Top 3cx Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

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3CX Alternatives Competitors

If you’re thinking about 3CX for your business, there’s much more to think about than just whether VoIP or PBX is preferable.

This article will go through the 3CX, its essential features, the top alternatives and competitors of 3CX that are more flexible and affordable—while still providing the sophisticated capabilities that organizations require.

How did we select the top 10 3CX alternatives? 

We have ranked the top 3CX alternatives for smooth business communication based on the criteria listed below. 

  • Features: We evaluated fundamental call management features such as recording, monitoring, and real-time statistics.
  • Customer Service: Is customer service available at all times, and how beneficial is it?
  • Integrations: We investigated several integrations and platforms to help you choose the finest business phone system.
  • Pricing: We investigated the costs for small and large enterprises with several features.
  • Security: We investigated the security of systems to maintain your data security.

Based on these factors, here is our final ranking of the top 3CX competitors and alternatives in the market– and what they’re best for.

  1. KrispCall: Advanced call features
  2. RingBlaze: Best for small businesses
  3. 8×8: Easy-to-use
  4. Nextiva: Unified communication
  5. GoToConnect: Flexibility
  6. Dialpad: Unified platform
  7. CallHippo: Best extension
  8. RingCentral: Cost-effective
  9. Vonage: Flexible
  10. Avaya Cloud Office: Extensive Support

What is 3cx, and Why do people choose 3CX?

3CX is a business phone and call center software that provides an on-premises or hosted PBX solution. It has some cloud capability, but it is not a true cloud-based VoIP service like some options listed below.

Furthermore, suppose you want a Unified Communications as a Service platform that integrates many communication channels into a single app. In that case, 3CX’s features are relatively restricted, as it lacks instant and SMS messaging.

There are a plentiful of 3CX competitors out there. But for its reasonable pricing and bundled cloud telephony features, making it an excellent phone system for organizations of all sizes. You’ll see three options: pricing Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

The best thing about 3CX is that it is completely free for the first year. As a result of the extended free trial time, many firms choose this business phone system. This is also true for clients who choose hosted solutions.

Top 3Cx Alternatives & Competitors in 2023! 

We explored and tested the best 3CX alternatives. Before moving any further, let’s have a look at a comparison.

Services Call recording Pricing
3CX Available at the extension level 3 pricing plan
KrispCall Available  The basic plan starts at f $ 15 per user
RingBlaze Available  Pricing begins at $19 per line
8×8 Available  The basic plan has a monthly cost of $12
Nextiva Available  the monthly fee starts at $18.95
GoToConnect Available  Pricing starts at $24 per user each month
Dialpad Available Plan starts at $15 per user each month
CallHippo Available Plan starts at $16 per user each month
RingCentral Available Plan starts at $19.99 per user each month
Vonage Available at advanced plan  Plan starts at $19.99 per user each month
Avaya Cloud office Available Plan starts at $19.99 per user each month

Let’s see the above  3cx competitors and alternatives mentioned in brief.

1. Krispcall: Best 3CX Alternative For Cloud Telephony Features

Krispcall is a virtual cloud phone that offers the most secure, dependable, and cost-effective cloud telephony solution appropriate for small and large organizations.

Its integrated call contact center software, which includes CRM connection support, enables you to access many services important for company communication.

krispcall cloud telephony system

Features of KrispCall

KrispCall is proven to be one of the greatest business phone systems available, including number sharing, number porting, Interactive Voice Response, intelligent call routing, customizable greeting, call recording, and many more. 

Some other features are : 

  • Call Transfer to Mobile Devices
  • VoIP Calls
  • Calls Management
  • Call Transfer
  • Phone Call Routing

KrispCall Pricing

The basic plan starts at f $ 15 per user. Eventually, the standard plan starts with a monthly price of $ 40 per user, and finally, an enterprise subscription is suited for Large Enterprises looking for Customized Solutions. 

3CX Vs KrispCall

KrispCall and 3CX are aimed at the business sector with their extensive features. 

KrispCall does an excellent job of keeping the solution simple to use. In a matter of minutes, you may create a strategy for a small or large firm. Furthermore, the corporation hosts the cloud-based system and must maintain it.

There is a significant price difference since KrispCall is less expensive. Overall, KrispCall is one of the market’s top alternatives to 3CX.

