How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp?

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How to get a Virtual Phone Number for Whatsapp

Are you worried😟 about sharing your personal phone number for WhatsApp? 

In today’s interconnected world, WhatsApp has become an essential communication tool. But what if you want to keep your personal phone number private or need another number for business purposes?

That’s where a virtual phone number comes to the rescue! 🌐Now you can use a virtual phone number for WhatsApp accounts like your regular phone numbers. Not to worry, WhatsApp has been accepting phone numbers from genuine and top virtual phone number providers.

In this article, you will learn how to get a virtual number for WhatsApp with top popular providers. 

Let’s get started!

🔑Key Points

  • A virtual phone number for WhatsApp is a phone number that lets you register and use a WhatsApp account without needing a physical SIM card.
  • Keep your personal phone number private with a virtual number while using WhatsApp.
  • KripCall is one of the best virtual number providers for WhatsApp within a few minutes.
  • You can separate your personal & business numbers with the KrispCall virtual number.

What is a Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp?

A virtual phone number for WhatsApp is a phone number that allows users to access WhatsApp’s messaging and calling capabilities without the need for a physical SIM card. It works through the internet instead of a cellular network.

A virtual phone number server as a convenient and flexible solution for individuals and businesses. It enables you to use the same virtual number for WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously. It helps you to separate your personal and business phone numbers while using WhatsApp. So that you can have a separate business phone number for customer communication.

Generally, virtual phone numbers can be used on any device capable of connecting to the internet, installing apps, and making phone calls. You can easily get a virtual number without a sim card.

For example, VoIP desk phones, smartphones, laptops, or softphones. It is the best choice for any business with an in-office, remote, or work-from-home setup.

Nowadays, people are using virtual phone numbers for registering to social media as well as online messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and many more.

This has been a game-changer for businesses trying to keep their personal and business life separate.

How to get a virtual phone number for WhatsApp verification?

To get a virtual phone number for WhatsApp, sign up with a virtual number service provider such as KrispCall. Select the desired country’s phone number and type (mobile, local), pick the plan then purchase and activate. Finally, register WhatsApp using the purchased virtual number. 

Get Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp Online.

Get virtual WhatsApp numbers from all over the world for personal & professional use.

Select numbers :


*Disclaimer: Please note that OTP delivery relies exclusively on WhatsApp. Our WhatsApp tests were successful, though certain providers may not support VoIP numbers. The KrispCall system guarantees unhindered communication by not blocking messages.

The process of buying a virtual phone number for WhatsApp differs slightly for different platforms, but the basic idea is the same. The steps are as follows:

1. Choose a virtual phone number provider

There are many platforms available in the market like KrispCall that provide a WhatsApp virtual number. Choose the one that fulfills most of your personal and business requirements.

Make sure it is within your budget. Only proceed to buy a virtual number for WhatsApp after making sure the telephony platform best suits your needs and requirements.

2. Select a country

Select your country’s phone number from the list of countries you want to buy for WhatsApp. ( E.g. USA, Australia, India…).

Pick the country that catches your interest the most.

3. Select a phone number type

There are different types of phone numbers (local, mobile, toll-free, and national). Usually, people need a mobile or landline phone number to activate their Whatsapp accounts. Choose the right type that meets your needs.

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4. Select the subscription package

A virtual phone number platform offers monthly or annual subscriptions and pay-as-you-go options. Choose a package that feels affordable to you and proceed.

5. Purchase the number

Make your payment online using a VISA/MASTER Card, PayPal, or any other method you prefer. Once you make a successful payment, you can use the number.

WhatsApp verification code

Benefits of using a virtual phone number for WhatsApp: Personal and Business Use

The amount of attraction to VoIP numbers for WhatsApp is extremely high thanks to their ability to enhance personal and business communication.

There are many benefits to using WhatsApp on a daily basis. Here are some of them:

  • Personal Privacy: People do not have to use their personal phone numbers on WhatsApp to deal with scam calls on the app. Not only that, WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption and security protocols for user privacy. 
  • Higher Marketing ROI: From a business point of view, virtual phone numbers are great for marketing and advertising work. Users can connect with existing customers and new customers to promote their business. It improves the ROI of business with minimal investment and support.
  • Personalized Experience: One of the major elements of a personalized communication experience is owning a WhatsApp virtual phone number. It’s because WhatsApp has a greater reach, and most people would rather send a message over WhatsApp than call customer service or submit a ticket. It’s also a viable alternative if you have hundreds of consumer requests or inquiries each day.
  • Improved Communication: Virtual phone numbers act as a medium between business heads, customers, and employees. It improves internal as well as external communication. It helps businesses to get customers the right information they need.

