how to get vanity phone number
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How to Get Cheap Vanity Phone Number for Business Online?

  • Bivek Khatiwada
  • Last Updated: 09 Mar 23
  • 12 min read

An image is worth a thousand words, but what about numbers?

No matter whether you own a small business, a large corporation, or a start-up, you can be sure that phone numbers are far from the forefront of your mind. Did you know, however, that there are a number of benefits to owning a vanity phone number?

An organization’s phone number is an important part of its branding. You’ll see it in promotional literature, advertisements, social media, and the company website.

Although online shopping is becoming increasingly common, many consumers still prefer to speak to someone over the phone.

In many cases, the type of number an entrepreneur chooses impacts customer service levels, brand awareness, and the number of incoming calls the business receives. All of these goals can be met with a vanity cell phone number.

In this article, you’ll know everything about vanity phone numbers including

Let’s start without further ado

What is a Vanity Phone Number?

A vanity number is a toll-free number that contains words that match the letters on the phone’s keypad.

They can be letters from your company logo, short abbreviations, or phrases that you use in your advertising campaigns.

The use of a vanity number can be a highly effective marketing tool. The 1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800-CONTACTS services have been around for quite a while, and still, go strong today.

A few years later, not much has changed. Vanity numbers have a positive impact on marketing primarily because they take advantage of mnemonics.

The dial pad on every phone has letters that correspond to digits. You need to hunt for the letters and press the button that corresponds to the letters while dialing 1-800-FLOWERS.

In reality, the digit assigned to that part of the number is what gets dialed.

How to get a Vanity Phone Number for small businesses?

You can buy different countries vanity phone numbers for business including cleaning services, financial services, pizza and restaurants and even charities, non-profit organizations.

A virtual phone system provider like KrispCall is the easiest way to get a toll-free or specific local vanity phone number.

Follow the below steps to get the vanity phone number for business:

  1. Sign up and create a KrispCall account, then login and enter your information.
  2. Go to the dashboard, click settings, then click my numbers, and add a new number.
  3. Using the dropdown menu, choose the country and type of number, and then click the advanced filter.
  4. Enter your brand name or custom digit like 800, 888, 877 you want in your vanity number.
  5. Once the payments have been made, click on the buy number and enjoy your vanity number.

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You can use KrispCall through any browser or download the KrispCall app (Windows/iOS/Android) to start making and receiving phone calls, texts, and more in vanity number!

Can I buy a Specific Vanity Phone Number?

Buying for a specific phone number varies from one virtual phone number provider to another. Generally, people can get a personalized vanity number from the platform’s dashboard.

However, the process is a bit longer than getting toll-free or local vanity phone numbers.

With KrispCall, you may be able to find your desired specific vanity phone number from the given list of local and toll-free numbers.

US vanity phone numbers for Pizza

However, you will need to know the numeric version of the word you want to have in your number. You can do this by using a numeric dial pad and deciphering the word.

If you cannot find the number you want then you will need to contact KrispCall’s team to get the personalized vanity phone number. The support will guide you through all the step-by-step processes to get the number you desire.

How to Dial a Vanity phone number?

As we know that Vanity phone numbers are alpha-numeric. It’s always a bit tricky to dial the vanity number for people who have never dialed it before.

It’s easy to dial if the number is a numeric form like a toll-free number. For example, 1-1800-00000. Here, the number consists of all numeric digits that don’t create any confusion while dialing.

But there are also numbers that consist of alphabet letters. The letters spell certain words depending upon the business. For example, 1-1800-LAWYERS. Here, the numbers consist of the word “LAWYERS” which you need to dial from the numeric dial-pad.

While using a dial pad, you should have noticed that each number button consists of a set of letters. You need to press the button consisting of the corresponding letter to dial the number.

To dial the word “LAWYERS”. Letter L consists of a button representing the number 5. Similarly, A in 2, W in 9, Y is 9, E in 3, R in 7, and S in 7. So, overall you have to dial 1-1800-5299377 to call that vanity number. 

5299377 is difficult to remember compared to the word “LAWYERS”. It’s great for businesses so that people can easily remember their phone numbers for a long time.

Are Vanity Number and Toll-Free Number the Same?

It is generally free to call vanity numbers. Businesses typically use toll-free numbers, which start with one of the following prefixes: 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, or 888. Their name is derived from the fact that users who call these numbers are not charged.

Phone numbers are owned by the company they are calling and the company pays for the call. This is a very valuable service that a company can offer to customers, clients, and any other potential business associates.

The company can direct calls made to the virtual toll-free number to any landline or cell phone it prefers to receive calls from. For business owners who are on the move and do not want to miss important calls, this is an excellent option.

A vanity number works the same way as a regular toll-free number, but it is spelled out as part of a phrase or word that describes the company’s services or products. Vanity numbers have been around for years because they are convenient and easy to remember.

As a result of their ease of remembering, vanity numbers are proven to increase incoming calls and sales. But, that’s not where the benefits of vanity numbers end.

Benefits of Vanity Phone Number for Business

1. Vanity numbers are memorable

Time is of the essence to most people in the modern world. There are endless passwords and numbers to remember.