2. RingBlaze: Best RingCentral Alternative For Small Businesses

Ringblaze is the ideal business phone solution, particularly for small businesses. The most significant benefit RingBlaze provides to the market is value and a platform that can fulfill the demands of a diverse variety of clients across many sectors.

ringblaze business phone system for desktop mobile

Ringblaze is simple to use and offers a plethora of features for a fraction of the cost of competing for phone systems. On top of that, you’ll get sales-focused tools that will set your company apart from the others.

Features of RingBlaze

Ringblaze provides call assignment, forwarding, recording functions, and a shared dashboard with a unique design to facilitate call center communication.

Ringblaze has unique website integration features, allowing customers to easily call and contact your support while exploring your website.

AIt also allows you a free trial to explore the whole platform. That’s an excellent technique to determine whether the platform is the phone system you require.

RingBlaze Pricing

Ringblaze Pricing begins at $19 per line, or $15 per month if paid annually.

3CX Vs RingBlaze

When you realize that clients may contact you with a few clicks from your website, the usefulness of Ringblaze’s platform becomes clear.

While each phone system has excellent functionality, they aim to distinct audiences. Ringblaze is a much more user-friendly solution ideal for smaller organizations.

3. 8×8: Best RingCentral Alternative In Terms of Ease of Use

In the market, 8×8 is a well-known commercial phone system. It is one of the 3CX alternatives since it also caters to business consumers. The tool streamlines internal team communication for major organizations.

8x8 phone system

Features of 8×8

One of the key features of this phone system is integration. 8×8 simplifies communications monitoring as all the data is in one place.

This makes 8×8 an effective cloud-based tool as it allows businesses to gather data and improve their services over time.

It also provides extensive training to fully utilize all software capabilities.

8×8 Pricing

The basic plan has a monthly cost of $12. You will enjoy unlimited voice calls to 14 countries and team chat. This package’s monthly Pricing begins at $24 per seat.

Strategy for Analytics Prices starts at $44 per seat each month.

3CX Vs 8×8

It all comes down to your business demands. 8×8 is a feature-packed integrated software application. The best thing is that you may try out any of these platforms for free. After properly researching them, you will make a better-informed conclusion.

4. Nextiva: Best RingCentral Alternative For Unified Communication

Nextiva is one of the business phone systems. Many clients choose it since it is a fully cloud-based software platform configured to manage internal and external communication. It is another provider to be added to the list of excellent alternatives to 3CX.


Features of Nextiva

Customers may contact your contact center by email, social media, phone, SMS, and video with Nextiva. Employees can utilize it for internal communication as well.

The tools are distinguished by their integration capabilities. It is the most effective technique to enhance customer service.

With the software, you can automate all of the time-consuming activities and focus on what matters: your consumers.

Nextiva Pricing

Furthermore, the user interface is easy to use and has a modern style. It can also easily scale to match the needs of your business. It also integrates well with CRM platforms and even Outlook. Finally, the monthly fee starts at $18.95.

3CX Vs Nextiva

Nextiva offers even more advanced capabilities, but they come at a higher cost. However, if you have a team, especially one that communicates remotely, these features might be really useful.

5. GoToConnect: Best RingCentral Alternative In Terms of Flexibility

A UCaaS solution includes a mobile phone app, virtual voicemail, call forwarding, and an auto-attendant. GoToConnect LogMeIn’s bundle package is a good option for a cloud phone system with additional communication channels.

goto connect

GoToConnect Pricing You can rapidly configure all of your call routings in a visual editor.GoToConnect can also be utilized from any location. You can swap between your desk phone, desktop software, and our mobile app to stay connected. 

It combines all communication skills into a single application by incorporating HD video conferencing with each license.

GoToConnect Pricing

The Basic subscription from GoToConnects starts at $24 per user each month. 7 The price rises from there, putting it at a greater cost. 

3CX Vs GoToConnect

GoToConnect is a good choice if you have a large staff and a lot of work. It does not stray from the principle, but it does offer high-quality communications at a fair price.

6. Dialpad: Best RingCentral Alternative For A Unified Platform

Dialpad is an artificial intelligence-powered cloud-based business messaging platform (AI). Their APIs allow small and large enterprises to make and receive calls from anywhere using current equipment.

Dialpad’s VoIP calls are stored on a Google Cloud that is authenticated with TLS.

Dialpad Pricing

Essential monthly pricing starts at $15 per user. Then Pro pricing starts at $25 per month per user. Eventually,  the enterprise plan includes all features and requires a minimum of 100 licenses.


Dialpad summary

Large and small enterprises use Dialpad to make and receive calls from wherever using advanced technologies.