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How to create a WhatsApp account with a virtual phone number?

After purchasing a virtual number for WhatsApp from Krispcall. Go to AppStore or Play store and search for WhatsApp and install it. After installing open it and click on agree and continue. Enter your new virtual number and click on next, Conform your number after all you will receive an OTP. Enter your OTP for verification after that enter your name and your WhatsApp is created. 

It’s a very easy process. As long as you have a genuine phone number, you can get a WhatsApp in the following two steps:

Step 1: Enter country and virtual phone number

Download Whatsapp and open the app on your device. You will find a drop-down menu to choose the country to which the virtual phone number belongs. Enter the country and virtual phone number.

Step 2: Enter the verification code number

Once you have successfully entered the country and virtual phone number, Whatsapp will send a verification code to your phone number. You can use the softphone, VoIP phone, or any device to access the dashboard of the virtual phone number provider. 

WhatsApp verification in virtual number

Search for the SMS section and you will find a message from WhatsApp with a code. Enter the code to complete the verification process. If you use a landline virtual number, then wait for the verification code timer on WhatsApp to end and click on the option to send OTP via a call to listen to the code.

8 Best virtual phone number providers for WhatsApp in 2024

Although WhatsApp states it only accepts phone numbers from mobile phone carriers, it definitely accepts phone numbers from genuine virtual phone number providers. 

There are many cloud phone number providers offering virtual phone numbers for multiple countries. Here we have shortlisted some of the best platforms for you on the basis of public reviews, pricing, customer support, features, and services.

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Let’s have a look at them.

1. KrispCall

We start our list with KrispCall – one of the leading virtual cloud phone systems. It offers virtual phone numbers for 100+ countries.

Businesses can easily activate their WhatsApp to communicate with customers. Its call center software makes things easier to oversee all the phone calls and texts. 

KrispCall’s virtual numbers empower businesses and individuals with global reach, privacy, and efficient communication. Whether you’re managing customer inquiries or maintaining personal privacy, KrispCall is a solid choice!

Krispcall virtual number for whatsapp


  • Unified Callbox
  • Intelligent call routing and call recording features
  • Provides a click-to-call widget for business websites
  • Download call recordings
  • KrispCall’s user-friendly interface makes it manage calls and voicemails.
  • It offers virtual numbers with greater privacy and security.
  • Setting up a WhatsApp account through Krispcall allows seamless customer interaction

Ideal for: Small/Medium/Large Businesses

Pricing: Starting at USD 15 per month/user

Get a virtual number for WhatsApp from KrispCall today

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2. MightyCall

The MightyCall phone services are ideal for small businesses searching for a virtual phone number for WhatsApp.

It lets users handle phone calls, receive/send messages, personalize business numbers, and other things. Furthermore, many companies are adopting MightyCall services to manage their contact centers from remote locations.



  • Call forwarding and call recording on multiple devices
  • Visualize voicemails
  • Business hours call routing
  • Unlimited calling capability

Ideal for: Small/Medium Businesses

Pricing: Starting at USD 9 per month/user

3. Talkroute

Talkroute is a popular choice among virtual number providers for handling international and domestic phone calls.

There are also a variety of complex features and functions such as call recording, interaction management, call forwarding, etc.



  • Complete and detailed history reports
  • Single and Multi-digit extensions
  • Introduces Virtual voicemail
  • Video meetings for the team

Ideal for: Small/Medium Businesses

Pricing: Starting at USD 19 per month/user

4. Grasshopper

Fourth on our list, Grasshopper is another simple yet powerful virtual phone number provider that is excellent for small and mid-sized organizations.

It straightforwardly provides landline and mobile phone numbers that users can use for WhatsApp.



  • Quick text for business texting
  • Tracks the business transactions
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail Transcription

Ideal for: Small/Medium Businesses

Pricing: Starting at USD 29 per month/user

5. VirtualPBX

Next, VirtualPBX is an excellent virtual number provider for call centers and contact centers. It provides call monitoring and handles department traffic-related tasks.

Additionally, contact centers will have the ability to personalize business phone numbers and caller IDs.



  • Enables auto-attendant.
  • Gives a status indicator.
  • Productivity Options For Users
  • VoIP Service Integrations

Ideal for: Small/Medium/Large Businesses

Pricing: Starting at USD 19 per month/user

6. is the premier virtual phone number provided for a variety of service organizations. It provides quality voice services, messages, and video calling experience. 

It offers a telephone keypad for dialing numbers rapidly and calling for free.


