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List of VoIP Providers in Philippines in 2024



List of VoIP Providers in Philippines Business & Residential Options

If you are residing in the Philippines and looking for a reliable business and residential VoIP service provider, your first stop would be to make an extensive list of VoIP providers in the Philippines.

You can start weighing in the best features of each of them and comparing the service and telephony charges.

The problem, however, is that there are numerous cloud telephony service and virtual VoIP providers in Philippines. And shortlisting them and making your choice can always be a tough decision.

Some of them cater to business needs whereas some of them are lucrative for residential use. There are also a few of them, which cater to them both.

When it comes to the price, some providers even offer cheap ways to call the Philippines.

The telephone is usually the primary means of communication in a business.

Failing to choose the right VoIP service provider for your business can increase an unusual increase in your operating expenses or affect your business communication.

So it’s crucial for businesses to choose a reliable VoIP telephony service provider both from financial and communication standpoints.

So to ease things up, we have brought you the list of best VoIP service providers in the Philippines in 2024. So stick with us till the end.

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What is VoIP? 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that helps in making and receiving phone calls over the internet. The majority of individuals regard VoIP as a viable alternative to traditional landlines.

VoIP isn’t exactly a novel concept. Since the late 1990s, telephony has relied on digital lines to carry phone calls, and VoIP is a low-cost method of managing an unlimited number of calls.

You can call anyone from anywhere without using a local phone service if you have an internet connection. Because VoIP solutions are based on open standards, they can be used on any computer.

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Benefits of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) 

1. VoIP can help you save money

In comparison to traditional telephony, VoIP offers additional cost-cutting alternatives. Long-distance calls, for example, are almost usually regarded as if they originated in the same broad area. 

Many people and organizations have seen significant cost savings and have reduced their phone costs by more than 60%.

2. VoIP is adaptable and portable

Unlike traditional phones tethered to physical phone units, VoIP can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This gives users, particularly enterprises, mobility at a lower cost than cell phone minutes.

3. Advanced features

Use premium services like auto attendant, call recording, and call queues to operate your business. They’re frequently included as part of business phone service packages.

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What do you mean by VoIP Providers? 

A VoIP provider is a telecommunication company that provides VoIP services to individuals or businesses directly.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a telephony technology that allows IP networks to conduct telephony operations like making and receiving phone calls.

It’s frequently sold as a SaaS solution, which means the software is delivered as a service (hosted by the seller) rather than a product (downloaded by the user).

This means that instead of selling software, hosted VoIP providers charge clients a monthly fee for service.

Top Business & Residential VoIP Providers In Philippines

Choosing the correct VoIP service is critical if you want a stable system to reach clients. The top VoIP services can help you achieve your goals by providing crystal clear calls and a wide range of features.

We selected and reviewed the top best VoIP providers in the Philippines in this guide so that you can choose the finest one for you.

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is one of the most well-known VoIP companies in the communications industry that provides business and residential VoIP in the Philippines.

Small and large businesses will find this provider to be an excellent fit. In addition to being a mobile, toll-free, and landline VoIP number provider in the Philippines, KrispCall provides virtual phone numbers of 100+ countries for local and foreign buyers.


KrispCall provides the cheapest VoIP service in Philippines. It offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee and features to assist organizations in the unfortunate event of a service interruption. That makes KrispCall the best residential VoIP service and a reliable one for business use.

KrispCall features 

  • KrispCall’s virtual cloud telephony solution allows you to communicate with your team and clients from anywhere in the world with only a few clicks at a low cost.
  • Its user interface is likewise quite thorough and enables fine-tuning in more depth.
  • You can easily manage and monitor your staff and automate routine duties.
  • KrispCall includes innovative calling tools that promote team efficiency and workflow.
  • Krispcall provides international numbers in more than 100+ countries including the virtual Philippines mobile number, toll-free and local numbers.

Benefits of using KrispCall 

KrispCall enables you to connect with customers and cooperate with colleagues from any location, including instances where employees must work from home for an extended period. Some benefits of using KrispCall are as follows: 

  • Calls for business are made, received, and transferred.
  • Check/retrieve your voicemail for business.
  • Check out your call history.
  • Use Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding
  • Look through your company’s directory.
  • Call recording, monitoring, and management are all available.
  • Interact with other app users by chatting or sending instant messages.
  • SMS messages can be sent and received.

