how to get a second phone number for business online
  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 16 Aug 22
  • 10 min read

How to Get a Second Phone Number for Business Online?

  • Arun Chaudhary
  • Last Updated: 16 Aug 22
  • 10 min read

Using your personal phone number for business is not an effective way to run a business. Keeping track of all business communications requires a separate business phone number.

What happens if you won’t?

Well, running a business using your personal number will mix up your personal and business lives. 

Also, you will have difficulty knowing if the incoming call is a personal call or a business call.

To avoid this, you need to get a second phone number dedicated only to business.

In this article, we will guide you to get a second phone number for business online step by step on android and iPhone.

Let’s dive straight into it.

What is a second phone number for business?

A second phone number for business is an additional phone number that can be used for business purposes. This phone number can be used to make and receive calls and texts, as well as to forward calls and texts to your primary phone number. 

A second phone number can be used to keep your business and personal life separate or to have a dedicated phone number for your business regardless of physical location. Its features make your business communication easier especially if it’s a virtual phone number.

For example,

US Local Phone Number+1-661-123-4567
US Toll-Free Number+1-800-123-4567
US Vanity Phone Number+1-800-101-BOOK
US Mobile Phone Number+1-661-123-1234

Key Features of a second phone number

second phone number features

Here are some of the key features that every phone number should have.

  • Call routing:

This enables you to route your incoming calls to reach the right person. Your call will be directed based on the caller’s issue, customer type, or available staff.

  • Call recording:

You can record phone call conversations for future reference. These recordings are used for training, extracting useful information, and legal issues.

  • Interactive Voice Response(IVR):

IVR allows callers to interact with a voice menu to get answers to their queries or speak directly with the right person. Each option is linked to a number on a keypad.

  • Voicemail:

Callers can record a short audio message if the recipient is not available to pick up the phone call. You will be notified about the voicemail in the system.

  • Call transfer:

You can transfer a live call from one person to another without breaking the phone call. During call transfer, the caller is put on hold for a brief time.

Why do you need a second phone number for your business?

If you are running a business without a second phone number then you are missing so many benefits. This number doesn’t only make your business communication better but also balances your work-personal life. 

Here are some other key benefits you’ll get compared to the physical sim-based phone numbers:

  • Keep your personal phone number private

You won’t lose your privacy if you avoid using your personal phone number to run your business. Also, you won’t receive any unknown calls from random people, clients, or scammers on your personal number. 

  • Calls only during scheduled business hours

Having a dedicated phone number for your business is really important for getting calls during working hours. You will only get calls only between the time you scheduled in the system. If anyone calls after the working hour then they will hear your pre-defined message and can leave a voicemail.

  • Better customer support

You can use a second phone number entirely for providing customer support. Businesses receive a high volume of customer calls for support. With such a dedicated phone number, you can only focus on solving customer queries.

  • Custom messages and greetings

Set up different greetings for phone calls during working hours and non-working hours. A second phone number lets you add voice messages for different occasions like festivals, holidays, etc.

What types of second phone numbers you can own for your business?

To further talk about second phone numbers, there are different types of phone numbers that your business can take advantage of. Each type of phone number is useful in different scenarios.

types of second phone number you can own

Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Toll-Free Phone number

As far as business goes, Toll-Free phone numbers are a good part of attracting more customers. There are no call charges. Your customers can call your business without any thoughts of spending any money. That’s what gets in more people to call your business.

Read Also: How to get a Toll-fee Number for Business?

  1. Local Phone number

It’s better to have a local phone number while running a business. Callers will be able to reach your business from the entire country and nearby locations easily. It doesn’t matter which part of the state your customers call from, the call rates are the same as a local phone call.

  1. International Phone number

If you want to take your business to other countries then it’s a good idea to get a phone number from that country. Getting an international phone number creates the local presence of your business without physically being present in that country.

  1. Mobile Phone number

Mobile phone numbers are dedicated to mobile phones. Generally, callers are more interested in calling a mobile number because these numbers feel like personal phone numbers than other types of phone numbers.

  1. Vanity Phone number

Similar to toll-free numbers, vanity phone numbers have no calling charges for callers. The only difference is that these numbers are alphanumeric. Personalized Vanity numbers include both letters and numbers to assist customers to remember the number easily.

How to get a second phone number for business on the same phone?

Carrying two phones for two different phone numbers is not always an ideal situation. If you want to keep both your personal phone number and second phone number on the same phone then you can do it without any issues.

