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Best Indian Virtual Phone Number Providers in 2024



Best Indian Virtual Phone Number Providers

India has one of the fastest-growing business industries in the world. One of the major factors of India’s growth is its strong cloud telephony network.

If you are planning to expand your business need to contact someone in India then you need to get virtual Indian phone numbers to seamlessly communicate with Indian consumers or family and friends.

There are many virtual phone number providers in India that offer different types of virtual numbers for any kind of business.

These numbers use cloud technology to provide a cost-effective and feature-rich calling experience.

Cloud telephony doesn’t only provide telecommunication but also includes automation and Artificial intelligence which enhances the quality of business communication.

In this article, you will learn about the top Indian virtual phone number providers. Also, we explained briefly about virtual phone numbers, their types, features, uses, and more.

What is an Indian Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number in India uses cloud technology to facilitate communication without relying on traditional telephone systems or Indian telephone networks. All you need is an active internet connection.

Users can utilize a variety of softphones, smartphones, or VoIP phones to dial virtual phone numbers for phone calls and other communication channels.

Virtual phone numbers eliminate the limits of traditional phone systems. With sophisticated features, the virtual number allows businesses more freedom and control over business communication.

India’s international country code is +91.

Get Virtual Phone Numbers From 100+ Countries

Get feature-rich virtual phone numbers from over 100 countries for personal and business use.

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*Disclaimer: Please be informed that Indian phone numbers are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working diligently to expand our country coverage in the future.

What are the types of virtual phone numbers in India?

Indian virtual phone number providers offer a variety of virtual phone numbers. These phone numbers resemble typical landline or mobile phone numbers but are different since it uses cloud technology.

In general, there are five different types of virtual phone numbers in India.

1. Indian Landline Phone Numbers

The Indian landline phone number consists of 10 digits. The length of the Indian area code varies from 2 digits to 4 digits.

  • 2 digit India area code
    The landline phone number starts with 2 digits area code and the remaining 8 digits are the subscriber’s phone number.
    Generally, it is written as (AA) XXXX XXXX  where AA is area code and XXXX XXXX is the subscriber’s phone number.
  • 3 digit India area code
    The landline phone number starts with 3 digits area code and the remaining 7 digits are the subscriber’s phone number.
    Generally, it is written as (AAA) XXX XXXX  where AAA is the area code and XXX XXXX is the subscriber’s phone number.
  • 4 digit India area code
    The landline phone number starts with 4 digits area code and the remaining 6 digits are the subscriber’s phone number.
    Generally, it is written as (AAAA) XXX XXX  where AAAA is the area code and XXX XXX is the subscriber’s .phone number.

2. Indian Mobile phone numbers

The Indian virtual mobile numbers consist of 10 digits. It begins with a 2 digit access code then followed by 3 digit provider code and the remaining 5 digits are the subscriber’s phone number.

Generally, it is written as XX YYY ZZZZZ where XX is access code, YYY is provider code and ZZZZZ is the subscriber’s phone number.

3. Indian Toll-free phone numbers

The Indian toll-free phone number consists of 10 or 11 digits. It starts with toll-free code 1800 or 1860 and the remaining 6/7 digits are the phone number. The toll-free code 1860 is used for local-rate numbers.

Generally, it is written as 1800 XXX XXX, 1800 XXX XXXX or 1860 XXX XXXX.

4. Indian Vanity phone numbers

The Indian vanity phone number is similar to the Indian toll-free number. It is the custom-made phone number by companies to reflect their brand.

5. Bring your own carrier(BYOC)

If you have purchased a virtual phone number from a cloud-based phone system then you can shift that number to another virtual cloud telephony platform.

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15 Best virtual number providers in India to consider in 2024

Indian virtual phone number providers offer a variety of features and services to businesses. The quality of these platforms is determined by a number of criteria that are necessary for a good user experience.

We acknowledged the following factors to find the best Indian virtual phone number platforms for businesses:

  • Features and services
  • Pricing plans
  • Public reviews
  • User Interface
  • Customer support

We’ve prepared a list of the top 15 Indian virtual phone number providers based on the aforementioned criteria. Let’s have a look at it.

