How to Call Canada from Hong Kong
  • Bantu Shrestha
  • Last Updated: 09 Jun 22
  • 12 min read

How to Call Canada from Hong Kong in 2022? [Dialing, Area Codes]

  • Bantu Shrestha
  • Last Updated: 09 Jun 22
  • 12 min read

Approximately, more than 295000 Canadians are living in Hong Kong. And Hong Kong is the best place for visits and travel as well.

More than that, Canada is the best target of large enterprises to make a business or grow a business.

So, there is a high chance that every day someone is making calls to Canada from Hong Kong for personal & business purposes.

So, this article helps you to know how to call Canada from Hong Kong with various dialing formats and area codes of different locations.

We will guide you step-by-step to get the Canadian virtual phone number within a minute in this article.

Stick to the end!

You will get to know every basic detail regarding calling Canada from Hong Kong.

International Call to Canada: What is it & Why does it matter?

The process of making calls to Canada from any other country around the world is referred to as the international call to Canada.

For example, calling Canada from Hong Kong.

International calls to Canada is matter because there are many Canadians living outside the country & trying to interact with their friends and family who lived in Canada.

Types of Phone Numbers in Canada

  • Landline Number: For example, +1 – 226 – 123 – 4567
  • Mobile Number: For example, +1 437 291 0212
  • Toll-Free Number: For example, +1 – 833 – 123 – 4567
  • Emergency Number: For example, 911 for Ambulance

Different Canada Telephone Codes: Phone Number Structure in Canada

First, you need to understand different telephone codes before calling Canada from Hong Kong. They are as follows:

Hong Kong Exit Code

The exit code of Hong Kong is 001. This code needs to be dialed first whenever you wish to make an international call from Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Exit Code 001

Canada Country Code

The country code or ISD code of Canada is 1. This code needs to be dialed whenever you wish to make an international call to Canada.

Country  Country Code
Canada 1

Canada Area Code

Canada area code would be different according to different locations. You can dial different area codes to conduct calls to different locations in Canada.

The various area codes of Canada is given below in the table:

Location Area Code
Alberta 403,  587, 780, 825
British Columbia 236, 250, 604, 672, 778
Manitoba 204, 431
New Brunswick 506
Newfoundland and Labrador 709
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island  782, 902
Ontario  226, 249, 289, 343, 365, 416, 437, 519, 548, 613, 647, 705, 807, 905
Quebec 367, 418, 438, 450, 514, 579, 581, 819, 873
Saskatchewan 306, 639 
Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut 867

Canada Emergency Phone Number

Sometimes you need a daily Canadian emergency number for government help. The emergency number in Canada is:

Emergency Field Emergency Number
Police, Ambulance, Fire 911

How to Call Canada from Hong Kong: The Quick, Easy & Cheap Ways

Give an overview of virtual cloud phones. Talk about KrispCall and explain why it’s one of the best out there. Talk about its call quality, security, and affordability.

1. Using Traditional Way

You can directly dial the person in Canada from Hong Kong by using the various traditional ways of calling. 

It is quite an expensive method. But you can make calls easily to Canada from Hong Kong.

So, some of the traditional ways of making calls to Canada from Hong Kong are as follows:

1.1. Dial the Canadian Landline Number from Hong Kong

The dialing format of calling a Canadian landline number from Hong Kong is

Dial: 001 – 1 – Area Code – Landline Number

Example: Dial 001 – 1 – 226 – 123 – 4567


  • 001 (Hong Kong Exit Code): This is the exit code of Hong Kong that you need to make an international call from Hong Kong.
  • 1 (Canada Country Code): This is the country code of Canada that you need to make an international call to Canada.
  • 226 (Canada Area Code): This is one of the area codes of Ontario, Canada as an example. There are several area codes for different locations, that you need to dial to make calls in that area.
  • 123 – 4567 (Local / Landline Number): This is an example of a landline number in Canada. It could be 7 digits long.

1.2. Dial the Canadian Mobile Number from Hong Kong

The dialing format for calling the Canadian mobile number from Hong Kong is

Dial: 001 – 1 – XXX XXX XXXX 

Example: 001 – 1 – 437 291 0212


  • 437 291 0212 (Canadian Mobile Number): This is an example of a Canadian mobile number which could be 10 digits long.

