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How to Choose the Right Call Transcription Service?



choose the right call transcription service

Have you ever felt like your conversations are getting out of hand, and you need someone to take control? Well, a call transcription service is all you need.

Yes, having a call transcription service will allow you to transform phone calls and video calls into a written format so that you never miss out on any important information during the conversation.

Accurately transcript the conversation into written format and deliver personalized service to customers, manage the business operation and communication efficiently.

Read the blog till the end to find out the right call transcription service for your business, know its benefits, things to consider while choosing the right call transcription service, and some common mistakes while purchasing.

So let’s get started!

What is a Call Transcription Service?

A Call Transcription Service is an innovative solution designed to transform verbal conversations from telephone calls into written transcripts.

With Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, this service converts the audio content of phone conversations into easily readable text, providing businesses and individuals with a variety of benefits.

Call transcription service allows businesses to maintain textual records of phone calls in documentation for legal compliance and administrative purposes.

Moreover, transcription service helps businesses to enhance searchability customer service, provide multilingual support, and aid in dept analysis for quality assurance and training purposes.

What are the benefits of using Call Transcriptions?

Call transcription is a very handy service for this modern business. Since many businesses communicate over the phone system, this technology proves to be a very valuable asset as it helps manage business communication and operations.

The benefits of transcription extend from compliance and documentation to improved customer service and data analysis, so let’s dig right into the benefits of using call transcription.

1. Documentation and compliance

Call transcription helps in comprehensive record keeping of telephone calls in documentation. These records prove to be valuable for businesses to deal with a high volume of calls as well as reliable sources of information for future purposes.

 Also, this documentation helps to ensure compliance and serves as concrete evidence of adherence to communication regulations. This documentation also helps protect the business from legal ramifications and potential penalties. 

2. Enhanced searchability 

Enhanced searchability is one of the time-saving benefits of call transcription. The transcripted records of the phone calls help businesses to easily search for specific information without wasting time listening to the audio recording.

Moreover, call transcription empowers businesses to manage, analyze, precisely retrieve information, and gain insight from their recorded conversations.

With call transcription, businesses can enhance searchability and improve customer service with fast retrieval of information. Plus, it assists businesses in making data-driven decision making.

3. Analysis and insights

The benefits of call transcription include analytics and insights. Call transcriptions provide businesses with in-depth insights and help deliver personalized customer service.

Moreover, the recorded call information of the customer helps to provide necessary insights into the business and provides support for data-driven decision-making. 

The insights from transcription help businesses develop marketing strategies, optimize customer service, and identify customer trends and preferences.

4. Improved Accessibility

Since call transcripts provide written records of calls and videos, they provide accessibility to people with hearing impairments.

Additionally, it allows transcription in multiple languages and formats, so businesses can cater to a wide range of customers and offer language assistance to non-native speakers. Also, Whenever a call recording is transcribed, it is accessible for review and analysis.

5. Customer service enhancement

With transcription of phone calls and meetings into a written format, businesses can easily record call information in detail, analyze it, and deliver tailored service to enhance overall customer satisfaction. This is a very useful tool to meet the needs of the customers.

Furthermore, the transcription of calls can be very helpful for addressing common issues, enhancing customer service, and reflecting the company’s professionalism.

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What are the things to consider when buying a call transcription service?

Top-notch call transcription can prove to be a game-changing solution for businesses and can help deliver excellent customer service.

To help you decide which call transcription service is right for your business, here are some things you need to consider:

 1. Accuracy

Choosing a Call Transcription Service with a high level of accuracy is vital. In order to make the service more effective, choose a call transcription software that accurately converts telephone recordings into written text without any errors. The accuracy in transcription helps businesses to understand and analyze the conversation better. 

Furthermore, it provides better compliance, systematic record-keeping, and better customer service. Furthermore, it provides better compliance, systematic record-keeping, and better customer service. Make sure you choose a service with ASR for greater reliability.

2. Turnaround Time

Considering call transcription service turnaround time is necessary if your business requires timely access to transcribed information.

With quick turnaround time service, businesses can quickly analyze and respond to the telephone conversation. Businesses can gain real-time insight from customer interactions and make quick decisions by using call transcription services with a quick turnaround time. 

If you want to balance accuracy and timely delivery, choose a transcription service that meets your needs.

3. Pricing

When choosing a call transcription service, pricing is an important factor. Conduct research on usage, subscription plans, and services it offers.

Make sure you choose the service provider that meets your transcription service needs and your budget and also allows scalable options without compromising on quality. 

Choose a transcription service provider that matches your budget and the features your business requires.

