What does “your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system” mean?

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your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system meaning

You must have at least once heard “your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system” while calling someone.

Ever wondered what that means? 

This article will talk about the automatic voice message system, how it works, its benefits, and other related topics.

First thing first, if you hear the statement [your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system], then you should know that the person you are trying to reach [ring] is unreachable unintentionally or sometimes intentionally. 

Unintentional forwarding may include cell phone power off, boarding an airplane, missed calls, driving law restrictions, phone number is deactivated etc.

It means the person you are ringing cannot attend to your calls for the aforementioned reasons. In all those cases, you can leave the person a voice message that he can listen to at some point. 

Intentional or conscious forwarding means the person has intentionally forwarded the calls to the automatic voice message system. For example, the person you are ringing is on vacation and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

So that person will forward his incoming calls to an automatic voice message system, and he will have the freedom to listen to them at his will. 

Let us dive into the matter in detail.

What does “your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system” mean?

So you might be wondering what does it mean when a call is forwarded to an automatic voice message system. It simply means that the person you are calling is unable to answer your call (at the moment) for various reasons.

In such situations, the phone system automatically redirects your call to a voice message system where you can leave voice notes to convey your message or let him know of your trials in reaching him. 

There are several reasons why your call will be forwarded to an automatic voice message system

voicemail message after call forwarding

For example, if his/her phone is switched off or she/he has to switch off his cellphone while boarding a plane, your calls will be automatically directed to the person’s voice mail. 

Or, S/he may be unable to answer your calls on time (for example, while showering), the carrier (phone system) directs your call 📞 towards his/her voice mail. 

Or, someone may deliberately leave his/her cell phone unanswered, which may cause the phone system to forward the incoming calls to the person’s voice message system. 

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Whatever be the reason, you should understand that if the incoming calls are left unanswered, the phone carrier system will automatically redirect those calls to the voice message system. 

The person calling has an option to either leave voice messages or hang up the call. Either way, the person who has missed or willingly left the call unanswered will be notified of those calls.  

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What is an automatic voice message system?

Technically speaking, an automatic voice message system is a platform-independent Software as a Service [SaaS] hosted, operated, updated, and maintained by the host to facilitate users on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis. 

An automatic voice message system is more than just a voice message recorder [like mentioned above]. It facilitates users with attending forwarded calls [voice messages], scheduling callbacks, optimizing calls, increasing talk time, multiple routing, leaving voice messages, etc. An automatic voice messaging system is suitable for personal and official [business] use. 

How does an automatic voice message system work? 

The technical answer will be if the person you are ringing is unavailable for the above reasons. The automatic voice message system provides you with an option to record a voice message, and the recorded message will be stored in the system [cloud]. 

voicemail messaging system

The other person has the consent to access the content [voice message] on the cloud through his device [a cell phone or a landline]. The person then can either set up a schedule for a callback, leave a reply on the voice mail, callback instantly, or ignore the message. 

If we look from a different perspective, then the automatic voice message system works to improve the communication between the related parties.

One can be caught up in situations where instant communication might not be proper or possible.

The caller can leverage the automatic voice message system to drop a message and pass the information without calling back again. It improves work rate, efficiency, and compatibility. 

An automatic voice message system works to attend to different business needs from a business perspective.

Businesses can use it to address customer queries, store customer messages, feedback, reviews, schedule callbacks, deliver messages to multiple customers and leads, and advertise products and content. Overall improve customer experience.

Why are calls getting connected to the automatic voice message system?

We already know how automatic voice message systems work and their use cases in different fields, and it empowers businesses with flexibility and accuracy. The concept of call forwarding is not new, but use cases have emerged over time.

With additional correlatable features, it addresses personal, and business needs at the same time.

It brings convenience to the table and, more importantly, improves effectiveness and efficiency in the business.

As automatic voice message systems have evolved with time and new innovative ideas, they have surpassed their base concept of delivering recorded messages and have incorporated many other features to meet users’ needs. 

So to answer the question, calls are getting connected to automatic voice message systems to meet personal and business needs, which are further explained [in detail] in the sections below. 

Who can use the automatic voice message system? 

An automatic voice message system is suitable for everyone. Users can use it for personal use, and businesses of all shapes and sizes can use the automated voice message system.  

Why is an automatic voice message system important for businesses?

We already know how to use an automated voice message system in our personal lives. This section will focus on the business [official] usage. 

It plays a binding role in customer handling, call routing, storing customer messages, addressing their queries, advertising new products, and other aspects of customer-business relations. 

