how to respond to a missed call by text
  • Bivek Khatiwada
  • Last Updated: 18 Jan 23
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How to Respond to a Missed Call by Text Professionally?

  • Bivek Khatiwada
  • Last Updated: 18 Jan 23
  • 8 min read

It’s difficult to answer every phone call when you’re in a meeting, during a meal 🍽️ , on a date 🤝, or in your comfort place 🏡. 

But, these situations can be handled politely. Understanding and learning the appropriate way of dealing with missed calls can help you a lot. 

So, how to respond to a missed call by text and email in the appropriate way so that the second person doesn’t feel awkward calling you next time?

Wait for the END to learn different ways to handle a missed call by text and email through this article with short and sweet missed call text reply samples and examples.

Why Missed Call Texting is a must-have for business or Anyone?

You might be surprised to learn that :

about 20% of people leave a voicemail, and 80% of missed calls go unanswered. 

Despite the several advantages of voicemails, they aren’t quite sufficient nowadays. In such a case, an automatic text message to any customer will help you a lot. 

This makes the customer feel like you care about their emotions and they start trusting you. It also makes customers reschedule, book new appointments, or shoot queries even when you’re not available at the moment.

The missed call texting serves as a great way for your staff and customers to stay in touch and establish lasting relationships. 

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How to Respond to a Missed Call by Text and Email Professionally?

The way you handle missed calls may give out the first impression. That’s why you need to learn proper business phone etiquette for handling missed calls.

You got to ease the worry people feel after they were unable to reach you on your phone.

respond to a missed call by text

If you missed a call, be thoughtful to respond as soon as possible with a brief explanation of why you were unable to answer the phone with a proper apology.

These are some of the protocols and standard words that are commonly used in various aspects of social life.

  • Start by apologizing earnestly.
  • Give proper reasons if necessary
  • Begin to address their issues.
  • Let them know you will call back later
  • Give alternative ways or ideal times to communicate

Here are the different ways to respond to a missed call by text and email professionally.

Foremost apology

Be it in a personal relationship or business relationship, if the person calls you it means they have been thinking of you. Let them know you value them and regret missing their call.

The proper apology will ease their worries and soothe their hurt feelings. You must attach the foremost apology while responding to a missed call by text.

An apology is conveyed for the inconveniences caused by not being able to answer their call right away.

Here are the missed call text message examples you can use:

“I’m sorry that I missed your call.”

“Sorry for not being available at that time.”

 “I’m sorry that I couldn’t talk then.”

“I’m sorry that at that moment I was unable to take your call.”

“We are miserable for missing your call.”

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Prompt Response

If you’re truly sorry for missing their call, you should apologize through a good missed call message momentarily. If you miss someone’s call, it’s essential to respond quickly in both business and personal circumstances.

Give a Proper Reason

Although it’s not always necessary to give reasons, there are times when giving a proper reason sounds appropriate and beneficial. Share why you were unable to take the call under such circumstances.

Proper reasoning will make them empathize with your position.


“I was driving when you called.”

“I was in a meeting when you called.”

“We were closed for business when you called.”

“We beg pardon for the disoblige, as all of our customer service personnel were busy at the moment.”

Begin to Address their Issue

Move on to the most important component of the call: ascertaining why someone phoned. By doing this you are acknowledging that you missed their call.

It’s important to emphasize the present and what they require right now.


“I’m phoning you back.”

“I just checked my phone. Is everything okay?”

“I saw your missed calls. Let me know in what way can I assist you?”

Ensure them you will call back later

Even though there’s been a delay between their initial call and your response, ensure them you are always there for a conversation. Let them know you will call back later.


“I’m sorry that I missed your call. Was it urgent? Can I call you back later?”

“Sorry that I wasn’t available at that moment. Can I call you later to talk?”

“I saw your missed call. Let me call you back this afternoon.”

Give ideal time for Calling or alternative ways to communicate

Someone may call at a certain time every day because it is convenient for them. That time, though, may not be ideal for you. It’s best to let someone know ahead of time if a specific time is convenient for you.

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Give them your contact information, such as your email address or social media handles. Send them an email with your contact information after the call so that they have it on hand in case they need to reach you again.


“I’m sorry that I missed your call this morning. Mornings are always busy for me.”

“Sorry that I missed your call. I am leaving my email address here. Please let me know when you’re available.”

“Sorry for the inconvenience. Leave your inquiries on our page/site.”

How to Respond to Missed Calls from ex-boyfriends and girlfriends?

Exes are painful. A person to whom once you have given your entire world, now a stranger for you! And trying to contact you again, pursuing a flood of missed calls. 

If you ever have thought that “I missed his call should I call him back?” if you have thought so then

First of all, take a seat, get cooled off, and then you can apply these methods before you respond to missed phone calls from ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends.

  1. Simply Ignore
  2. Act like you don’t know his/he number
  3. Answer Casually 
  4. Be Normal, there could be something serious
  5. Don’t overthink
  6. Don’t build expectations feeling 
  7. Have light-hearted attitude 
  8. Be straight to them about why have missed calling you
  9. Consider being nice 

However, if you want to reply then you can use this sample to respond to your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend’s missed calls by text or email.

For example :

  • “I’m sorry I missed your call this morning. I am very busy in the mornings.”
  • “I’m sorry I missed your call. Here is my email address. I wish to speak with you as soon as possible.”
  • “Sorry for the inconvenience. I can’t be on call right now instead you can message me”
  • “I will call you later!” 
  • “On work, please send me a message.”
  • “Sorry I can’t talk right, I am driving.”
  • “ I am with family or friends.”

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Benefits of responding to a missed call by text

Should I text after a missed call? 🤔

And the answer is a big YES because handling missed calls by texts is the chance to mend the communication between two parties.

  • Shows you value the other party reaching out to you.
  • Helps to win a customer you might have lost.
  • No complaints about you being difficult to reach.
  • Better relationship
  • Get to know customer
  • No missed opportunities
  • Soothes worries of the caller

Final thoughts

Responding to a missed call by text reinforces that you would have welcomed their call at another point.

When you send a suitable text response to a missed call, it emphasizes that you acknowledge the other person and that you would have picked up their call if it weren’t for certain circumstances.

There are standards for responding to missed calls and these missed call text sample examples show the proper words you should be including in your texts.

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