Best Aloware Alternatives & Competitors

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Best Aloware Alternatives and Competitors

Are you currently using Aloware, but it’s not 😥 satisfying your business needs, or looking for the 🔥best Aloware substitute?

If that’s the case, then you are at the right destination.

In this article, you’ll get to know almost Aloware, its features, and limitations. We’ll moreover assist you explore the best 10 Aloware choices and compare their highlights with estimating so that you just can select the 👍best alternative among them.

🔑 Key Highlights

  • We have compared pricing structures, and features, and compiled a list of the top Aloware options.
  • KrispCall is one of the best Aloware alternatives in terms of features, customer service, quality, and price.
  • With over 20+ CRM business tools, CloudTalk engages businesses to preserve the client engagement rate and oversee their relationship with them.
  • A maximum of 50 voice campaigns and 25 digital campaigns can be run at the same time in Genesys CloudCX

⏬Let’s get started! 

What is Aloware?

Aloware is a cloud-based contact center platform that offers various business tools to manage customer interaction. It provides a unified platform for SMS and Call Handling that helps to streamline business needs.

What is Aloware

Aloware’s main features, Workflow Automation, and AutoDialer help to streamline tasks and also improve efficiency. It is a premier cloud-based contact center platform that’s mainly suitable for small and mid-level businesses.

Top Reasons Why People Look for Aloware Alternatives 

Having a reliable communication system is essential for any business in today’s fast-paced business environment. Although Aloware offers various VoIP solutions and contact center services, businesses may seek alternatives to Aloware to meet their specific requirements for many reasons. 

Here are some of the limitations of Aloware due to which people are looking for alternatives:

  • Lack of Business Integration Tools: One of the main reasons why people are trying to find other options for Aloware is because of its constrained integration of commerce apparatuses. On the the chance that individuals utilize various CRM trade devices like HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zendesk, at that point individuals might hunt for other substitutes since Aloware needs these stages.
  • Issues with Customer Support: Another fundamental reason why individuals are trying to find Aloware options is because of the client’s needs and deals. Agreeing with numerous clients, the client bolster of Aloware is slower than other competitors, and sometimes, they take a parcel of time to reply to their questions.
  • Lack of User Interface Design: The limitation of Aloware is the lack of a user-friendly interface. Customers want to experience a good UI design while using any application, so they can easily access any features. However, Aloware lacks a better user-friendly interface, so many customers opt for other VoIP alternatives.
  • Lack of Data Security: As Aloware scales, ensuring data security and compliance with regulations becomes increasingly complex. Handling large volumes of sensitive customer data requires robust security measures and compliance controls, which may pose scalability challenges.

10 Best Aloware Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

There are various alternatives and competitors of Aloware. We have selected the list of Aloware substitutes with a comparison of features and pricing based on the following criteria:

  • Advanced Features
  • Business Integration Tools
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Cost
  • Global Reach
  • Quality of Calls
  • UI/UX Design
VoIP ProvidersPricings/ monthFeaturesBest for
KrispCallStarts at $15Unified Callbox, Voicemail Transcription, Call RecordingGlobal Reach or International Calling with Good User-Friendly Interface
Kixie PowerCallStarts at $35Call Recording, Call Logging, Automatic Call DistributionCRM Integration Tools
JustCallStarts at $29Bulk SMS, Caller ID, Voice Transcription Better Call Analytics and customer Experience
CallRailStarts at $45Call Routing, Call Tracking, Call AnalyticsBusinesses with Proper Marketing & Sales Strategy
CloudTalkStarts at $25AutoDialer, Automatic Call Distributor, Call QueuingBusinesses with Comprehensive Call Center Solutions
Genesys Cloud CXStarts at $75AI & Automation, Outbound Dialers, Session RoutingBest for Customer and Agent Experiences in the cloud contact centers
NICE CXOneStarts at $71OmniChannel Routing, Call Monitoring, Call TrackingFlexible & Scalable Business Phone System
AirCallStarts at $40Call Recording, Call Summaries, Power DialingModern VoIP System
DialPadStarts at $23Call Forwarding, Call Parking, Call FlipFlexible Virtual Phone System
TalkDeskStarts at $75Click-to-Call, Call Barging, IVR SystemAI Powered Contact Center Solutions

1. KrispCall – Best Business Phone System 

KrispCall is one of the best Aloware alternatives for modern VoIP features which is suitable for all types of organizations. It offers call center solutions and business phone systems. Moreover, you’ll be able to get associated globally together with your clients, and commerce accomplices at an affordable price extended through KrispCall.

