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How to Leave a Voicemail Without Calling Someone’s Phone?



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Have you ever waited for a full ring to end just to send a voicemail to a person? 🤔

For sure, you have, considering you clicked on this article. Anyone who goes through it knows how irritating it can be. 

Fortunately, there are some ways of sending a voice message without even calling someone’s mobile phone. You can do so by using a mobile carrier service, RVM software, VoIP services, or many other solutions. 

In this blog, you will get every bit of knowledge required to leave a voicemail without calling someone’s phone, along with its benefits, drawbacks, and some additional tips to do it like a pro. 


  • Voicemailing techniques without calling someone’s phone number include using specific mobile carriers, VoIP providers, and RVM software. 
  • Alternative ways for leaving voice messages without placing any calls are using third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Skype. 
  • Using specific voicemail services, you can schedule timely messages for multiple people at once. 

Let’s dive in 👇

Can I leave a voicemail without calling someone’s phone?

Yes, you can leave a voicemail without phone calls or missed calls. Those voicemails are also referred to as ringless voicemails. 

Can I leave a voicemail without calling someone phone

Though the traditional voicemail systems don’t allow direct voicemails without calling, technological advancements and the want of convenience expanded the ways people leave voice messages. 

In the past, the only way to send voicemail was to call someone, and if they didn’t pick up your phone call, you could leave your voicemail on their answering machine. However, It is now possible to leave a voice message without calling if you know how to do it. Therefore, let’s find out the ways to leave voicemail without calling

How to send a voicemail without calling someone’s phone?

Without having to deal with your phone ringing, there are a few different ways to send audio messages straight. Using different mobile carrier services, mobile phones, and other third-party RVM (Ringless voicemail) software, you can smoothly leave a voicemail without calling. 

1. Using mobile carrier services

If you are using certain mobile carrier services like AT&T or Verizon, know that they give you the convenience of ringless voicemails. For different service providers, the process of sending direct voicemail can be different. 

How to leave a voicemail without calling on AT&T?

To use AT&T’s voicemail service effectively to leave voicemail without calling, you can follow this simple pocket guide. 

Step 1: Start the AT&T voicemail system by pressing and holding the “1” key. 

Step 2: If Autoplay is activated, navigate to the main menu using the ‘*’ key. If autoplay isn’t activated, you can skip this step. 

Step 3: Press “2” to send the voicemail

Step 4: Enter the number to whom you want to send the voicemail and record the message

Step 5: When you finish your message, press the “#” key to send it

How to go straight to voicemail when calling someone on Verizon? 

On Verizon, you can go straight to voicemail without placing a call by following the steps below.

Step 1: Dial ‘*86‘ to access the Verizon voicemail system. 

Step 2: Press “2” to send the voicemail.

Step 3: Enter the recipient’s number, then press ‘#‘ to confirm.

Step 4: Record your voicemail and then key in “#” or “0” to access delivery options.

How to send a voicemail without calling on T Mobile?

You can follow the steps below to send voicemail without calling on T Mobile.

Step 1: Hold down the “1” key, or you can also dial 1-805-637-7249 to access the voicemail app to link up with your voicemail.  

Step 2: Log into the T-mobile voice-mail account

Step 3: Record your voice message, and then it is set to send. 

How to leave a voicemail without calling on landline?

Following is a step-by-step guide on how to leave a voicemail without calling on landline.

Step 1: Pick up your landline phone and dial your phone number.

Step 2: Enter your voicemail password or follow the specific prompts to access your voicemail box.

Step 3: Press the instructed key (often “1” or as instructed) to start recording your message. 

Step 4: Several landline service providers have different approaches, so follow those instructions clearly to select whom to send and then hang up the phone. 

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2. Using Mobile Devices

How to leave a voicemail without calling on Android?

Android cell phones come with various useful pre-installed application software. Likewise, Google Messages is one of them through which you can send voicemails to your friends without calling them.

How to leave a voicemail without calling on Android

The steps below will guide you through this process.

Step 1: Open up Messages on your Android phone

Step 2: Tap on Start Chat on the bottom right of your screen. 

Step 3: Search for the contact name of the person to whom you want to send the voicemail. 

Step 4: Click the contact after searching; this will open up the chat. 

Step 5: Touch and hold on the microphone symbol (🎙️) on the bottom right of your screen; this will start the recording

Step 6: Release your finger from the icon and click on the arrow button to send the voicemail. 

How to leave a voicemail without calling on iPhone?

Along with several features, iPhone also provides voice mailing features for its users, where you can leave a voicemail without calling. To leverage that feature of your iPhone, you can follow this simple guide. 

Step 1: Launch the Phone application on your iPhone.

Step 2: Navigate to the Voicemail section in the bottom right corner of your iPhone to check your recent voicemails, including any you’ve previously recorded.

Step 3: Choose the specific voicemail message you wish to send to your intended recipients without making a call.

Step 4: Tap the Share icon located in the top right corner of the application.

Step 5: Choose the method of sharing either through iMessage or Notes in the Share menu. 

Step 6: Press the Send button to send the voicemail to the chosen recipients.

📣Note: If you haven’t set up your iPhone voicemail, you have to do it first. 

To set up the voicemail system on your iPhone, you can follow these steps. 

Step 1: Launch the Phone application and go to the Voicemail section in the bottom right corner. 

Step 2: Click on Set up Now 

Step 3: Create a strong password for your voicemail, re-enter it again, and then hit done to confirm. 

Step 4: Record your voicemail greeting by selecting Custom, or you can use iOS default greetings by selecting the Default option. 