  1. CallHippo: Provides virtual phone plans for more than 50 countries.
  2. Vonage: Best internet phone services.
  3. RingCentral: Best internet phone services.
  4. Freshdesk: Provides free virtual phone numbers for more than 40 countries.
  5. Genesys: Provides AI-powered predictive routing
  6. 8×8: Best phone system for small businesses.
  7. Grasshopper: Best for small businesses.
  8. Nextiva: Provides virtual phone numbers with sophisticated features.
  9. Aircall: Provides call center software for customer-centric teams.
  10. Zoiper: Provides excellent VoIP call quality
  11. Cloudtalk: Provides international phone numbers from more than 70+ countries.
  12. Axovi: Provides excellent coverage across 170+ countries.
  13. MiCloud Connect: Dependable, secure, and HIPAA-compliant platform for SMBs.
  14. Zadarma: Customizable according to business needs.
  15. TollFreeForwarding: Activates virtual phone numbers in 60 seconds.

Now let’s explore each phone number provider one by one.

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1. CallHippo

CallHippo is one of the most rapidly expanding cloud-based telephony on the market. It offers a variety of features and services that improve the unified communications experience. It offers a power dialer, call analytics, call transfer, call forwarding, and other features.


This Indian virtual phone number provider makes business communication easier with its fully automated and highly scalable solution.

It focuses on customer service satisfaction and agent productivity using its call center solutions. It provides effective methods for improving communication between agents and clients.

CallHippo key features:

  • Power Dialer
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • IVR
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Call Monitoring
  • Warm Transfer
  • Call Recording

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Call Hippo Trial Period: 14 Days

Call hippo is ideal for: Small/Medium/Large Business

CallHippo Pricing:

  • Bronze Plan: USD 16 per user/Month
  • Silver Plan: USD 30 per user/Month
  • Platinum Plan: USD 45 per user/Month

2. Vonage

If you want a long-term service, Vonage is the finest choice. Vonage has evolved from offering internet phone service in the early 2000s to now offering modern phone service.

Vonage is a user-friendly VoIP platform. You receive access to Amazon Chime in addition to normal VoIP features like call screening and call forwarding.

While Vonage has a reasonable price using its toll free numbers as an add-on requires additional money. Vonage, on the other hand, has an enormous feature set allowing you to build the ideal business phone system according to your needs.

Vonage Key features:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call screening
  • CRM integration
  • Call monitoring
  • Virtual assistant

Supported devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Vonage is ideal for: Small/Medium/Large Business

Vonage Pricing:

  • Mobile: USD 19.99 per line/month
  • Premium: USD 29.99 per line/month
  • Advance: USD 39.99 per line/month

3. RingCentral

RingCentral is a popular cloud phone service in India. It’s a multi-featured all-in-one communications system with a simple user interface. According to professional reviewers, it offers a wide range of VoIP and collaboration solutions.

RingCentral’s plans include a wide range of advanced features and services for companies of all sizes. It allows businesses to get regular updates and relevant statistics to see how their operations are going.

ringcentral homepage

It’s simple to set up and provides a high degree of flexibility that suits both small and large organizations. It’s a cloud-based system with a rental service for a desk and conference phone.

RingCentral Key features:

  • Call screening
  • Call forwarding
  • RingOut
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Call monitoring
  • Live reports

Supported devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

RingCentral Trial Period: 15 day

RingCentral is ideal for: Small/Medium/Large Business

Pricing: Based on customer’s requirements

4. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a cloud-based phone system for businesses of all sizes. It makes it possible for small enterprises to communicate with their clients at a low cost.

Freshdesk is a brilliant way for integrating your CRM and helpdesk. Thanks to its sophisticated reporting and analytics, administrators can access real-time information. It has virtual phone numbers for over 90 different countries.

It’s efficient because it allows you to handle phone conversations with ease. It also allows users to set up a help desk in a few easy steps without using any phone equipment.

Key features:

  • Simultaneous call handling
  • Call quality monitoring
  • Agent call scripting
  • Web callback service
  • A completely customizable system
  • Highly reliable and secure
  • Customer interaction history

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Freshdesk Trial Period: 21 Days

Freshdesk is ideal for: Small/Medium Business

Pricing: Based on the client’s requirements

5. Genesys

Genesys provides a best-in-class call center system that enables agents to provide exceptional customer support. It is well-known for its AI-powered predictive routing which aids in the delivery of customized assistance. It allows agents to fix more issues in less time

genesys homepage

Genesys is a set of cloud-based collaboration and contact center management services for businesses. It is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offers a distributed cloud environment to enable secure access to enterprises.