4. Security and Privacy

Choosing a call transcription service that offers security and privacy features is a must for businesses that communicate sensitive information over the telephone.

Transcription service that follows robust privacy and security standards help business safeguard the sensitive call information of customers. 

The transcription provider you choose should prioritize security and privacy, encrypt data during transmission and storage, and safeguard confidential conversations against unauthorized access.

5. Customer Support

The customer support team of a Call Transcription Service must be responsive and skilled in order to provide a smooth experience. Before choosing a transcription service, ensure it offers support channels such as email, live chat, and phone support.

So, look for reliable customer support that can easily troubleshoot issues and promptly address any concerns. The transcription service should offer robust documentation and training resources, contributing to a positive user experience. So consider these things before choosing a transcription service.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when choosing a call transcription service?

Choosing a call transcription service isn’t easy, so it’s important to avoid common mistakes. Here are mistakes to avoid when choosing a good transcription service:

The sole consideration of price: Yes, price is an important factor, but it shouldn’t be the sole consideration. Make sure you prioritize accuracy, turnaround time quality, and privacy factors before checking the price.

Misunderstanding the importance of accuracy: Accuracy is a must for call transcription, as Inaccurate transcriptions result in misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and potential legal issues, so make sure the service provider maintains high accuracy standards.

Ignoring data security: choosing a provider that has robust data security measures and complies with relevant regulations to safeguard sensitive call recordings and transcripts is a must. Don’t settle for an unsafe provider.

Neglecting domain expertise: It’s important to find a transcription service provider with expertise in your industry if your company deals with specific jargon.

Not considering turnaround time: If you need transcripts quickly, ensure that the service provider offers expedited and rush delivery options.

7 Apps that provide Call Transcription Service

1. Rev

With 99% accurate transcription of audio to text, Rev is one of the top call transcription software. It is an AI-powered platform with manual and human transcription, but if you prefer automated transcriptions, this software is handled by expert and professional transcribers. Rev also guarantees safe and secure transcription with end-to-end encryption.

rev homepage

As Rev supports transcription in over 88 languages, you can create live captions and subtitles for virtual conferences, Zoom meetings, video presentations, and webinars. Rev is the best for manual transcription, as it is available on both Android and iOS, so you can transcribe easily with your mobile device anywhere at any time.

Key Features / Features

  • Accurate speech-to-text APIs
  • Automated and human transcription services
  • Quick transcription turnaround 
  • Live caption 
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Support over 88 Foreign languages
  • Free trial available


  • Free version for up to 45 minutes
  • Manual Transcription – $1.50 per minute
  • Automated Transcription – 25 cents per minute
  • English Captions and Subtitles – $1.50 per minute
  • Foreign Subtitles – $5-$12 per minute
  • Automatic Live Captions for Zoom – $20 per host

2. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is among the best call transcription software as it is ideal for converting large audio/video files into written text in less amount of turnaround time than other software. With Happy Scribe, you can edit and adjust the transcription to improve its accuracy using an interactive text editor. With Happy Scribe, you can edit and adjust the transcription to improve its accuracy using an interactive text editor.

happy scribe

The user-friendly web interface allows subtitle translation with a single click, making it ideal for beginners. The user-friendly web interface allows subtitle translation with a single click, making it ideal for beginners. In addition, it safeguards data and ensures its security. In addition, it safeguards data and ensures its security.

Key Features / Features

  • Transcript accuracy is improved using an interactive text editor
  • Easy collaboration
  • Multi-language support 120+ languages.
  • Supports a variety of subtitle formats
  • Timestamps and speaker identification
  • Transcribe and translate multiple foreign languages
  • No limit on file size or length of audio or video


  • Free: $0
  • Basic $10 per month/ Billed annually
  • Pro $17 per month/ Billed annually
  • Business $29 per month/ Billed annually
  • Automatic transcription: $0.20 per minute
  • Human transcription: $2.25 per minute

3. Otter

As many popular MNCs like Dropbox, IBM, and UCLA are already using Otter and have good reviews, it is the best software for the transcription of phone calls into readable text.

otter homepage

With AI-powered call transcription software, it allows real-time audio transcription, plus it allows integration with different communication apps like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Otter is accessible in mobile apps( android, iOS)  as well as desktop apps, allowing users to transcribe calls and meetings from anywhere. Also, the ambient voice intelligence helps Otter recognize voices better and gain context-specific language understanding and consists of reliable collaboration features.

