How to Text on a Disconnected Phone?

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how to text on a disconnected phone

Imagine! Oh, wait, why do imagination, phone disconnections can happen at any time, in reality, right? 

Your phone disconnected while making a call or during a call at an uncertain time, and it built a dilemma about what to do next.

One of the reasons for a disconnected phone can be the phone bills, unpleasant function, or something else.

So, focusing on the point “how to connect to the next person ?”, “how to text on a disconnected phone ?” 

In this post, you’ll know the straightforward actions you can do when phone disconnection occurs and guide you through how you can easily send messages and make calls while your phone is disconnected by your service network provider or due to different reasons. 

Stick till the end and get the help!

What is the Disconnected Phone? 

Disconnected phone service is a situation where your service provider has removed the connection to your phone due to various reasons or you or the owner of the phone may have requested to disconnect. 

So, if you neglect to use your phone or won’t pay the bills, eventually your service provider will disconnect and your telecommunication service providers will set your phone number into the number collection for someone else to finally have.

However, it can be prevented, by simply checking out the bills and keeping the phone active by sending one or two messages or making some phone calls.

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Phone Disconnected Text Message: What is it? 

A phone disconnected text message is a notification sent via text message when a phone call has been disconnected or interrupted while dialing.

If a call is dropped, the phone or network system may send this message automatically, or it may be sent manually by an individual.

The purpose of this type of message is to inform the user that your call has been disconnected or not completed and that you should try reconnecting or communicating in another way. 

Here are some examples of disconnected phone text messages.

  • “The number you have dialed has been disconnected or is no longer in service.”
  • “We’re sorry, the person you are trying to reach is no longer reachable at this number. Please try again later.”
  • “The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again later.”
  • “You have reached a number that is no longer in service.”
  • The person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time.”
  • “The number you dialed is not a working number.”

It is important to note that different devices or services may use different wording and formatting for a “Phone Disconnected” message.

What are the Reasons Behind the Disconnected Phone?

There are mainly two different reasons for disconnected phones.

1. Telecommunication Companies

It can be because of an existing outstanding balance on the account. Telephony service providers often use these pulling-down taits to encourage subscribers to pay up the phone bills and get reconnected once again and enjoy their services afterward. 

2. Request for Self-disconnection 

Well, talking about other circumstances, or the reason your phone may also be disconnected if it is not used in over 6 months. 

Additionally, a thing to remember on requests for self-disconnection is relying on the type of network you are using, you can still receive and make calls and send text messages while being disconnected by your service network provider. 

However, in the worst case,  some service providers can restrict you from receiving calls and text messages after you have requested for disconnection.

How to Know if Your Phone or Someone Is Disconnected?

Is your phone call abruptly disconnected? Is your phone ringing once and then going silent? Both scenarios can be aggravating and mysterious. Checking your phone and wires, as well as your calling features, are two popular remedies for disconnection.

But, you can figure out the disconnection easily. You have to perform some series of tests on your phone so that you can better understand whether your phone is disconnected or not. 

Method 1: 

For testing 1, Dial your phone number from a different phone. If you don’t receive the call, try calling again at different times to rule out the possibility that your phone service is just down.

Understand, the phone is disconnected if it doesn’t ring. Also, listen to the automated attached audio message from the service provider such as:

“This phone number [number mentioned here] is disconnected,” will be repeated. 

However, it is necessary to listen carefully! If the phone rings and goes to voicemail, the account is still working, and busy. 

Method 2:

To begin with, figuring out the approach of “Manually selecting the network” is considered as the best way to see if your service is disconnected or not. 

First, go to “Settings” of your phone and then “Mobile Networks.”

After that, select “Network Operators.” Your phone will look for cellular signals. Select your service provider from the list of alternatives that appears. 

However, sometimes when the signal in your location diminishes, your phone will act as though it is disconnected but if the service does not return after the reboot, your phone is most likely disconnected.

Method 3: 

It’s not any type of test that you need to perform or check, we generally do this all the time! 

Calling the service provider and inquiring about your account, and finding out if your phone is disconnected. 

They will tell you if the phone has been disconnected from their end or not. If they have, you can ask them why or they will tell you why simultaneously.

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Can You Still Use Your Phone Without Service?

You won’t be able to make regular calls like you could with your previous service provider. You won’t be able to make or receive calls either. Because incoming calls are made in real time, a disconnected phone will not receive the call.

However, after your phone’s service is restored, some service providers will keep track of the calls you missed. This isn’t always the case, though.

But don’t worry; you can still use your phone even if you don’t have service. Your service provider will not be able to make calls for you. However, the phone’s other functionalities are still available.

Wi-Fi allows you to continue using your apps. In reality, you may utilize several phone call apps to make calls even if your phone is turned off.

You can use an objection with the Federal Communications Commission if your phone carrier blocks or cuts the Wi-Fi connection to your phone, forcing you to use an alternate phone provider. This only applies if a US carrier provides the service.

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How to text on a disconnected phone? 

Like usual real-time phone calls, when a text message is delivered, the source service provider saves the message and attempts to send it to the receiving provider.

However, you won’t be able to get them if your phone is turned off. For a limited period, they will be stored with the source service providers. The time varies depending on the company. It could last anywhere from a few days to several months.

Additionally, a Wi-Fi connection can be used to send and receive text messages, as previously stated. Text messaging is frequently available in social media apps.

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Here are some other ways to text on a disconnected phone: 

1. Use Pre-Installed SMS Message

Messaging is one of the traditional ways to pull up from hard situations. With advancements in phone tech, messages are sent through cloud connections from the device. 

For instance, if your phone and laptop or PC are both connected to their respective cloud service, you can connect through messages from either service, even if the phone is disconnected or offline. 