1.3. Dial the Canadian Toll-Free Number from Hong Kong

In Canada, toll-free numbers begin with 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, or 888.

If you are dialing from another country to Canada, the ‘1’ prefix is added to the dial.

So, the format to dial the Canadian toll-free number is

Dial: +1 – 833 – XXX – XXXX

Example: +1 – 833 – 123 – 4567


  • 123 – 4567: It can be your business telephone number.

2. A non-traditional approach to call Canada from Hong Kong

A non-traditional approach to calling Canada from Hong Kong is always the best alternative over the traditional way.

A non-traditional approach can be a cloud telephony service or VoIP application which helps you to call anywhere around the globe easily with the help of an internet connection.

Calling by using virtual cloud phones is an easier & cheap option than calling in a landline or mobile number.

2.1. Virtual Cloud Phone System

Nowadays, you don’t need a physical phone (landline or mobile phone) to make a call from Hong Kong to Canada. There are several virtual cloud phone systems that will help you do so. And your calling experience will be the same if not better. You can get a virtual phone number easily within a minute or two and start making calls without an issue.

And among the long list of virtual phone number providers, KrispCall is making quite a mark when it comes to international calling. Jam-packed with a plethora of handy cloud telephony features, KrispCall also happens to provide virtual phone numbers for more than 100 countries.

KrispCall Canada Number

KrispCall is totally cloud-based that allows you to handle your personal, commercial & corporate telephony needs from single unified tools.

You can simply call anyone in Canada from Hong Kong at a cheap price with the help of KrispCall cloud telephony.

Key Features of KrispCall

Some of the main characteristics of KrispCall are:

1. Global Calling

KrispCall’s worldwide calling features help you to make speedy international calls, allowing you to expand your consumer base worldwide.

2. Low Price

KrispCall provides you with the virtual number at a very convenient price as well as the calling rate with KrispCall is also low. It is affordable since it minimizes the need for other gears setup.

3. User-Friendly

KrispCall configuration is a very easy process. You can simply use it & implement it in your business as well. The layout is simple & informative. 

4. 24/7 Customer Support

KrispCall offers 24/7 online support to its customers. You can ask for help anytime if you face any issues.

5. Easy Number Porting

You can convert your present number into a KrispCall’s cloud telephony service as well. That means you don’t need to purchase a new number.

Other Advanced Features of KrispCall that help to grow your Business

Let’s talk about other advanced features that the KrispCall offers to grow your business. They are:

1. Call Monitoring

KrispCall offers a call monitoring feature to hear phone calls between employees and clients in real-time. So that, you can guide your employee at the same time.

2. Call Recording

Krispcall helps you to keep records of the call or conversations. So that, you understand the customer’s behavior or attitudes of employees towards customers. 

3. Voicemails

Be it for personal or business communications, the advantage of voicemail is boundless. Acknowledging that, KrispCall is also providing voicemail functionality. So that, if you are not available customers can send you a voicemail to reach you. It helps you to keep in touch with customers even you are not available.

4. Call Transferring

KrispCall helps you to redirect the phone calls to another line in real-time. So that, you can counter the customer’s questions with employees who can better handle them.

Those are the few main features of KrispCall that help you to fulfill your personal & business telephony needs. If you want to know more features that the KrispCall offers then visit KrispCall’s Official Websites.

What type of Canadian Numbers do you get from KrispCall?

There are different types of Canadian numbers that you get from KrispCall. They are as follows:

KrispCall is the ultimate solution for you and your business. It is better than any other cloud telephony system or VoIP provider from any aspect like price, compatibility, flexibility, etc. 

2.2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the popular VoIP service providers that helps you to make and receive calls all over the internet within a second. 


More than billions of people are using Whatsapp these days. It is available in any palace of the globe. 

You just need a WhatsApp account with an internet connection to conduct phone calls with other WhatsApp users.

So, you can easily make calls to Canada from Hong Kong using WhatsApp for free. It could be one of the best options for personal phone calls but not for business calls.

It obviously offers features like audio calling, video calling, voicemails, file sharing & chats. But business phone calls required more features like call monitoring, call transferring, call recording, call management, etc which is not offered by WhatsApp.

