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Best Mass Texting Services to Reach More People Instantly



Best Mass Texting Services

In this 🌐 digital era, many businesses need Mass Texting Services to efficiently send SMS messages to large groups, but sometimes these messages can feel non-specific 😢 and nonpersonal, it feels like it is spam. 

Technology evolves so quickly that people want more advanced features for SMS messages, however, text message marketing campaigns have both features and limitations.

But don’t be 🙌 sad this is the reason we have listed the best mass text message service provider with minimum limitations and price

In this article, we will explore the best mass text messaging service with price, features, and many more.

🔑 Key Highlights

  • We analyzed the features compared with each other and created a list of the best mass text messaging services
  • KrispCall stands out as the top choice for bulk text messages with features like automated response and message filtering.
  • ClickSend can dispatch more than 4800 messages in just a few minutes.
  • Clickatell offers 1000+ global networks with one API using their bulk SMS network.
  • Before choosing the best messaging apps must consider key features like Scalability & user-friendliness Interface, dedicated human support, and uptime.

What is a Mass Texting Service?

A mass texting service is a communication platform that helps you simultaneously send text messages to large groups of people. Marketing campaigns, emergency alerts, announcements, emergency notifications, or any reminders mostly use this service.

What is Mass Texting Services

For Example:🤵 John wants to inform his team about the meeting, but it is very difficult to reach everyone. He decides to use the mass text messaging service to send out quick notifications to ensure that all team members are informed.

What are the Benefits of Using Mass Texting Service?

Using mass texting services not only makes things easier but also helps for effective performance in business advanced marketing. It makes your business more professional and quick to respond.

Benefits of Using Mass Texting Service
  • Instant Communication: Reach a large audience instantly, and make sure your important messages and announcements are delivered on time. Keep your audience from seeing your messages or any updates.
  • Increased reach and engagement:  A quick response and higher engagement rates can be achieved through SMS campaigns. Mass texting service sends bulk SMS to your audience which lets you broaden your reach and engagement.  
  • Efficiency and time-saving: Using bulk SMS service saves a lot of your time, you don’t have to send one-by-one text messages to alert everyone. It saves you time with a single setup.
  • Targeted messaging: Send your mass text messages to specific groups or individual based on their interest, or behavior. The targeted messages ensure that your messages are more relevant and trustworthy.
  • Reak time tracking and analysis: Get valuable insight into the performance of your SMS campaigns with real-time tracking. Analyze your delivery rate, on metrics to know about the effectiveness of your message.
  • Integration with other tools: Use it with other tools easily. It helps you keep all your communication organized and connected. Integration enhances your overall communication strategy allowing for a coordinated approach.

11 Best Mass Texting Services for Business in 2024

There are plenty of mass texting services available in the market, but not all are suited to your needs. 

So, we have listed the best mass texting services based on the following criteria:

  • Modern Features
  • Customer Support
  • Limitations
  • Customer reviews and Many more
Provider PriceFeatures
KrispCallStarts from 15$ per monthHigh Conversion rate & Advanced filtering
ClickSendContact Sales TeamWorldwide Coverage
Simple Texting39.00$ for 500 TextFree SMS replies and incoming messages
Sendplus Basic FreeOver 130 Responsive Templates
Dialmy CallsStarts from $7.49/ MonthPhone Tree app
Twilio Contact Sales TeamOutbound & Inbound messaging
Text LocalDepends upon Service you chooseBulk SMS solution.
Bulk SMSContact Sales teamCredits have no expiration
One SignalBasic FreeProvide valuable metrics 
ClickatellContact Sales TeamEase of implementing SMS API 
Text MarksContact Sales TeamExcellent for collaboration

1. KrispCall: Best for Mass Text Messages Online 

When you need to send bulk SMS📧, KrispCall is a reliable option. It has a simple interface that helps you quickly set up and run campaigns. Plus, the special Unified Callbox makes it simple to check all your conversations with customers.

KrispCall best for mass texting services

KrispCall uses advanced technology, so your messages are less chance to end up in spam. This means more people will see and engage with your messages. 

Even if you do not have to worry about your holidays or your busy schedule you can still run your campaigns. 

😲Plus you will get a useful detail and analytics about your campaign, helping you figure out what messages work best for your customer. 

✅ Pros 

  • High Conversion rate
  • Cost Effective
  • No barriers during delivery
  • High open rate
  • Customizable option 

❎ Cons

  • Incompatible with Linux system
  • Limited problem-solving

💡 Features

  • Advanced Filtering Technology: Stay focused on the important and trustable message, make sure you only see the message that matters to you.
  • Automated Response: Save time and increase efficiency with an automated response, let our bot handle the queries, and frequently ask questions to look more professional.
  • Accurate Transcription: Save time and reduce errors by converting spoken words to accurate text. Increase productivity in meetings and note-taking.
  • Pin your Important Message: Make sure your important messages are noticeable. Pin your message, and let the customer know about your important text messages.
  • Personalized Customer Interactions: Use our intelligent call routing and increase customer satisfaction by minimizing wait times.