KrispCall as the Best Aloware Alternative

One of KrispCall’s unique features, Unified Callbox, helps to manage all cloud communication services including SMS, MMS, inbound, and outbound calls, and handle all the business communication effortlessly from a single dashboard.

KrispCall is best known for its 99.99% uptime reliability. Also, It gives 24/7 human support to give the customers an amazing call experience.

KrispCall has therefore integrated with various business tools like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Pabbly Connect, Microsoft Dynamic 365, and Slack to optimize the overall workflow, improve the customer’s communication, and satisfy the user’s experience.

With enhanced productivity, improved call quality, and an affordable contact center solution plan, KrispCall is the best option for Aloware.

🔍KrispCall Features

💲KrispCall Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
Standard $40
EnterpriseContact the Sales

❌Limitations of KrispCall

  • A multi-language feature is not available.
  • The KrispCall app is not available to be downloaded in Mac and Windows systems.
Book a free KrispCall’s demo

2. Kixie

Kixie is another Aloware alternative which is a cloud-based VoIP platform that helps businesses improve their sales and customer service efforts. Kixie is best known for its various integration with CRM business tools like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Capsule, Avoma, and many more.

Kixie as Aloware Alternative

Kixie’s Call Center Solutions is everything you need to run your business in one reliable platform. It includes inbound and outbound callings, blended calls, and text solutions to empower your entire team.

🔍Kixie Features

  • Call Recording
  • Call Logging
  • Automatic Call Distribution

💲Kixie Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
ProfessionalContact the Sales
Outbound DialerContact the Sales

❌Limitations of Kixie

  • Some users might have difficulties in interaction
  • Lack of Features in the Mobile Version than the Desktop Version

3. JustCall

JustCall is another good choice for people looking for Aloware replacements. An AI-driven or powered customer communication platform that gives in-depth insights into tracking metrics like the number of sent texts and messages, duration of each call, all call interactions, and the agent performance in deal closure.

JustCall as the Aloware Alternative

JustCall simplifies handling a high volume of calls with its intelligent call routing and multi-level IVR. Its automation and AI features also improve customer service.

🔍 JustCall Features 

  • Sales Dialer
  • Bulk SMS
  • Caller ID
  • Voice Transcription 

💲JustCall Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
BusinessContact the Sales

 ❌ JustCall Limitation

  • Dropped Calls issues
  • Shared Phone Numbers with multiple agents is troublesome.
  • Issues in Call Quality sometimes

4. CallRail

CallRail can serve as a good alternative to Aloware for businesses that are looking for advanced call tracking and analytics capabilities. It offers detailed insights into call durations, and call sources that can help businesses optimize and understand proper marketing campaigns.

Callrail as Aloware Alternative

CallRail enables users to monitor and track the calls and then provides customizable reports that help to analyze the call trends and track ROI.

🔍CallRail Features

  • Call Routing
  • Call Tracking 
  • Call Analytics

💲CallRail Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
Call Tracking$45
Call Tracking + Conversation Intelligence$95
Call Tracking Complete$145

❌ CallRail Limitations

  • Call Quality Issues
  • Little Expensive in Price Range

5. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is another great substitute for Aloware, which is a cloud-based VoIP system utilized by call center organizations, counting client and deals administrations. It computerizes their workflow errands and progresses work execution through call analytics.

CloudTalk as Aloware Alternative

CloudTalk is a way better elective to Aloware on the off chance that you’re using CRM tools regularly for superior trade communication. With over 20+ CRM business tools, it engages businesses to preserve the client engagement rate and oversee their relationship with them.

🔍CloudTalk Features

  • Call Queuing and routing
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Call Center Recording
  • Automatic Call Distributor

💲CloudTalk Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)

❌CloudTalk Limitations

  • No Option for Number Sharing
  • Limited Features in the Starter or Lower priced plan
  • Annoying Callback process.

