Cloud Telephony

A cloud hosted business telephone system offering multiple benefits

Use KrispCall’s Cloud Telephony service as an inexpensive alternative to traditional phone systems. Get rid of the burden of buying and storing stand-alone hardware by shifting your phone communications to the cloud. Benefit from a range of features that will improve productivity by automating and managing your communication strategy.

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a virtual phone system hosted in the cloud through a third party. With KrispCall cloud telephony, you can turn any device with an internet connection into a potential phone.

Cloud telephony delivers a fully integrated communication system with top-line business features. Streamline your business communication with a flexible and cost-efficient cloud telephony service.

Cloud Telephony of KrispCall


How Does KrispCall Cloud Telephony Work?

KrispCall cloud telephony operates in the cloud and uses your existing network to connect calls online. Users can use any internet-connected device for making calls using VoIP technology.

Cloud telephony enables migrating your entire business phone system to the cloud. Customers use a Cloud Telephony number and the service provider routes the calls over the internet. The analog voice signals received are converted to data packets and transmitted via an internet connection. You receive the call using a VoIP desk phone or a softphone (a virtual phone).

Benefits of KrispCall Cloud Telephony

There are multiple benefits to using KrispCall cloud telephony systems as they improve control, access, and efficiency of business communications with a rich set of features.

1) Quick and easy implementation
Implementing a cloud telephony service is painless compared to traditional phone systems. By simply purchasing a cloud phone system service from a provider and setting up an IP phone, you can make phone calls easily using the internet.
2) Lower cost of owning and running your business phone system
With no expensive on-site PBX system purchase, no additional purchase of IT infrastructure and hardware, and easy handling of maintenance by the solution provider, the overall cost for cloud telephony is significantly less.
3) Robust and powerful calling features
KrispCall cloud telephony can provide a set of rich features owing to its operation in a virtual platform. Features such as sequential calling, group calling, number porting, automated call distribution and redirection, interactive voice responses, etc., improves your communication offerings for clients.
4) Flexibility and scalability of your phone system
KrispCall cloud telephony system is very flexible and ensures high mobility of business communication systems. Unplugging IP phones and plugging them in new locations is all that is needed for relocating your phone systems.
As your business grows, you can scale your cloud phone system easily and cost-efficiently through a web-based portal.
Benefits of KrispCall Cloud Telephony