Top Call Center Software for All Types of Business
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  • Last Updated: 23 Dec 22
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Top Call Center Software of 2023

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  • Last Updated: 23 Dec 22
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Communication is the backbone of a successful business. Whether you want to connect with customers or manage your team, effective communication is pivotal. 

Today, most companies rely on call center software to handle their business communications. The reason behind using call center software is that customers prefer communicating over the phone. 

According to a recent survey, more than 75% of people prefer human interaction for customer support. Thus, to attract more customers to your business, installing genuine call center software is the right way. 

Any company, big or small, can easily access and afford a cloud-based call center. The value of using call center software is immeasurable. It transcends your business’s brand image to greater heights. 

There are many call center software available in the market. Each one of them is superior on their own terms. So, let’s find out which are the top call center software in 2023.

What is Call Center software?

Call center software is an application that automates the flow of inbound and outbound phone calls. It handles all the communications between your company and your customers/clients using VoIP technology.

There are different communication channels embedded into call center software. Phone calls, instant messaging, MMS, video conferencing, etc., are some important communication channels.

You can find various VoIP service platforms in the market offering call center software. The main motive of each of them is to provide proper business communications. However, each platform can offer different features and subscriptions plans.

So we did comprehensive research to find the best available call center software in the market to make things easier for you. Ultimately, here is the list of top 10 call center software for your business in 2023:

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Top 10 call center software:

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is the latest addition to the VoIP service platform. It presents one of the most sophisticated call center software available in the market.

KrispCall has more than 40 ingenious features like Unified Callbox, interactive voice response (IVR), Developer API, Intelligent call routing, Contact tagging, and more. 

krispcall cloud-based phone system

Their Unified Callbox is one of the rarest features in VoIP call center software. The Unified Callbox features a dedicated dashboard that allows you to manage your entire communication logs all from a single window. So you won’t have to worry about your customers’ calls or queries going unnoticed.

Getting international numbers is also fast and easy with KrispCall. You can purchase one or multiple international phone numbers for more than 100 countries in just a few clicks. 

KrispCall provides various business solutions for small companies. KrispCall’s call center software is affordable, reliable, and secure. Compared with the market, KrispCall offers very competitive subscription packages.

KrispCall’s Subscription Package:

  1. Essential Plan:
    • USD 12$ per user/month (Annual package)
    • USD 15$ per user/month (Monthly package)
  2. Standard
    • USD 32$ per user/month (Annual package)
    • USD 40$ per user/month (Monthly package)
  3. Enterprise
    • Customized solution (Contact sales team for more info)

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is the most popular cloud-based phone system. This platform offers contact center software for handling business communication. 

ringcentral cloud-based business phone system

With RingCentral, small companies can manage teams using advanced administrative and analytics tools. RingCentral is integrated with great features such as omnichannel routing, CRM integrations, RingOut, and more. It is a good choice for workforce management and optimization.

The dynamic range of encryption makes RingCentral a very secure platform. RingCentral contact center offers subscription packages in 3 levels: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. 

RingCentral Subscription package:

You need to contact sales to get price details for contact center software. The annual price usually starts around USD 20$ per user/month for small companies.

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3. 8×8

8×8 offers a virtual call center which is a cloud-based call center solution for small businesses. 8×8 supports various interaction channels such as phone calls, voice mails, emails, chats, web callbacks, and more.

8x8 voip vcaas ccaas xcaas business communications

Omni-channel routing, queued callback, skills-based call routing, web callback, and IVR are the top features of the 8×8 contact center. It allows companies to view real-time analytics and reports. It is recommended for large businesses and enterprises.

The 8×8 contact center is best for enterprise-grade security. It also supports CRM integrations. It provides various subscriptions package for the contact center based on your requirements.

8×8 Standalone Subscription plan for contact center:

  1. Voice – USD 87$ per user/month
  2. Omnichannel – USD 107$ per user/month
  3. Advanced – USD 146$ per user/month

4. CallHippo

CallHippo is a cloud-based call center solution. It offers robust call center software for businesses of all sizes.

CallHippo introduces you to amazing call center features such as Power Dialer, Automatic call distribution, and many more. With CallHippo, you can buy local numbers from more than 50 countries. 

callhippo cloud-based business telephony solution

CallHippo is best suited for support centers and sales teams. It provides extensions for browsers. It deploys a flexible telephony network all across the world. It offers affordable annual and monthly subscription packages.

CallHippo Subscription package:

  1. Bronze:
    • USD 15$ user/month (Annual package)
    • USD 20$ user/month (Monthly package)
  2. Silver:
    • USD 30$ user/month (Annual package)
    • USD 35$ user/month (Monthly package)
  3. Platinum:
    • USD 45$ user/month (Annual package)
    • USD 55$ user/month (Monthly package)

5. Five9

Five9 is known as the all-in-one call center solution. It gives companies the flexibility to handle business calls from anywhere. The best thing about Five9 is that it is customizable. It provides solutions based on your business type.

five9 cloud contact center solution

Five9 contact center software offers features like CRM integration, Open platform APIs, Omnichannel support, Predictive dialing, and more. It is easy to use, fast and affordable. It uses AI for managing the customer experience.

Five9 Subscription package:

You need to contact their sales team to get price details based on your requirements.

