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How to Call Singapore from Canada in Easily & Cheaply?



How to Call Singapore from Canada in Easily & Cheaply

When we live away from our home, city, or country, we miss everything that connects us to our soil. 

And, missing something or someone somehow unknowingly makes us vulnerable. So, to diminish this missing procedure, it’s vital to have a constant connection with your people. 

It not only clears communication gaps but also makes you and them feel like you’re there in every moment and change. 

Singapore and Canada have a close relationship, but few Singaporean citizens reside in Canada.

So, suppose you’re residing in Singapore from Canada and trying to make calls to your loved one or find ways to make a business call and want to know” How to call Singapore from Canada”.

In that case, you should understand various factors such as traditional ways, calling, alternative calling methods, and others. 

As a bonus in this post, you’ll also get all the 

  • Singapore dialing formats
  • Singapore area codes
  • Singapore country codes 
  • Best time to call Singapore from Canada
  • And tips on calling Singapore from different mediums while you’re in Canada.

Stay connected till sum up and FAQ!

International Call to Singapore: What is it & Why does it matter?

If you call Singapore from any country via audio, video, or voice call, it is considered a Singapore international call.

And there are things that one should know about various vital factors before making international calls, such as calling code, area code, and many more—for example, a person calling Singapore from Canada to contact their friends and family.

International calling to Singapore is a serious matter that must be considered as various countries and Canada needs to communicate with family and friends each day. 

On the other hand, an international calling can also be a business call conversation to Singapore.

Singapore is one of the most developed countries with modern technology resources in every sector. 

Anyone or business can contact Singapore, and here different factors take the limelight to consider for an international calling to Singapore.

Singapore and Canada calling connections generally go through traditional ways. On the other side, the virtual phone system is one of the leading services to connect these two countries at a time beneficial to business and personal use. 

International calls don’t interrupt if you use the best virtual phone system providers or cloud-based systems like KrispCall, which handles your call history, recording, monitoring, and many more.

Types of Phone Numbers in Singapore 

Every country has a different number associated with the other systems such as landline phone systems, mobile, cloud-based numbers, or emergency numbers.

However, if you’re making international calls to Singapore from Canadian numbers, you will need the country code of Singapore, Canada exit, and Singapore’s area code. 

Even in Singapore, there are four different phone numbers in any country that helps people to connect through their desired communication system. 

  • Landline Number: For example, +65 – 23 – 45– 67– 89
  • Mobile Number: For example, +65–23 – 45– 67– 89–67
  • Toll-Free Number: For example, +65 — 1800 – 123– 456
  • Emergency Number: For example, 999 for the Police

Different Singapore Telephone Codes

You should be aware of various Singapore telephone codes before calling Singapore.

Canada Exit Code

The exit code of Canada is the code required for making an international call. It is essential to connect with other countries and communicate with their telecommunication servers.

 The exit code of Canada is 011.

Canada Exit Code 011

Singapore Country Code

The country code of Singapore is a specific code required to connect Singapore and other countries in a telecommunication server. 

It is essential to factor in because ISD or country code assists numbers to connect other countries and communicates with the Singapore telecommunication server.

Singapore’s country or ISD code is 65, the vital element needed for international calls. 

Singapore Country Code or ISD 65

Singapore Area Code

There are specific area codes in every country, so Singapore’s different areas have. 

The area country code of Singapore is a specific area code required to connect Singapore’s area code and another country to connect areas in which a person wants to join. 

It is essential to factor in because area code assists numbers to connect other countries and communicates with Singapore’s area telecommunication server.

The area codes of other places in Singapore are:

City/Region  Area Code
Bedok 644
Ang Mo Kio 645
City 653
Geylang 673
Sembawang 675
Ayer Rajah 676
Tampines 677
Jurong West- Tampines 678

Singapore Emergency Phone Number

An emergency phone number is required at any time, and we can’t predict unexpected events. A few Singapore emergency phone numbers will help you take off government aid. 