Genesys key features:

  • Activity dashboard 
  • Alerts / Escalation 
  • Real-time chat 
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Interaction tracking

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Genesys is Ideal for: Small/Medium/Large Business

Genesys Pricing: Based on the client’s requirements

6. 8×8

8X8 is a leading cloud telephony platform for small and medium-sized businesses. 8X8 provides exceptional customer service and HD-voice calling, enabling you to engage with customers more smoothly and rapidly.

Voice analytics driven by AI and call activity logs are included. As a result, businesses will be more productive and profitable. It also assists a wide range of industries by increasing customer service through a versatile solution that works regardless of time or location.

Extension dialing, ring groups, auto-attendant, call forwarding, and many more advanced functions are included in the system.

Key features:

  • Wait time announcement
  • Third-party integration
  • Enterprise level security
  • Call transfer, call waiting and call parking
  • Group intercom paging
  • Advanced reports and analytics
  • Inbound call management
  • Predictive outbound dialer

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

8×8 Trial Period: 30 Days

8×8 is Ideal for: Small/Medium/Large Business


  • 8×8 Express: USD 12 per user/Month
  • X2: 24 per user/Month
  • X4: 44 per user/Month

7. Grasshopper

Grasshopper claims to be the #1 choice of new entrepreneurs or small businesses and it certainly lives up to that claim.

Grasshopper is a virtual phone service provider for startups and small businesses that are aimed to help them get underway without the high cost or service disruptions that come with traditional phone systems.

grasshopper virtual business phone system

Grasshopper is a straightforward, low-cost, and telephone solution. It prioritizes simple softphone features allowing you to avoid time-consuming hardware programming and extensive setup procedures.

Key features:

Supported devices: Windows/Android/iOS

Trial Period: 7 days

Ideal for: Small Business

Pricing: Based on customer’s requirements

8. Nextiva

Nextiva is generally regarded as the best in the industry when it comes to sophisticated systems. Nextiva’s goal is to provide exceptional communication services to both small and large enterprises.

Customers can purchase different types of virtual phone numbers from Nextiva at a low price. Nextiva offers an excellent auto-attendant system that greets callers and directs them to the relevant department. It enables customers to receive voicemails via email.

nextiva homepage

With just one click, Nextiva users can chat, phone call, or video conference. It’s very simple to set up and utilize. It allows organizations to save time and meet customer needs across several channels by using AI and automation.

Nextiva key features:

  • Advanced call management.
  • multichannel customer support
  • Queue management.
  • Call recording
  • IVR.
  • Call routing
  • ACD

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Nextiva Trial Period: 30 Days

Nextiva is ideal for: Small/Medium/Large Business

Nextiva pricing: Based on customer’s need

9. Aircall

Aircall is a flexible cloud-based phone system for a variety of enterprises. It aids in the management of corporate communications for sales and support personnel. It integrates with a variety of CRM and helpdesk programs.

Virtual phone numbers are available in more than 100 countries. Aircall allows for the expansion of teams and gives extensive insights through real-time analytics.

aircall cloud based call center software

You can manage communication channels from wherever using their desktop and mobile apps which provide a variety of features and services. It directs calls based on IVR options, agent capabilities, and time zone.

Aircall is well-known for deploying complex analytic techniques to track agents’ productivity. It allows you to keep track of the team’s activities in real-time via the live feed.

Aircall key features:

  • PowerDialer
  • IVR
  • Call Routing
  • Call Center Analytics
  • CTI Integration
  • Click to Dial

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Aircall Trial Period: 7 days

Aircall is ideal for: Small/medium/large business

Aircall pricing:

  • Essential: USD 30$ per user/month
  • Professional: USD 50$ per user/month
  • Custom: Contact sales team for price

10. Zoiper

Zoiper is a versatile VoIP platform that provides unified communication to all types of businesses with a unified communications solution. It’s also well-known for its user-friendly and responsive interface.


Overall, the Zoiper experience is fantastic, especially when it comes to sound cancellation and eliminating metallic sounds. It’s an excellent VOIP software choice that fulfills the requirements of different businesses. The application has a very clear and clean interface that allows seeing all of the necessary information at all times.

