What is an Alternate Phone Number & How to get it?

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Alternate Phone Number

Is your phone ringing🔔 all the time? Or are you having trouble😩 organizing and managing your business calls?

Well, it is because you are using the same number for your personal and business communications. 

And there is a simple solution💡 to it. You just need an Alternate Phone Number.

Host all your business communication in your alternate phone number and only private ones in your personal number. 

Separate your professional life from your private life with a second number to ease your life. Create a balance, live your private life, and excel as a professional by simply introducing an alternate number in your communications. 

This article will help you🤗 understand everything about alternate phone numbers including working mechanisms, pros and cons, how to get one, top apps, and many more.


  • An alternate phone number enables separating personal and professional communication, enhancing privacy, controlling unwanted calls, and facilitating various business functions.
  • Alternate phone numbers include landline, cell phone, VoIP, and virtual numbers, each with distinct features like reliability, mobility, and advanced communication capabilities.
  • Explore the best alternative phone number apps like KrispCall, Line2, flyp, Sideline, Burner, and Google Voice, providing diverse features for iOS and Android.
  • For optimal use, keep your alternate phone number updated, protect it from unauthorized use, and restrict its usage solely for business communications.
  • Get an alternate phone number from KrispCall in four steps: sign up, choose, pay, verify; then update your business contacts with custom greetings.

Table of Contents

What is an Alternate Phone Number?

An alternate phone number also called a second phone number, is a secondary phone number that you use as a dedicated business number. It is an ordinary phone number, no different than your primary number. Its use case defines why we call it an alternative number.

For instance, you have two phone numbers. One you use for personal communication📢 and the second for professional communication. Both numbers can be mobile numbers. But the second one will be your Alternate mobile number. 

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Importance of having an alternate phone number 

You can use your alternate phone number to separate personal and professional life travel purposes, to maintain privacy and security, to verify social accounts, to control unwanted⛔ calls or spam, and for business purposes including marketing tracking purposes, texting with customers, and so on such as:

1. Manage contacts effortlessly

An alternative phone number facilitates you to store and manage your business contacts in a separate location. Despite a single digital or mobile device hosting both numbers, the labels on the contacts help you segregate them easily.

You can use filter options✅ on your devices to quickly find your business contacts when needed. It certainly helps you in the organization of your business contacts effortlessly. 

2. Add security to private life

Once you start segregating your business calls from private calls, you will experience greater freedom, privacy, and security🛡️. You will never have to answer business calls during your private time. 

All your business calls will be managed through a special business-hours feature, which we shall discuss in the next section. Keep your private life as isolated as possible using a second phone number. 

3. Outstand as professional

All incoming calls☎️ on your second phone number indicate business calls. It is a heads-up for you to prepare accordingly to take those calls. You cannot answer business calls like your personal calls. 

Answering all business calls professionally positively impacts your customers, business partners, and audiences. You create an image for yourself and the brand you represent. Outstanding as a professional is crucial for success. 

4. Control business hours

You should be able to enjoy your private life and spend time⏳ with your family during your off hours. It is exactly what a second phone number can offer. You simply need to enable business hours. 

This feature helps you maintain your working hours. Any caller that calls you outside your business hours will not be able to reach you. You can inform them of your absence and available hours. 

Enable them to leave you voicemail messages📲, so you can reach back when you resume your work the next time. 

5. Customize greeting messages

Record and play▶️ customized greeting messages to your callers. Use this feature to inform your customers about new services, products, or anything in your business when they call. 

You could use personalized greetings with IVR to make your customer journey easier. It allows you to automate your business calls and deliver an elevated customer experience. 

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How does Alternate Phone Number Work? 

The better question would be, how do you use an alternate phone number? Cutting to the chase, alternate phone numbers are designed to separate your business communications from your personal calls. 

Your second line will host all your business phone calls📞, text messages, voicemail messages, and business contacts. In contrast, your personal phone number hosts your personal contacts, calls, sms, and everything related to your personal life. 

In short, alternate phone numbers act as your business phone systems. However, it is up to you to give out only your second phone number for business purposes. Else, the main objective of keeping your personal number private gets buried six feet under. 

Types of Alternate Phone Numbers

As mentioned earlier, alternate phone numbers are typical (phone numbers) and can come in several forms. Here are some of them👇:   

1. Landline number

Landline phone numbers are traditional numbers that require physical devices and wire connections to establish voice calls. These numbers are the pioneers of present-day communication. 