What are our customers saying about us?

KrispCall allowed our business and our customer base to grow since we needed a contact number. Its smooth and easy subscription and user interface were our reasons for choosing KrispCall. Most importantly, customer service works at its best to help us with any troubleshoots we have.

Berivan Birkan, Founder, TerraMavi

Instant Activation-Cancel Anytime

2. ClickSend 

Click Send is one 💪of the best mass text messaging services. The efficient software can dispatch 4800 messages every minute.

clicksend for mass text

Users have the flexibility to personalize their sender ID and check the real-time status of messages.

✅ Pros 

  • Worldwide Coverage
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Unlimited user
  • Easy to installation

❎ Cons

  • Character limits
  • Not friendly to small companies


Contact Sales Team

3. Simple Texting 

Simple Text is one of the best for bulk text messaging, it is a cloud-based tool designed for one-on-one business mass texting and large-scale text message campaigns.

Simpletexting for mass texting

The main features of the Simple Texting platform include segments, autoresponders, AI assist, and more.

✅ Pros

  • Mass texting
  • Two-way messaging
  • Free SMS replies and incoming messages
  • Auto-replies and drip campaigns
  • Picture messaging (MMS)

❎ Cons

  • Limitations in character in the text
  • Tracking is somewhat lacking


500 Text39.00$/month
100 Text 59$/month
2000 Text89$/month

4. Sendplus

Sendplus is one of the best tools for bulk text messaging. It is a tool for businesses that helps automate messaging, you can easily make and send newsletters, personalized emails, and custom text messages.

Sendpulse for best mass texting services

It has a simple drag-and-drop editor and readymade templates.

✅ Pros 

  • Over 130 Responsive Templates
  • A/B Testing
  • Data filters
  • In-depth statistics

❎ Cons

  • Delay in support service


Basic Free
Standard€ 7 /month
Pro€ 8,40 /month
Enterprise€ 11,76 /month

5. Dialmy Calls

Dialmy Calls is one of the excellent tools for mass texting service. The API lets you work with another system.

Dialmycalls for mass texting

You can send audio and video messages and the dashboard shows all the messages in one place.

✅ Pros 

  • Mass Notification App
  • Phone Tree app
  • Broadcast Report

❎ Cons

  • Not user-friendly
  • Mobile app issue


Standard$7.49/ Month
Premium$9.99/ Month
Pay as You Go $10.00/ Month

6. Twilio

With Twilio, you can send mass text messages globally. You can connect your SMS features to the business system using an SMS gateway API.

Twilio mass texting service

You can also buy a shortcode phone number and keep track of your SMS.

✅ Pros

  • Outbound & inbound messaging
  • Simple sign-up process
  • Great Technical Support

❎ Cons

  • Complex Interface
  • UI needs to be improved


The price depends on the country you select

7. Text Local

Using Text Local mass texting service you can make your marketing messages fit what your customers like. You can create special forms, surveys, and polls for mobile.

Textlocal for mass texting services

It helps you chat with customers and send them messages back.

✅ Pros

  • It is ideal for businesses seeking a scalable bulk SMS solution.
  • Offers various SMS packages tailored to different business needs.
  • A valuable tool for acquiring new customers

❎ Cons

  • Some users found it difficult to use


500 SMS credits£24.50/ Total bundle price
1,000 SMS credits£47.00/ Total bundle price
More credits Contact Sales Team

8. Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a worldwide mass SMS message provider providing a cloud-based platform for SMS services, allowing businesses to engage in two-way text messaging.

Bulksms for mass texting services

The cost depends on how many messages you want and where you’re sending them.

✅ Pros 

  • No monthly charges
  • Credits have no expiration
  • Guaranteed refund available

❎ Cons

  • No free trial
  • The user covers the cost of unsuccessful messages


Contact Sales Team

9. OneSignal 

OneSignal mass texting services offer important measurements that show how well things are doing. With features like analytics and integrations it, helps businesses send messages that are personalized and effective.

Onesignal for bulk texting

It makes sure the customers are happy with their experience 

✅ Pros 

  • Provide valuable metrics of text messages 
  • Allows businesses to deliver personalized messages effectively
  • User experience satisfaction and free trial

❎ Cons

  • Difficulty with technical support
  • Limited design choices


Enterprise Custom

10. Clickatell

Clickatell offers 1000+ global networks with one API using their bulk SMS network. It is one of the best to send mass text messages with a free trial.

