How to Keep Your Phone Number When Leaving a Company?

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how to keep your phone number when leaving a company

Most companies provide business phone numbers to their employees for handling business as well as personal phone calls.

In other scenarios, companies also allow you to port your personal phone number to their phone plan.

As long as you are working in the company, you have complete access to the number. But in case you have to leave the company then is it possible to take your phone number with you?

The answer is yes. You can keep your phone number when leaving a company without much trouble.

There are many companies that permit their employees to take their phone numbers with them after quitting the job.

With the help of number porting, you can port the phone number from your company’s phone service provider to a new phone service provider.

In this article, you will briefly learn about,

  • Number porting and its working process
  • Can employees port their phone numbers
  • How to start the number porting process when leaving a company?
  • Cost and duration of number porting process
  • And more.

What is number porting? How does it work?

Number porting is the process of transferring your current phone number from your current phone service provider to a new phone service provider. In general, there are two methods of number porting:

  1. Local number porting: Ports landline numbers
  2. Mobile number porting: Ports mobile phone numbers

Number porting removes the hassle of getting a new phone number and allows you to move your previous data to your new phone service provider.

The process of number porting is easy and simple. You need to connect with your new phone service provider to start the number porting process. 


You have the right to choose any new platform you like. Your old phone service provider cannot refuse to transfer your phone number. They have no right to keep your phone number at any cost.

Your new service provider will contact your current service provider if necessary to speed up the process. The duration of the number porting process depends upon the time your current service provider will take to respond to transfer the number. Usually, the process duration lasts up to 1-4 weeks or less than 30 days.

During the number porting process, make sure your phone number remains active. Do not cancel the subscription plan with your current phone service provider before the completion of the number porting process.

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Can employees port their company phone numbers?

Yes, most companies allow employees to port the company phone number to another platform when the employees are leaving the company. Whether it’s the business phone number the company provided or your personal phone number you ported to the company’s phone plan.

However, some won’t allow it and you cannot do anything because you don’t own the phone number but the company does. In this situation, all you can do is request your boss and hope he gives up the permission to port the phone number.

Check Your Company Phone Number for Porting

Find out if your company’s phone number can be ported or not. 

How to start the number porting process when leaving a company?

There are a few key things that take place while initiating the number porting process. This process requires the participation of the current phone service provider of the company and your new phone service provider. Let’s have a look.

1. Get permission from your company to port your current phone number from the company’s phone plan to another platform.

2. Your company will inform their phone service provider about transferring your phone number to your new phone service provider.

3. Contact your new phone service provider and provide all the necessary information about your phone number. ( You may not be able to give account access or billing information of your current platform as it belongs to the company.)

4. Your new phone service provider will contact your company’s phone service provider to transfer the phone number into their platform.

5. Your company’s phone service provider will review all the documents and starts the number porting process.

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What is the cost of number porting?

The cost of porting your existing phone number to cloud telephony can get really expensive. But KrispCall ensures you an easy migration to the cloud at the most affordable price.

However, you should contact your current phone service provider to check whether they charge number porting and early termination fees or not.

If yes then you can make a request to your current service provider to cancel any extra charges involved. The fees involved in number porting may be different between phone service providers.

How to port a phone number into a Cloud-based phone system?

Unlike traditional phone systems, cloud-based phone systems have a very advanced technology used cloud technology for managing phone numbers.

There are many phone systems like KrispCall where users can port their phone numbers from other phone service providers. 

In the case of number porting, users can easily start their porting process by just placing a request on their dashboard of the new cloud phone service provider.

After placing the request, the cloud phone service provider will contact the user and ask for necessary information about their current phone number and service provider.  

The cloud phone service provider may contact your current phone service provider if necessary. It will handle all the processes of number porting and inform the user once the process is complete.

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Steps to port a phone number into KrispCall when leaving a company

There are a few key steps that you need to follow when porting a phone number into KrispCall. Here are some of them:

Step 1: Sign up for KrispCall‘s cloud telephony service.

Step 2: Go to your dashboard and click on “My numbers”.

Step 3: Click on the “Port Number” button.

Step 4: Enter your phone number and current phone number provider and click on “Request”.

Step 5: Wait for KrispCall to contact you and ask you for the necessary information.

Step 6: Wait for the number porting process to complete and after successful completion, you can use the phone number via KrispCall.

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What are the benefits of number porting?

Number porting has made things easier for people to use their current phone number instead of getting a new phone number while shifting to a new phone service provider. Here are some of the major benefits:

1. Upgrade phone plan by shifting service provider

If you aren’t happy with your current phone service provider’s phone plan, you can easily port your phone number to a new service provider with a better phone plan. The best thing is you don’t have to change the phone number.

2. Easy-to-process

The number porting process is very easy. There are only a few formalities that people have to think about while porting a phone number like giving information to the new phone service provider. 

On top of that, the process is mostly inexpensive. However, sometimes there are porting charges and early termination fees. But you can request your service provider to cut out the extra fees.

3. Keep the previous data safe

Number porting assists you to take your previous data to the new phone service provider. That means even if you change the platform, your data including phone logs, messages, etc. will remain intact in your new platform.

4. No need to change the phone number

The main objective of number porting is also its main benefit. Since you can easily shift your phone number from one phone service provider to another, there is no need for getting a new phone number.

These days phone numbers are used for bank accounts, social media, etc. so it’s really a good idea to keep your phone number.

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To summarize

Employees can take their phone number with them when leaving a company if the company gives them permission. They can easily keep their phone number with the help of the number porting feature.

With number porting, you can change the phone service provider without needing to change the phone number.

But you should remember the phone number is registered under the company’s phone service provider so your company has to be responsible for transferring the number.

KrispCall will assist you to ease the number porting process. It is a powerful virtual cloud phone system with the ability to port phone numbers from most other phone service providers. 

Book a demo to learn more about KrispCall and how phone number porting works over here.


🔗 How long is the number porting process?

The number porting process can last 1-4 weeks. The length of the process depends upon how quickly the user’s current phone service provider responds to their new phone service provider.

How many times can I port a phone number?

There is no limit on porting a phone number. You can port your phone number and change the phone service provider as many times as you want.

😀 How do I know if my number has been ported successfully?

Your new phone service provider will notify you after the successful completion of number porting.

😖 Can a phone service provider refuse to port a number?

A phone service provider cannot refuse your request to port your phone number to a new platform. It may take porting charges or early termination fees but has to port the number.

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