Small businesses can employ IT professionals to manually handle and route calls to dedicated personnel to address their needs. As the establishment grows with time, manual routing and handling calls become difficult, inefficient, ineffective, and unsatisfactory. Hiring more IT experts becomes expensive.

business voice message listening

The best alternative is to deploy the automatic voice message system in your business to cut expenses and improve productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. It helps customers through a series of steps to reach dedicated personnel who can address their problems in real-time.

Businesses can advertise new services and products to their customers using IVR during pre-calls, offline voice messages, etc. However, the poor quality automatic voice message system inversely impacts the customer experience, leading to a negative impression on the customers and leads. 

If you implement a properly designed and well-functioning automatic voice message system, your business will eventually profit from it.

The best thing is customer experience skyrockets with 24/7 customer service; automated service is reliable and to the point, with the option of human [expert on the matter] interactions if required.

Your business will gain revenue in time with great customer service as they are guaranteed to return for more, and you can easily convert leads into customers with proper advertising. 

Always let your customers know about the changes you are making in your business. If possible, gather their opinion and incorporate them in some way to make them feel a part of your business.

Value your customer reviews and feedback. These things can be possible with simple steps using multiple communication channels available in an automatic voice message system. 

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What are the uses of the automatic voice message system in business? 

An automatic voice message system is appropriate for all sorts of businesses. It facilitates communication with employees and customers and relieves the time spent delivering messages.

Establishments that need to communicate with their employees, customers, leads, job seekers, partners, sponsors, etc., use an automatic voice message system for the following reasons. 

1. Customer Communication  

An outbound automatic voice message system lets businesses send multiple messages to customers within a few clicks. You can send fee reminders to customers with unsettled invoices. Users can use it to promote their new products and services or even the recent changes in the business system to their customers. 

The inbound IVR can guide callers to their required destinations to address the problems and queries. Businesses can also promote [advertise] in the pre-call sessions and deliver important messages. 

2. Authorized lead outreach

Once you have the lead’s consent, you can deliver pre-recorded messages to the [lead] using the automatic voice message system. Businesses can send multiple messages to various [leads] simultaneously, saving time and improving effectiveness. 

You can advertise or promote your business, brand, products, and services legally with a choice of a scheduled callback or immediate connection with a live salesperson.  

3. Group Messaging and Updates

You can use the automatic voice message system to deliver messages in bulk or in a group with authorized participants. It is useful to convey messages swiftly with maximum effectiveness.  

4. Employee Communication

With time, an automatic voice message system has evolved to facilitate business meetings with features like message prompts, reminders, schedules, polls, and whatnot. You can broadcast messages to your employees to attend the scheduled meetings, take polls or surveys with automated features, and preset a contact list for quick reach and transmission. 

5. Dealings with job seekers

You can use the system to reach out and communicate with the job seekers at your company. Announcing and providing opportunities to the job seekers to fill up the application and schedule callbacks can improve the customer experience.  

What are the advantages of Automatic Voice Message System? 

The automatic voice message system lowers the employee cost as fewer employees can manage a large number of customers. A lower labor cost can improve customer experience and employee-customer interaction. 

Some of the advantages that your business can get with the use of an automatic voice message system are as follows: 

1. Employee Productivity Boost

You can boost your sales and analysis crew workflow using message mechanization. It allows your employees to focus on productive and essential tasks rather than manually creating and sending messages to customers and leads. 

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It eliminates most of the manual work, which saves time and increases the employees’ productivity. 

2. Enhance Customer Experience

We talked about improving customer experience in the sections above also. In addition to that, your customers appreciate a timely update on the changes, new products, and services. Making customers part of the business is crucial in the modern enterprise, which is possible with an automatic voice message system. 

3. Generate greater revenues:

With an automatic voice message system, businesses will automate many manual tasks, and the number of employees will decrease with that. It lowers the expenses and creates a better chance to earn more with greater productivity, effective results, and better customer experience.  

Some of the best “Automatic Voice Message System.” providers in the business are:

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  • DialMyCalls
  • DialPad
  • CallMultiplier

Bottom line

An automatic voice message system is an affordable mode to intercommunicate with the customers, leads, employees, sponsors, and job seekers, and it saves time and money.

Your company can benefit in abundance as it improves productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. 

KrispCall provides you with the best automatic voice message system that perfectly fits your business. and is compatible with all types of companies, small or large.

The best thing is that KrispCall’s automatic voice message function delivers custom systems to meet your business needs completely for an affordable price. You can also get virtual phone numbers across the globe for your business with a customizable voicemail feature.

We will live up to your expectations. Book a demo now to check out those divine features. It will for sure bring a positive change to your business. 

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