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Top 5 Line2 Alternatives & Competitors in 2024



Top Line2 Alternatives & Competitors With Best Features & Pricing

Setting up a VoIP phone system makes sense when making business calls is part of your weekly routine. Line2, like most VoIP companies, makes it easier to separate work calls with clients and team members from personal calls than utilizing a single number for both.

However, unlike many other Line2 alternatives, Line2 struggles to deliver calling functionality beyond those available on landlines and cell phones.

Here’s all you need to know about Line2 and other options that might be a better fit for your needs

What is Line2?

Line2 is a virtualized PBX phone service that enables businesses to create and maintain many internal phone lines to handle high incoming calls.

Line2 makes use of cloud computing to route a single phone call to many receivers, such as cell phones or fax machines, based on which is the most appropriate.

Instead of utilizing all of VoIP’s unique features, Line2 essentially mimics the services that your existing smartphone provides, with the added benefit of being able to answer calls from your desktop.

Features of Line2

1. One phone, two lines

For businesses, whether they operate from home or in an office, having two lines connected to your phone is perfect. It eliminates the burden of needing to carry two devices while also separating your professional and personal calls.

2. The flexibility of the device

When you move to Line2, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one device. You may text and call from any of your devices using our app, no matter where you are.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Because our solution is cloud-based, you won’t have to spend money on expensive equipment or gadgets. We also recognize that no one-size-fits-all approach to Business exists, so we’ve created various pricing plans to meet your requirements.

4. Option of selecting a number

If an image is important, then memorability and accessibility are as well. The ability to select your phone number can address both of these issues. You can choose a toll-free number, one that is inside the area code of your major consumer base, or one that is easy to remember with Line2.

5. Personalized greetings and after-hours options

Custom voicemail greetings for various callers are possible with Line2, allowing you to personalize your professional image to specific clients and consumers. You can also choose how your calls are handled after hours, such as whether you want them redirected to other staff members or just logged to voicemail.

Line2 Pricing

Line2 has three pricing tiers, they are:

1. Starter

$14.99 per month per User
During the week, customer service is available (5 a.m.-5 p.m. PT)

2. Growth

$19.99 a month per User
Auto-attendant (IVR) and business hour settings are unlocked.

3. Business

$24.99 per month per User
Call recording and voicemail transcriptions are available at no cost.

Best Line2 Alternatives & Top Competitors in the Market

You want a modern phone system that meets your corporate communication needs, not just a digital version of a landline when you convert to VoIP.

Fortunately, Line2 isn’t the only VoIP service available. Here are the best Line2 alternatives if you are having a second thought:

1. Krispcall: Best Line2 Alternative For Cloud Telephony Service

KrispCall is a low-cost virtual cloud telephony system that lets you speak with your team and clients from anywhere in the world with only a few clicks. The service isn’t merely for making VoIP calls, and you may send and receive SMS, MMS, and even voicemails through a mobile and desktop app.

krispcall cloud-based phone system

It replaces the traditional phone system with an internet-based telephony system, which is more roomy, expensive, and demanding. Businesses and startups can easily purchase or port their local or international phone numbers. Getting numbers is simple with KrispCall, and dialing is safe and inexpensive.

Features of Krispcall

1. Affordable communication

You can also use a mobile or desktop app to make calls over the internet with KrispCall’s cloud phone. The setup is simple and inexpensive, and the call rates are reasonable. Aside from that, you receive end-to-end encryption, which ensures that your chat is always secure and confidential.

2. Enhanced business processes

Can easily manage and monitor your staff, as well as automate routine duties. KrispCall includes innovative calling tools that promote team efficiency and workflow.

3. Global communication made simple

Assist businesses in reaching out to clientele outside of their immediate geographic area and expanding their operations abroad. KrispCall helps you create trust with your clients by providing local and international numbers based on their geographic area.

Krispcall Pricing

1. Essential

Small businesses, startups, and freelancers should use it.
$15 per month per User
The number of users is only five.

2. Standard

Recommended for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
The number of users is unlimited
$ 40 per month / User

3. Enterprise

Recommended large Businesses.
Custom Pricing

2. OpenPhone: Best Line2 Alternative In terms of Ease of Use

OpenPhone is a VoIP phone service with all of the functionality that modern enterprises require. Even before you upgrade, OpenPhone is designed to make your business life easier, from business app connectors to automation.

openphone business phone system

Team cooperation is also a breeze with OpenPhone. You can exchange phone numbers with other team members so that you can collaborate on meetings and leave internal notes to keep everyone informed. Basic CRM elements are embedded into your contacts list, allowing you to preserve facts about previous talks. Anyone from your team will be able to effortlessly pick up where you left off.

OpenPhone works on almost every browser and iOS, Android, and desktop, allowing you to use your phone on almost any internet-enabled device.

Features of OpenPhone

  • In the United States and Canada, you have unlimited calling, SMS, and MMS.
  • Auto-attendant system (IVR).
  • Transcriptions of voicemail
  • Call recording.
  • Email, Slack, and Zapier integrations are all available.
  • Auto-replies and Snippets.