6. Genesys CloudCX

Another Aloware replacement in this top 10 list is Genesys CloudCX. A Customer Experience (CX) platform that provides SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions enhancing customer support and agent efficiency.

Genesys CloudCX as Aloware Alternative

Genesys CloudCX offers a solution for real-time customer interactions by integrating voice and digital channels to help businesses adapt for better growth.

🔍 Genesys CloudCX Features

  • AI & Automation
  • Outbound Dialers
  • Session Routing

💲Genesys CloudCX Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
Genesys Cloud 1$75
Genesys Cloud 2$95
Genesys Cloud 3$135

❌Genesys CloudCX Limitations

  • Maximum of 50 voice campaigns and 25 digital campaigns can be run at the same time.
  • Pretty Expensive Price Range


NICE CXOne is a good Aloware alternative as it helps contact centers create better customer experience and improve the customers’ satisfaction as well as low hold time to measure the efficiency of inbound and outbound calls. 

NICECX One as Aloware Alternative

It provides omnichannel support and advanced customer intelligence tools so that the agents can connect with customers through multiple channels, such as email, voicemail, social networks, chat, and voicemail.

🔍NICE CXOne Features

  • Activity Tracking
  • AI/ Machine Learning
  • OmniChannel Routing
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Tracking

💲NICE CXOne Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
Digital Agent$71
Voice Agent$94
OmniChannel Agent$110

❌NICE CXOne Limitations

  • System Glitches Sometimes
  • No contact center analytics
  • No customer surveys

8. AirCall

Another popular Aloware replacement in this top 10 list is AirCall. AirCall provides various features like Interactive Voice Response and Call Analytics. It could be used mainly by the customer and sales team for proper analysis of calls.

AirCall as Aloware Alternative

AirCall can be the best alternative if you are looking for better call analytics and call monitoring through the integration of various CRM business tools. 

🔍AirCall Features

  • Call center software
  • Real-time call monitoring
  • Power Dialer

💲AirCall Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
CustomContact Sales

❌AirCall Limitations

  • Expensive for small-scaled and startup businesses
  • Issues in Call Quality Sometimes

9. DialPad

Another better Aloware Alternative in this list is DialPad. A cloud-based communication platform that uses the AI platform to connect with customers and clients through AI Messaging, Voice, Meetings and Contact Centers.

Dialpad as Aloware Alternative

DialPad can be the best alternative to Aloware if you are looking for better efficiency and productivity through the integration of various CRM business tools.

🔍DialPad Features

  • Call Routing
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Parking
  • Call Flip

💲DialPad Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)
EnterpriseContact Sales

❌DialPad Limitations

  • DialPad Free Plan restricts users upto 45 minutes in a meeting.
  • Missing Task Queue

10. TalkDesk

The final and the last Aloware alternative in this list is TalkDesk. A cloud-based contact center platform that provides business tools to deliver customer service through the help of AI and Automation by improving customer outcomes.

Talkdesk as Aloware Alternative

Talkdesk offers various VoIP features that can improve communication for personal as well as professional purposes. It provides flexibility and scalability in business since it operates cloud-based infrastructure and offers scalable dialing capacity to increase or decrease call volumes.

🔍Talkdesk Features

  • Click-to-Call
  • Call Barging
  • IVR System
  • Call Conferencing

💲Talkdesk Pricing

PlanPricing (month/user)

❌Talkdesk Limitations

  • No Automatic Recording of Outbound Calls
  • No Speech Analytics Feature

And The Top Contender For Aloware Alternative Is…

You can discover different Aloware choices or substitutions in today’s business market. Each VoIP provider has its special stage, highlights, and capabilities that can be specialized according to the business size and needs as well as budget and preference of what type of services you want.

Among various alternatives, the best alternative you can go for is KrispCall with its affordable pricing plan, global reach of up to 100+ nations, best customer 24/7 support, and one-of-a-kind Unified Callbox dashboard.

KrispCall serves all your business needs whether your business is small, mid-sized, startup, or large-scale with a limited budget. If you are seeking more advanced VoIP features, KrispCall is the perfect Aloware alternative.
So, Hurry up and book KrispCall’s free demo right now to get a reliable business phone system.

Arun Chaudhary

Arun is SEO Analyst at KrispCall. He has written in extensively in the field of cloud telephony and call center solutions.

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