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Why Call Quality Monitoring is Important for Call Centers?



Call Quality Monitoring

Customer service is essential for today’s businesses. 🔔

When the company goes above and beyond to meet customers’ needs, people are willing to tolerate product imperfections.

With customers holding such a lot of power in the economy, businesses no longer can focus on gaining new customers; they must also keep them.

Call quality monitoring is necessary for call centers to improve their customer services. The goal of this process is to increase satisfaction, customer service, loyalty, and revenue. 😊

Let’s discuss call quality monitoring in more detail. In what ways can it improve your business? How can it be useful for your business, and what are the benefits that it offers?


  • Call quality monitoring evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of customer service conversations.
  • Call Quality Monitoring provides data and analytics essential to identity the trends, patterns, and improvement opportunities.
  • KrispCall’s call quality monitoring improves customer satisfaction by ensuring clear communication and helps your agents perform better.

What is Call Quality Monitoring?

The call quality monitoring is the measurement of the effectiveness and efficiency of customer service conversations. In high-quality calls, the representatives are polite, professional, understanding, timely, and resolve the issue at hand.

Providing the customer with a clear explanation of the problem and a clear plan for preventing it from happening again will make them feel positive after hanging up. Call centers use metrics to measure how well they are achieving their key business goals.

Each center chooses its metrics. Each company determines its metrics. The agent’s response time, how long a person waits on hold, how fast a call is resolved, etc., can all be tracked.

As most modern call centers use a cloud-based solution, call center KPIs can be automatically measured and monitored with quality monitoring features by using call center reporting.

For example, a customer service manager uses call monitoring to review interactions between a customer service representative (CSR) and a customer. The manager hears the call, evaluates the representative’s ability to handle the issues, and analyze their performance.

Why is Quality Important in a Call Center?

Quality is important in call centers to make sure your business consistently provides a good customer experience and effectively handles objections and issues. This involves setting up calls, using scripts, and training agents to maintain this standard.

Call center software today offers several dedicated features that make quality monitoring much easier.

Monitoring the call center will give you valuable information about the department’s cost-effectiveness and how customers perceive the interactions with your organization.

It is likely to improve agent training time and provide high-quality customer service, improving their performance or resulting in corresponding improvements in customer satisfaction.

Monitoring and controlling quality are crucial elements. It is difficult to deploy required changes on time due to the constantly evolving technology and consumer expectations. Customer expectations help provide good customer service.

What are the benefits of Call Quality Monitoring?

Nothing can be improved if you don’t measure it!  📏 Are you agree with this?

Call center quality monitoring shows you how well you’re doing in reaching your business goals, and it is crucial to the success of your call center.

One of the most important factors that determine how people view your company is its reputation. You can optimize service quality and ensure that your agents meet all the standards and meet your clients’ demands if you monitor their work.

  • Improve customer retention: Customer acquisition costs are much higher than customer retention costs. Call center managers need to recognize this fact and provide quality service to prevent customers from switching to competitors. Customer service is the highest priority, which ensures customer retention.
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction: Call centers face a serious problem with high employee turnover. Combining quality monitoring with other measures can help your agents perform better and feel empowered and satisfied with their jobs. Employee morale is improved when training sessions are engaging.
  • Data-driven decision making: Call Quality Monitoring provides data and analytics essential to identity the trends, patterns, and improvement opportunities. This data helps the organization make informed and strategic decisions.

What are the Challenges of Call Quality Monitoring?

Customer services offered by an organization or company have a significant impact on company success. The contact center must implement a better call quality monitoring system.

Call center specialists and compliance managers commonly encounter the following issues during quality checks:

Low priority to QA

When designing your quality program, you can end up experiencing this problem only if you don’t do your homework.

In today’s world, where customer experience is so important, and you are building your quality program keeping the customer in mind should not be a challenge-especially if you are pulling in the right business units and stakeholders.

Data analysis is not done in time

Many different systems generate so much data that it can become overwhelming. A contact center may gather information from numerous systems because of structural issues or because the organization has grown to involve multiple systems.

Systems such as these tend to be siloed and do not speak to each other, forcing analysts to compile data manually.

Inconsistent or unqualified evaluators

In monitoring your agents, it is extremely important to maintain consistency. In addition, quality isn’t something you can achieve in one go. If necessary, the Quality Assurance (QA) team should assess the program regularly and make adjustments when necessary.

Training and coaching agents are not given enough time

The effectiveness of coaching can be directly related to the supervisor’s or manager’s consistency. Training and coaching are crucial to keeping agents engaged and motivated.

Juggling all their day-to-day duties and proactively coaching and training agents is a challenge for most contact centers.

This results in a reduction in customer wait times and a reduction in first call resolution rates and customer complaints. This ultimately improves productivity and helps to grow the business.

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How to monitor Call Quality effectively? Best Practices

Monitoring call quality has been more effective for call centers to meet their compliance goals than just providing excellent customer service.

Here are some of the effective ways to monitor call quality:

Analyze the employee performance

A call center or an agency manager cannot provide the solution of giving priority to the best performance. As a practical solution, encouraging them, conveying confidence, and keeping their spirits up is the only way to ensure they perform at their best.

Choosing the one who performs well will set high expectations and contribute to the business’s overall success. It can make a significant difference to check the top-performing agents during a quality monitoring process.

Coaching and training

In this world, no one is perfect, and all of us must endure hard times from time to time. It can be challenging for the newly hired agent to handle unlimited calls and long call queues during peak hours or seasons.

Training them, coaching them, or giving them tips and tricks will enable them to perform better and perform longer. Providing your customer service agents with constructive feedback improves their skills, helps them develop stability, and enhances customer service.

Utilize call recording tools to analyze closely

An agent manager or call center can track the performance of employees by monitoring inbound and outbound calls.

This lets the agent manager know what obstacles the agent encountered, how she dealt with them, and how she could improve.

Call recording software and speech analytics software are both available as Quality Monitoring solutions.

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Getting feedback

If your call center or agent provides customer satisfaction, only customer feedback can analyze your performance. Identifying those best practices that should be shared during training is possible by understanding the positive and negative aspects of their experiences.

Get benefit from KrispCall’s call quality monitoring

Every organization that deals with customers daily can benefit enormously from call quality monitoring. It improves customer service and reduces turnover while also helping to achieve business goals.

KrispCall‘s call quality monitoring improves customer satisfaction by ensuring clear communication. It provides data and analytics essential to identity the trends, patterns, and improvement opportunities and make informed decision. This also helps your agents perform better and feel empowered.

KrispCall also offer features like call recording, live call monitoring, voicemail, custom greeting, power dialer, call transfer, and many more.

👊 Give KrispCall a try and improve your business communication.

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