Key Features / Features

  • Seamless integrations with communication apps.
  • Allows real-time transcription and translation
  • Accessible with the mobile app
  • Ability to adjust various playback speeds
  • Ambient Voice Intelligence to recognize voices in recordings
  • TLS encryption
  • Can accurately identify names and other terminologies


  • Basic: Free transcription for 600 minutes a month
  • Pro: $10 per user/ monthly 
  • Business: $20 per user/ monthly 
  • Enterprise: Customizable

4. Sonix

Sonix is a top software that provides top-notch call transcription service with fast, accurate, and affordable pricing. Also, sonix guarantees accurate automated transcription in 38+ languages and a lightning-fast turnaround speed of two minutes. With its easy-to-use in-browser editor, video, audio, and movie transcriptions are quick, secure, and reliable.

sonix homepage

You can also add comments or notes, making it an ideal transcription tool for collaborative work. Last but not least, this user-friendly and highly intuitive software integrates seamlessly with major platforms like Adobe Premiere and Zoom. 

Key Features / Features

  • Fast and accurate  transcription
  • AI-generated transcription summaries
  • Translate and transcribe more than 40 languages
  • Integrates with a wide range of applications
  • Offer a free trial for 30 minutes 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quickly add notes to automated transcripts


  • Standard: $10 per hour
  • Premium: $5 per hour, additional $22 per user per month
  • Enterprise contact sales team

5. Gong 

With a trust radius rating of 9.3, Gong provides the best real-time call transcription for sales teams as it uses expert analytics to streamline client interactions. A speech-to-text model developed by Gong boasts over 85% accuracy. Through its AI-driven platform, it can identify topics and keywords on recorded calls resulting in transcription errors.


The highlight of the gong is real-time call and video transcription services. The Intuitive interface offered by Gong guarantees accuracy and allows smooth integrations with popular web conferencing services, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Key Features / Features

  • Real-time call transcription service
  • AI-driven platform, guaranteeing accuracy 
  • Supports several global languages
  • seamlessly integrate with Zoom for live audio transcriptions
  • Intuitive interface and web dashboard
  • Features revenue intelligence


Contact sales team

6. Jiminny

Jiminny is one of the best coaching software for sales professionals, offering real-time call transcriptions. Jiminny analyzes recorded conversations using artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, which helps sales teams identify essential keywords, sentiments, and patterns.

jiminny home page

With Jiminny, businesses can integrate with Customer Relationship Management tools, allowing data sharing and analyzing customer interactions. It also assures quality transcription of customer calls, which can be beneficial for the sales team in making informed decisions to enhance their sales processes.

Key Features / Features

  • Performance tracking and Analytical sales coaching 
  • Multilingual transcriptions
  • AI-powered analytics and insights
  • Unlimited recording and transcription
  • Security and Compliance
  • Customizable reporting and dashboard
  • Provides a unified AI and natural language platform 
  • Quality assurance of transcriptions 


  • Jiminny Pro: $85Month/rep Annually
  • Jiminny Enterprise: customizable 


With more than 100,000 users across 100,000 organizations, is the most reliable call transcription software. Using AI-powered transcription, you can effectively transcribe voice conversations and meetings. The application allows users to create annotations and notes across multiple platforms. 

fireflies homepage allows you to perform searchable and accurate transcriptions, automate workflows, and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues across platforms. With its voice recognition technology, this transcription software allows live transcription in a variety of global languages.

Key Features / Features

  • Voice recognition technology to identify speakers during voice conversations 
  • Support several global languages
  • Easy collaboration through shareable links
  • Features useful analytic tools
  • Enables workflow automation
  • Live transcription and translation
  • Integrate with MS Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet


  • Free plan available, with only limited features
  • Pro: $10 per user monthly (billed annually)
  • Business: $19 per user monthly (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Customized rates


To sum up, choosing the right and perfect call transcription for your business can be challenging, but considering the factors mentioned above in this blog will help you filter out the best call transcription software and choose the right one that can possibly meet your business needs.

Make sure you prioritize accuracy, turnaround time, security, pricing, customer support, and quality assurance while choosing a call transcription provider. 

Since the transcription service industry is constantly changing, make sure you choose the provider that offers your latest and innovative features to meet your call transcription needs, deliver personalized customer service to your customers, and enhance your business operation with seamless and accurate communication.


Why is call transcription so important?

Call transcription converts spoken words into written text, making conversations searchable, analyzable, and more accessible. Additionally, recorded conversations provide valuable insights, aid in information retrieval, and enhance communication efficiency, which is why call transcription is important.

How much does a call transcription service cost?

Call transcription service costs over $10- $85 depending upon the features the business requires.

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