Landline numbers offer reliability✔️ in your business communications and, more importantly, display a professional appearance. 

These phone numbers are fixated in your offices and do not offer much mobility. You have to be physically present on-site to communicate through landline numbers.

An example of a standard American landline number is (555) 555-1234.

2. Cell phone number

Cell phones or mobile phone numbers are numbers that require cell phones to host them and establish communication. A mobile number comes with a dedicated SIM card that slots into a mobile phone or a smartphone. 

Cell phone numbers offer your portability and convenience😇. Communicate using cell phone numbers on the move and stay connected everywhere you go. However, the areas that lack network coverage do not facilitate mobile communications. 

An example of a standard American cell phone number is +16102347693.

3. VoIP number

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) numbers are arguably the most advanced forms of communication since they facilitate communication via text💬, voice, and video formats. These numbers utilize unified communication features

A VoIP number can be a local number, a toll-free number, or a vanity number. These numbers are cost-effective💰 and offer you the most advanced communication features. 

An example of a standard American VoIP local number is +1 (651) 867-3963.

4. Virtual phone number

Virtual phone numbers are similar to VoIP numbers since they also require VoIP technology to initiate communications. Most virtual phone numbers offer you voice and text formats of communication. 

Like VoIP numbers, virtual phone numbers also let you relish the feature-rich⚡ calling features like call forwarding, call routing, group messaging, customizable greeting, and more.  These numbers include local, mobile, landline, vanity, and toll-free numbers. 

Virtual phone numbers are cost-effective and offer flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in your business and personal communications. 

An example of a standard American Virtual toll-free number is +1 (866) 309-3045.

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How to get an Alternate Phone Number for Personal & Business?  

You can get an alternate phone number for personal and business use with KrispCall in just four simple steps. 

Here’s how you do it⬇️. 

  1. Sign up for KrispCall Account.
  2. Select the desired country, city, and number type, and Search.
  3. Choose the number and make payments.
  4. Submit verification documentation (if necessary).

Your alternate phone number will be available😊 for use after the verification process. Then you can update it as your official business phone number on your website and advertisements. It notifies your customers of the new number. 

Customized greeting messages on your old phone number can also (work to) inform your business prospects about the new alternate number. Slowly all your business communication will shift to your new number. 

How to Set up an Alternate Phone Number? 

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To set up an alternate phone number on your cellphone follow the three simple steps.

Step 1: Choose the right alternate phone number provider 

Selecting the right✔️ service provider is the initial and most important step. Here you will require in-depth research and analysis📊 of the service provider, available features, pricing, customer service, and availability & coverage of phone numbers. 

Demo uses, free trials, user reviews & feedback📝 can help you decide on the right number provider. You should also consider factors like flexibility, scalability, and affordability while deciding on your service provider. 

Once you decide, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Purchasing & Activating the phone number 

You will require to create an account with the service provider to purchase your alternate number. After purchasing the number, the service provider will activate it. The activation time depends on the service provider’s policy. 

Generally, new numbers become active after a certain time⏱️ of purchase. Once the number is active, you can make and receive calls. 

Step 3: Shifting your business calls and messages to your second phone

The important part is letting your customers know about your new number and shifting all your business communications to it. It takes time to move all your business communication to the new number; however, you can do it. 

Letting customers know about your new number is crucial. Use your website🌐 and broadcast messages to all your business prospects informing them about the number change. They will eventually start calling you on your new number. 

Keep your private communications intact on your old number. It is the only way to separate your business communications💭 from personal ones. 

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6 Best Apps for Alternate Phone Numbers (Android & IOS)

Now, let us go through the market’s best🏆 apps for alternate phone numbers. These applications are from the top service providers who offer alternate phone numbers with advanced features for affordable prices. 

We have used their services and compiled this list based on our research and analysis. Some of you may beg to differ, and it is in your right. This list includes only those apps that operate on both iOS and Android devices. 

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is one of the best VoIP service providers that offer virtual alternate phone numbers from 100+ countries around the globe🌎. All these numbers are compatible with the latest telephony features. The affordable pricing structure of the numbers helps businesses of all stature to grow and prosper. 

KrispCall Alternate phone number provider

Its availability on all OS platforms makes it the better option. You can meet all your corporate, business, and personal communication requirements with KrispCall. 

KrispCall’s Notable Features:

  • Global Phone Numbers
  • Number Sharing
  • Call Recording, Monitoring, & Analysis
  • IVR & custom greeting messages
  • Calls, SMS, & VoiceMail in a Unified Callbox and many more.


