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How does a virtual phone number system improve your business productivity?

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Are you curious about the productivity benefits of owning a modern VoIP phone? How does getting a virtual phone number system boost your team’s efficiency?

A virtual phone system has many communication features for streamlining workflow and shooting up your productivity numbers – most businesses just don’t realize they exist. So how do VoIP phone features generate highly efficient teams?

Let’s dive right into it:

1. Automating call handling processes

One of the tedious processes for sales and marketing teams is call handling. The entire process is unnecessarily lengthy and time-consuming. You need to direct the caller to the right contact, or else you miss out on a potential client. This involves talking to customers, understanding their queries, and getting hold of the right person in your team to finally resolve the call.

A virtual phone system has automation features to shorten call handling processes. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an intelligent customer support function that routes customers to the right support. By dialing the required extension number during the call, customers can self-route their calls to the concerned authority.

This feature eliminates the time spent by employees on routing calls. It eventually improves productivity metrics such as call completion rate, agent utilization, and speed of answer rate while minimizing call handling time. 

Call sequencing and group calls are other calls handling features for time-saving. By pre-defining a sequence for the calls, employees can bypass calls to other team members in case of a busy schedule.

By enabling group calling, customers can simultaneously call a group of people, so employees caught up with critical work can easily let someone from the team receive the call. These features allow employees to focus on the work-at-hand uninterrupted, improving their work efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Simplifying team communication

A virtual phone number system allows you the flexibility that a landline phone doesn’t. All the call information of virtual phone numbers is updated in the dashboard in real-time. Also, virtual phone numbers are SMS and MMS-enabled, and all text message data are recorded in the dashboard. Most VoIP dashboards have features for call and text data management that make information sharing between teams easy. 

For example, the call notes feature allows call minutes to be taken, and call tags can be used for segmenting clients. A team member can label clients as ‘potential clients’ or an ‘uninterested client’ and provide pointers about calls using call notes. This minimizes misunderstanding and improves communication efficiency between the team. Any other team member can promptly respond to the clients using these features.

The message pin feature allows important messages to be highlighted in the dashboard. This feature allows teams to view important messages and lowers the risk of miscommunication among team members. The call management features enhance the overall team efficiency by reducing the time to access customer and call information.

3. Integrating with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM systems such as Slack, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc., simplify customer management processes and drive lead conversions. A virtual phone number system can be integrated into existing CRM systems to speed up customer interactions.

You can receive VoIP calls in the CRM workspace and use customer data from CRM during live calls. Easy access to customer information can save call processing time for your team. Sales and support agents can use existing client data to provide context-based services during customer calls resulting in efficient resolution of queries. By integrating call data with other CRM data, teams can gain better insights into customer needs which helps to accelerate future strategy development processes. 

Also, teams can easily share call information with other members within the CRM workspace. Easy sharing simplifies communication among employees and ensures efficient updates on customer queries and interactions. CRM integration is an exclusive feature of a virtual phone system and can improve call processing time and lead conversion rates for your team.

4. Bulk SMS and predictive calling

Marketing and sales campaigns mainly involve reaching out to as many audiences at the shortest time possible. Sales and marketing teams have their hands full during these campaigns. But there are VoIP features that will considerably ramp up the campaign processes.

Virtual phone numbers have features for sending bulk SMS to large groups with a single click. Bulk messaging helps improve the outreach while eliminating time loss of employees during campaign and outreach processes. Call features such as predictive dialing and power dialer help teams make calls at a faster rate.

You can sequence your calls and use a power dialer to automatically dial the next contact. While making a number of calls, the predictive dialer and power dialer saves your team a lot of time while also reducing the risk of wrong numbers. Calls per agent and agent utilization rates go up when these VoIP features are used during busy campaigns and ambitious outreach plans. 

5. Enabling telecommute

A virtual phone number system is highly flexible. You can make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection. Virtual numbers can be used over multiple devices such as your laptop, mobile phones, home phones, etc.

You can route your call to your home phone or mobile from the laptop and vice versa. So this enables telecommuting and improves the availability of your team. Telecommuting maintains communication metrics for employees, especially sales agents and consultants who have to travel for work.

With the option to receive work calls on a mobile phone and access important call data on one’s device, teams can better communicate with clients. Getting a VoIP phone will improve agent availability and speed of answer metrics for your team. 

How to make the most out of Virtual Phone Number System?

A virtual phone number system has exclusive features designed to improve work productivity that a landline phone doesn’t. Using advanced call management, call automation, integration, and telecommuting features of a VoIP phone, you can improve productivity metrics for your team. 

If you are impressed with the productivity benefits of a virtual phone system, check out the latest offerings from KrispCall. KrispCall is a virtual phone system provider with premium team management services. All call management and automation features are available in KrispCall at very affordable prices.

KrispCall simplifies team and client interactions by consolidating information in a single dashboard called “Unified Callbox.” The Unified Callbox helps your team interact with clients and members through a single platform without the need for switching apps. KrispCall also offers a broad list of third-party CRM integrations for optimizing workflows. Get a Schedule Free KrispCall demo now and see the productivity benefits for yourself.


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