Clickatell for mass texting

It is a cloud-hosted, web interface that allows user-friendly user access 24/7. It has a two-way communication system that allows the receiver to reply.

✅ Pros 

  • Autopayments make the work easy
  • Easy to use for bulk text messaging 
  • Ease of implementing SMS API 
  • Web-based and extremely user-friendly

❎ Cons

  • Poor UI/UX for payments
  • Some users found it difficult to setup
  • Limited communication options


Contact Sales Team

11. Text Marks

Text Marks allows you to send mass text messages easily. It includes 15 custom keywords, SMS auto-response, and advanced list segmentation.

Textmarks for mass texting service

This includes features like connecting with Salesforce CRM, creating custom opt-in processes, keeping data for a longer time, and getting better support. 

✅ Pros

  • Excellent for collaboration
  • User Friendly interface and easy texting service 
  • TextMarks allows for easy engagement with our community,

❎ Cons

  • Some times Delays in getting messages
  • Not flexible with two ways of communication


Contact Sales Team

What are the Future Trends of Mass Text Services?

  • AI Integrations: AI in bulk texting software will enable more advanced personalization and automated interactions in the future. AI algorithms can analyze user behavior and engagement patterns. 
  • Rich Media Messaging: The future of mass texting is likely to include richer forms of media such as images, videos, and interactive elements.
  • Improved Analytics: Advanced analytics tools will provide deeper insights into campaign performance and user interactions.
  • Enhanced Personalization: Personalization will become even more sophisticated, with dynamic content customized to individual preferences and behaviors.
  • Security and Privacy Measure: With increasing concerns about data privacy, future mass texting services will likely focus on implementing strong security measures.
  • Geo-Targeted Messaging: location-based targeting will enable businesses to send relevant messages to users based on their physical location.

How Does Mass Texting Service Work❓

Mass text messaging service works by allowing businesses to send bulk texts to a large number of recipients simultaneously, let’s explore🔍 how it works 

  1. Choose Service Provider: The first step is to choose your service provider based on your budget and needs.
  1. Imports Contacts: Upload your entire contact list or existing contacts containing the phone numbers of receivers who have chosen to receive messages.
  1. Create Campaign: Compose your message, personalize it, and schedule the delivery time. Some services offer templates and automation tools for efficient campaign creation.
  1. Message Delivery: After you create the campaign, your text message is routed through the carrier network and delivered to the individual receivers. Each receiver receives a separate message, maintaining privacy.
  1. Delivery Reports: You can receive your reports on message delivery status, including successful, failed and many more.

🎁Things to consider before choosing a mass text messaging service

There are many mass text message service providers in the market, however, the text messaging service provider not only needs to meet your requirements but also comes with an affordable price.

When you think 🤔 about SMS marketing services you need to consider a few things like features and limitations to choose the right mass texting service.

  • Search for essential features🔍: Look for services like analytics, message length, Scheduling for bulk texting, inbound messages, a free trial or a free demo, and multimedia support. These features are essential for effective communication.
  • Game-changing features🚀: Consider the functionalities that are game changers such as advanced personalization options, and integration capabilities. This can significantly improve your communication.
  • Scalability Matters📈: Choose a bulk texting software that can scale with your needs. It should broaden your current audience size and have the flexibility to grow your messaging requirement to expand
  • User-Friendly Interface💻: Go for a smooth interface that can be very easy for you to work with and easily manage multiple contacts and other business tools.
  • Affordability Check💰: When you look for SMS software for bulk text always look for pricing structure including any hidden charges.
  • Customer Suppport💁‍♀️: Analyze the response time and availability of customer support. A helpful team can be crucial when you have technical issues. 

Final Thoughts & Best Mass Texting Services is 

When you look for a mass texting app it is totally up to you. Many services offer mass texting. Your requirements will surely define whether you are a large business owner or a small one

While Bulk SMS, Clickatell provides top-level services and features, KrispCall stands out as our top contender with features like Omnichannel support and CRM integration with 24/7 human support 

KrispCall offers mass SMS messages at only at just 15$ per month ensuring no comparison in features.


What is the best app to send mass texts?

There are many best apps like KrispCall, Bulk SMS and Dialy calls to send mass texts, however, KrispCall stands out as a top choice for sending mass texts.

How do you tell if a text is a mass text?

You can identify easily whether it is a text or a mass text just by analyzing factors like the sender’s information, the Context of the text, the Delivery response, and many more.

How much does a mass text cost?

It depends upon the providers you choose but with KrispCall you can get only 15$ per month if you pay monthly with advanced features like an SMS BotMessages Filter, and Message Pin

Are there any limitations to SMS messages?

Yes, there are some limitations to SMS messages. They are typically limited in character count (160 characters for standard SMS), and the content may not include multimedia.

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