OpenPhone Pricing

At each level of development, OpenPhone offers three pricing plans to ensure that your company gets the phone capabilities it needs (and more).

1. Standard

$10 per month per User
Customer service via email and SMS is included.

2. Premium

Monthly fees are $25 for each User.
Integration with HubSpot CRM, round-robin call distribution, call transfer, logs and analytics, and more

3. Enterprise

For a custom plan, custom pricing is required.
Unlocks a professional account manager to assist you in customizing a plan to meet the needs of your team.

3. RingCentral: Best Line2 Alternative In Terms of Advanced Features

RingCentral is a Line2 competitor that provides more up-to-date features such as video conferencing and CRM integrations; however, like Line2, it forces you to upgrade your way to what your company demands.

ringcentral cloud-based business phone system

Features of RingCentral

  • Greetings and voicemail.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Online meetings and multi-level IVR.
  • Mobile & Desktop Apps (iOS and Android) and Internet Fax

The beginning plan is rather basic, consisting of the following features:

  • In the United States and Canada, you have unlimited calling and text messaging (SMS only).
  • Transcriptions of voicemail
  • Document sharing is possible.

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RingCentral Pricing

The cost of RingCentral is complex and pricey, and it fluctuates depending on the size of your team. You’ll pay $39.99 per month for their lowest tier plan if you’re starting as a solopreneur. Even if you’re still a small firm, you can lose access to the most economical plan as you develop. The pricing plans for 2 to 20 users are listed below.

1. Essentials

$29.99 per month per User
There is a maximum of 20 users.

2. Standard

$37.99 per month per User
Auto-attendants, 24/7 support, video conferencing, virtual fax, Office 365, Google Workspace, and Slack interfaces are all available.

3. Premium

$44.99 per month per User
Call recording, CRM connectors, analytics, and an open API are all available.

4. Ultimate

$59.99 per month per User
Allows you to view device status reports and store an infinite amount of data.

4. Nextiva: Best Line2 Alternative For Unified Communication

Another Line2 option is Nextiva, which has convoluted pricing levels that leave out crucial functionality that most organizations require.

nextiva best business phone software 2021

Features of Nextiva

Nextiva’s basic plan primarily provides unlimited, one-on-one voice and video calling, but you’ll need to upgrade to address critical demands. You’ll get the following with the beginning plan:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Virtual faxing is unlimited.
  • Outlook and Google Contacts integrations

Nextiva also lacks connectors with popular tools in modern teams and small organizations, such as Gmail and Slack. Instead, it works in conjunction with expensive tools such as Microsoft Teams and Oracle Sales Cloud.

Key features such as voicemail transcriptions and analytics, on the other hand, are only available on higher-tier plans. If you use Nextiva, you might not have an option but to pay for features you don’t need to receive the ones you do.

Nextiva Pricing

Nextiva has four options that cost twice as much as Line2 but include capabilities many businesses don’t require.

1. Essential

$30.95 per month per User
Customer service is available 24/7

2. Professional

$35.95 per month per User
Unlocks video conferencing (for up to 250 people), SMS, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zendesk connectors.

3. Enterprise

$45.95 per month per User
Call recording, analytics, voicemail transcriptions, and Oracle Sales Cloud and Microsoft Teams connections are all available.

4. Ultimate

$75.95 per month per User
Automated surveys, ticket management, and customer journey analytics are now available.

5. Google Voice: Best Line2 Alternative For International Calling

Google Voice for Google Workspace is a very good Line2 alternative that provides free international calling to the United States via a mobile or web app. You can also make limitless calls to Canada if you’re in the United States. Google Voice, unlike Line2 and OpenPhone, does not support toll-free numbers.

google voice for business

Google Voice isn’t as basic as Line2 in terms of features. It has several business phone functions only available over VoIP, although most internet-dependent features are heavily Google-focused.

Features of Google Voice

You can have access to the following features with a Starter plan:

  • Transcriptions of voicemails
  • Google Fi compatibility and call forwarding
  • Google Meet and Google Calendar integrations

While Google Voice can record calls, Google Workspace users cannot use this useful tool to help teams with training, interviews, and other tasks. Users describe the same troubles with Google Voice as with Line2 – poor call quality and ringing issues are just two of the most common issues.

When your team members try to get help, they’ll discover that only admins have access to 24/7 customer care.

Google Voice Pricing

There are three pricing choices for Google Voice, each with small improvements. When you upgrade from Standard to Premier, just two features are introduced. Keep in mind that you’ll need a Google Workspace account to subscribe to Google Voice for Google Workspace, which costs at least $6 per User per month.

1. Starter

$10 per month per User
There is a maximum of ten users.

2. Standard

$20 per month per User
Auto-attendant, desk phone compatibility, and Ring Groups are all unlocked (for multiple numbers to answer the same calls)

3. Premier

$30 per month per User
Allows users in overseas areas to get advanced call reporting and help.


Finding a Line2 replacement with greater features and a better price can feel like looking for the end of the tunnel. The best part is that it isn’t impossible.

Krispcall is your typical business phone. Start your plan today to see how Krispcall goes above and beyond with features like integrations, calling features, and crystal-clear voice quality.

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