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Easy to Customize Bulk SMS Templates for Schools




Schools and colleges often struggle to communicate effectively with students, staff, and parents about important information. Traditional systems, such as notice board circulars, are time-consuming and ineffective.  

Lack of proper communication in educational institutes can cause missed deadlines, opportunities, and lack of engagement.  Students, parents, and staff can miss important information and the latest updates. To avoid these situations, Bulk SMS plays an important role.

In this blog, you’ll find easy-to-customize different bulk SMS templates for schools and colleges to connect effortlessly with school and college members!

Benefits of Using Bulk SMS Templates for Educational Institute

Educational institutes such as schools and colleges can relish a lot from Bulk SMS templates. Some of the benefits they can gain are given below: 

Real-Time Communication

Bulk SMS instantly allows educational institutions to communicate with students, parents, and staff. This aims to send timely notifications and alerts, such as school closures, emergency weather warnings, or schedule changes.

Cost-effective Communication Solution

Bulk SMS costs are relatively lower than sending individual messages to teachers, parents, and students. Traditional methods, such as posters and newspapers, are expensive due to printing costs and postage charges. 

It also cuts down the phone call charges and is time-saving. Also, bulk sms is highly scalable as schools can adapt to their communication requirement as needed. 

Personalization and Customization of Messages

Bulk SMS templates can be customized to ensure the messages resonate with the recipients. Educational institutions can include the recipient’s name, specific details relevant to the message, and other personalized elements. This helps to create a more engaging and meaningful communication experience.

Increased Attendance and Engagement

Bulk SMS can help educational institutions increase student attendance and engagement. With the help of bulk SMS templates, educational institutes can send out reminders about upcoming classes or events and announcements regarding schedule changes or new initiatives. 

Timely Notifications and Alerts

Educational institutions can send bulk SMS alerts to students, parents, and staff members in case of emergencies or unexpected events. Whether it’s a school closure due to inclement weather or a safety alert, SMS messages ensure everyone receives the information promptly.

11 Different Types of Bulk SMS Templates for Schools/Colleges

SMS can be used for different purposes in school; Here are some  templates you can use for educational institutions:  

1. Attendance and Absenteeism Notifications 

Attendance is an important part of students’ academics. Students can bunk school without informing their parents. Using school SMS templates, schools can notify parents of their child’s attendance, including notifications for absences, tardiness, or early departures. 

Example Template:

Dear [Parent’s Name],

You are hereby notified that [Student Name] was absent from school today. Please ensure that [he/she] makes up for any missed assignments or classwork. Please contact the school administration if you have any concerns.

Thank You, [School Name]

2. Exam Schedule and Results Updates

Exam schedules and result updates are important as they significantly impact academic experience. It helps in clarity and preparedness, time management, and minimizes conflict. 

Example Template:

Dear [Student’s Name],

The final exam schedule for the upcoming semester has been released. Please find the detailed schedule link:[link]

Good luck with your preparations!


[School Name]

Result update: Hello there, [Student Name]. Your [Class/Project] grade is now available. Check it out in your student portal: [Link]

3. Event Invitations and Reminders

Event reminders and invitation through mass text helps to create a vibrant and engaged community.  It helps students attend and participate, exposure to new activities, and more. It helps students to grow professionally and engage more academically. 

Hi, [First Name]. [School Name]’s homecoming dance is just a few weeks away! Snag tickets by [Date] for $5 off: [link]

4. Fee Payment Reminders

Fee payment reminders are essential for educational institutions to ensure timely collection of fees. Bulk SMS templates can be used to send reminders to parents about upcoming fee payments, payment due dates, and available payment options. This helps to streamline the fee collection process and minimize delays.

Example Template:

Dear [Parent’s Name],

This is a reminder that the fee payment for the [semester] is due on [Date]. Please ensure timely payment to avoid any late fees.

[School Name}

5. Parent-Teacher Meeting Notifications

The parent-teacher meeting is a fundamental bridge in the education ecosystem between teachers and parents.

It helps parents to know about the student’s progress, parental improvement, parent-teacher partnership, and more. 

Here are some templates schools can use for parent-teacher meeting notifications. 

Example Template: 

Schedule: Hello, [Guardian Name]. [Name] from [School Name] here. Are you available for a meeting this week to discuss [Student Name]? Respond to this SMS or call this number.

Confirm: Hello, [Guardian Name]. Your meeting with [Teacher Name] is set for [Time] [Date]. Please respond C to confirm your participation.

Reminder: Hi, [Guardian Name]. You have a meeting with [Teacher Name] on [Date] and [Time]. Please arrive 5 minutes early and wait outside the [Number] classroom.

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6. Emergency Alerts and Safety Updates

Bulk SMS templates can send timely notifications and updates to students, parents, and staff in case of emergencies or unexpected events, such as school closures due to inclement weather or safety alerts. This ensures that everyone is informed and can take appropriate action.