The simple solution, you can easily get a virtual number as your second phone number that you can use on your mobile phone alongside your personal number without worrying about sim card slots.

Get Second Phone Number for Business & Personal

Select numbers :

5 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Business (Android & IOS)

If you search for the best free second phone number app in the Apple iOS store or Google AppStore, you will come across hundreds of apps that can serve your purpose. 

However, not all apps provide the same performance, quality, and security you want.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best apps where you can get your second phone number.

1. KrispCall 

Starting our list, we have KrispCall – one of the best virtual phone number providers in the market. It provides different types of virtual phone numbers from more than 100+ countries. It offers a mobile app for android and iOS with a simple-to-use and interactive user interface.

It includes features such as call routing, caller id, call recording, call monitoring, etc. There are different levels of subscription packages that are both affordable and reasonable. You can choose a package that fits the best for your business.

Get one free Second Phone Number for business Now

2. Google Voice

Google Voice is a popular VoIP service provider that provides free second phone numbers. You can make free phone calls and unlimited texts in most parts of the US. However, there are calling charges outside the US. You can get it on Android, iPhone as well as web apps.

google voice for business

Unlike other cloud-based phone systems, Google Voice provides limited features. It doesn’t provide features like call recording. On top of that, you cannot get toll-free numbers from the platform.

3. Burner 

Burner is a good option for small teams to get a second phone number for Android and iOS. It is specially designed to safeguard your privacy. It consists of useful features such as do-not-disturb technology, spam-blocking technology, etc. to protect you from unwanted calls.


People use burner phones to easily delete or switch burner phone numbers at any given time. It provides US local phone numbers as well as Canada local phone numbers but you can only buy a maximum of 3 numbers for each account.

4. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is also yet popular VoIP phone system among small businesses. The highlight of Grasshopper is that it provides all of its features in every subscription plan such as voicemail transcription(voicemail to text), voicemail greetings, etc. It means the payment will be based on a number of phone numbers and phone extensions.


Its basic plan only provides one phone number while its highest plan provides a maximum of five. It provides basic features like call recording, shared phone numbers, etc. but fails to provide advanced features like integrations.

5. JustCall

JustCall is a top business phone system that provides second phone numbers from more than 70 countries. It focuses on automation mainly designed for customer support and the sales team. Its pricing plans are expensive even for large companies.

justcall cloud phone system sales support teams

While JustCall is free for inbound calls if you have a local phone number, you’ll need to pay by the minute for outbound calls, as well as all calls from toll-free numbers.

Things to consider while setting up a second phone number

When you decide to get a second phone number, you have to take care of a few things to consider while setting up a second phone number. 

  • Easy-to-set up & Use: When you’re setting up a second phone number, consider if it is easier to use and convenient for you or not. Is there a need for extra hardware or software? Or need some complex technical issues? 
  • Affordable Price & Packages: Is it in your budget? What features are included in those packages? Or does the service justify your budget? Consider paying for the service or setting up a second phone number.
  • High portability & Reliability:  When setting up a second phone number, keep in mind whether the number is reliable.  Will this second phone number be available anywhere? Does this service help you make international calls?
  • Advanced features: Are the service providers providing the best features for your budget? Are there some standard features such as caller-ID, call recording, SMS, voicemail, or auto-reply? 
  • Tech support: Consider whether the service providers provide tech support to the customer in real-time. Do they carefully listen to the customer’s problems? Is there 24/7 customer service?  

The best way to get a second phone number for business

Getting a second phone number is a great tactical decision for smoothly running business operations. You may find various third parties service providers providing a second phone number for business. 

However, some may lack in such things as caller-ID, detecting spam messages, automation, customized greeting, voicemail, etc. Hence, people avoid buying a second phone number from them. 

KrispCall is one of the best cloud-telephony service providers that provide you second phone for business at an affordable price. There is no compromise on the features; it has 24/7 customer service support and is the most reliable service in 100+ countries.

Download KrispCall and get a second phone number

KrispCall’s priority is to work with customers to make their business more visible and accountable and never let them down!


What is the best app for a second phone number?

There are many second phone number apps in the Google AppStore and Apple iOS store that provides an overall high-quality calling experience as well as powerful features. Among them, KrispCal is one of the best ones for your personal and business purpose.

How much is a second phone number?

The cost of a second phone number varies from one platform to another. The cost also depends upon the country and its location. Generally, the price of a second phone number ranges from USD 1 to USD 15.

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