6. AirCall

Aircall gives you easy phone support via its cloud-based call center. It enhances your support team to improve customer experiences.

aircall cloud-based call center software

This call center software includes seamless features such as IVR, cloud-based calling, skill-based routing, call queuing, call whispering, etc. It sets up an environment to monitor the performance of your team using the call center analytics feature. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), insight cards, and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) are some of its integration features.

AirCall is accessible, transparent, and collaborative for business communications. You can easily integrate CRM or helpdesk to manage the logs. It consists of 3 subscription plans: Essential, Professional, and Custom.

AirCall Subscription package:

  1. Essential: USD 30$ per user/month
  2. Professional: USD 50$ per user/month
  3. Custom: Contact sales team for price

7. TalkDesk

TalkDesk is a popular cloud-based call center solution for its incredible end-to-end customer experience. It helps improves the quality of customer interaction as well as reduce customer support costs.

talkdesk cloud-based call center software

TalkDesk’s contact center software enhances the productivity of your business. The best features of TalkDesk include Omnichannel support, Outbound Dialer, AI virtual assistant, CRM integration, and more. So it can be used by all kinds of businesses. 

TalkDesk automatically creates a new profile for new calls. If you miss a call, TalkDesk automatically sends an email consisting of call data, voicemail, and transcription. It makes data-driven decision-making transparent.

Subscription package:

Contact TalkDesk sales team for pricing or request a quote from their official website.

8. FreshCaller

FreshCaller is a simple cloud-based call center solution for teams of any size. FreshCaller’s call center software assists in scaling a business easily and quickly.

freshcaller phone system call center software 2021

Features like multi-level IVR, call monitoring, call recording, Call Masking, and more. Additionally, it allows your agents to call from a systematic, centralized management system. It offers virtual phone numbers from more than 50 countries.

FreshCaller has five different packages for its business phone system. They are Sprout, Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest.

FreshCaller Subscription package:

  1. Sprout:
    • USD 0$ Unlimited agents + pay/min (Annual package)
  2. Blossom:
    • USD 15$ per agent/month + pay/min (Annual package)
    • USD 19$ per agent/month + pay/min (monthly package)
  3. Garden:
    • USD 29$ per agent/month + pay/min (Annual package)
    • USD 39$ per agent/month + pay/min (monthly package)
  4. Estate:
    • USD 45$ per agent/month + pay/min (Annual package)
    • USD 59$ per agent/month + pay/min (monthly package)
  5. Forest:
    • USD 69$ per agent/month + pay/min (Annual package)
    • USD 99$ per agent/month + pay/min (monthly package)

9. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a standard call center solution for remote and distributed teams. CloudTalk speeds up the call dialing by automating the call dialing process. 

cloudtalk call center software

CloudTalk introduces you to a wide range of features like intelligent call routing, predictive dialer, integrations, call monitoring, and many more. It provides you with customizable features like personalized voicemails. It offers you international numbers from over 70 countries.

CloudTalk stands out in the cloud-based call center competition. It assists in keeping your business’s data synced using CRM integrations, helpdesk, etc. 

CloudTalk Subscription package:

  1. Starter:
    • USD 20$ per user/month (Annual package)
    • USD 25$ per user/month (Monthly package)
  2. Essential:
    • USD 25$ per user/month (Annual package)
    • USD 30$ per user/month (Monthly package)
  3. Expert:
    • USD 40$ per user/month (Annual package)
    • USD 50$ per user/month (Monthly package)
  4. Custom:
    • Contact the Sales team

10. Zendesk Talk

Zendesk offers one of the best call center solutions for support and automated ticketing. Zendesk Talk strengthens the support process and eliminates unproductive tasks. It enables businesses of all sizes to gather customer information instantly.

zendesk talk customer service phone software

Conference calling, Advanced Analytics, Real-time dashboards, IVR systems, etc., are among the compelling features embedded in Zendesk Talk. It has advanced features like automatic ticket generation.  Zendesk has various payment options for you to choose from.

Zendesk Talk Subscription packages:

  1. Lite:
    • USD 0$ pay per usage
  2. Team:
    • USD 19$ per user/month (Annual package)
    • USD 25$ per user/month (Monthly package)
  3. Professional:
    • USD 49$ per user/month (Annual package)
    • USD 59$ per user/month (Monthly package)
  4. Enterprise:
    • USD 89$ per user/month (Annual package)
    • USD 110$ per user/month (Monthly package)

Why is call center software important?

Customers/clients expect to have an immediate response from your side every time they make you a phone call. Your slow response can be a turn-off them. 

You can quickly respond to one phone call but managing a call avalanche can be hectic. This is where call center software comes into play. Having this software will allow you to respond to all the clients effortlessly.

Better customer service experience will directly impact the productivity of the business. The conversion rate of potential customers is higher when customers/clients receive effective and quick responses from your side.

Call center software offers various features like call waiting, call hold, call transfer, call forwarding, and instant messaging to handle the flow of customer phone calls. This is one of the many advantages of VoIP call centers that enhance productivity.

Also, Call center software acts as a solid marketing tool. It handles all the inbound sales queries. Consequently, there is a 50% chance of sales deals going through.

The most important aspect of using call center software is gathering information by answering customers’ calls. This information allows you to draw the user persona of your customers. As a result, you can create marketing strategies to generate leads with VoIP.

To wrap up

Call center software sets up a doorway to provide customer care services. The success of your business is determined by your communication process. So, call center software plays a crucial role in creating a positive impact on customers.

As you can see, there are many call center software available in the market. You need to pick which call center software is suitable for you. Buckle up and grab the best solution for your business.


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