KrispCall Pricing

KrispCal offers three distinct pricing options with no hidden fees. Here are what you can get from KrispCall:

  • Essential: For Small Businesses, Startups & Freelancers
  • Standards: Especially, for Mid-size Businesses 
  • Enterprise: Best for a large organization
Features Essential StandardEnterprise 
Pricing 15$ per month per user 40$ per month Customized solutions
Global phone numbers, Yes Yes Yes 
User limit UnlimitedUnlimited
Call blocking, monitoring, and forwarding Yes Yes Yes 
Multiple agents Yes Yes Yes 

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2. TELNOVO Communications Inc

Continuing our list of best VoIP service providers in Philippihnes, we have Telnovo Communications, Inc. Founded in 2013, Telnovo is one of the Philippines’ local VoIP providers with a notable market share.

Telnovo, a privately owned communications services provider, offers innovative solutions at a low price. Telnovo’s VoIP service offers high-quality voice calls and fast interconnection times.

Premium A-Z VoIP Termination, DID (Local Numbers), Toll-Free Number Service, Custom PBX Development, Hosted Cloud PBX, Hosted Call Center, Dedicated Server Hosting, and Internet Connectivity are some of the services it offers.

3. RingCentral 

One of the oldest and largest VoIP service providers is RingCentral. It comes with several valuable features and four different subscription levels to select from.

The RingCentral office has a simple user interface and is very easy to use. Easy to set up, flexible, secure, offers unified communication and is reliable. 


You can also try out the features for 14 days before committing to a membership. You can also get collaborative and cloud-based solutions from them. With this VoIP service, you can also keep track of video and audio conference calls.

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8×8 Global Cloud Communication serves over 150 countries. While you may not find the cheapest subscription plans, a service provider such as 8×8 is worth paying for. Moreover, you can try the software for 30 days for free.

8x8 phone system

With unified communications solutions, it integrates business phone systems with cloud contact centers to handle all aspects of communication for businesses.

8×8 call center has a large user base due to its collection of innovative features and guaranteed security.

The X series X2 offers four subscription plans, starting at $28 a month per user. The X series X4 subscription plan is the most recommended one since it provides excellent security and many other essential features at a reasonable price.

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5. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a popular service provider among entrepreneurs and small businesses with modest requirements.

Furthermore, they offer valuable services such as call management, call records, voicemail, call forwarding, virtual fax, and more. It’s simple to use and comes with a free trial.

grasshopper virtual business phone system

Among the VoIP options offered is the Solo plan, which starts at $29 per month and includes various annual subscription options.

When you sign up with Grasshopper, you’ll be able to choose your business phone number from their inventory of vanity, local, or toll-free numbers (you’ll get up to five VoIP numbers if you go with their most expensive package).

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What to Look for When Choosing a VoIP Service Provider in Phillippines? 

When customers inquire about the most satisfactory VoIP service or VoIP providers, no two responses will ever be the same.

Remember that the most incredible service for one person or company may not be the best for you. It all comes down to finding a VoIP supplier who can meet your requirements.

When comparing VoIP companies, users should consider the following factors:

  • Durability: How frequently will the system be down for upgrades and maintenance?
  • Flexibility: Look for a service that can adapt to your changing needs and develop with you.
  • Customer support: Is customer service available every time? What assistance alternatives are available, and where is the customer service department located?
  • Service Quality: Confirm that the provider can consistently deliver high-quality calls.


This concludes our list of the finest VoIP phone services available in the Philippines. We hope you’ve found a good VoIP service within your price range.

Keep in mind to seek a long-term solution that can grow with you and provide all of the features and functions you need today and in the future.

KrispCall can be an ideal option for all businesses because it has a reasonable price range and no extra hidden charges with many extensive features.


Is VoIP a good fit for my company? 

Landlines are no match for VoIP in terms of capabilities. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephones are an excellent choice for those who want more control over their calling experience. With VoIP, companies can make and receive calls without additional hardware. Also, VOIP is the most acceptable option for international calls.

Is a phone line required for VoIP?

In the classic sense, VoIP phones do not require dedicated “lines” because voice communications are transmitted as digital data via the internet rather than through the phone network. In addition, except for their Ethernet connection, they don’t require any physical wiring (which is how they connect to the internet)

Who is the most popular VoIP service?

KrispCall was the most frequently mentioned VoIP provider in our short surveys.
KrispCall is the most popular VoIP service, and it includes all of the essential virtual functions, such as auto-attendant, calls recording, call forwarding and handling, and many extensions.


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