KrispCall’s pricing starts at $15 per user per month. Please contact KrispCall’s support team for detailed pricing. 

2. Line2

Line2 is a popular name when it comes to the second phone number. It is almost a complete communication system and a business phone suit that offers you an alternate phone number on your mobile phone or digital device. 

Line2 Alternate phone number provider

You can effortlessly switch🔁 between your business and personal communications with Line2 at your will. It offers VoIP numbers and compatibility with modern-day iOS and Android apps, making it a good alternative. 

Line2’s Notable Features:

  • Call Blocking and Screening
  • SMS and MMS
  • Voicemail Recordings
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail Transcription & Caller ID


Line2’s pricing starts at $15.99 per month. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

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3. flyp

Flyp is another second phone number app that offers multiple🔢 numbers on your existing devices. You can choose area codes for your alternate phone numbers. You can relish unlimited calls, unlimited texting, MMS picture messaging, and Voicemail with flyp. 

flyp Alternate phone number provider

It offers you a seven-day free trial🤩 to test the convenience of communication. It enables you to streamline your communications by replacing inconsistent Wi-Fi calling apps.

flyp’s Notable Features:

  • DND Mode
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Call Blocking
  • SMS & Voicemail
  • High-quality calls


flyp’s pricing starts at $7.99 per month. $2.99 per month for each succeeding phone number. The first one is free. 

4. Sideline

Sideline is one of the best second-number app👌🏻 that allows you to organize your communications effortlessly. Business Texting, Auto-Reply, and Team number help you deliver quality in your business communications whilst keeping them separate from your private ones. 

Sideline Alternate phone number provider

Sideline uses your existing carrier’s network, guaranteeing top-notch call quality. It allows you to detect and intercept spam calls, automate replies, port phone numbers, and unlimited♾️ calls & texts. 

Sideline’s Notable Features:

  • SMS + MMS Messaging
  • Cellular + Wi-Fi Calling Optional
  • Group Messaging
  • Custom Voicemail
  • Number Porting


Sideline’s pricing starts at $9.99 per month

5. Burner

Burner is another top-second phone number app that helps you organize your communication and maintain your privacy while protecting your anonymity. Burner allows you to acquire any temporary phone number. Burner phone also guarantees💯 no links to your primary phone number. 

Burner Alternate phone number provider

Burner offers you a seven-day free trial🤑 to test and analyze its features. Enjoy a package of 20 minutes of free calls and 60 texts. Get unlimited calling, texting, and picture messaging with Burner for work and dating with disposable phone numbers. 

Burner’s Notable Features:

  • Unlimited SMS and calls
  • Multiple disposable phone numbers
  • Spam blocking & local area code
  • Do-Not-Disturb Modes
  • Auto-reply & Call Blocking


The pricing of burner numbers starts at $4.99 per month. Unlimited calls, SMS, & messages.

6. Google Voice

Google Voice is an honorable mention since it is a free service by Google. You can make and receive calls via mobile devices. Google Voice App is best for free calling second phone numbers. 

Google appoints a google voice number to your personal google account, which you can use to establish communications via Google Voice App.

Google hasn’t updated the phone system, and you still cannot make calls from the web interface. It is the reason why despite its remarkable features, we left👈 it out of our list. 

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Pros✅ and Cons❌ of using an alternate number

As you know, everything has a brighter and darker side. Despite having numerous pros, using alternative phone numbers also has its cons.

Advantages of using an alternate phone number

  • Add a layer of protection, freedom, privacy, and convenience to your communications.
  • Control your business communications & limit them only during your business hours.
  • Separate your private from your professional life. Spend your family time in peace. 
  • Set up extensions and voicemail services to get back to the callers the next time. 
  • Deliver greater professionalism and a better customer experience.
  • Screen and monitor your incoming calls according to your convenience.  
  • Block contacts and limit them from reaching you in every way possible. 
  • Ensure higher efficiency and productivity with focused business communications. 

Disadvantages of using an alternate phone number 

  • Requires manual effort to segregate and manage personal and business contacts. 
  • Anyone with your business number can reach you during office hours.
  • Chances of confusion while making outbound calls.
  • Phone number apps are mandatory for using VoIP phone numbers. 
  • A second device or a dual SIM is required for traditional phone numbers. 

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Best practices for using an alternate phone number 

As mentioned earlier, alternate numbers are business numbers, and certain practices come along. Let us look at the best practices for using an alternate number. 