This broad range of solutions may attract both large and small businesses, and DialPad is a better option than 3CX. So hurry ahead and sign up for Dialpad today

7. CallHippo: Best RingCentral Alternative For Support Centers

CallHippo is the go-to tool for many support centers and sales teams. It is a contemporary call center system with comprehensive functionality and rich reporting capabilities, as well as easy interconnections.


On top of that, you receive world-class 24×7 Support, which makes your sales team’s life simpler.

CallHippo distinguishes itself from 3CX by providing capabilities tailored exclusively to the modern-day sales or customer representative. A calling profession nowadays entails more than merely phoning.

It involves things like managing CRMs, storing and organizing prospect information, tracking contact information, maintaining spreadsheets, and so on. 

Call Hippo Pricing

Bronze: Its cost starts at $16 a month per user, making it perfect for small businesses.

Silver: Its price begins at $24 a month per user, making it perfect for small businesses.

Platinum: Its cost starts at $ 40 per user per month, making it ideal for SMB sales, support, and marketing teams.

Enterprise: Tailor-Made Solutions Specifically for One-Stop Business Phone System For Enterprise Businesses

3CX Vs CallHippo

Because of its low-cost pricing choices, extensive reporting features, and 24×7 customer service system, CallHippo is the best 3X alternative.

Furthermore, CallHippo leads 3CX in terms of functionality, integrations, and data security.

8. RingCentral: Best RingCentral Alternative For Cost Effectiveness

RingCentral received good marks for overall call quality, ease of use, and a variety of price options to suit any budget.

As a small company owner, you’ve probably discovered that true value always outweighs the lowest price.


RingCentral is both cost-effective and provides a high-quality VoIP phone system for businesses of all sizes, with toll-free minutes included in every pricing tier.

RingCentral pricing

Essentials: It costs $19.99 a month per user, with a maximum of 20 users.

Standard: Its pricing starts at $27.99 a month per user, with no restriction on the number of users.

Premium: It costs $ 34.99 per user each month and includes Message, Video, Phone, and Open API.

Ultimate: It costs $ 49.99 per user each month and includes Device status reports, Device status alarms, and unlimited storage.

3CX RingCentral

As RingCentral has extensive features and multiple integrations, it is the best choice for both small and large businesses. 

9. Vonage: Best RingCentral Alternative For App Usability

Vonage customers are pleased with the app’s general usability, the breadth of functionality in the team messaging function, and the number of third-party connectors included in their subscriptions. 

vonage business phone voip communication

They also have a sizable customer base of small company owners, which means they know what they’re doing when it comes to your specific requirements.

Vonage’s plans include more than 50 features.

All clients have access to 24/7 chat help, and phone assistance is accessible Monday through Friday, along with self-service training webinars and highly trained agents with a 93 percent success rate.

Vonage Pricing 

Vonage’s price begins at $19.99 per user per month. To utilize a business phone device, you must upgrade to the next tier, which costs $29.99/user/month.

3CX Vs Vonage 

Vonage has communications APIs, high-quality unified communications solutions, and contact center products which differ it from 3CX. 

10. Avaya Cloud Office: Best RingCentral Alternative For Geographically Diverse Workforces

Avaya Cloud Office is an all-in-one cloud communications solution that includes unlimited business calls in the US and Canada, Unlimited Business SMS, audio conferencing, and video meetings for up to 200 people.

avaya cloud office

It is intended to link completely remote teams or mixed, geographically diversified workforces and is more of a seamless unified communications solution than a single business phone service.

Avaya cloud office Pricing 

Avaya’s Essentials Plan starts at $19.99 per user per month and supports a maximum of 20 users.

The Standard Plan, which costs $24.99 per user per month and allows for unlimited users, is a far better alternative for small enterprises. Additional local, toll-free, and vanity numbers are available for $4.99 per month.

3CX Vs Avaya Cloud Office

All Avaya subscriptions include 24/7 phone and chat assistance, giving Avaya a significant competitive advantage. Avaya is also a better 3CX option that can be utilized for small businesses.

Final Thoughts: And the best 3cx alternative is…

3CX is an excellent platform for company phone systems. Its cloud-based technology, free trial, and extensive feature set make it a good choice for large enterprises. However, also the key drawbacks come from the user-friendliness and complexity of cloud-based applications.

Choosing a user-friendly solution, such as KrispCall, is a preferable 3cx alternative. Because of the extensive feature and integration support and good pricing range, it is a beneficial addition to your contact center. Try Schedule Free KrispCall demo now, free of cost.

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