Zoiper Key Features:

  • Encrypted text and video channels
  • Supports numerous plugins
  • Good audio quality
  • High data security
  • CRM integration

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS/Linux

Zoiper is ideal for: Small/medium/large business

Zoiper pricing: Based on customer’s needs

11. Exotel

Exotel is a top cloud communication solution in Asia. It helps companies like Flipkart and Zomato in India with their client engagement activities.

Companies rely on Exotel for its dependability in service during peak hours. It t fulfills industry standards that give SLAs of 99.4+ percent uptime and unrestricted channel availability.

exotel homepage

Exotel also promotes efficiency in a distributed workforce environment. It enables companies to monitor critical call data, get useful insights, and boost company productivity.

Exotel key features:

  • Click to Call
  • Toll-free number
  • IVR
  • Business SMS
  • Hosted PBX
  • Virtual phone numbers

Supported Devices: Web

Exotel is ideal for: Small/medium/large business

Exotel pricing: Based on customer’s needs

12. Avoxi

Avoxi is a popular virtual cloud phone solution with great coverage in more than 170 countries. It provides a proper platform to make conversations with team members and customers. This cloud-based solution integrates telephony, real-time chat, and contact center functions into a single environment.

Avoxi inida

Additionally, it lowers the need for extra equipment and expenditures allowing your company to expand swiftly at a minimal cost while maintaining a high level of customer service. Finally, it enables firms to expand into new markets and engage with new clients.

Avoxi key solutions:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Third-party integration
  • Knowledge base management
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • Call routing
  • Call recording
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call Monitoring
  • Predictive Dialer

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Avoxi Trial Period: 30 Days

Avoxi is ideal for: Small/Medium/Large Business

Avoxi pricing:

  • Launch Plan: USD 0 per user/month
  • Contact Plan: USD 19.99 per user/Month
  • Engaged Enterprise Plan: USD 39.99 per User/Month

13. MiCloud Connect

Mitel’s MiCloud Connect is a prominent cloud phone service provider in India and it was built on Google Cloud. It’s A reliable, secure, and HIPAA-compliant platform for all types of businesses.

micloud connect homepage

To bring your team together, it uses text, conference calls, file sharing, screen sharing, and other tools. Conferencing, voicemail, SIP trunking, call transfer, call forwarding, call recording, call routing, and mobile apps are just a few of the features.

MiCloud Connect key features:

  • Activity-based routing
  • Mobile twinning
  • Case management
  • Omnichannel contact center
  • Direct agent routing
  • Group intercom paging
  • Data warehouse integration

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac

MiCloud Connect Trial Period: 14 Days

MiCloud Connect is Ideal for: Small/Medium Business

MiCloud Connect pricing: Based on customer’s needs

14. Zadarma

Zadarma is a business phone system that allows organizations exposure to a better calling interface. Its cloud PBX can be tailored to meet specific corporate requirements allowing for quick and easy setup. Call pickup, call recording, call forwarding, call transfer, and call waiting are among the functionalities that support IVR.

zadarna virtual phone number system

Auto-attendant, auto-responders, scheduled answering machine, automated fax receipt, etc. are added to voicemail. Thousands of virtual phone numbers including toll-free phone numbers are accessible in 90 countries throughout the world.

Pricing packages and costs vary by location and can be scaled up or down depending on the number of members.

Zadarma Key Features:

  • Auto-dialer
  • Contact management
  • Integrated CRM system
  • Call logging and monitoring
  • Multichannel customer service

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android

ZadarmaConnect is ideal for: Small/Medium Business

Zadarma Connect pricing: Based on customer’s needs

15. TollFreeForwarding

TollFreeForwarding is one of the leading hosted PBX providers in India. It offers a number of features that allow businesses to easily connect with customers all over the world. TollFreeForwarding is extremely quick and simple to set up as it only requires 3 steps.

tollfreeforwarding homepage

To begin, choose your favorite Indian virtual number either local, national, or toll-free from the inventory. Then, to have your phone number enabled, contact the support service. Your phone number will be activated in 60 seconds.

Supported Devices: Web

TollFreeForwarding is ideal for: Small/Medium business

TollFreeForwarding Pricing: Based on customer’s needs

Where can you use an Indian virtual phone number?