Here are some Singapore Emergency phone numbers:

Emergency Services Emergency Number
Police Assistance 999
Emergency Ambulance  995

How to Call Singapore from Canada?

To call Singapore from Canada, dial: 011 – 65 – Area Code – Landline Phone Number (For Singapore’s Landline/Local Phone Numbers)

  • 011 – 65 – 8 Digit Mobile Number (For Singapore’s Mobile Phone Numbers)

1. How to Call Singapore Landline Number from Canada?

To call the Singapore landline number from Canada, Dial: 011- 65 – Area code – Landline Number

For Example Dial: 011 – 65 – 644- 223 – 23457


  • 011 (Canada Exit Code): For making an international call from Canada, we need Canada Exit Code and connect to the Singapore server to reach out to that person. 
  • 65 (Singapore Country Code): Singapore country code must make an international call for international roaming. 
  • 644 (Singapore Area Code):  644 is the area code of Bedok of Singapore. Similarly, you can add area codes of different what you want to call a specific area.
  • 223 – 23457 (Landline or Local Number): This is an instance of a landline number in Singapore. It could be eight or ten digits long.

2. How to Call the Singapore Mobile Number from Canada?

To call the Singapore mobile number from Canada, Dial: 011 – 65 -8XXX – XXXX

For example: 011 – 65 – 8987 – 3456


  • 011 – Canada Exit Code
  • 65 – Singapore Country Code
  • 8987 – 3456 is an example of a Singaporean Mobile number that must be eight digits long.

3. Dial the Singapore Toll-Free Number from Canada

The toll-free number of Singapore starts with 800 or 1800 and first adds the prefix “ 65” before dialing.  

To call Singapore toll-free number from Canada, Dial: +65 – 1800 – XXXX – XXXX – XXX

For instance: +65 – 1800 – 234 – 5566 


  • 65 – Singapore Country Code
  • 1800 – Toll Free Number
  • 234 – 5566 – 7788 is an example of a toll-free number or business telephone number, and it can be 8 to 11 digits long. 

Challenges while calling from Canada to Singapore with Traditional Way

Challenges happen everywhere. While calling someone we love, interruption of signals can be one of the irritating things we face. So, here are some following challenges you may have when calling Singapore from Canada:

  • Call quality is poor

International calls generally have poor call quality, and it can be faced by calling traditional methods or choosing the best virtual phone system providers. 

Poor call quality is irritating and the challenges that discourage people from calling internationally.

  • Call rates are incredibly high

International calling through traditional methods is expensive and provides services at incredibly high rates that many people cannot afford, which is one of the biggest challenges one can face while calling from Canada to Singapore.

  • Calls go unanswered

International calls go unanswered if you call the person at a hectic time. It is unprofessional if you’re doing business, and your business can face this challenge while calling from Canada to Singapore.

  • Privacy concerns

There is a lack of privacy when we make calls through traditional methods and use unknown VoIP service providers or cloud telephony. 

Your data will be collected in their database and used further for hacking, breaches, or anything else.

  • There are fewer features

International calling with traditional methods, you have limited services. However, some VoIP service providers also provide limited features. 

So, If you want to use the best cloud telephony like KrispCall, you can fix these phone calling problems in Singapore.

Best and Cheap way to Call Singapore from Canada

At present day you don’t require an actual phone (landline or cell) to call from Canada to Singapore; via virtual cloud phone technologies, you can make International calls easily.

It improves the calling experience and makes it easier to obtain a virtual phone number from a service provider in a minute and start making calls immediately.

Cloud telephony is the best option for international calls. It handles your personal and business communications and also helps to grow your business. 

It makes it effortless and cost-effective; hiring remote workers in-house teams also provides features such as recording, monitoring, forwarding, and many more. 

If you seek the best cloud telephony services providers, then KrispCall can be one of the best options!

KrispCall offers a virtual phone number in over 100 countries and is jam-packed with helpful cloud telephony capabilities.

Get Virtual Phone Number to Call Singapore from Canada

Make cheap international calls to Singapore from Canada for your personal & business needs.

