How to Call Israel from Canada?

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how to call israel from canada

People travel from one country to another for better living, studying, exploring, built-business, and many more. This migration process is going from the ancient civilizations. 

And, this process has made Israel and Canada brought together for their people to get benefits from their resources and make a better life for their people.  According to Wikipedia, in 2011, there are 30,000 Israeli living in Canada. And the number is still counting on. 

Israel is one of the leading countries for business, services, living, tourism, studying, and employment for the Canadian people.

And a general assumption will be that someone will be trying to connect with his friends and family in Israel from Canada daily for personal & business matters.

In this post, you’ll also get all the 

  • Israel dialing formats
  • Israel area codes
  • Israel country codes 
  • How to buy an Israel virtual number
  • Best time to call Israel from Philipinnes,
  • And tips on calling Israel from different mediums while you’re in Canada.

As a bonus, we will also provide comprehensive ideas for you to get Israel’s virtual phone numbers in less than a minute. You will also know the cheap and best method of calling Israel from Canada, and additionally detailed instructions on the dialing format of how to call Israel from Canada.

International Call to Israel: What is it & Why does it matter?

The process of calling or reaching out to someone in Israel from different locations in another country is known as the international call to Israel. 

For example, you are making calls to Israel from Canada.

Israel and Canada Flags

International calls to Israel matter because many outsiders live in Israel right now to live, study, do business, travel, etc. 

To reach out to friends & families who are in Israel, an international call to Israel is important.

An international call to Israel plays a vital role in business purposes. In addition, Israel is a good location for growing global businesses.

Types of Phone Numbers in Israel

There are different types of phone numbers that are available in Israel, and you should understand them and how to use them before you reach there.

Following are some of the popular types of phone numbers available in Israel.

  1. Israel Mobile Phone Number: Example, +972- 919 – 987 6543
  2. Israel Landline Phone Number: Example, +972 – 8 – 987 1234
  3. Israel Toll-Free Number Number: Example, +972 – 8 – 5555 5555 
  4. Israel Emergency Number: 100 for Police.

Israel Telephone Codes

There are different phone codes to keep in mind before making a call to Israel. They are as follows:

But first, you should find out the country’s exit code from which you are making the call.

Canada Exit Code

To call internationally from Canada, you will need the Canada exit code. The exit code of Canada is 011.

Canada Exit Code011

Israel Country Code

To call Israel from abroad, you will need the Israel country code. The country code or International Subscriber Dialing (ISD) code or the country code of Israel is 972.

Israel Country Code972

Israel Area Code

Also, you will need the area code where you want to make a call to the different locations in Israel. 

The area codes of the different locations in Israel are

S.No.Area NameArea Code
#4. Hashfela08
#6. Jaffa03
#7. Ramat Gan03
#8. Qiryat Shmona04

Israel Emergency Phone Number 

There are few emergency numbers for working the emergencies among the people in Israel. They are 


How to Call Israel from Canada: The Quick, Easy & Cheap Ways

To call Israel from Canada, dial

  • 011 – 972 – Area Code – Local Phone Number (For Israel landline numbers)
  • 011 – 972 – Mobile Code – Local Mobile Number (For Israel mobile numbers)

You can use various methods for dialing Israel from Canada including:

A . Using the Traditional Way 

Traditional phone calls from Canada can be made directly to Israel. But the traditional approach for making a phone call to Israel is seemly getting quite expensive and difficult with new technology on the rise.

Traditional methods of phoning Israel from Canada include various options. They are.

1.1 How to Call Israel Landline Number from Canada?

To dial the Israel landline number from Canada, Dial: 00 – 972- Area Code – Landline / Local Number

Israel Landline Number Example: Dial 00 -972- 8 – 987 – 1234


  1. 00 (Canada Exit Code): This is an exit code of Canada that you need to dial first while making a call to Israel.
  2. 972 (Israel Country Code): This is a country code or ISD code of Israel that you need to dial to make a call to Israel from Canada.
  3. 8 (Israel Area Code): This is the area code of Israel, Israel, as an example. Like that, you can dial different area codes for a different location.
  4. 987 – 1234 (Landline / Local Number): This is one example of a landline number usually 7 digits long. But it could be 5-9 digits long.

1.2. How to Call Israel Mobile Number from Canada?

To call the Israel mobile number from Canada, Dial: 00 – 852 – 9XX – Mobile Number

Israel mobile number Example: Dial 00 – 852 – 999 – 919 9191


  1. 00 (Canada Exit Code): This is an exit code of Canada that you need to dial first while making a call to Israel.
  2. 972 (Israel Country Code): This is a country code or ISD code of Israel that you need to dial to make a call to Israel from Canada.
  3. 999 (Mobile Code): This is an example of a mobile code. You need to dial this 3 digits mobile code starting with 9 to call mobile phones in Israel from Canada.
  4. 919 9191 (Mobile Number): This is an example of a mobile number in Israel. Mobile numbers in Israel are 7 digits long.