1. Keep it up to date 

As a business owner, you should keep your business numbers up to date. Why? It is because many service providers reclaim the numbers that have been dormant for a long period. Keeping your phone bills in check is the best way to keep them up to date. 

If you have multiple phone numbers, sending traffic to inactive numbers can also keep them updated among your customers. Upgrading service plans with your service provider will help you maintain an up-to-date📈 alternate contact number. 

2. Protect it from unauthorized use

Limit the use of your business number for business purposes only. Do not use it for any other reason because you will fall right back where you started. Use your private number for personal communications. 

Be careful of who has access to your phone. Family members can use your business number unintentionally, which you should control. If possible, restrict anyone from using your phone or at least the alternate contact number. 

The consequences of unauthorized use of your business number can range from unwanted🚫 incoming calls to deterioration of your professionalism among customers.

3. Use it only for the intended purpose 

The sole purpose of an alternative phone number is to host your business communications and allow you space in your off-hours. It will remain intact if you use your business number for its intended purpose. Else, it is not possible. 

Use your alternate number for business communications only. Personal communications via alternate numbers should be restricted at all costs unless necessary. 

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Tips for choosing the right Alternate Phone Number provider

There are many phone number providers in the market, claiming🔥 to be the best of all. And the worse part is the SERP prefers paid adverts above organic ranks. It may create confusion and mislead you to select the least available options. 

Here is how you can choose the right provider;

Tip #1 Research different providers and their plans 

Conduct thorough research🔎 on service providers based on different factors. Assess their plans in depth to see if they offer what you seek. Their website can be the right place to start your investigation. 

After your initial research, contact their support teams via phone or email. Ask them questions❓ to understand their pricing plans, features, and services. 

You can request product demos (if available). Some even offer free trial versions for a certain period. Get the best analysis out of this research. Take a look at as many service providers as possible and shortlist the ones you think are better. 

Tip #2 Consider factors such as cost, coverage, and available features

Researching multiple service providers allows you to compare🆚 their services and pricing plans.  You simply need to select the one with the best features, wider availability of phone numbers, and affordable pricing. 

Your research and analysis of the phone number providers should be based on several factors. The subscription fee, monthly expenses, phone number availability & coverage, customer service team, and features should come first👍. 

The availability of cutting-edge features with alternate numbers is crucial for your business communications. On top of standard features, unlimited calling, custom voicemail greetings, international calling, etc., is preferable. 

Tip #3 Read reviews and ask for recommendations from trusted sources

It is important to validate your research and findings. And the best way to do so is by reviewing the existing service user reviews. You can find their reviews and feedback on different trusted sites. 

The service provider’s official site doesn’t show negative reviews👎, so do not rely on that. You cannot fully count on user reviews; however, they can give you a general understanding of user experience and satisfaction. 

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An alternate phone number is the best way to separate your business communications from your private ones. Increase your communication efficiency and business productivity by segregating & focusing on business calls. At the same time, live your personal life to the fullest😀 while maintaining privacy like a professional. 

Get 👉your alternate number today with KrispCall and elevate your personal and professional communications like never before. Incorporate the latest cutting-edge communication & analytic features with alternate numbers into your business communications. 

Let us take care of your communications; you focus on growing your business. Regardless of the stature of your business, we help you evolve and achieve your goals.


How can I find an alternate phone number to the old number? 

Finding an alternate phone number to the old number involves a few steps;
1. Research and find the correct alternate number provider.
2. Contact them and find out about the available features with alternate numbers.
3. Create an account with them and purchase the number. 

Can I use an alternate phone number to verify SMS & OTPs?

Yes. You can use your alternate phone number to verify SMS and OTPs. All second phone numbers are ordinary phone numbers that offer you standard features. However, it may vary from one service provider to another.

How does an alternate phone number benefit small businesses?

Small businesses can benefit from an alternate phone number by efficiently managing customer inquiries, separating business and personal communications, and providing reliable customer support through text messaging and call handling features.

Is it possible to integrate an alternate phone number with Google Workspace for business purposes?

Yes, many apps offering alternate phone numbers can be integrated with Google Workspace, allowing business owners to streamline customer support and communication processes.

Are there any specific features to look for when choosing an app for alternate phone numbers?

Look for apps that offer simple interfaces, SMS texting capabilities, and compatibility with dual SIM phones, ensuring seamless integration into your business operations.

Can I use a free app to get an alternate phone number?

Yes, there are free apps available that provide alternate phone numbers, enabling business owners to manage text messaging, missed calls, and customer support without additional costs.

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