutes, 2,000 text messages, and one local or toll-free phone number. This package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Then, pricing for additional minutes and messages and premium hold music, and their voicemail to text option begins at $19.99 per account per month.

Lastly, pricing for Unlimited Extension begins at $29.99 per user each month. This bundle has all of its capabilities and is the only one that permits workers to organize video conferences. VS Grasshopper  Grasshopper
Easy of use Easy  Easy 
Integrations  Zapier, Zoho, PieSync, and a public API Limited
Call quality  High-quality audio and Reliable calls.  Good call quality and reliable calls. is best for is a great alternative if you’re searching for a more complex solution that allows you to upgrade as your business grows. Some features are only accessible if purchased individually, yet having that choice is still preferable.

Having international numbers in different countries might also be beneficial if you travel frequently or have multiple offices.

8. 8×8: Best Grasshopper Alternative For Cloud Call Center

8×8 is a business VoIP service provider. Their product line spans all forms of communication, including video, mobile, and text. Each is routed over an 8×8-managed privately hosted PBX service.

8*8 phone system

They also have data centers all around the country. If one data center fails or becomes redundant, your network will automatically route through another.

Feature of 8×8

  • Enable internal team communication, file sharing, and private conversations.
  • Employees may establish their virtual conference rooms and hold live streaming. You may also save conference call recordings to your cloud-hosted disk.
  • The company’s most expensive package includes unlimited international calls to 47 countries without paying additional calling rates.

 8×8 Pricing

  • The monthly cost of a small company phone system begins at $12 per user.
  • Plans for unlimited international calls to 14 countries begin at $24 per user each month.
  • Pricing begins at $44 per user each month, with all features and unlimited voice calls to over 40 countries and advanced reporting.

8×8 VS Grasshopper

  8×8 Grasshopper 
Pricing $12 per user  per month $26.00 per user per  month
Call recording  Available  Not available 
Free Trial  Available  Not available 
Auto-attendant  Available  Not available 

8×8 is best for

8×8 is jam-packed with useful features at an affordable price.

Sign up with 8×8  immediately if you want to utilize a business phone system with international calling, recording choices, team collaboration tools, and even conversion rate optimization skills — it’s simple and easy!

9. Mitel: Best Grasshopper Alternative For VoIP Cloud Calling

Mitel provides a package of business communication technologies such as a VoIP phone system, a contact center, and collaborative software.


They also provide two packages: one for small businesses and another for medium and large organizations. Both are intended to be the sole bundle a company requires to handle its communications.

Mitel offers a 99.999 percent SLA and two data centers to keep your business communications functioning even if one site experiences difficulty.

Mitel Features

  • Synchronize your call data with Microsoft Teams, the Chrome browser, Google Cloud, and Salesforce.
  • Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to automatically welcome and direct incoming calls, inquire about assistance, and send them to the relevant department.
  • View stats for calls made throughout your network in real-time. May use it to avoid phone fraud, improve customer service, and develop a reliable consumer feedback archive.

Mitel Pricing

  • Essentials: This package starts at $20.99 per month per user.
  • Premier: Prices begin at $26.59 per month per user. This is Mitel’s most popular plan, according to the company.
  • Elite: Prices for this plan begin at $38.49 per user per month. It has all of the features.

Mitel VS Grasshopper

  Mitel  Grasshopper
Pricing $20.99 per user per month $ 26.00 per user per month
Best for Small, medium, and large organization Small organization
Call recording Yes No

Mitel is best for

Sign up with Mitel if you want a business phone system with international calling and a package of business communication solutions.

10. Aircall: Best Grasshopper Alternative fOR CRM Software Integration

AirCall is a contact center-specific VoIP platform. It interacts with helpdesk and CRM software and is intended to be its sole tool to manage client communications.

Aircall’s software encrypts all communication, including phone calls, video calls, and messaging. 

aircall cloud-based call center software

Amazon Web Services provides these data centers with a dependable and secure architecture with thorough disaster recovery plans for call centers.

Aircall features

Calls can be directed to team members according to their working hours.

 Incoming calls are no longer routed to voicemail as a result of this setting. A different member of staff can answer their phone.