Example Template: 

On [Date], [School Name] will be closed because of the severe weather. Give a YES response if you want to be updated.

7. School Bus Delay Alert 

School bus delay alerts are crucial for ensuring the safety and convenience of students who rely on school transportation. Text messaging for schools can send alerts to parents about bus delays, providing estimated arrival times and updates on the bus status.

Example Template:

⚠ ALERT: School bus 🚌delay! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the bus will be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. -[School Name]

8. School Holiday Notification

Holiday notifications are essential to inform students, parents, and staff about scheduled holidays and breaks. Bulk SMS templates can send notifications about school holidays, including start and end dates and any important information related to the holiday period. 

Example Template: 

Happy holidays! 🎉 We wish you a joyful holiday season and a prosperous[Holidyas Name]. As a reminder, school is closed [Date] – [Date] – [School Name]

9. Career Counselling Workshop 

Students and parents can receive SMS marketing for career counseling workshops, providing information about the workshop and speakers.

Career counseling workshops are vital in guiding students toward their future career paths.

Example Template: 

Are you thinking about your future career? Join us for a career counseling program at our school on [day] at [time] in [Schools Name]. Learn more about your career options and how to maximize your education. Register now: [link]

10. New Courses & Programs

A school’s curriculum can change over time. Teachers and students need to be informed about the new courses and programs implemented in school. So here is the template that SMS schools can use:

Example Template

[School Name] is excited to announce that we will offer a new course this academic year: [Course Name]. To learn more about it, simply reply YES.

11. Collect Feedback

Schools should prioritize feedback from students, staff members, and teachers about the school rules and developments. You can collect their feedback to make the school a better place for everyone. 

Example Template:

Send surveys: Hi, [Student Name]. Thank you for participating in our advanced physics course. We highly value your feedback and are eager to discover avenues for improvement. To complete the survey, kindly click the following [Link].

Encourage complaints: Hello there, [Guardian Name]. We’ve recently received reports of bullying. Help us establish a safe environment for everyone by reporting any incidents here: [Link]

Best Practices to Create Bulk SMS Template for Your School

Creating effective bulk SMS templates requires careful consideration of the content and structure. 

Here are some ideas you can consider while creating a bulk sms template for your school’s shortcodes. 

  • Keep it concise: SMS has a character limitation of around 160 characters. So you should keep your message short, include important details to the point, and avoid unnecessary information.  
  • Personalize the message:  It’s important to ensure each message is tailored to its intended recipient. This means addressing them by name and using language that speaks directly to their interests or needs. Doing this will create a sense of connection between yourself and your audience.
  • Provide clear calls-to-action: Ensure the SMS has proper calls-to-action so they know exactly what to do. It will help the recipient with clear navigation after reading the message. 
  • Segment your audience: There are different groups of people in schools, such as staff, teachers, students, and parents. Categorize the different groups before sending a bulk SMS. 
  • Use emojis judiciously: Emojis can add flavors and make the bland SMS more interesting. Many people think using emoji is unprofessional and childish, but using it on relevant content can be helpful.   
  • Schedule messages strategically: Prepare the message beforehand and proofread the template properly. After segmenting the recipients, set the messages’ dates and send them accordingly.  Also, you should consider time to make the SMS effective.

Send Important Announcements to Parents, Students & Members with KrispCall Bulk SMS Feature

KrispCall is the best bulk SMS provider for Schools and Colleges to send messages easily and quickly. With KrispCall, you can personalize, segment, and schedule messages about events and reminders of your school. Recipients can also reply to the message as it has a two-way texting feature. 

With the Bulk SMS features of KrispCall, schools can easily communicate with all the school community members.  The SMS delivery rate with KrispCall is high, as spam filters do not block messages sent. KrispCall has SMS analytics tools that help you to know the delivery open and reply rates of the SMS campaigns. 

You can choose templates for the different types of SMS you want to run for your Schools and educational institutes. KrispCall provides services in over 100 countries so that international students and parents also can get notified through the SMS platform. The cost per SMS is also the same for all countries. 


Can Bulk SMS Templates Improve Student Attendance?

Yes, bulk SMS templates can help improve student attendance by sending timely notifications and reminders to parents about important events, deadlines, and schedule changes. By keeping parents informed, educational institutions can encourage active participation and reduce student absenteeism.

What are some things to remember when creating bulk SMS templates for schools and colleges?

Here are some things you can consider while creating bulk SMS templates for schools and colleges:

  • Keep the message clear and concise.
  • Avoid using jargon and abbreviations.
  • Use active voice
  • Decide your audience
  • Proofread your message

What are the benefits of using bulk SMS templates for schools and colleges?

Using Bulk SMS templates for schools and colleges has the following benefits.

  • Cost-effective
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Personalization according to the audience (students, teachers, parents)
  • Measurability 
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