By using a memorable number, you can help people quickly and easily recognize your business. Put the number everywhere your product or brand appears – on radio jingles, on TV advertisements, on event signage, and even on your vehicle.

vanity phone number business benefits

It is much easier for people to remember a simple string of digits like 800-FLOWERS that they frequently see and not a series of obscure numbers buried in marketing literature that is rarely distributed.

For example, if you are purchasing vanity numbers for cleaning services then 800-CLEANING is the best fit that reflects your brand in your business phone number.

2. Convey Specific Meanings

There is no random selection of numbers or words. As such, they are designed to make it easy for one company to be distinguished from a group of similar companies. Consequently, semantic meaning is also conveyed through them.

Vanity number 247, for instance, indicates that the business operates round-the-clock, which is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is also a good way to boost the firm’s visibility.

3. They double as marketing tools

It is a good idea to generate brand awareness with a vanity number that spells out a word that represents a message to an enormous audience. The number is immediately recognizable as the one to contact if they are looking business’s offering.

You can use vanity numbers for charities like 1-866-HELP-KIDS, children’s charities can quickly communicate their message for a specific service. As a result, consumers trust the business since it establishes it as honest and transparent.

As an added advantage, vanity numbers offer exclusivity – they will be unique from your competition.

4. Your Customer Service Improves

Events happen. When something goes wrong with your product or service, your customers will call you if they remember your number and how to contact you.

You’ll be called before your message of woe reaches social media, costing you reputation equity, and at worst, losing new customers.

When new customers need a specific service, they know who to call and don’t have to dig around for the number. In addition, current customers can easily reach out for assistance if they face any difficulties.

5. Vanity Phone Numbers Broaden Your Market

A vanity phone number generates traffic and leads, but a toll-free number gives your company a national presence as well.

Local businesses may even be edged out by national toll-free numbers. You’ll likely remain top of mind to consumers when they see your vanity number.

If a potential customer has your number stored in his or her head, you’re easier to reach than your local competitor. Standard generated phone numbers almost never produce such a result.

6. Vanity Phone Numbers Expand Your Global Reach

Nowadays, with all the access to the Internet, smartphones, and laptops, how do vanity numbers maintain their relevance? With the growth of your business comes the need for call forwarding.

Vanity numbers can be used as virtual phone numbers to forward customer service calls to other areas of the globe and provide seamless 24/7 customer service to your customers.

7. Attracts New Customers

Want to build your customer base? You can also consider the vanity numbers! Potential clients can easily recognize these numbers, as we have already stated. From a pool of products, they won’t really have trouble finding and identifying your products.

Additionally, rather than rely on complex sales and marketing strategies, many customers are attracted by word-of-mouth. In terms of word-of-mouth marketing, these numbers have proven quite effective.

8. Raises the Response and Conversion Rates

All of these factors combine to promote a higher response and conversion rate. There will be many clients wishing to contact the company that has the merchandise they want and obtain them. The firms involved, of course, benefit greatly from this.

The reason is that they guarantee a steady revenue stream and maintain a strong grip on the market. The use of these numbers further ensures that you will remain in the business for a long time.

Things to remember while Requesting a Vanity Phone Number for your business

While requesting the vanity phone number with sales support, you will need to keep a few things to get the right phone number. Here are 3 key things:

  1. You need to be specific about every detail while explaining what you want your vanity number to look like. You need to give the word to the support without any spelling errors, typos, or misunderstandings. It’s better to give the numeric version of the word yourself to avoid any problems.
  1. Make sure to provide more than one vanity number if you have multiple options in your mind. Sometimes the number you are looking for may not be available so it’s better to have options beforehand. 
  1. Sometimes the number you are looking for is taken. Since there are multiple toll-free codes in some countries, there is a chance that the vanity number you are looking for is available but with a different toll-free code. Inform the support team if you are okay to get other toll-free codes.

To wrap up

Vanity phone numbers are a great addition to any business. Not only does it look more attractive and clean than normal phone numbers, but they are also very easy to remember thanks to its alphanumeric pattern.

Vanity phone numbers reflect the branding of a business with very little effort. Only by looking at the number, people can guess what kind of business you are running.

It’s effective and since it’s toll-free, people will not get charged for making a call and businesses will get more prospects. It’s a win-win situation.

There are multiple cloud-based phone systems offering vanity phone numbers to users as per customers’ requests.

Major platforms like KrispCall have 24/7 customer support for customers to query about the vanity number as well as any information relating to cloud phones.

Get your Vanity Phone Number Today from KrispCall. Schedule a Free KrispCall demo now to enjoy and test the platform for free.


How can I get a free vanity number?

There are numerous platforms like KrispCall where you can get a free vanity number for first-time users. You can use the number until the trial period ends and after that, you will have to purchase the subscription plans.

How much does a vanity phone number cost?

The cost of a vanity phone number generally ranges from $ 5 to $15. However, the prices may vary from one cloud phone platform to another.

Is a vanity number worth it?

Since vanity phone numbers are easy to remember, they can help a business to generate more leads than regular toll-free numbers. Vanity numbers consist of a word that is more memorable than only numbers which enhances the branding as well as people who have seen the number tend to spread the word.

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