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Cheapest Way to Call Philippines from the USA



Cheapest Way to Call Philippines from USA in 2022

Are you looking to call Philippines from the USA at a cheap and affordable price? 

Approximately 3.5M+ Filipinos are currently living in the USA, and there’s a good possibility that you have someone in the Philippines that you would like to contact.

Engaging in calls with your family, friends & relatives who are in the Philippines is now easy with VoIP Calls with the help of cloud telephony systems. 

Sounds Interesting! 😯

In this blog, you will know the best and cheapest way to call the Philippines from the USA  from different mediums along with the complete list of area codes of the Philippines, calling guides, and many more.

This article helps you get to know the various techniques for cheap long-distance calls to the Philippines from the USA.  📞

Using these techniques, you can call different types of Philippines phone numbers, including landline, telephone, mobile, and toll-free numbers at the cheapest price.

Let’s get started! 

What is a Philippines International Call?

The phone call, audio call, or voice call performed from any country to the Philippines is called the Philippines international call. Every international phone number starts with a unique international calling code necessary for making phone calls.

For example, you are making a call to the Philippines from the USA.

Different Types of Numbers in the Philippines

The first thing you must learn before making calls is how to dial international calls from the United States. To do this, you should first find out what the types of phone numbers are in the Philippines.

There are several types of numbers in the Philippines to make a call. They are listed below:

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How to call the Philippines from the USA?

There are various ways of dialing the Philippines from the USA. Some of the techniques to make an international call to the Philippines from the USA are: 

You can use this technique to call from any device, whether PC, android, or IOS. 

1. Dial the Philippines Landline Number from the USA

The format for dialing the Philippines local number from the USA is: 

Dial: 011 – 63 – Area Code – XXX – XXXX

Example: 011-63-2-987-2143


  • 011

You start by dialing 011, the United States’ international call prefix or international access code. You dial this number first if you wish to call a number in another country from the United States to signal to make an international call.

  • 63 ( the Philippines country code)

The Philippines has a country code of 63. Every nation has its country code, which must be dialed before calling from outside the country.

  • 2 (Area Codes Philippines) 

To organize phone calls, area and city codes are utilized to separate vast geographical regions into smaller ones. The Philippines has various area codes that are allotted to various parts of the nation.

Given are the area codes for some of the largest cities of the Philippines:

Cities  Area Code
Manila 2
Cebu 32
Davao 82
Baguio (Benguet Province) 74
Bacolod 34
Angeles 45
Ozamiz City 88
San Pablo 49
San Fernando Pampanga 45
San Fernando (LaUnion Province) 72
Subic (Zambales Provine) 47
Tarlac 452
Tarlac Province 45
Zamboanga 62
ClarkField (Pampanga Province) 45
Dagupan (Pangasinan Province) 75
Laguna Province 49562
Lucena, Luzon 42
Makati, Luzon 2

  • 987-2143 (Local/ Landline Number)

This phone number in the Philippines will connect you to the person or organization you’re attempting to contact. Landline numbers in the Philippines are typically seven digits, and however, they can range from 5 to 9 digits.

Because the area code is often included as part of the local number, be sure you don’t dial it twice.

When calling within the Philippines, a 0 is occasionally appended to the beginning of the number. However, before contacting the Philippines from the United States, this 0 must be deleted, so if the number you’re dialing starts with a 0, don’t dial it.

2. Dial the Philippines Mobile Number from the USA

The format for dialing the Philippines mobile number from the US Phone Number is:

Dial: +63 – Mobile Code – XXX – XXXX

Example: +63-999-959-5959


  • +63

The + symbol is frequently incorporated into the zero on mobile phones and thus substitutes the international call prefix. 

If you’re calling a mobile phone number in the Philippines from a landline, or if your phone doesn’t have the + shortcut, dial 011 63

For example, Dial 011 – 63 – Mobile Code – XXX – XXXX

  • 999 (Mobile Code)

In the Philippines, three-digit numbers are used instead of area codes on mobile phones. Various cell phone carriers have unique codes, but they all begin with 9.

  • 959-5959 (Mobile Number)

In the Philippines, mobile phone numbers are always 7 digits long.

3. Dial the Philippines Toll-Free Number from the USA

The format of dialing the Philippines toll-free number is:

Dial: 011 -63 – Area Code – XXXX-XXXX

Example: 011-63-2-5555-5555


  • 5555-5555 (Toll-Free Number)

The toll-free number of the Philippines is 8-10 digits long.

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Cheapest way to call Philippines from USA (Non-traditional Approach)

There are several non-traditional approaches to making calls to the Philippines from the USA. Some of the are as follows:

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony service, which is easy, straightforward, and inexpensive, will be your first choice as an alternative to the traditional phone systems. And KrispCall is one of the noteworthy cloud telephony service providers out there which allows you to make phone calls using cloud-based technology. So it reduces the need for hardware as well. 

KrispCall Phone number

With the help of an internet connection, you can turn any device, such as a laptop, mobile, tab, etc., into a potential phone calling system. 

You can easily buy the Philippines phone number from anywhere in the world using KrispCall and make calls to the Philippines from anywhere. 

So, you can quickly call the Philippines from the USA in a cheap way with the help of Krispcall.

Benefits of Using Cloud Telephony To Make Phone Calls To Philippines

KrispCall cloud telephony solutions offer several advantages that will help you to make calls to the Philippines from the USA or any other country. 