Since the rise of popularity of cloud telephony in recent years as a result of the covid epidemic, the use of virtual phone numbers has expanded throughout most enterprises.

Companies have recognized the usefulness of cloud phones in order to compete in today’s economy where the internet has become a critical component. Using virtual numbers in India has a variety of advantages including generating leads and enhancing ROI.

The following are some of the business sectors where the use of Indian virtual phone numbers is at an all-time high:

  • Call centers
  • Travel and aviation
  • Hospitals and health centers
  • Transport
  • Remote workspace
  • Bank and finances (banking codes and social media OTP)
  • Telecommunication
  • And many more areas.

Who can use the Indian virtual phone number?

As we all know, different types of companies use Indian virtual service providers to handle their business communication.

Employees use a variety of features and services provided by Indian virtual phone number providers to improve their relationship with consumers as well as their productivity.

The following people use virtual phone numbers

  • Call center representative
  • Remote worker
  • Customer service representative
  • Managers
  • Help desk officers
  • And many more.
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What is the cost of an Indian virtual Phone Number?

Indian virtual phone number provider offers a diverse choice of virtual numbers for both personal and corporate use. Some of the most common phone numbers in India are toll-free phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, local phone numbers, and vanity phone numbers.

Virtual numbers are generally priced from USD 0 and USD 15. The cost of a virtual phone number in India varies depending on the platform. You must determine which platform is ideal for your company.

These Indian virtual number providers offer a range of pricing plans from basic to advanced. Various features and services are included in the bundles. The higher the package price, the more features, and services you will get.

You can buy more than one virtual phone number. For each new phone number, you’ll have to pay an additional charge. A virtual phone number from KrispCall, for example, costs about USD 1-2 in India.

Some Indian virtual phone number providers provide free virtual numbers. All you have to do is create an account on the platform and choose a phone number from their basic plan. You have to pay as you go depending upon your usage. This is excellent for new businesses.

What Documents do you need to buy an Indian virtual phone number?

Getting a virtual phone number in India is far easier than getting a plain old telephone number. You don’t need any official documents to register your virtual number.

When purchasing a virtual phone number in India, you are not required to submit any legal documentation. Simply complete the signup form and you’re all set to go. This procedure is simple and you can complete it from the comfort of your own home or office.

Why do Businesses need Indian virtual phone numbers?

Today’s business environment is more competitive than it was before. The adoption of cloud-based phone systems is one of the key reasons for this scenario.

Cloud-based phone systems, in contrast to traditional phone systems, offer improved features and services that greatly improve communication.

A company’s success is determined by the quality of its business interactions with clients which cloud phones excel at.

Virtual phone numbers are offered by cloud telephony. They behave and appear like ordinary phone numbers but they offer superior voice quality, remote access, pricing, and functionality.

Businesses can track their marketing and sales strategies using virtual phone numbers.

Businesses can utilize various phone lines for different marketing efforts to see which one is the most effective.

It aids them in the management of their financial assets. These figures can also help to establish a local and online presence.

Virtual phone lines are a great option for overseas companies that don’t have a real presence in India.

A virtual phone number can provide a series of benefits to a company. Take a look at a few of them.

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Benefits of Indian virtual phone numbers for businesses

  • High value at a reasonable cost

For companies that rely on phone calls heavily, virtual phone numbers provide extremely low call costs. The initial cost of obtaining virtual numbers ranges from 0 to 15 dollars. You can easily obtain many phone numbers for your business at a relatively low cost.

The price of a virtual cloud phone depends on the subscription package you pick. It eliminates the need for additional hardware because you can use softphones. These numbers can be easily accessed by installing softphone apps on your current devices.

  • Sophisticated features

Virtual phone numbers come with several useful cloud telephony features that will improve your calling experience. Call forwarding, call routing, call recording, and other basic functions allow you to manage inbound and outbound calls.


Furthermore, powerful features such as CRM integrations, sales dialer, click-to-call widget, sales automation, and others are required for increasing employee productivity. Customers, tasks, and teams can all benefit from these functionalities.

  • Create a local and international presence

Virtual phone numbers are in charge of establishing a local presence and international presence. These numbers will help you build your company in India. These numbers are essential to act as a medium for international contact.

