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Top 5 Tools Like Zapier: Why You Should Switch in 2024



tools like zapier

No doubt, Zapier is a familiar name in the world 🌐 of automation tools. But with the ever-growing technology, the automated landscape is broad. 

Therefore, Explore the top five tools like Zapier that offer sophisticated features in a cost-effective and user-friendly environment. 

Those alternative tools 🛠️ might improve your business productivity, workflow automation and growth 📈.

In this blog, we will cover Zapier, why you should consider switching from Zapier in 2024, and a list of various alternatives to automated tools like Zapier you can acquire.


  •  Zapier is a web automation tool used to simplify the automated process without the need for coding.
  • Zapier offers automated features like email, project management, social media, meetings, and note-taking.
  • Compared to other automated tools, Zapier does not offer more advanced features. Their customer support is not satisfactory, at least for free trials.
  • If you are searching for the best and cheapest automated tools that explore more integration power, you might switch from Zapier to other automated tools in 2024.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a web automation tool that connects hundreds of web apps and services. With Zapier, you can automate processes such as email management, social media management, project management, and note-taking without knowing coding. 

Zapier creates automated workflows known as Zaps. Zaps automate workflows that start with a trigger or event in the first app and end with an action, which is an automatically performed event in a second app.


Zapier offers compelling automation features for your workflows. The list of Zapiers features are:

  • Business Process Automation
  • Accounting Integration 
  • CRM
  • Compliance Management
  • Data Import/Export
  • Email Management
  • SMS Messaging
  • Social Media Integration
  • Usage Tracking / Analytics


  • Easy to Use: It provides a drag-and-drop interface ideal for non-technical users. Users can visually connect to apps with knowing coding.
  • Integration: It offers over 6,000 apps and services integration.
  • Customization Options: You can tailor your Zaps and design complex workflows using filter and conditional logic
  • Pre-built Zaps: With Zapier’s pre-built template designed for common tasks, you can save time.
  • Table and Scheduler: You can easily manage and manipulate data within Zaps. You can automate tasks at specific intervals or times.


  • Limited Free Tiers: The free plan has limited tasks, integration, and Zaps.
  • Complexity for advanced workflows: Designing complex workflows can be cumbersome.
  • Data transfer limits: Free and lower-tier plans offer limited data transfer.

Benefits of using Automation tools like Zapier

They offer various benefits that can significantly improve your productivity and workflow automation. Some of the benefits of the Zapier are: 

  • Enhance productivity: Zapier enhances your work efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks. It allows automation tools to handle repetitive tasks so that humans can be more focused on strategic work and critical thinking.
  • Streamline Process: It could integrate apps and services and automate your repetitive or sophisticated tasks. Using the Zapier interface, you can integrate and handle the workflow—no need to switch apps to acquire new features.
  • Reduce errors: It eliminates minor problems that can be prone during manual data entry. Its automation tools can eliminate human errors that can occur during data transferring between apps.
  • Adaptation: As your project needs and requirements grow, these automation tools can adapt to any customer base and workload. They offer efficient scalability features that you can use to scale and accommodate your evolving workflow.
  • Manage Workflow: With Zapier, you can connect your different apps and automate repetitive tasks to manage workflow effectively.  Automation tools help you to establish an organized workflow and streamline the process. Automated communication ensures smoother collaboration between different tools.

Plan and Pricing Table💲

PlanPrice (Billed annually)
EnterpriseContact for pricing

Customer Review and Feedback on Zapier

As per some of the genuine promising Zapier reviews on the g2, customers find the upgraded plan costly, even for limited features. Also, it is time consuming and offers only a few numbers of tasks for your project. Being a slow and wonky Zapier might reduce your productivity.

Top 5 Tools Like Zapier: Alternatives

Zapier is undoubtedly the best tool for automating workflows between apps. However, things are changing, and several exciting alternatives with advanced and unique features appear.  Here is the list of Top 5 tools that can be used as Zapiers alternatives:

1. Integrately 

Integrately, the automation workflow tool is made for non-technical users to simplify their automated tasks. It enables you to establish various automated workflows between apps you use in your business.

It can be a strong alternative to Zapier, especially because of its various benefits and advanced features. Integrately offers many pre-built libraries for automation and exceptional customer support. It is also budget-friendly and user-friendly. 


  • Custom Connectors
  • API Designer
  • Real-Time Integration
  • Routing and Orchestration
  • Monitoring and Notification
  • Data mapping and encryption.
  • Managed File Transfer
  • Communication Protocol
  • Data Virtualization


  • Simple to use; no coding knowledge required.
  • It offers 20 million+ pre-built automation that saves your time.
  • Affordable and free plans are available.
  • Satisfactory customer support with 24/7 live service.


  • Offer only fewer integrations compared to competitors.
  • Fewer sophisticated features for data manipulation. 

