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Top 15 Reasons Why Your Text Message Didn’t Get Delivered

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We live in an increasingly technological world where there have been significant innovations and breakthroughs to simplify people’s lives.

Still, the popularity of SMS marketing has remained unchanged. The effectiveness of this kind of marketing has long been established; therefore, it is very in demand among businesses worldwide.

You can communicate promotional offers, exclusive news, and other important events that could interest your customers through mailing lists. In this way, the company directs a person to its website, where a potential sale can be made.

The best part about this method is that the person doesn’t have to part with the phone, which means there is a high chance that the recipient will read the advertisement message you sent them.

If the user does not read your message, you should quickly resolve the problem and understand its causes so that you do not repeat the mistake in the future. You may have sent an SMS at the wrong time, and due to the person’s busyness, they were unable to read it.

In a couple of hours, your message might have already been lost among hundreds of other chats, and hence the client was lost.

There is also an equal chance that your message might have been of little interest to the recipient. So, it is equally necessary to analyze the text message and its content before sending them.

It might surprise you, but there are many reasons why your message did not get through. We’ve seen all of them and will share our insights in this article.

15 Reasons Why Your Text Message Didn’t Get Delivered

These are the top 15 reasons why your message didn’t make it.

1. Your message was flagged as spam by the recipient’s carrier

Carriers began protecting subscribers against SMS spam when text messaging started to gain popularity. The carrier moves suspicious emails to the Spam folder. The only difference is that you never receive text messages.

If you are sending a message to a number for the first time, you should remember that the message carrier might filter out your message. Usually, a flag may be raised when the SMS carrier identifies something offensive in your message in such situations.

Even though every carrier has its spam-fighting guidelines and method, some guidelines are universal. Below are a few of the most common reasons why messages are filtered out:

  • Sending suspicious links, especially if you use a URL shortener like or is suspicious.
  • Sending the message with the same content to several users.
  • Sending lengthy messages. There are 160 characters per SMS segment, so sending a lengthy essay to the receiving carrier will trigger a red flag.
  • Use all caps in your messages, such as “JOIN NOW FOR FREE”. Such messages will look suspicious and might get blocked by SMS carriers.

2. You used the wrong type of phone number.

Generally, there are two types of messaging, and they are A2P (Application-to-person) and P2P (Person-to-person). If you run a business, you are probably engaged in A2P messaging to send a message to your customer.

In such cases, you should be choosing the correct type of number to send the messages. These include toll-free numbers, shortcodes, and local numbers approved for high-volume messaging — 10DLCs (ten-digit long codes).

But if you are using the wrong number for sending hundreds and hundreds of messages, let’s say an unsanctioned number then, there is a high chance that your number gets blocked by the local carriers and the message you sent doesn’t get delivered.

In addition, using a regular local number to send several hundred or thousands of messages in a short time will result in your messages being blocked.

3. You’re sending too many messages.

If you frequently send text messages or do SMS blasts, your messages might get caught in the spam filter. Depending on what number you’re using, guidelines surround how many messages you can send and receive at a particular instant.

Phone numbers designated for P2P traffic (typically your local numbers) are only permitted to send one message every second. Also, the ratio of sending and receiving of a message should be a fairly even one-to-one balance.

But if this balance gets disturbed, i.e., when you send 400 messages but only get 20 replies, that’s a red flag and can result in your messages being blocked.

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4. The message contained illegal content.

When you send messages that contain illicit content, like adult content, references to drugs, or statements that suggest criminal activity, their reception may be blocked by the receiving carrier.

A regulatory body serving the cell phone and Internet industries, CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association), ensures that SMS message guidelines are followed. Thus, the content of your messages must comply with all laws applicable to the recipients in the jurisdiction where the messages are being sent.

5. The number is roaming (abroad)

When you’re trying to send an SMS message to a number outside of the home country, it can arise problems, and often, delivery is not guaranteed to numbers that are roaming. Additionally, sending an SMS overseas can be expensive, especially if your data plan does not include international messages.

There are a few things to remember if you know in advance that the recipient will be abroad. Make sure you use the right country code, which appears before the phone number. Furthermore, verify that your carrier allows international SMS messaging – you won’t be able to send messages otherwise.

Thus, you should ask your customers for their country code when they share their phone numbers with you while you’re sending messages to numbers around the world.