Getting Indian virtual numbers is a masterstroke if you operate a company in another country and are attempting to attract consumers from India. They allow you to expand your company even if you don’t have a physical presence in India.

  • Privacy and security

Virtual phone numbers are the most effective approach to cancel your personal phone number. They can help you completely separate your work and personal calls. Spam calls using virtual numbers are also no longer a common occurrence.

Furthermore, thanks to sophisticated encryptions and security mechanisms, your conversations with clients and teams are private and secure. Your data is safe and secure on the cloud, and you can access it whenever you need it.

The system is constantly monitored by cloud-based phone solutions to ensure that your privacy is protected.

  • Multiple virtual phone numbers

There is no restriction that you can’t have more than one virtual phone number. To handle marketing and sales techniques, you can purchase as many numbers as you need. You may effortlessly get many toll-free, local, mobile, and vanity phone numbers.

Different phone numbers are required for different marketing initiatives so that firms can track the source of each customer. Additionally, separate departments can have different phone numbers within a company.

  • Remote access

You can use the virtual phone number from any internet-enabled device whether you’re at home, in a restaurant, or anywhere else. Softphone apps for your virtual phone numbers are available in business phone systems.

You can use the softphone app to manage your phone calls and texts remotely. As long as you have an internet connection, you can easily be available to your clients and teams regardless of where you are.

Get a Virtual Phone Number in less than a minute

Features to check before purchasing virtual mobile number in India

Indian virtual number providers offer robust features and services. They’re in charge of boosting business communication, employee productivity, and customer pleasure.

Some of the most essential features of Indian virtual phone number provider for businesses are as follows:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR or interactive voice response stands for interactive voice response and it is a menu-driven system that callers can listen to while answering phones. This IVR technology uses a prerecorded message to obtain information about the callers. The menu is designed to give customer service.

  • Call forwarding

Call forwarding forwards inbound phone calls to another phone number or device. Phone calls are forwarded if the intended recipient is unavailable, busy, or in another place. The calls are automatically redirected to the phone number you specify in the system.

  • Call recording

Call recording is a basic feature of cloud-based phone systems that allows you to record phone calls. It’s critical to record every detail during the conversation. It’s utilized for training, future references, and proof. You may be able to download recordings from some phone systems.

  • Sales automation

Sales automation helps agents to automate time-consuming and repetitive sales operations. It is vital to increase agent productivity and improve the client experience. Automation consists of routing phone calls, forwarding information, automatic call dialing, etc.

  • Number Porting

Agents can migrate their existing phone numbers to the cloud-based phone system using phone number porting. Your traditional phone number is converted to a virtual phone number. It normally takes 1-4 weeks to complete the process. Your agreement with the old telephone system will be ended after the process is completed.

  • Intelligent call routing

Any inbound calls are routed to the appropriate agent based on the purpose for the call. The phone system collects crucial information from the caller in order to figure out who they want and route the call correspondingly. To guarantee that the caller is routed to the best available agent, it performs skill-based routing that analyzes an agent’s skills, experience, and track record.

  • CRM Integration

CRM integration allows customers to link third-party programs into their phone systems such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and others. It eliminates the need for agents to switch between applications. It also enables agents to obtain all customers’ information on a single platform.

  • Auto Dialer

The auto dialer enables agents to dial phone numbers of leads automatically. Every time a phone number is dialed, the call is connected to the available agent when the customer picks up the call. Otherwise, the call is dropped and the auto dialer dials another phone number.

  • Click-to-call widget

Businesses can place a click-to-call widget on their business website. Visitors can click on the widget to instantly make a phone call on that number. Some widgets request a visitor’s phone number to give them a callback. It helps you to convert your visitors into actual costumes.

  • Contact tags

Tagging contact enables you to put tags on contacts. These tags contain 1-2 words that describe the type of contact you are dealing with. It allows consumers to quickly identify the contact resulting in a better customer experience.


Indian virtual phone number providers are in charge of delivering various types of virtual phone numbers for personal and corporate use. It’s an important part of managing communication in an affordable, scalable, and effective manner.

If you want a virtual Indian phone number for business and personal use, you can always rely on KrispCall. Contact our sales and support team and express your interest in the number and our team will help you get one at the most reasonable price. 

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