Plan and Pricing Table of  Integrately💲

PlanPrice (Billed annually)
Starter$19.99 / month

2. Pabbly Connect 

Pabbly is an automation tool that aims to streamline your workflow by connecting different applications. Pabbly lets you design automated jobs that start and stop operations in many programs, eliminating the need for humans to perform repetitive tasks.

Pabbly Connect can automate your daily workflows, such as scheduling meetings, email marketing, and project management, which helps enhance your business’s productivity. 


  • Automated Scheduling
  • Data Mapping and connectors
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Integrations Management
  • TLThird-Party Integrations
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Workflow Management
  • Data Management


  • User-friendly interface with no coding needed.
  • Can build multi-step automation workflows across apps.
  • Offer built-in tools to manipulate data during workflows.
  • Free trial.


  • Price based on task complexity.
  • Available fewer app connections compared to others.
  • Limited user reviews to understand its effectiveness and potential drawbacks.

Plan and Pricing Table of  Pabbly Connect💲

PlanPrice (Billed annually)


Celigo is a leading integration-driven company that offers a unique process-centric approach to enable automation between different software. It helps businesses automate to discover and optimize every large and small enterprise process to innovate at scale.

Celigo enhances your work efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks. It allows automation tools to handle repetitive tasks so that humans can be more focused on strategic work and critical thinking.


  • AS2 Capability
  • Alerts / Notifications
  • CRM
  • Data management and transformation
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Sales Management
  • Workflow Scheduler
  • eCommerce Management
  • Web Service


  • Quick setup with pre-built connections for known apps, saving your time.
  • Design complex automation workflows tailored to your specific needs and requirements.
  • Offers real-time monitoring to see problems early and take proactive measures to fix them.
  • Robust security to safeguard your data.


  • The interface might be unfriendly for non-technical users. It may be complex for non-technical users.
  • The price can be higher compared to other automation products.
  • Issues on data transformation.

Plan and Pricing Table of Celigo💲

PlanPrice (Billed annually)
ProfessionalContact for pricing
PremiumContact for pricing
EnterpriseContact for pricing

4. Workato 

Warkato can also be your better option instead of using Zapier as it is a cloud-based integration platform. It is a service(iPaaS) designed to automate workflows between various applications to achieve optimization in corporate processes. Warkato can automate various tasks from simpler to complex ones, depending upon needs and requirements.

It is a powerful and easy-to-use platform for businesses of any size wishing to link different apps, enhance data flow, automate processes, and optimize workflows.


  • AI/ Machine Learning
  • Access Controls / Permissions
  • Accounting Integration
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Activity Tracking
  • Audit Management
  • Business Process Automation
  • Calendar Management
  • Compliance Management


  • User-friendly interface for beginners. Easy to use for non-technical people.
  • An extensive library with pre-built automation saves time.
  • Customizable automation workflows for complex tasks.
  • Cost-friendly ( mainly for moderate usage ).


  • Offer fewer integrations compared to other providers.
  • Complex workflows require some technical knowledge.
  • Limitations on a free plan.

Plan and Pricing Table of Workato💲

PlanPrice (Billed annually)
Basic Workspace plan$10,000 /year

5. Make

Make is the leading visual platform for designing, developing, and automating tasks without coding knowledge. It allows groups, people, and companies in any industry to build solid solutions for business growth.

It is the process of creating a system or software that helps perform tasks without human intervention. Depending on your needs and requirements, it can range from simpler automated workflow to complex.


  • Activity Tracking
  • Access Controls / Permissions
  • Business Process Automation
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Email Management
  • Integrations Management
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Search/Filter
  • Workflow Management


  • Drag-and-drop features. Easy to use, no need for coding.
  • Can connect with a wide range of web services, business applications, APIs, and even physical devices using webhooks.
  • Powerful features for advanced tasks.
  • Free plan for trial.


  • Focus on broader than just business
  • Complex features might require technical knowledge
  • Limitations on the free plan

Why should you switch from Zapier in 2024?

While Zapier has been a popular automation tool, several advancements in automated tools in 2024 can lead you to consider Zapier alternatives.  Here are some reasons why you should switch from Zapier.

1. Cost

The cost of the higher tiers is more expensive, especially for large-volume workflows. Zapier plans, and pricing are expensive compared to other automated tools.

2. Free Trial

They undoubtedly offer a free trial to the customer. However, their free trials lack advanced features, and the trial time is less than usual.

3. Features and Support

Compared to other automated tools, Zapier does not offer more advanced features. Their customer support is not satisfactory, at least for free trials. 
If you are searching for the best and cheapest automated tools that offer more integration power, you might switch from Zapier to other automated tools in 2024.


The web automation tool Zapier offers various web apps and services to automate your business workflow. These tools simplify your corporate process to enhance your business growth. Automated workflows such as email management, social media handling, meetings, project management, and note-taking can be done without coding knowledge.

However, the automated landscape is broader. Sticking to the same automated provider without exploring other sophisticated providers can be unfair to your business growth. Alternatives such as Workato, Integrately, Pablo Connect, and Celigo provide more advanced features than Zapier at an affordable rate. 

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