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How To Call Egypt From The US: A Simple Guide



How To Call Egypt From The US

Making an international phone call can often feel like navigating through a maze, especially when you’re trying to reach someone in a country as culturally rich and historically significant as Egypt. 

Whether it’s for business, catching up with family, or planning your next travel adventure, knowing how to call Egypt from the US can save you time and avoid frustration.

 In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps, from dialing the right codes to considering the best times to call, ensuring you stay connected across the continents.

How to call Egypt from US?

To make a phone call from the US to Egypt, you must first dial the US exit code “011”, and next dial Egypt country code “20”. Then the area code of the particular region you are calling and finally you can dial the local phone number.

How to call egypt from the US

Here is the step-by-step guide to calling Egypt different numbers from the USA:

  1. Dial “011,” which is the US exit code, also known as the US international access number.
  2. Next, dial “20” which is the Egypt country code.
  3. Following that, dial the area code of Egypt City where you want to reach.
  4. Finally, dial the phone number you want to make the call to (subscriber’s number).

How to call Egypt landline number from the US?

To call a landline number in Egypt from an USA landline, dial the international exit code 011, followed by Egypt’s country code 20, the area code for the specific region, and then the local landline number.

Calling Egypt from the US landline is a simple process. Here’s what you need to do:

Format: 011 + 20 X X-XXXX-XXXX


  • 011: Exit code for calls from the US
  • 20: Country code for Egypt
  • X: Area code for the specific city (see below for some examples)
  • XXXX-XXXX: Local phone number (8 digits)

How to call Egypt mobile number from the US?

To call Egypt from the US on a mobile phone, dial the international exit code (011), followed by Egypt’s country code (20), the area code for the specific region, and then the local phone number, with the area code and local number separated by a hyphen if necessary.

Format: 011 + 20 1X-XXXX-XXXX


  • 011: Exit code for calls from the US
  • 20: Country code for Egypt
  • 1X: Mobile network operator code (see below for some examples)
  • XXXX-XXXX: Mobile phone number (8 digits)

How to call Egypt toll-free number?

To call directly an Egypt toll-free number (starting with 0800) from the US might not be possible. As it, toll-free numbers are specific to a country and for its callers within the country. But if you are using a number within Egypt then here is a toll-free number breakdown. 

Egypt toll-free number format: +20 (0800)-XXX-XXXX


  • +20: This is the country code for Egypt.
  • (0800): This is the prefix that identifies the number as a toll-free number in Egypt.
  • XXX-XXXX: These are the seven digits that make up the unique subscriber number for the specific toll-free service.

What are the things to consider before Calling Eygpt from the US?

1. Dialing code

Dialing codes, also known as access codes or country codes, are numbers you enter before a phone number to make an international call. They work as a routing system, guiding your call to the correct country and the intended phone number.

From outside Egypt: You would dial the complete dialing code, which is +20, followed by the area code and the local phone number (e.g., +20 2 12345678 to call the same number in Cairo from abroad).

Note: There are different types of dialing codes besides country codes. For example, some countries might have specific dialing codes for toll-free numbers (e.g., 0800 in Egypt) or mobile phone numbers (which might start with a specific digit like “0” or “1”).

2. Eygpt area code

One of the requirements when it comes to calling specific cities within Egypt is are code prefix. These prefixes are different according to cities. Here are some of the major city area codes of Egypt: 

City/RegionArea Code
ATM Service(0)63
Beni Suef(0)82
El Arish(0)68
El tour(0)69
Kafer El sheik(0)47
Marsa Matrrouh(0)46
Post Said(0)66
Red Sea(0)65
Wadi El gedid(0)92

3. Time zone difference

A time zone is a region of the globe that uses a uniform standard time for various purposes, such as legal, commercial, and social purposes. Time zones affect significant business calls from different countries by creating communication gaps, delays, and scheduling conflicts, directly affecting worker productivity and customer service. 

One of the most important questions about time zones is “ What is the Best Time To Make Business Calls In Egypt?” Well to answer that question, we have listed different time zones side by side for better understanding.

Making Calls from the USA to Egypt:

City in the USCity in EgyptTime Difference(US-Egypt)Example: Call made at 10 amEquivalent Time in Egypt
New York(EST)Cairo(EET)+7 hours10:00 AM EST5:00 PM EET
Los Angeles(PST)Cairo(EET)+10 hours10:00 AM PST8:00 PM EET
Chicago(CST)Cairo(EET)+8 hours10:00 AM CST6:00 PM EET
Miami(EST)Cairo(EET)+7 hours10:00 AM EST5:00 PM EET
Seattle(PST)Cairo(EET)+10 hours10:00 AM PST8:00 PM EET
Denver(MST)Cairo(EET)+9 hours10:00 AM MST7:00 PM EET
Dallas(CST)Cairo(EET)+8 hours10:00 AM CST6:00 PM EET

4. International calling cost

When calling Egypt from the US, understanding international calling costs is crucial. Traditional phone plans often have high per-minute rates for international calls. It is better to check your phone service provider for their specific rates in Egypt.

What are the Alternative Ways to Make an International Call to Egypt from the US?

Beyond traditional phone plans, several options are available in today’s market that offer cost-effective ways to connect with loved ones in Egypt from the US:

Virtual Phone Numbers

The virtual phone numbers from cloud-based telephony service providers like KrispCall allow you to call and receive calls globally, often with lower per-minute rates compared to traditional international calls on your mobile plan.

Prepaid Calling Cards

Purchase prepaid calling cards with a specific dollar amount. Dial an access number and the Egyptian phone number to connect, using the card’s minutes until depleted. This offers flexibility and control over spending but may not be the most cost-effective option for frequent calls.

Calling Apps with Wi-Fi

Utilize mobile apps like Viber, WhatsApp, or Google Duo that allow voice and video calls over a Wi-Fi connection. Many offer free calls to other app users, making them ideal for staying connected with individuals who also use the same app.

International Calling Services (VoIP)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services like Skype or Rebtel let you make calls over the Internet. Often with subscription plans or pay-as-you-go options, these services can be cost-effective for frequent international calls, especially when using Wi-Fi to avoid data charges.


Placing a call to Egypt from the US is straightforward. By using the correct dialing procedure (exit code, country code, area code, and phone number), you can easily make a standard phone call. Keep in mind, though, that the charges might differ according to your phone plan.

So it’s better to consider obtaining a virtual number from KrispCall to make international calls for your business or personal purposes no matter where you are. By signing up to KrispCall you can access high-end telephony features with budget-friendly pricing within a few minutes.  


What is the country code for Egypt?

The country code for Egypt is +20. Whenever you are dialing the local phone number you need to dial this prefix when making an international call to Egypt.

Do I need to dial 011 to call Egypt?

Yes, you do need to dial 011 when calling Egypt from the US. The 011 is an exit code that is specific to the US and is used to initiate international calls.

Is there a time difference between Egypt and the US?

Yes, there is a time difference between Egypt and the US, it depends upon which part of the US you are calling from. If you are calling from major cities like New York, and Miami which follow Eastern Standard Time then it’s 7 hours behind Egypt. If you are calling from cities like Los Angeles, or San Francisco which follows Pacific Standard Time then Egypt is 10 hours ahead. 

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