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The Cheapest Ways to Get a Phone Number to Port



Cheapest Way to Get a Phone Number to Porting

Porting an existing phone number from one phone service provider to another may cost you a very small amount or doesn’t cost anything at all.

However, if you are looking to buy a phone number to port or switch your carrier immediately then, here, you need to be very careful.

Getting a phone number from any service provider will cost you money. That’s why you have to be careful when choosing your service provider because you don’t want to pay for expensive subscription plans on a platform that you won’t be using much.

No need to worry. There are some cheapest ways to get a phone number to port at a very reasonable cost and that’s just the thing you need.

By porting your current phone number to another carrier, you prevent your previous data from being lost.

In this article, you will learn about,

What is phone number porting?

Phone number porting is a powerful telephony feature that enables users to transfer existing cell phone numbers from one phone service provider to another.

Generally, it has two different methods: local number porting and mobile number porting.


Local number porting is the process of transferring landline numbers whereas mobile numbers porting deals with transferring mobile phone numbers from one service provider to another.

Phone number porting assists you to keep your existing phone number so that you don’t have to get a new number while switching to a new phone service provider.

It’s a great way for businesses to avoid the trouble of changing the phone number on all their documents and informing customers about the change.

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How does phone number porting work?

Although number porting may take a longer time to complete, it is still a very easy process to go through. The first thing you should be sure about is which phone service provider you want to shift to.

You need to inform your current phone service provider that you are porting your phone number to another platform. 

Your new phone service provider requires some necessary information from you before beginning the porting process.

It needs the account number, phone bill, or latest invoice of your current platform. Also, you need to provide the PIN if you have set one on your account.

You must provide a Letter of Authorization (LOA) to your new service provider. Your new carrier will initiate the porting procedure and guarantee that it is accomplished once they get their hands on your signed LOA.

Your new service provider will use your account information to port your mobile phone numbers. It may also communicate with your current service provider if necessary.

Your phone number should remain active during the entire process of number porting. Do not end your subscription plan until the phone number is successfully ported.

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Why transferring (porting) phone numbers is important?

There are situations where you may have to port a phone number but you cannot or don’t want to use your current number for phone number porting and forwarding but instead buy a new number to port.

Here are some of them:

  1. Your current phone number isn’t portable.
  2. Some mobile service providers like Cricket Wireless provide special offers if people port the number to their network.
  3. You want to get a specific phone number that you have to port from another service provider to the platform of your choice.

3 cheapest ways to get a phone number to port (Mobile & Landline)

If you intend to immediately port the phone number after getting one then the best option will be to get a phone number at a very cheap price.

There are some easy ways from which you can easily port your phone numbers. Here are some of them:

1. From virtual phone number providers

The services of virtual phone number providers like KrispCall are getting more advanced than ever and their prices are getting cheaper.

They provide new and old virtual phone numbers to port at a very affordable rate and the facility to port phone numbers from other networks. Check your number for porting.

Buy a Virtual Phone Number to Port Online.

For personal and professional use, you can port multiple virtual phone numbers online from all over the world.

Select numbers :

Number porting usually takes about 1-4 weeks to complete. So, getting a one-month subscription for the virtual phone number will be a very cheap option. Usually, the price of a cheap virtual phone number ranges from USD 5 to USD 15.

2. From eBay

There are many sellers on eBay selling portable phone numbers at very cheap prices. Usually, the price ranges from USD 10 to USD 30 or higher. These sellers provide the account information and PIN after the purchase. 

The phone numbers are usually from a local phone service provider like T-mobile in the US. Be careful while making purchases on eBay. Make sure to read the reviews so that you don’t get scammed.

3. From local phone service providers

Getting a phone number from a local phone service provider is usually expensive in the US.

But sometimes service providers introduce special deals and packages that will enable you to buy a phone number at USD 10 or less. The Connect by T-mobile plan starts at only USD 10.

5 Best Virtual Phone Number Providers With Porting Facility

Although you can buy phone numbers to port on eBay and local phone service providers, virtual phone number providers are the cheapest way to get a phone number to port.

There are different platforms in the market where you can get hundreds of numbers like mobile numbers, landline numbers, and toll free numbers at a cheap cost. Here are some of them:

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is a powerful all-in-one virtual cloud phone system that provides all types of virtual phone numbers like International, Vanity, Mobile, and Toll free numbers. It has an inventory of hundreds of phones number from over 100+ countries. 

For first-time users, it provides a free demo to provide comprehensive information about the product. You will need to purchase the one-month subscription plan to use the number after the demo period. The subscription plan is as low as only USD 15 per month.

KrispCall is a cheaper option than other platforms to get a phone number. You can easily port your phone number with KrispCall without further porting charges or early termination charges.

How to get a cheap phone number from KrispCall to Port?

KrispCall is one of the cheapest platforms to provide virtual phone numbers in the market. You can easily purchase a phone number from KrispCall by following the given steps.

Step 1: Sign Up to create a KrispCall account.

