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5 Ways to Generate Sales Leads with Click-to-Dial Widget



generate sales leads click-to-dial widget

Despite having huge traffic on your website, are you struggling to generate enough sales? That’s probably because you are not easily reachable. Your contact details could be buried in the Contact Us page or deep in the footer or the relevant details are probably missing.

Web visitors are usually impatient. If they are genuinely interested in your product or services, they are likely to talk to you in person over the phone. If you are unavailable, for some reason, they will contact a similar vendor or a service provider, who helps them with their queries and provide relevant information right away.

And that’s indeed a waste of a genuine lead.

But the solution is simple. All you need to do is implement the click-to-dial widget on your website. It connects you and your potential leads in one single click.

Since it stays in front and center of the website, anyone can easily notice whether to make calls to you or your agents. Your business gets a substantial boost in sales. Here in this article, we will discuss 5 ways to generate sales leads through a click-to-dial widget.

What is a click-to-dial widget?

Click-to-dial is a famous feature that streamlines communication with customers, by pressing a ‘click-to-talk‘ button embedded in the business website. It allows you to directly talk in real time to the customer service representative of the website you are visiting.

Some Click-to-dial widgets prompt you to enter your phone number. After submitting your number, you will instantly get a call from the sales team.

krispcall click-to-dial widget
A Typical Click-to-Dial Widget

Click-to-dial widget is a web-based and mobile solution that automatically dials a phone number when clicking on it.

5 Ways to Generate Sales Leads through a Click-to-dial Widget

Business is growing at a fast pace. Many small-scale to large-scale businesses are competing against each other to attract as many leads as possible.

With a click-to-dial widget on your website, the chances of improving your leads tally are extremely high. Click-to-dial assists you in the following 5 ways to generate sales leads.

1. Instant response to customers

The most notable thing about the click-to-dial widget is that you can quickly connect to customer care.

Study shows that more than 60% of consumers are invested in the business with instant responses. Fast responses mean customers will quickly get information about the product and are likely to buy the product at the moment.

instant response to customers

There is a chance of around a 30% to 50% conversion rate of customers into your business.

The Click-to-dial widget speaks volumes about your business’s brand image. Customers getting faster services positively impact them because they prefer talking to a real person on the phone.

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2. Create an ideal customer profile

While running any business, the most important thing to know is your target audience. It depends upon what type of product your business is offering.

Here click-to-dial widget plays a crucial role. This widget connects you with all kinds of customers from whom you can collect important information regarding your product.

Create Ideal Customer Profile

Click-to-dial helps to understand what your ideal customers are typically interested in. It assists you in pinpointing common behaviors of your target audience and collecting user persona.

Generally, it allows you to create the profile of an ideal customer. These guidelines are necessary for your business to make a strategy for the sales process. The growth of the business is 3 times higher with an ideal customer profile.

3. Increase customer retention

Today, the click-to-dial widget is integral to the sales process. It is necessary for increasing customer retention rate.

Wherever a customer makes you a call, it reflects the human side of your website. This is critical because it makes you approachable, friendly, and helpful.

increase customer retention

It enables customers to contact you on their terms and at their leisure without having to wait.

It provides informative assistance by agents who have been pre-briefed with caller information. As a result, the call will or can be routed to the most appropriate agent.

According to studies, 65 percent of customers will stick with a company that provides exceptional customer service even if they can find a better deal elsewhere. The majority of clients require fast access to a knowledgeable agent.

4. Make outbound calls

When making outbound phone calls, your business’s sales team can use click-to-dial. It integrates easily with CRM tools.

The integration with a CRM tool is crucial because they allow your agents to directly click-to-dial potential leads from CRM.

make outbound calls

Agents can now dial leads without having to manually dial them. Your company’s sales staff can reach out to more customers in a single day using this method.

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There is a rise of 50% chance of converting one customer into your business by making him/her an outbound phone call. You will be able to filter valuable customer information that assists your CRM in filtering potential leads.

5. Prevent customers from leaving

Not every visitor to your website will make a call using the click-to-dial widget.

If a customer tries to leave your website, most click-to-dial widgets can trigger prompts or pop-up special offers to prevent them from leaving.

The prompts ask customers whether they want to leave the website or continue on the page. This is a simple yet effective strategy to allow customers to think longer about your product.

prevent customers from leaving

In some cases, customers made a call, but the call didn’t connect, or no agent was available to receive the call. Such a situation will result in the loss of a potential customer, and he/she will move on to find the product elsewhere.

It can be avoided by making follow-up calls to the customers. Most click-to-dial widget asks for a customer number to make follow-up calls. This allows companies to talk with the customers to secure a potential customer.

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5 interesting stats about the click-to-dial widget

  • More than 70% of mobile users use click to dial button that means person-to-person phone calls are an important channel for customers.
  • In their purchasing decision-making phase, 61% of mobile searchers evaluated click-to-dial as ‘Extremely or Very Important.’
  • When a business doesn’t have a click-to-dial option, 35% of customers become disappointed. This is a warning sign that a company’s lead generation would suffer if it is not optimized for mobile phone calls.
  • When customers can’t reach the business directly with a phone call, 47 percent of customers are more likely to search for other brands or competitors.
  • Customer’s Google searches generate over 40 million calls using click-to-dial widgets each month.

In a nutshell

Adding a click-to-dial widget is the fastest way to convert the target audience to real customers. It is simple to set up and offers plenty of advantages to assist your business reach its objectives.

It streamlines your sales process in the most effective fashion that you will soon be closing more deals in less time. As effective as the click-to-dial widget may seem, it is incomplete without a fully functioning cloud phone system. You can easily fill this void with KrispCall.

Close deals with KrispCall’s click-to-call widget

KrispCall is a cloud telephony system that offers top-level features and business solutions like call center software, sales automation tools, and more. KrispCall’s click-to-call widget is one the finest in the market. It is a top callback widget that guarantees more lead conversions.

What makes KrispCall’s click-to-call widget popular is that you can easily integrate it into your website. Also, it works perfectly with any CRM tools integrated into your business phone system.

Getting started with KrispCall is fast and easy. The click-to-dial widget doesn’t cost you a penny as it comes alongside with KrispCall’s cloud telephony services.

First-time users are in luck as KrispCall is offering a Schedule Free KrispCall demo now. Even if you are willing to subscribe to KrispCall’s telephony services, it won’t cost you a fortune. The subscription plan starts at a meagre price of $15 yet comes with a profound set of features.

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