So, WhatsApp is suitable for personal use but not for business purposes.

You might also be interested in:

2.3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another way of connecting with people. It is the most popular VoIP application to connect with people since it is very user-friendly & already used by billions of people.


You just need to install Facebook Messenger first. Then you just need to have a Facebook account. After onwards, you can easily communicate with people from your Facebook friend list using Messenger.

It is available in any location around the globe, you just need an internet connection.

Using Messenger, you can easily communicate with your Canadian Facebook friends or family within a few seconds. You can share multimedia files, chat, video calls, etc. It is definitely free of cost & suitable for personal issues.

Like WhatsApp, Messenger is also appropriate for personal use but not for business purposes. You cannot grow your business with Facebook Messenger. You need clod telephony for that. 

How to get a Canada phone number instantly? Step-by-step Guide

Steps to get a Canadian virtual phone number instantly are as follows:

  • Step 1: Select the most appropriate Cloud Telephony Service Platform for your requirements, such as KrispCall.
  • Step 2: From the phone numbers section or page, select a phone number.
  • Step 3: Choose Canada as a country and an area.
  • Step 4: Select a phone number from the offered list.
  • Step 5: Decide on the best subscription package for you.
  • Step 6: Get a Canadian Phone Number.

By following those procedures step by step you can buy Canadian virtual numbers in less than a minute with KrispCall.

What is the Right Time to Call Canada Number from Hongkong?

Before making calls to Canada from Hong Kong, you should be aware of the time differences between these two countries so that you avoid untimely calls.

The time difference between Canada and Hong Kong is 14 hrs. Canada is 14 hrs behind the time of Hongkong.

You should call between 9 P.M – 1 P.M in local time of Hong Kong. It would be 7 A.M – 11 P.M in Canada. 

Challenges while calling from Hong Kong to Canada

Some challenges that you might face while calling to Canada from HongKong are:

  • Low Call Quality
  • Untimely Calls
  • Expensive Calling Rates
  • Security Issues
  • Privacy Hamper

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Canada: Dos and Don’ts

The following are some rules and habits to follow when making business phone calls to Canada:

  • When making phone calls, plan ahead of time. Never make a phone call out of nowhere.
  • It would be best if you eliminate making calls at inappropriate times. First, you must determine the time difference between Canada & the nation from which you are calling (Hong Kong).
  • To introduce oneself, start with salutations, then your full name (first name and last name).
  • Do not address someone by their first name unless they expressly desire it. Use the terms “Mr” and “Mrs.”
  • If the individual you’re calling shows up late for the meeting, don’t be upset.
  • In small talk, maintain a professional attitude. Don’t bring up personal issues or ask personal questions of the people.

Conclusion: And, the best way to make a Call Canada from Hong Kong is…

As we already addressed the different methods of calling Canada from Hong Kong. You can use any methods mentioned above to make calls to Canada from Hong Kong.

But when it comes to price and services, you obviously want the best methods among all of them.

So, KrispCall Cloud Telephony is the best method to make calls to Canada from Hong Kong when it comes to price & services. It is very simple & easy to use. Krispcall price is really affordable.

For personal use, you can also use WhatsApp or Messenger, but those VoIP applications won’t help you in the business field. So, a cloud telephony service like KrispCall could be your ultimate option for personal use as well as business purpose.

So, you should pick such telephony that helps you in business & is suitable for personal use like KrispCall.

KrispCall provides a free Demo if you are interested in checking out its features. You can check the service before buying as well because KrispCall provides you with a Schedule Free KrispCall demo now. 



Are phone calls from Hongkong to Canada expensive?

Yes, they are. But the rates depend upon the carrier you are using and the phone number you are calling (landline or mobile phone).

How to call Canada from Hong Kong for free?

Yes, you can call Canada from Hong Kong for free by using various VoIP applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, etc.

What is the best method to call Canada from Hong Kong?

Calling by using Cloud Telephony service is the best method to calling Canada from Hong Kong since it is cheap & secure.

Which is the best Canadian Virtual number provider?

KrispCall is the best Canadian virtual number provider.

What is the Country Code of Canada?

The Country Code of Canada is 1.

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