Step 2: Choose your desired country from the given drop-down menu.

Step 3: Choose a location of the country you chose.

Step 4: Select a local or mobile number from the given list of phone numbers.

Step 5: Confirm the purchase and make a payment to get the phone number.

🔥 Get a portable phone number now with tons of advanced cloud telephony features

How to port in a phone number with the help of KrispCall?

If you are looking to port your phone number to KrispCall, first-of-all, you need to sign up to KrispCall.

After the signup, go to the user dashboard, and click the option “Port Number” under my numbers section. Enter the number that you want to port and click on “Request”. 

KrispCall Number Porting Service

KrispCall will contact you as soon as the request is received. KrispCall will ask you for the necessary information and details. Also, send you a Letter of Authorization(LOA) to sign. Once, you sign the letter, KrispCall will start the porting process.

KrispCall will request your current phone service provider to port the phone number. It may take some time from the current service provider side to give a green signal. After the request is accepted, KrispCall will successfully port in the number.

You can then terminate your plan with the previous phone service provider and you can start using your phone number via the KrispCall app

Request porting your number to KrispCall

How to port out a phone number from KrispCall?

You must have to choose another phone service provider where you want to port the phone number you got from KrispCall. On that platform, start your number porting process by providing all the details and documents they need.

Once you submit the Letter of Authorization(LOA) letter, your new service provider will request KrispCall for porting the phone number.

KrispCall will verify all the details which may take some time. After everything is checked, KrispCall will accept the port request and allow your phone number to be ported to your new service provider.

2. Numberbarn

Numberbarn is one of the largest marketplaces in the world to buy or sell virtual phone numbers. It specializes in selling phone numbers for number porting. 


Numberbarn provides local, toll-free, or vanity phone numbers at the lowest price of USD 5 per number. The prices of a new phone number can vary and become more expensive as sellers place their desired price.

If you don’t want to pay more than USD 5 then you will still find plenty of new phone number in that price range.

You will need to pay a Port Away Fee of USD 2 per number. You will have 30 days to port out your number with no extra charges.

3. Google voice

Google voice is a simple yet powerful platform for getting US virtual phone numbers. It is only available in the US but people can use the google voice number outside the US.


Google voice number is free for calling and SMS for personal purposes inside the US. But for business purposes, the pricing plans start at USD 6 per month.

You can easily port your Google voice number to other phone service providers in the US. However, you will have to pay a porting fee of USD 3. After paying the fee, Google will unlock the number for porting out.

4. is a popular VoIP business phone service. It provides local, toll-free, and international phone numbers for many countries. It’s one of the best value virtual phone number providers in the market.

The monthly pricing plans of start at USD 14.99 per month. This plan includes one free phone number which means you don’t have to pay extra for the number. enables users to easily port in and out a phone number. You need to contact the sales team for informing them about number porting.

5. OpenPhone

OpenPhone is a top cloud phone solution for connecting teams and customers together. It has a big library of virtual phone numbers from multiple countries. It’s one of the easiest platforms to port phone numbers in and out.


The standard price of subscribing to OpenPhone is USD 13 per month. This plan includes on free local or toll-free number. After subscribing, you can easily request to port this phone number to another platform with ease. 

OpenPhone doesn’t have any additional charges for number porting or early termination. 

What is the cost of porting a phone number?

Generally, porting a phone number is free of cost. Most phone service providers do not charge you to port in and out.

Although some providers may charge number porting fees as well as early termination fees. You can request your current service provider to drop porting fees.

Number porting fees may vary from one country to another. It may be free in the US but it may cost money in other countries. 

While choosing a phone service provider, research whether they charge fees or not for number porting your existing phone system. Choose the ones that do not take any charge or take very minimum charge, it is another way of cutting down the porting cost.

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Summing up 

Virtual phone number providers are easily the best options to get a phone number to port fast and easy. They are not just cheap but they also provide a big pool of phone numbers like toll free numbers, local numbers, and mobile numbers to choose from. You can get numbers for multiple countries.

The process of number porting your existing phone number is a bit easier on virtual phone platforms than on local phone platforms. These platforms handle all the back-end porting process.

And until the porting is going on, you can temporarily forward phone calls from your number to a temporary phone number assigned by your new service provider. Kripscall helps you to port your numbers. Try KrispCall number porting service today!


📶 Why is my phone number not portable?

A phone number may not be portable to another service provider because of the geographical location. Also, if your phone number subscription has ended then you cannot port your mobile numbers or port request it. Mismatch information, Invalid PIN, Locked number, etc. are some other reasons.

☎️ Can you port a landline number to a mobile?

In the US, you can port your landline number to a mobile. You need to request your current phone service provider to port your existing landline number to mobile so that you can use the number wirelessly using the mobile network. Since the US uses the same number format for both landline and mobile numbers, it’s easier to port landline numbers to mobile.

Can you get a phone number for free?

Google Voice gives you a US-only free phone number for personal purposes. Many virtual phone number providers will give you a free number during their trial period.

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