So, the benefits of KrispCall Cloud Telephony are

1. Fast & Simple Implementation

Setting up a KrispCall cloud telephony system is way easier than the old-fashioned phone system. 

With the help of the internet service, you can make a call to the Philippines from anywhere in the world by acquiring a cloud phone system service from a provider and setting up an IP phone.

2. Powerful Calling Function

Because KrispCall operates on a virtual basis, KrispCall cloud telephony could offer a wide range of capabilities. 

The functions offered by Krispcall cloud telephony such as sequential dialing, group dialing, number porting, automatic call distribution and redirection, interactive voice answers, and other features let you communicate more effectively.

3. Low Cost

The overall cost of cloud telephony is substantially lower since it eliminates the need for a pricey on-site PBX system, additional IT infrastructure and hardware purchases, and easy maintenance by the solution provider.

What types of Philippines numbers can you get from KrispCall?

The types of Philippines numbers you can get from KrispCall are as follows:

  • Local Number (Voice & SMS)
  • Mobile Number (Voice, MMS & SMS)
  • Toll-Free Number (Voice, MMS & SMS)
  • National Number (Voice)
  • ShortCode (SMS & MMS)
  • Easy Number Porting
  • Bring Your Own Number (Voice)

Krispcall is more than just making a call. It offers you a variety of features such as voicemail, call monitoring, call transfer, call recording, number sharing, text messages, number porting, SMS filter, and many more. For more features, visit Krispcall

Get a Philippines Virtual Phone Number in less than 2 min.

When is the right time to call the Philippines from the USA?

To avoid missing calls, you should learn the time difference between the Philippines and the USA.

The time difference between the United States and the Philippines is 15 hours, and the Philippine’s time is 15 hrs ahead of the USA time.

Top Philippines Virtual Phone Numbers Providers 

Some best virtual number providers that provide you with the Philippines number are listed below:

  1. KrispCall
  2. CallHippo
  3. Vonage
  4. 8×8
  5. RingCentral

Philippines – Emergency Numbers

Philippines emergency numbers for different sectors are:

Sectors Number
Police, Ambulance, Fire 117
Child Abuse Hotline 163
Motorist Assistance 136

Philippines ISD Code

The Philippines ISD Code is 63.

Philippines ISD code 63

Cost of International Calls to the Philippines 

The average cost to call the Philippines internationally is $0.14 for 1 Minute.

Cheap way to call Philippines from the USA: Cloud Telephony vs. Traditional Phone Lines

Calling a Philippines landline number is cheaper than calling a Philippines mobile number. But both of these (calling to landline & mobile number) are traditional ways to make calls and a bit more expensive than using a non-traditional approach.

So, the best & cheapest way to make calls to the Philippines from the USA is using the non-traditional approach of calling. You can use KrispCall as the non-traditional approach to calling, which is a cloud-based phone system.

The non-traditional approach or cloud telephony is the low-cost initial investment, whereas a traditional phone line is a high-risk initial investment.

KrispCall helps you save costs while calling the Philippines from the USA compared to the traditional way of calling.

Summing Up

If you are in the USA and want to make calls to the Philippines, then using the KrispCall Cloud Telephony service could be the best way for you which is not expensive, as we already discussed.

For using KrispCall, you need to sign up & buy the plan offered by KrispCall at your convenience. To explore more of its features, you can schedule a free demo now.

You can perform calls to the Philippines from anywhere in the world using Krispcall. You need to buy a subscription & have internet access. 

KrispCall offers you to purchase a Philippines phone number so that there is no need to use US Phone numbers while making calls to the Philippines. Additional having a virtual local, landline, or mobile number in the Philippines lets your friends and family call back to you at minimum cost.

Along with calling, you can perform various activities like call recording, call monitoring, voicemails, call forwarding, SMS, number porting, etc.

So, you can faithfully implement Krispcall Cloud Telephony service to make a cheap international call.


How to make free international calls?

You can use some VoIP system or application to make a free international call. 

Some of the best VoIP apps to make free international calls are:
1. Skype
2. WhatsApp
3. Viber
4. IMO

Does your phone number in the Philippines begin with a (+)? What does this indicate?

A + sign appears before the country code on some international numbers. This (+) indicates that the country exit code must be used when contacting this international number.

Which one is the best Philippines virtual phone number provider?

KrispCall is the best Philippines virtual phone number provider.

Does it cost price to call the Philippines?

On the basis of your supplier & plan, your call might cost as little as $0.02 per minute or as much as $1 per minute.

What is the Area Code of Manila?

The area code of Manila is 2.

Which one is better among Cloud Telephony & Traditional Phone Line?

Cloud telephony is superior to traditional phone lines since cloud telephony allows you to make calls from any location in the world with the help of an internet connection.

Is Messenger Call Free?

Yes, Messenger call is free since you need an internet connection to make a call.

What is the Philippines Emergency number for Police, Fire & Ambulance?

The Philippines emergency number for police, fire & ambulance is 117.

Is Viber Free in the Philippines?

Yes, Viber is free & one of the prevalent VoIP apps in the Philippines.

How to make Unlimited Calls to the Philippines?

Calling internationally should not be limited by seconds, minutes, or even hours. So, you can use the KrispCall cloud telephony service to make unlimited calls to the Philippines. You need to sign up & buy the subscription offered by KrispCall.

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