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6 Best Cloud VoIP for Nonprofit Organizations in 2024



how to select best cloud voip for nonprofit organizations

VoIP is the present era of communication that allows you to make a call anywhere as long as you have an internet-connected phone or computer.

Nonprofits can use the potential of cloud VoIP to generate awareness, engage volunteers, reach funders, and most importantly, connect with beneficiaries from around the world cost-effectively by switching to a reliable cloud VoIP system.

If you are searching for a reputable VoIP provider and are comparing their rates and services, we are here to help you to find the best-suited cloud VoIP for nonprofit organizations.

In this article, you’ll learn the best cloud VoIP phone system for nonprofit organizations among the available VoIP service providers in the market and how to get the right one.

NonProfit Organizations and VoIP

We know nonprofit organizations rely on the gratitude of people who believe in doing a good cause and keeping the organization going.

Get Cloud Based VoIP Phone System for Non-Profit Organization

Get affordable virtual phone numbers to conntect with Volunteers from anywhere.

Select numbers :


To help those people, without depending on other resources, VoIP connects anyone from anywhere which helps for greater utility compared to traditional phones at an affordable price. It not only helps a non-profit organization to get different features but communicates with people in real-time.


It is an excellent selection of communications for nonprofit organizations for call conferencing, getting served with cutting-edge features, taking advantage of long-distance calling, and more. 

Below we have discussed in detail some of the importance of cloud VoIP for nonprofit organizations: 

Benefits of VoIP for Nonprofit Organizations

If you are in a dilemma of whether to switch to VoIP for your nonprofit organizations or not, the following benefits will exactly tell you why you should consider a stable VoIP system.

  • A dedicated cloud phone system

Auto-attendant, call paging, conferencing, one-touch speed dial, email connection, and call recording are just a few of the advanced features offered by this VoIP cloud phone system.

Take a load off your shoulders, put everything in the cloud, and rely on a single supplier for all of your communication and data service needs.

  • Enhances mobility and productivity for nonprofits

Nonprofits can use instant messaging, conference calls, emails, and voicemail to link geographically distributed volunteers and allow organization members to communicate over long distances.

In addition, VoIP may record and monitor incoming and outgoing calls to assist organizations in achieving their objectives.

  • Helps nonprofits cut their costs

Nonprofit organizations usually function on a limited budget, so it’s critical to implement a VoIP phone system that allows them to communicate effectively while lowering monthly costs.

With a VoIP system, a nonprofit may focus on achieving its objectives rather than worrying about phone system maintenance costs.

  • Unified communication and flexibility

VoIP allows staff members to reply to and access a message using whichever device is most convenient at the moment, regardless of what device generated it.

Communication will be more effective internally and externally since there will be less lag time between replies.

  • 24/7 Customer service

Using VoIP’s call routing feature you can transfer or channel essential messages to specific coworkers even if they are not in the office.

As a result, you may be able to boost your organization’s ability to attract new funders or recruit more volunteers for missions.

7 Best Cloud VoIP Service Providers for Nonprofit Organizations in 2024

With undeniable fact, today’s virtual phone system is a game-changer with its simplicity and affordability for the organization and business. We must say, it is a complete solution who want to use the latest technology.

Here are some of the best VoIP service providers for nonprofit organizations to make you stay connected:

1. KrispCall 

Krispcall is one of the best cloud VoIP providers with affordable prices and will never let you down.  It fulfills all requirements and needs of a nonprofit organization. It helps anyone to manage their personal, and organizational distribution within a single app.

krispcall cloud phone

It provides fast services, scalability, and is suitable for your non-organization. It has features like the same phone number accessible for any device, a call widget which can be profitable for nonprofit organizations.

Pricing amd Plans: Essential: $15 monthly/user; Standard: $40 monthly/user; Enterprise: Customized solution.   

2. 8×8

8×8 is a cloud-based phone system that is suitable for both small and large businesses. Phone calls are not always of the same quality. 8*8 is a low-cost number.

8x8 phone system

However, it also lacks several essential queueing functionalities, but its admin portal is simple to use for all levels of management.

3. RingCentral

RingCentral is often quoted as best rated VoIP service in blogs and sites. Known for its reliability, features, scalability RingCentral comes at a high price which makes everyone think about it twice.

ringcentral homepage

4. Nextiva

Nextiva can get your phone system set up in minutes at a low cost. This got good customer reviews as well. But Nextiva’s portal might take some time and training to navigate.

nextiva homepage

Intermedia sits in the middle of RingCentral and Nextiva. They can be a little more expensive, and they don’t have the feature of the call center. However, the reviews say it is easier to implement.

5. Zoom

Zoom’s value grew beyond video conferencing to include the whole commercial communications industry. Zoom’s cost, reliability, and integrated news have all received positive internet feedback so far.

zoom homepage

6. UniVoIP

UniVoIP provides charity organizations with the most sophisticated and versatile VoIP Phone Solution available. This ensures absolute data protection.


We suggest you choose the best-suited VoIP for your nonprofit organization keeping in mind the features mentioned above.

How to select the best cloud VoIP for nonprofit organizations?

The following are helpful steps for you to select the best cloud VoIP phone for a nonprofit organization:

  • Virtual Phone System or VoIP that builds a stronger connection

Always select a virtual phone system that guarantees you to remove roadblocks and helps you build a better relationship with your patients and gives an immediate on-screen path to relevant data whenever a patient calls. 

Transform Conversations into Contributions

Drive Impactful Conversations, Inspire Donors, and Unite Communities Effortlessly

KrispCall Image


It must allow your employees to provide fast answers, and quality service, and build a connection that is more than just a business-Consumer (B2C) relation.

  • Has Ease and Effective smart technology 

Many virtual phone systems in the tech world guarantee to provide 100+ powerful features. However, don’t assume that powerful means complex. 

Always go for the best virtual phone system or VoIP that suits your daily operations and your front desk team. 

A VoIP that is simple, easy-to-use, quick adoption, effective, has unbeatable service and price, moreover is accessible to on-demand support with top-notch service.

  • One Place Service rather than Switching to Various

A virtual phone system should understand how important it is to provide and keep all contact in one place instead of multiple. 

It should integrate with an accessible phone, two-way text, fax, email, and even video conferencing with a feature of connecting back to your existing system number. 

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One of the most important things to have to run a successful organization is a stable phone system. A virtual phone system or VoIP has the potential to boost your organization’s delights and help you hammer out long-lasting relationships with your people. 

KrispCall’s virtual phone systems features provide open, transparent, and reliable two-way communication which clarifies internet phone solutions are indeed the future of telecommunications and bring a positive impact to fight back any unexpected event or catastrophe.

KrispCall is always highly adaptable and expandable, which is purposefully built to empower nonprofit organization staff, secure data, promote confidentiality, boost employee mobility, and take fundraising efforts to the next level.

VoIP allows a nonprofit organization to switch to a cutting-edge cloud-based phone system with no upfront hardware costs. Try Krispcall free demo to know how it helps to skyrocket your nonprofit organization’s communication needs.

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