1.3. How to Call Israel Toll-free Number from Canada?

To call the Israel toll-free number, Dial: 00 -852 – Area Code – XXXX XXXX

Israel Toll-free Number Example: Dial 00 -852 – 8- 5555 5555


  • 00 (Canada Exit Code): This is an exit code of Canada that you need to dial first while making a call to Israel.
  • 972 (Israel Country Code): This is a country code or ISD code of Israel that you need to dial to make a call to Israel from Canada.
  • 8 (Israel Area Code): This code specifies which areas to dial to reach someone who lives in a certain part of Israel.
  • 5555 5555 (Toll-Free Number): This is an example of a toll-free number in Israel. It could be 8-10 digits long.

How to Call Israel from Canada using Alternative Method?

To call Israel from Canada by using cloud telephony & VoIP service is considered an alternative method of calling.

This approach of calling Israel from Israel is best compared to the traditional way of calling because it is more reliable, flexible & easy to use.

This method is way cheaper compared to the traditional way of calling.

So, there are several methods under an alternative approach that you can use to call Israel from Canada very easily. They are as follows:

2.1 Using Cloud Telephony Services

Cloud telephony is a significant advancement in communication that has revolutionized global communication. Cloud delivers VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services to help with internet-based phone calls.


Similarly, it aids in getting one platform to be remotely available to different clients living in different regions, communicating with branch offices or remote staff with ease, cost-effectiveness, and output to enterprises.

Various cloud-based phone systems offer cloud telephony features and services, and KrispCall is one of the fastest-growing cloud telephony service providers, serving clients all over the world.

Krispcall is a business communication tool that helps you get more out of each conversation. KrispCall’s telephony solution can help you take your virtual cloud calling to the next level.

KrispCall enables teams who need to jump on calls with customers frequently to do so without being tethered to a traditional desk phone.

It helps you communicate with individuals all over the world by providing phone numbers from over 100 countries.


KrispCall’s Services

Without the caller physically hanging up and entering extra numbers, unanswered phone calls are automatically forwarded to another phone number.

If an agent does not answer their desk phone, the call is automatically forwarded to their mobile phone number, landline phone number, and so on.

Using pre-recorded automated messaging and call menus, Cloud IVR links callers to the appropriate departments and allows customers to make payments, check account status, and more without speaking to a live representative.

Use International Numbers for your business and be able to do transactions from any location.

A unique phone number, such as Toll-Free Numbers, can help you remember your brand (Voice, SMS & MMS).

Advanced Features of KrispCall to Generate 

KrispCall has several resourceful features that can help any business develop. It offers a variety of pricing and plan options for businesses of all sizes.

So, here are some of the sophisticated features that KrispCall provides to help you build your business:

  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Transferring
  • Call Recording
  • Call Management
  • Voicemail
  • Number Porting
  • Caller ID
  • Call History
  • Call Filters

To know more about KrispCall features & price plans, visit KrispCall’s official sites.

What type of Israel numbers do you get from KrispCall?

You can get different types of Israel numbers from KrispCall. They are as follows:

  • Local Number (SMS, Voice)
  • Toll-Free Number (SMS, Voice & MMS)
  • International Number
  • Easy Number Porting

KrispCall supports Android, iOS & Web.

You might also be interested in:

2.2 WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular VoIP app that can be used on both a desktop and a mobile device.

It allows you to chat with individuals worldwide in just a minute by simply connecting to the internet.

Using WhatsApp for making calls to Israel from Canada is efforting and simpler. To call other WhatsApp users, you need to register a WhatsApp account, and then you can contact other WhatsApp users over the internet.

It is the top priority for personal use. Conversely, WhatsApp is not suited for holding business meetings; it somehow resists low.

How to call Israel from Canada using Whatsapp?

Making calls to Israel from Canada using WhatsApp is less time-consuming and more convenient. To call other WhatsApp users, you must first create a WhatsApp account, after which you can contact them via the internet, and enjoy the talk with anyone in Israel.

2.3 Facebook Messenger

It is another excellent option for calling for personal reasons, similar to WhatsApp. People are more familiar with Facebook Messenger than WhatsApp.

It’s simple to use, and billions of people already use it. All you need is a Messenger app on your phone. Then you must create a Facebook account and add someone as a friend.