6. Billing issue on the recipient’s carrier side

There’s a small possibility that you may be texting a person with an outstanding balance if they have a pre-paid plan. Many carriers block prepaid users from receiving messages until their balance is paid. So, this might be a possibility when the message you have sent hasn’t been delivered.

The handset settings have “receive SMS messages” turned off.

In today’s world, people receive texts in more ways than just SMS messages. Several smartphones utilize internet-based messaging as their primary means of sending person-to-person text messages.

There are also a lot of people that use social networking messaging apps to communicate with each other. Due to this, it isn’t uncommon for recipients to have their SMS messages deactivated, and some people might not even know their SMS has been turned off.

Different SMS applications have conflicting requirements, causing them to not be able to receive SMS texts. When SMS receiving capability is turned off, SMS messages cannot be delivered to the phone number.

In addition, this issue may be exacerbated by uninstalling a conflicting app without changing the SMS message settings.

7. The number might be on the Do Not Disturb list

In some countries, it is a standard procedure for SMS carriers to set up a list where handset owners can add their numbers so no message can be sent from an A2P connection. This can be problematic if you need to receive information from a business, such as a delivery estimate or order update.

It is possible that some people only approve local numbers for protection against spam texts, so you might have trouble reaching them if you’re not in the same country. It isn’t much you can do to fix this issue other than asking your customers to add your contact number to their “allowed” lists.

8. The message was sent to a landline number.

It isn’t possible to receive texts from landlines. We have made significant technological gains, but the capabilities of your home phone remain limited to sending and receiving voice calls. It will not be possible for you to send a text to a landline number.

9. You did not follow the SMS opt-in, opt-out protocol.

A business sending telemarketing messages to customers should always prioritize their comfort before sending them an advertisement campaign. As a result, it is critically important to respect their privacy and personal space while allowing them to unsubscribe whenever necessary.

The rules of opt-in and opt-out are essential to a good cooperative relationship with the user. If you send an unwanted message, it can turn the person off from your business, so try not to offend them.

10. Your phone number is blocked by the recipient

Your effort of sending a text message is in vain if the recipient has blocked your number on their device. There is always a possibility that people are blocking someone’s phone number(in this case, yours) because of personal reasons, scam calls, telemarketing calls, or unknown numbers.

While you may send the text message, your recipient’s phone number may not receive the message. If your sent message doesn’t say delivered then this is most likely the case. It’s easy to know if your phone number is blocked or not, just give the number a phone call. If the call fails to connect then you may be blocked.

 11. Recipient experiences signal issues

Having a network problem is a common issue but there are times when the recipient will not get a proper network. There are many factors that could affect mobile networks.  Your mobile loses signal if it is out of range of signal towers. 

While moving from one place to another, your mobile may stay connected to the signal from the towers of the previous location rather than the new location.

At times, problems can be with your mobile hardware. Try putting your SIM card to another mobile and if you get a proper signal then you need to repair your mobile.

12. Your message has been reported by the recipient

Sometimes your recipient can report your text message directly to their carrier if your message was inappropriate or spam.

This could lead to carriers blocking such types of messages. There is also a chance that your recipient has reported a message that looks similar to the text you have sent that may cause the carrier to unknowingly block your message.

13. Sending a text message to a wrong number

One of the most simple reasons because of why your text message didn’t go through is sending the text message to the wrong number.

It’s a pretty common mistake that people make while entering the recipient’s phone number. 

You may have entered one digit more or less which means the text won’t deliver under any condition. Especially entering an international phone number, it gets confusing to dial country codes, area codes, or exit codes.

14. The recipient’s mobile phone is turned off

Although it doesn’t happen nearly every day, there is a chance that you send a text message when your recipient’s mobile phone is switched off. 

When a mobile phone is off, the message will not be delivered at all. If a message is not delivered on the first try, it will automatically re-sent the message at certain intervals.

Once the recipient turns on their phone, your text message will be delivered.

15. Technical difficulties with the phone carrier

Under certain circumstances, the carrier may be experiencing technical issues, preventing messages from being delivered. Over the years, there are different issues ranging from servers experiencing a critical malfunction to a construction mishap leading to network errors.