  • Allows dedicated numbers for WhatsApp.
  • Call forwarding
  • Automatic call response
  • Online FAX

Ideal for: Small/Medium Businesses

Pricing: Pay-as-you-go

7. Exotel

Moving on in our list, we have Exotel – one of the well-known platforms for virtual phone numbers. The virtual phone number from Exotel for WhatsApp is ideal for small enterprises and startups.

Exotel products also provide basic phone capabilities like call recording, ACD, call forwarding, and so on.



  • Real-time notifications
  • Call routing
  • Automated call distribution
  • Provides detailed analytics

Ideal for: Small/Medium Businesses

Pricing: Starting at USD 200

8. Bitrix24

We have reached the end of our list. Here, Bitrix24 is a great virtual phone number for WhatsApp. It enables easy call recording and call forwarding.

Automatic dialers, ACD, and IVR capabilities are some key aspects of Bitrix24 products.



  • CRM integration
  • Business process automation
  • Call routing
  • Internal extensions

Ideal for: Small/Medium/Large Businesses

Pricing: Starting at USD 49 per month(Free version available)

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Things to consider while choosing a virtual phone number provider for Whatsapp Business

The goal of all virtual phone number providers is to provide virtual phone numbers and cloud phone services

Although the primary motive of these platforms is the same to provide phone calls over the internet, they are different in what they provide.  Getting a free number for WhatsApp can harm privacy and security, so get a free number for WhatsApp from the Gunine virtual number provider.

The following are some major things you should look at while choosing a platform for yourself. 

  • Necessary features and services
  • Virtual phone numbers from 50+ countries
  • Reasonable subscription plans
  • Attractive user interface
  • Excellent customer care support
  • Strong security and protocols

Organizations need a good virtual phone number provider to achieve high levels of productivity and customer happiness.

It’s in charge of managing leads and boosting your company’s return on investment. As a result, in order to get the best business phone services, you must conduct thorough market research.

If you are looking for a free virtual number for WhatsApp, there is one thing you need to consider. Free virtual numbers for WhatsApp are usually disposable and they can easily be used by others who have access to them. So if you are not careful, somebody can get into your account, get access to your data, and might use them against you.

Wrapping up

Getting an online WhatsApp number has become so easy, thanks to virtual phone number providers.

These platforms provide multiple types of phone numbers from over 100+ countries. This means you can get numbers for any country you like, which is already better than any traditional phone number. 

You need to be careful while choosing the right platform. Above, we have listed some key points you should focus on to finalize a platform.

Among the virtual phone number providers, KrispCall stands as a powerful and interactive platform.

With over 100+ countries listed on the platform, KrispCall is already giving different options for getting any type of cheap WhatsApp virtual phone number for USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.

It provides genuine numbers, which means you will have no problem signing up for your Whatsapp account for personal and business purposes.

Sign Up Now to get the Free KrispCall demo now to know more about virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp personal and professional use.


Does WhatsApp accept virtual numbers?

Yes. WhatsApp does allow virtual phone numbers from genuine virtual phone number providers. This number can be used to create a WhatsApp account.

How to Get a Free Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp?

There are some cloud phone platforms that provide free virtual phone numbers like Google voice, E-voice, FreshDesk, etc. Alternatively, you can sign up for the trial version offered by those platforms to use their free phone number for few days.

Are Virtual Phone Numbers legal to use for WhatsApp Business?

Yes, Virtual phone numbers are totally legal to use for WhatsApp Business.

How to get Turkey’s virtual phone number for WhatsApp?

Whether for personal or business purposes, follow the following steps to get Turkey’s virtual phone number for Whatsapp:
1. Choose a virtual phone number provider
2. Select country
3. Select the type of phone number
4. Select the subscription package
5. Purchase the number

How much does a virtual phone number cost?

The cost of a virtual phone number usually ranges from USD 5 to USD 15. Prices may vary depending upon the cloud-based phone platform.

Can I use a fake WhatsApp number?

Technically yes, you can use fake WhatsApp numbers using temporary phone numbers. However, using a fake number for WhatsApp comes with many consequences including privacy and security risks, suspending or terminating your account, limited features, and ethical consequences. 

Rather than going for a fake number to create WhatsApp account with all these limitations, you can go for KrispCall, a reliable virtual number provider that offers virtual numbers for WhatsApp at very affordable rates. 

How to get a free virtual number for WhatsApp?

To get a free virtual phone number use a program such as TextNow and Talkatone These can be a good option if you only need a basic number for WhatsApp verification. It’s important to remember that free virtual numbers might have restrictions, such as the inability to select a certain area code or phone number.

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