After that, all you need is internet connectivity to call any of your Facebook pals.

As a result, using Facebook Messenger, you may contact Israel from Canada.

How to call Israel from Canada using Facebook Messenger?

To call Israel from Canada using Facebook messenger follow the following steps:

  • Ensure you have Facebook and Facebook Messenger loaded on your phone.
  • Create a Facebook account first, then log in.
  • Provide all of the information needed to create a profile.
  • Now, open the messenger app and sign in with your Facebook account.
  •  You can now chat or talk (audio or video) with anyone in Israel who has a Facebook Messenger account and enjoy the call without disruption for free.

How to get the Israel phone number Instantly? Step-by-step- Guide

You can obtain the Israel phone number in less than a minute. You need to All you have to do now is choose the correct suppliers, such as KrispCall.

Let’s look at how to get an Israel phone number with KrispCall.

  • Step 1: Select KrispCall as the best VoIP or Cloud Telephony Service Platform for your necessities.
  • Step 2: Go to the phone number from the phone numbers section or page.
  • Step 3: In the area section, select Israel as a country and various areas of Israel.
  • Step 4: Select a virtual phone number from the number list.
  • Step 5: Choose the most appropriate subscription package for you.
  • Step 6: Obtain a telephone number.

What is the Right Time to Call the Israel Number from Canada?

You should be aware of the time difference between making calls to Israel from Canada so that you can ignore the missing rings.

So, there is 8 hours difference between Israel and Canada, and Canada’s time is 8hours behind Israel’s time.

So, you can make a call from Canada between 9 A.M  at the local time, and it will be 2 A.M in Israel.

Challenges while calling from Israel to Canada

While dialing Israel from Canada, you might face certain issues & challenges. They are as follows:

  • High calling rates
  • Poor Call Quality
  • Missing Calls
  • Loss of Privacy

With the use of cloud telephony solutions like KrispCall, you may solve these calling issues.

KrispCall offers low calling rates, high call quality, and never misses a call thanks to advanced call features such as personalized voicemail greetings, quick notification, and more…

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Israel: Dos and Don’ts

When making business calls to Israel, there are a few rules. The following are the details:

  • When speaking with others, remember to smile. Interacting with joyful people is enjoyable.
  • Plan ahead of time when making phone calls. Make no unexpected phone calls.
  • To avoid missing calls, be aware of the time differences between Israel and the nation from which you are calling.
  • Introduce yourself after the salutations with your complete name (first name and last name).
  • Don’t become irritated if the person you’re calling is late for the meeting.
  • Speak clearly and courteously.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor in small talk. Do not bring up personal issues or ask intimate inquiries of others you are conversing with.
  • Unless they specifically request it, do not address someone by their first name. The pronouns “Mr” and “Mrs” should be used.

Conclusion: The best way to Call Israel from Canada is…

Traditional methods of calling Israel from Canada are always more expensive and complicated than non-traditional methods.

Traditional ways of reaching Israel from Canada may provide issues such as expensive rates, poor call quality, and so on.

A non-traditional method like cloud telephony is always a superior solution in terms of pricing and performance to traditional alternatives.

You’ve undoubtedly worked out that the best method to make calls is to use a non-traditional strategy.

Among them, however!

KrispCall should be your first choice when it comes to how to call Israel from Canada using VoIP service and cloud telephony, as we’ve already mentioned the wide range of options it provides.

KrispCall cloud telephony offers the most dependable performance at the most affordable prices.

With KrispCall cloud telephony, you may simply make calls to Israel from Canada. It is excellent for personal use and aids in the rapid growth of your business, giving you an advantage over the competitors.

You can test the KrispCall performance for free, and KrispCall offers you a Schedule Free KrispCall demo now. You need to sign up first with a simple single click.


Are phone calls from Canada to Israel expensive?

Yes, they are. But the rates depend upon the providers you are using and the phone number you are calling (landline or mobile phone) or get the cloud-telephony service providers like KrispCall for your unlimited talk and advanced features.

How to call Israel for Free?

You can call Israel for free if you use certain free VoIP applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

Which is the best Israel virtual phone number provider?

KrispCall is the best Israel virtual phone number provider right now.

What is the Israel ISD code?

The ISD code of Israel is 972.

What is the Israel emergency number for an Ambulance?

The Israel emergency number for an Ambulance is 101.

How to make cheap international calls from Canada to Israel?

Making cheap international calls from Canada to Israel can be achieved by purchasing a virtual number from affordable cloud telephony like KrispCall. It not only saves you from draining your wallet but also offers high-quality international calls.



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