If your phone carrier’s services are malfunctioning, they must notify you immediately. Keep an eye on your carrier’s website for information on downtime or maintenance, and avoid text messaging while this is going on.

How to fix “iMessage Not Delivered” on your iPhone?

To explain, iMessage is the messages sent from one Apple device(iPhone, iPad, etc.) to another via Wi-Fi or cellular-data networks.

People with iPhones may experience trouble sending messages to people. During such times, the message doesn’t get delivered and it is frustrating.

If the issue is on your device, there are some methods that you can try to troubleshoot your device to fix the issue. Let’s have a look.

1. Get internet access

iMessage requires an active internet connection to send messages. The message will not get delivered if your phone doesn’t have a Wifi or Cellular data connection. 

Go to Settings > Wifi to join a wifi network or rejoin the network to refresh the connection. On the other hand, go to Settings > Cellular to join your cellular data network. 

2. Turn on iMessage

You need to turn on your iMessage on your Apple device to send an iMessage. Go to Settings > Messages, find the iMessage option, and toggle it on if it’s off.

3. Send as a Text Message

If you are sending an iMessage to a person who doesn’t use Apple devices then iMessage won’t work at all. If the recipient has an android device then your message won’t be delivered and say Send as Text Message.

Go to Settings > Messages, find Send as SMS and toggle it on. This will change iMessage to SMS if you send a text message without an internet connection to an android device. You can toggle off iMessage in the setting if you are having issues.

4. Update iOS

Go to Settings > General > Software Update to regularly check for new updates from Apple. iOS update includes patches fixing minor issues including iMessage if any. 

5. Sign out and in of Apple ID

Sometimes your iMessage may be having trouble delivering messages because of Apple ID. Try signing out and in of Apple ID to fix the issues. Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive to sign out and in.

How to fix the text message “Not Delivered” on your android phone?

If the issue exists on your recipient’s device, blocked by the receiver as well as technical difficulties with mobile carriers then there is no way you can fix those issues.

However, if the problem exists on your android device then there are few methods to fix the issue. Let’s have a look.

1. Check your network connection

Make sure your android phone has a strong network connection before sending a text message. Turn on and off airplane mode to refresh the connection so that your device can get the signal from the nearest signal towers.

2. Restart your phone

Force start your phone to clear any issues in your phone. Instead of using the standard method of restarting an android phone by holding the lock button for a few seconds and clicking power off, you need to force power off.

Hold the lock button and volume down button at the same time until your phone screen goes black. This method resets your phone.

3. Turn off airplane mode

If the airplane mode is on while sending a text message then the message will not go through. Airplane mode disables your mobile network so you need to turn it off before sending messages.

5. Clear your Messages cache

You may need to clear the cache of the messaging app on your android device. Sometimes the messaging app can malfunction or get corrupted so clearing the cache can reset the messaging app to function as new.

Go to Settings> Apps, find the messaging app, tap Storage, and click on “Clear Cache”. Usually, you can follow these steps on Samsung mobile but you may need to follow different steps depending on your Android phone brand.

6. Check for updates

Regularly check for updates on your android phone. The android update includes patches fixing minor issues in default apps including the messaging app. 


There are quite a few reasons why a text message has not been delivered. You can’t do much as a sender to ensure that your text messages are delivered most of the time.

As mentioned above, it is possible to improve your chances of reaching your intended recipient through a few simple steps.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand why SMS messages may not have been delivered so that you can improve your SMS messaging experience.

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Why are my text messages not delivered to one person?

The person you are sending the text messages to may have blocked your phone number on their devices which means your texts won’t be delivered to that person. He/she may also have opted out of messages, switched off their device, or had problems with their network.

Do blocked messages get delivered when unblocked?

No. If a recipient has blocked your phone number and you sent a text message then the message will not go through. Later even if they unblock you, the messages sent when you were blocked are gone. They can only view the messages that you send when you are not blocked.

How to know if your phone number is blocked?

If a person blocks your phone number then your text messages won’t get delivered. To further confirm, call that person’s phone number. If the call reaches directly to their voicemail without any ring or after one ring then it may mean your phone number is blocked.

What does ‘sent as text message’ mean?

‘Sent as text message’ means that your text message has been sent through SMS instead of iMessage. Usually, when your Apple phone doesn’t have an internet connection or you are texting to an Android phone, the text messages are sent as a text message.


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