Step 5: Tap Done after you choose your greeting, and you’re all set to go with your voicemail. 

3. Using RVM software

RVM software stands for Ringless voicemail software, which allows you to leave a voice message directly to the receiver’s phone without causing the phone to ring. You can use these services to leave a voicemail without calling.

leave a voicemail without calling using RVM software

To use RVM software, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Research and choose the best ringless voicemail service according to your needs. Some of the best in the market include Slydial, DropCow, and Slybroadcast. 

Step 2: Create an account on the chosen RVM service and log into it.

Step 3: Prepare a pre-recorded voice message and upload it into the RVM platform.

Step 4: Upload the list of contacts you want to send the voicemail to. 

Step 5: Configure settings such as the delivery time, frequency, and any additional options provided by the RVM service.

Step 6: Once you are satisfied with your voice message, send it to the selected contacts. 

⚠️Note: Be sure to comply with legal and ethical guidelines, including obtaining necessary consent, as the use of ringless voicemail may be regulated.

How to leave a Voicemail without ringing a phone?

how to leave a voicemail without ringing a phone

1. Using VoIP services

VoIP services are one of the best ways to send ringless voicemails. Most of those services are based on the cloud or require an internet connection and you can get multiple other beneficiaries, along with ringless voicemails, to make your phone system a complete package of solutions. 

VoIP services also provide additional features like voicemail-to-email. Popular VoIP services include Skype and Zoom Phone which are mostly used by business owners. Likewise, they are pretty easy to use; you just need to create an account, buy their subscription, and configure the voicemail settings, and you are all set to go. 

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2. Using third-party messaging apps

Unlike their start as sole chat apps, many third-party messaging apps have evolved into comprehensive platforms. Among many features, voicemail is something you can utilize. Except they are named as voice messages or similar.

how to leave a voicemail without calling on whatsapp

You can download one of such third-party apps, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc, from the web. Create your account and add the person to whom you want to send voice messages. 

Then, you can open their chatbox and find a microphone-like icon, generally beside or around the text input field. Based on the app you use, you may have to either click/tap on the icon to record your voice or hold it. Then, send by clicking/tapping the send icon. 

3. Using dedicated voicemail apps

You can also use some of the following dedicated voicemail apps to send voice messages to someone’s voicemail without ringing the mobile phones. 

  • Google Voice: A free messaging app by Google that you can use to send voicemails, text messages, or even calls. It also provides one free US-based number for its US-based users.
  • InstaVoice: It’s a freemium voicemail app that has an interface like that of a chat app. It also offers premium transcription features.
  • T-Mobile Visual Voicemail: It’s a free app provided by the T-Mobile telecommunications company, which you can use to send voicemails if you have their cell number. It also has premium features.
  • Voxist: It is also a free messaging app that has a convenient UI and tons of features, from customized greetings to spam protection.

Note: Only the apps are free to download; standard charges may apply for sending voicemails

4. Using Email Voicemail Services

Similarly, some services offer voicemail to email features for their users. Generally, VOIP services provide this feature and have settings to enable it. They do it by converting the voicemail into an audio file, attaching it to an email, and sending it.

Some popular email voicemail services are KrispCall, Nextiva, CloudTalk, etc.

What are the benefits of sending voicemails without calling someone’s phone?

Sending voicemails without calling someone’s phone brings a lot of benefits that include:

  • It provides the sender as well as the receiver with the flexibility to send the voicemail anytime.
  • If the sender is sending an important mail, they can take their time to craft everything at their own pace for better clarification. 
  • With some voicemail services, senders can even schedule messages for multiple people.
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What are the drawbacks of sending voicemails without calling someone’s phone?

As with anything, sending voicemails without calling someone also comes with its drawbacks. Some of them are:

  • The receiver may not be aware of the voicemail sent for days, thus delaying the reply.
  • The voicemail might get cleared without even getting noticed.
  • The asynchronous mode of communication, i.e., voicemails, may be easily misinterpreted, creating misunderstandings between both parties.
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In a nutshell, there are a lot of ways for you to skip calling someone to leave a voicemail. While carrier voicemails may cost you some charges, there are best option as well. 

Using some specific mobile carriers like AT&T or VoIP service providers or RVM software, you can send voice messages to anyone without calling them. As there are several methods and alternative techniques to leave a voicemail without a phone call, choose one according to your needs and comfort. 

The ring is silenced, and the era of voicemail innovation is yours to command! 


What precautions should I take when sending voicemail messages without calling?

Some precautionary things that you should consider when sending voicemail messages without calling are:

  • Make sure you communicate clearly and concisely, eliminating possible misunderstanding scenarios.
  • Use properly encrypted voicemail apps and services.
  • Double-check the correct recipient details.
  • Avoid sending any confidential/sensitive data over voice mail.

Why does a call go straight to voicemail without ringing?

If a call goes straight to the voicemail, it may be because the receiver is busy without any call waiting feature enabled. But, there may be multiple reasons for it to occur. If the receiver’s phone is in airplane mode, Do Not Disturb mode, call forwarding is turned on, unknown callers are silenced, numbers are blocked, etc.

Is it safe to leave a voicemail without calling someone?

Yes, it’s safe to leave a voicemail without calling someone directly. Most people access voicemail regularly, so leaving a message can be an effective way to communicate.

What are some tips for making my voicemail more effective?

You can make your voicemail more effective by mentioning your name, asking the caller to leave a message, and providing an alternate contact list method. This helps those who missed your call and ensures their message reaches your voicemail inbox, even if they’re not on your contact list.

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