It provides a good way for connecting through text messages when a sudden disconnection appears. 

2. Use Third-party Apps

Using a third-party messaging app to regain SMS messages while the phone is disconnected is another method. Texting from several devices is possible with third-party texting apps. There are a variety of third-party choices available, including:

  • Mysms:

Mysms is an Android app that lets you send and receive text messages from your phone, as well as any other web browser or device that has the program loaded. 


It’s similar to messages in that messages may be sent to other mysms users using the service, but it’s different in that standard SMS texts can also be sent or retrieved from numerous devices. 

Mysms is compatible with Android phones and tablets, as well as any computer running Google Chrome and the mysms plugin. Mysms offers both a free and a paid service, with the latter allowing you to export messages, schedule messages for later delivery, and view your whole message history.

Because MySMS relies on your phone to send and receive new SMS messages, you must have your phone turned on and connected to use those functions.

  • Pulse:

Pulse is an Android app that lets you send SMS and MMS from your phone or tablet. Pulse is a good alternative to Mysms for accessing messages when you don’t have access to your phone because messages are constantly synced between the devices. 

Pulse is a premium service that includes features including message scheduling, dual SIM compatibility, and caller blocking. Your phone must be turned on and connected to the network in order to send and receive new texts.

  • Whatsapp:

Whatsapp does not allow you to send or receive texts from any mobile phone number, it is not a traditional replacement for SMS messaging. Instead, you can only text other Whatsapp users, and to use the service, each Whatsapp user must register with their mobile phone number. 


The software works similarly to the in-built messages, but it also allows you to send and receive messages from your phone, computer, or other Whatsapp-enabled devices. 

Whatsapp is free and can be used in any country, making it an excellent alternative for texting friends and relatives in different countries.

3. Use a Virtual Phone Number as a Secondary Phone Number

Using a virtual phone number as a secondary number to retrieve SMS messages when your phone is disconnected is another option. This backup number can be given to pals for texting. These communications can then be accessed from any device. 

Some virtual phone number service providers are:


KrispCall is the appropriate option for your business if you’re looking for a secondary phone number service that comes with some useful features at a reasonable price and is currently generating a lot of buzz in the market.

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It’s dependable, scalable, and forward-thinking. It’s bursting at the seams with unique features. It focuses on bringing individuals, your team, and clients from all around the world together in a few simple steps.

They’re a great example of software that doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be helpful. It even provides international virtual phone numbers that can be obtained from the comfort of your own home.


  • Sequential Calling
  • Call forwarding 
  • Call Routing
  • Team Collaboration 
  • Group Calling
  • Number Porting
  • Automated call distribution
  • IRR and many more… 


It also provides Schedule Free KrispCall demo now, and the pricing & plans are categorized as follows:

Starter Plan$15/user/month
Essential Plan$25/user/month
Expert/Custom Plan$40/user/month is a virtual number application that can be set up instantly and helps you to configure your phone system faster and easier. It also allows you to block calls by adding the number to your phone account. voip business phone service


  • Call Blocking
  • Call forwarding 
  • Screening 
  • Call Routing
  • Custom Greetings
  • Caller ID, 

And many more.


The plans and pricing of are: 

Basic Users$10.39/user/month
Plus Users$15.99/user/month
Pro Users$23.99/user/month


Grasshopper is a top-choice virtual phone system that provides one of the best calling experiences to every client either through their mobile, or home phones. 

grasshopper virtual business phone system

It provides flexibility, improvises professional images, and provides advanced tools that enhance the business better performance, and communication at a reasonable price.  


Some of the features of Grasshopper: 

  • Custom greetings
  • Rules for call answering 
  • Direct Calls 
  • Call forwarding 
  • Many more


The plans and pricing of Grasshopper are: 

Small Business$89/user/month


Nextiva is the top-most virtual phone number service provider on the market that is easier to handle, provides one of the best virtual phones from any device. 


Its comprehensiveness, affordability, reliability allow businesses to connect together from different geographic locations even when your phone is disconnected.

Some of the features of Nextiva:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Call Forwarding 
  • Unlimited SMS 
  • Toll-free Numbers
  • Number Porting
  • And, many more 


The plans and pricing of grasshopper are: 

Professional $22.95/user/month

Google Voice

Google Voice is a perfect app when phone disconnection appears with the integration of various Google applications such as Google Workspace, Google Calendar, Google meet, and more.

google voice for business

It can be used as a secondary number when you are stuck in disconnection, and the most exciting part of this Google app is that it works with all your devices such as smartphones, desk phones, and computers. 

It is easier to use, easy to set up, and provides 24/7 customer support. 

Some of the features of Google Voice 

  • AI auto-transcribes Voicemail 
  • Categorizes Spam 
  • Unlimited 
  • Do-no-Distrub Mode 
  • Call Management 
  • Call Routing & Extensions 
  • Many more


The plans and pricing of Google Voice are: 

Starter Plan $10/user/month
Standard Plan $20/user/month
Premier Plan$30/user/month

 All these solutions are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, as well as PCs.

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Even if your phone is disconnected, you still make it work. Disconnecting a phone doesn’t mean you will not be able to stream music or videos over Wi-Fi.

It can send and receive emails, and it can also conduct a variety of additional tasks. However, its principal function of making and receiving calls will be unavailable.

However, some apps can make calls over a Wi-Fi connection. These apps, and secondary virtual phone numbers also include texting capabilities. While your phone is disconnected, you will not receive text messages sent to it.

By the way, KrispCall is one of the best solutions to this situation. Its call recording, voicemail, call routing, and most importantly its attached virtual phone number connect throughout globally making it a top-choice for any solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even for huge businesses.

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