You can use a dashboard to tag each sort of communication you’ve had with people, similar to how a CRM tool works. It’s quicker to tag such talks than to listen to excerpts of each one for context on what the call was about.

Aircall Pricing 

Pricing for Essentials begins at $30 per user each month. Unlimited outbound calls (excluding toll-free calls), voicemail, and phone assistance are included.

Professional pricing begins at $50 per month per user. This is the only package that includes all of the basic capabilities and call tracking, sophisticated analytics, and an unlimited number of simultaneous outgoing calls.

Aircall VS Grasshopper

  Aircall  Grasshopper
Pricing $ 30 per user per month  $ 26 per user per month
User limit 11-500 user  1 – 50 user 
Click to call  Yes  No 

Aircall is best for 

Sign up for Aircall’s contact center-specific VoIP platform to receive an unlimited number of outbound calls simultaneously.

11. DialPad: Best Grasshopper Alternative for Business Messaging

Dialpad is a business messaging platform that is hosted in the cloud, and it is driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Their APIs allow small and large enterprises to make and receive calls from anywhere using current equipment.


Dialpad’s VoIP network calls are saved on a Google Cloud Platform that is protected using TLS.

Dialpad Features

If you already have a well-known and recognized business phone number, you may link it to your new platform using Dialpad’s porting service.

With Dialpad’s spam blocking filters, you can put an end to automated spam calls. The only inbound calls you’ll get are from folks who want to chat with you.

Dialpad Pricing

  • Standard pricing begins at $15 per user per month.
  • Pro: This begins at $25 per user each month. This plan requires a minimum of three licenses.
  • Enterprise: This plan contains all features and has a minimum of 100 licenses

Dialpad VS Grasshopper  

  Dialpad Grasshopper
Pricing $ 15 per user per month $ 26.00 per user per month
Platform capabilities Calling, video conferencing, group chat, messaging, and contact center software Only texting and calling
Support 24/7 globally 24/7 U.S

Dialpad is best for

Dialpad is used by small and large businesses to make and receive phone calls from any place utilizing current technology. So hurry up and register for Dialpad.

12. OnSIP: Best Grasshopper Alternative In Terms of Ease of Use

OnSIP is a hosted PBX provider for small to medium-sized remote teams, and Intrado recently acquired them.

Their product suite includes video conferencing and high-quality VoIP phone calls. It’s designed to help businesses upgrade traditional landlines and switch to a modern alternative that moves with their team, wherever in the world they may be.


OnSIP features

  • It interacts with HubSpot and assists company owners in communicating with potential clients who visit their website.
  • Using a conference bridge, you may host phone calls with many members of your team.
  • OnSIP allows up to 15 participants to participate in a group phone call. This, however, comes at an additional expense on top of their standard plans.

OnSIP Pricing

Prices for the Basic Plan begin at $49.95 per user each month. There is also a 2.9 cent per minute calling cost if you call outside the United States.

Prices for the Unlimited Plan begin at $18.95 per user each month. This involves purchasing new desk phones or VoIP headsets to replace your existing equipment. Also, there is a minimum of five users required for organizations to use this plan. 

That works up to a minimum monthly payment of $94.75 for their most expensive plan.

OnSIP VS Grasshopper

  OnSip  Grasshopper 
Pricing  $49.95 per user per month  $ 26 per user per month
Integrations Slack, Zendesk, Google Analytics, Highrise and odoo Skype, Google Voice, Zapier, Bitium 
Best for  A small, medium, and large organization  Small, medium organization and freelancer

OnSIP Summary

Sign up with OnSip to take advantage of video conferencing and high-quality VoIP phone conversations, as well as to assist your company in upgrading conventional landlines and switching to a contemporary alternative.

Final Verdict 

What you want in a VoIP business phone system is totally up to you – Your requirements will surely be defined by whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a large organization.

However, if you want a good system loaded with essential features reasonably priced, we recommend Krispcall.

Furthermore, its price structure is straightforward and open, with no hidden charges! Sign up to find out why Krispcall is one of the finest Grasshopper alternatives available.

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