Select numbers :


It offers a single platform with virtual phone number providers to address the telephone demands of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, commercial companies, and businesses with its top

KrispCall’s Features

The following are some of KrispCall’s features:

  • Calls Freely globally

KrispCall’s global calling services will help you make speedy international calls, allowing you to expand your customer base globally.

  • Affordability

KrispCall offers virtual phone numbers at a low price. The calling rate with KrispCall, on the other hand, is very reasonable. Overall, KrispCall meets all of your other gear setup requirements.

  • User-friendly

KrispCall is easier to use and includes a user-friendly configuration with a straightforward approach. You can utilize and implement it in your company as well. The layout of KrispCall, on the other hand, conveys both acceptance and information.

  • Excellent Customer Service

Being available for your clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week is one of the most acceptable ways to engage, and KrispCall ensures that you are covered for online assistance anytime. If you have any issue regarding any service or anything, you can contact KrispCall at any time and without hesitation.

  • Number Porting 

You can also use KrispCall to convert your current phone number to cloud telephony or virtual phone number. That implies you won’t have to undergo lengthy processes to obtain a new phone number.

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What is the Right Time to Call the Singapore Number from Canada?

To avoid making inappropriate calls, you should know the time difference before making calls to Singapore from Canada.

Singapore and Canada have 15 hours time differences. Canada time is 15 hours behind Singapore.

So, if you call Singapore’s local time, it will be 15 hours later in Canada. For example, if you call between 06:13 PM in Canada, it will be 09:13 AM in Singapore.

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Singapore: Dos and Don’ts

While dialing business phone calls to Singapore, you should consider a few things about etiquette. The following are the details:

  • Speak with a smile on your face when conversing with the person
  • Because of the time difference between Singapore and Canada, making phone calls can be missed calls which causes an unwelcome presence during their busy schedule, negatively impacting your business.
  • To avoid missing calls, learn their schedule.
  • Make a solid first impression with unforgettable welcomes.
  • Give your entire name as an introduction (First name and family name).
  • Do not become enraged because the meeting has been called late.
  • Smoothly and openly communicate.
  • Maintain professional conduct. Don’t bring up personal issues or ask confidential inquiries within the small chat.
  • Use the pronouns “Mr,” “Miss,” and “Mrs” to address the next person.

Conclusion: The best way to Call Singapore from Canada is

Compared to alternative methods, traditional methods are pretty expensive when talking to your loved ones regularly via a call to Singapore from Canada.

When calling Singapore from Canada, you may encounter issues such as poor call quality, lack of privacy, and so on.

That is why, in terms of price, performance, and efficiency, utilizing an alternative method such as the cloud telephone is a superior choice to traditional ways.

When considering alternate solutions, you can’t rely on the unknown (VoIP service & cloud telephony).

As a result, KrispCall is a company you can trust for various features at a fair price. It is the most excellent cloud telephony service provider for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and organizations with dependable performance.

KrispCall changes inconvenient phone calls into more accessible options while enhancing your business. It also gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Get a Free KrispCall Demo to know more.


Are phone calls from Canada to Singapore expensive?

Yes, it can be. Yet, the calling cost counts on the carrier and the phone number you’re trying to reach out to (landline or mobile phone).

How to call Singapore for Free?

Yes, you can call Singapore from any country for free through VoIP applications such as Whatsapp, IMO, and enforcing VoIP service providers such as KrispCall.

What is the Singapore country code?

The Singapore country code is +65. While making an international call from Canada, you need to dial +65 before the Singapore phone number.

What is the common mistake callers make while dialing Singapore from Canada?

The common mistake callers make while dialing Singapore from Canada is they forget to dial the Country exit code and mistakenly dial the wrong country code.

How to call from Canada to Singapore?

To make a call from Canada to Singapore, you need to dial the exit code for Canada (011), then enter the destination country code (65), and the area code for Singapore, and lastly enter the Singapore 8-digit local phone number. for eg: 011-65-644-5265 5478

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